Mourinho AND Arsenal insider reveal Cech transfer is ON!

Here at we have received another tip on the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds about the Chelsea and Czech Republic international keeper Petr Cech. This tip comes from the same club insider that brought us the news about Mesut Ozil coming from Real Madrid and Mathieu Flamini re-joining the Gunners, a few days before they were commonly known so we should at least take it seriously.

To be honest, we do not know the source or where he gets his information but he has seen us right before and this time he reckons that the deal to bring Cech to the Emirates is all but wrapped up. And the fact that Jose Mourinho is today quoted in a report by The Mirror admitting that he is powerless to stop the keeper from signing for one of Chelsea´s big Premier League rivals is perhaps just as telling as our insider´s tip.

Mourinho sounds resigned to me as he bemoans the influence that such a player as Cech could have against his team next season when he seems to be expecting it to be much harder for them to win the title. It is clear that he would never let it happen if he could stop it, so it is good news for Arsenal that the decision is not his.

Mourinho said, “If it’s in my hands he would never go, would never go to big clubs with fantastic teams. Big candidates to win the Premier League. I would never let him go.

“But it’s not in my hands. My perfect scenario is that he stays with us, I think he belongs to this club, this club belongs to his history and to his life, too.

“He is a fantastic keeper, fantastic dressing room and squad man. I tried to prove the respect I have for him. I played him in the cups, gave him matches in the Premier League.

“I can imagine that a 32 or 33 year old keeper feels young and feels the passion to play every game.”

So after the news that Arsenal beat off interest from some BPL clubs to sign French starlet Yassin Fortune, it looks like the transfer window will be starting with a big bang for the Gunners!

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  1. hmmm bit sceptical here, still if its true an its done early- id have cech all day long

    this could be the window where we finally secure a complete squad

    1. Ospina to me is world class, if that header by Gomis and the goal by Herrera makes him not world class, YOU’RE A PINGUIN, it was closs range.

      1. Friend, it is stopping those kind of goals that makes the difference and people will say “if not for our goalkeeper”. If Schez was in goal in those two games, what would you have said? And do you think he would have conceded more goals? Sanchez did no do well in the last game, he was ok. But any blip by Ramsey in a game, he is rubbish. Selective criticism is ok. We need a stand-out goalkeeper and a striker if we can. Why should we be happy to just participate in CL without working to win it? Boy Arsenal is a big club and we shuold counted among the best at the tail end of CL competition.

        1. Explain to me this my friend. Who according to you is worldclass? Courtois? Should be, right? because hes first preference over Cech..
          But the third goal he let in yesterday was woeful.. tight corner shot.. should have been covered.
          Sh!t happens.. Ospina is still world class. Cech is looking for a move to play full time, which means benching Ospina which is senseless to me.

          1. We need competition. Chelsit played for nothing yesterday and what happened yesterday was once in a while thing.

            1. Malayali Gooner. My opinion of Ospina has not changed one way or the other concerning any mistakes he may or may not have been accredited with.

              Its too early to say. You cant call him a world class keeper, neither can you call him a bad one.

              My own opinion is that he is a fine keeper, but we dont know what hell be like in title running season. I hope he gets the call for fa cup as that could be somewhat telling if can be relied upon.

              I dont think he will be world class however and even if he where well we still need a better option than Szcz.

        1. Khan Schmeichel where much better than Barthez and in my opinion so where/are Buffon Neuer.

          1. Only 1 world class keeper, Barthez? Wow, here’s a list, off the top of my head and in no particular order (mind I’m only 26 so I may miss a few of the older ones):

            Khan, Schmeichel, Barthez, Buffon, Neuer, Howard, Casillas, Cech, Van der Sar, Yashin, Zoff, Maier, Jennings, Banks and, of course, Seaman.

    2. Totally agree with you muff. Would love to have Cech competing with Ospina at Arsenal. Send Schez on loan to a team that will play him regularly.

      Wenger needs to remove all sympathy when preparing for next season. Sign the right players and let go of the deadwood.

      I am personally giving Arsene one more season to land a big title (EPL, ECL), one season period or I’ll go total nuts and kidnap him and Dick for a season in my basement.

    3. True this deal should be done early,hopefully before man u are robbed of de gea cause they will surely bid higher n offer more wages than us !!! There is a rumor that southampton want shez on loan,

  2. My God Bob, what’s with you and this unreliable sources (Metro, The Mirror, The Mail….)? why don’t you read and post article from reliable source like Sky Sport?
    In todays Sky News there is an article about Cheh’s future,

    The Czech Republic international’s
    agent Viktor Kolar told the London
    Evening Standard: “Arsenal, United
    or PSG are all top clubs and Petr
    would like to join one of them,
    “Petr expects that Roman
    Abramovich, not Jose Mourinho,
    will decide about his future, based
    on their mutual agreement from
    last year.”

    1. I said the same thing yesterday as well, making headlines out of rubbish newspaper headlines. I just google Arsenal transfer and then go to news, If the headlines come from these rubbish newspapers you mentioned I don’t press on the links.

  3. Hope this happens as our GK department would be complete and we could focus on the other required positions with a little more ease.

  4. According to reports from the sun southampton wants szczesny on loan to add cover for fraiser foster!

    1. I’d be very much in favour of loaning out Szczesny next season. I think it’d do him a world of good to be away from Arsenal. Away from a big club and scrapping it out at a smaller club would hopefully sort out his arrogance and attitude, especially as he’ll know that he has to perform or he won’t be coming back to North London. Plus it would mean we could sign a new keeper without having to sell any of our current keepers, they have another season to prove themselves.

      I wouldn’t loan him to Southampton because he might just be a stop gap whilst Forster is out. Plus Southampton have a very good defence so he wouldn’t be exposed often, and they’re probably still a big enough club to have an attitude at. I’d prefer him to be loaned to a club like Aston Villa or Crystal Palace. He’d be exposed a lot and they’d had to rely on him. A chance for him to show what he’s made of, and most importantly he’d probably play every game because neither of those clubs have a goalkeeper as good as him.

      By the way. Ironic that it’s Southampton he gets loaned to when that’s the ground where he had a shocking performance and lost his place, don’t you think?

  5. Cech. Not good enough

    Get Neuer, De Gea, Lloris or Courtois

    Not interested in old has beens like Cech, Casillas, khan, etc

  6. Still don’t believe it. Of course it’s in his hands. He just loves messing with Arsenal.

    1. Im with you i cant see Mourinho telling abromovich hes ok with not being in charge of transfers, especially to a rival….Believe it when i see it

  7. I know most of you will probably disagree with me but the players i think we should sign are hakan calhanoglu, steven gerard on loan (city did it to lampard), wanyama and preferably Lewi.

    1. Not that we disagree just we’re awake not dreaming and sorry gerrard would never come here. He’s the reason why we didnt get suarez.

  8. Any goalkeeper will look great with Chelsea because they are defensively organised. Put him behind Mart and Monreal and see how he concede goals. Look at how easily Couties… was conceding yesterday! We dont need a goalkeeper at all!

    1. I’m not quite sure it’s true, but I saw a star yesterday that 12 or the 13 goals that we have conceded since Monaco were from crosses. Having though about it, we’ve conceded so many from crosses this season that it’s probably true.

      2 issues here:

      1 – We need a goalkeeper thats more commanding in the air, not afraid to come off their line and deal with crosses themselves. Courtois is outstanding at that. Cech used to be very good at it too but the last few seasons he’s become more timid. Szczesny does it on occassion, but not as much as I’d like. At 6’5 you’d expect him to be better at it. The West Ham away game way the performance I’d like him to show more often. Ospina again, occasionally does it but naturally at his height he’s less effective.

      2 – Someone please teach our fullbacks how to stop a cross! And Mertesacker & Koscielny need to learn how to defend them properly. They’re very good in the air, both of them, but need better organisation. The goal we conceded against Swansea was a prime example of that.

  9. Offtopic.

    If Walcott goes, I hope we don’t sign Sterling.
    If we put Bellerin in RW when Debuchy is fit, we will get the same results as we do from Walcott but even better. People keep saying if you play Walcott, the opposition defence will be pegged back automatically because of him. While true this would be the same with Bellerin as well, he isn’t much slower than Walcott.
    Walcott only betters Bellerin in taking floated corners(which are actually better than most of the other players who take corners), and cutbacks and maybe being slightly faster.
    Bellerin has better dribbling, better at defending, open play crosses, taking on players and maybe in short time better at finishing.

    I think our main priorities are a world class striker, and a physical midfielder, doesn’t have to be a DMF.

    What do you think?

    1. Walcott is a goal scoring forward. Bellerin won’t score as many as Walcott if he played in same position.

      1. As a pacey winger, it’s learning how and when to make your runs in behind defences that is the key. There’s loads of quick players out there, what sets Walcott apart is his willingness to make the run in behind and to stay out wide without being drawn into the middle, so that the opposition are stretched. There’s more to playing on the wing than just pace and dribbling. Walcott is far from the best in his position, but he’s pretty good at it, there are very few players like him. But he has to improve his finishing…

        Bellerin has shown he has a pretty decent finish on him, but whether or not he’ll have the instinct to play on the wing is another matter. He may do, he used to play there after all. But he hasn’t done it for a while, and I’d assume he was converted to a fullback for a reason. Worth a try I guess, but with Ox in the mix too, I don’t think we need another winger, unless it’s another Alexis Sanchez type signing.

  10. OMG imagine we sign Gerard on loan and then we win EPL, HAHAHAHAHA this wont happen but we would stick it to liverpool forever LOL

  11. Financial Fair Play kicked out of window, so after fighting hard to earn our spot we still didnt gain anything, pityfull, simply let Usmanov put 200m for transfers in exchange for 5 % of shares, and we will destroy everyone, if they want to play like that, we have amunition !!!

      1. Usmanov was interested in Arsenal FC before Silent Stan and he has shown constantly that he wants the club to do well on the pitch and he admires how we run the club in the business sence.

        Usmanov has previously offered to give Arsenal FC a loan to repay all our debts and the loan would of been interest free and over a period of time we chose, he offered that as he said he thinks we are so close to winning trophies and getting back to the top but needed to invest in the squad…

        Just like David Dein said prior to leaving.

        I would much prefer a man who was interested in our club and watches us weekly rather than a yankie who has eyes for profit ONLY.

        Usmanov is a better bet for us compared to Silent Stan, you have no clue do you!

        1. I don’t want either Usmanov or Stan. I’d much prefer to be like Barcelona or Bayern Munich where there is no billionaire in charge at all. The club is run by the club, for the interest of the club only. No demand for private profits, no little vanity projects, just Arsenal.

          1. ‘MORE? Usmanov is already.. it wouldn’t be ‘more’ by any definition, it may actually be less as I couldn’t imagine Silent Stan staying a part owner with no voice.

            If you owned Arsenal FC then would you think of it as a play thing?
            Usmanov turns up to watch like a dedicated fan, I couldn’t imagine a fan using the club as a play thing.

            Yes it would be nice if the club was ran by supporters, Maybe the Arsenal Supporters Trust?
            If not them then I believe it would be good for us to have an owner who was a dedicated fan and wasn’t worried about making a profit.
            If profit was Usmanovs reason then why did he fight to try and give us money as a interest free loan and it was Silent Stan who blocked it?

            I’m not saying Usmanov is perfect, I am ;), but at least Usmanov appears to want what is best for the club like a fan would, a fan who has multiple business ventures and as such doesn’t need to turn a club into yet another profit machine, a fan who can ensure the club runs itself and sits back watching us win in style, enjoyment.

            I will say again, what you just said is correct… How-ever what I originally replyed to was a factless biased opinion, Silent Stan takes money out of the club and I will be vocal against him, Usmanov hasn’t shown the greed Stan has!

            1. Well he is trying to get his hands on it and if his intentions are less than honorable its not like hes going to tell you that now is it, no because hell tell you what you want to hear.

    1. This is not official or anything but extremely reliable is predicting Witsel’s departure to Manchester United with 93% certainty. With my experience with the site that means he’s United bound.

  12. If we sign Cech it shows wenger hopefully isnt gonna mess around this window like he has the last few years, I’d be even more surprised if he signs a DM when he could argue coq has filled that position.

  13. More rumours on a possible Cech deal…but it seems as the days go by and the season comes to an end this deal seem more and more like it will happened; thought you never know things can change fast more so knowing how slow we are in closing deals (maybe not this time). He would be a fantastic purchase baring his age but look at Buffon at Juve at 37 and Cech still has at least 3 years to give at the highest level. Would bring experience, mentality winner, champion and world class skills. He would become #1 right away. Also would show AFC intent as far as being contenders. That would likely mean the end of Szczesny (either sold or on loan, he might find his confidence back & analyze what he lacked, needs to work on). I would prefer the loan move because he is fairly young and who knows might help for the better. Oooospina as done great and wouldn’t mind having him between the sticks next season…but safe to say that if the deals a happen he would play FA cup and League cup games next season as #2.

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