Mourinho and Martinez messes prove Arsenal right to not sack Wenger?

There have been plenty of football managers linked with the Arsenal job down the years. Every time the team is on a bad run or puts in a lacklustre performance or simply does not get the right result, we hear the calls of Wenger out again. They died down a bit in the last two years after the prof steered us to FA cup trophy wins in back to back Wembley finals but another year without the big one of the Premier League title has brought the knives out for the Frenchman once again.

Now I am not saying that Arsenal should not be thinking about replacing Wenger at the helm or that there is nobody out there who could do a better job, but I do understand the caution of the Arsenal board and the fear, starkly highlighted by the situation at Man United post Ferguson, that replacing the boss with the wrong man could be disastrous.

And looking at just two of the managers that the Arsenal fans have called for in recent years suggests to me that the board is right to be worried. Look what happened with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and what is now happening with Roberto Martinez at Everton.

Not all Arsenal fans wanted either of these two in charge but there were plenty who did and there was good evidence to back them up. Both of these managers could soon be out of work and looking for a new job with their reputations seriously tarnished and the clubs they left struggling to undo the damage.

Is the problem with Arsenal simply that we cannot find the right man to take over without the fear of us doing even worse when Wenger leaves?

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  1. Chelsea won the EPL
    last season. Arsenal
    last won the EPL
    12 years ago.
    Chelsea has won the Champions league.
    Arsenal has never won the Champion’s league.
    Chelsea owner Abramovich follows football
    and wants to win big trophies.
    Arsenal owner Kroenke has no interest in European football
    and has no interest in winning trophies.
    Chelsea sack managers who do not win the EPL
    Arsenal rewards Wenger for failing to win the EPL.

    1. And here you go, Wenger has no excuses since he’s been given 3 years to build a title winning sqaud with the required resources. If you think he’s still the right man to take our club to the next level then expect more heartache

      1. Wenger has an excuse but it wouldn’t sit well with us fans.

        His target was profit, Silent Stan doesn’t care for EPL, he wants profit.

        Wenger has given him profit… what excuse does he need to give his boss? NONE!

        That is the issue.

        Say we replace Wenger and the next manager doesn’t win but aims for top 4 and profit, then what? Would you trust the board to sack that manager as well? or do you believe that they will keep him as he does what is asked?

        I’m an Arsenal fan, not a Arsne fan. I just do not believe the board will go for a manager who wants to win things and isn’t concerned about profit…

        Us fans suffer and that is the sad truth.
        Under Wenger… or under another manager, us fans will suffer while we have an owner who doesn’t care about winning titles, who cares more about profit and how HE can benefit rather than how the CLUB can benefit :'(

    2. Silent Stan rewards Wenger for making profit, why would SS care about the EPL other than the TV money and gate money…?

      As Silent Stan doesn’t care about trophies then we kinda got to realize that Wengers targets can not be titles, the only reason to give a manager a payrise and pay him as much as we have built up to would be for hitting his targets.

      Part of me thinks that 4th spot is THE target, extra games to qualify for the CL which will draw in more money. Just get to the last 16 in as many comps as you can, extra games will be more money…

      You can say Wenger failed to win the EPL but if that wasn’t his target… then did he fail?

      I am not talking about how right or wrong it is, just the point that from a perspective he has achieved what was asked of him.

      I am hoping we can see a change in the board, either new board or new ideas, they are the ones who should be pushing for us to be winners on the field. If we are not winning then I want to have trust in the board to find a manager who will.

  2. Arsenal and Wenger should be worried but looking at the table Leicester and Tottenham have been clearly using the bad fortunes of other sides. Wenger can feel a little hard done by decisions that have gone the way of Foxes and spurs. It’s time another manager is given a chance to manage a easy going club like this.

  3. first of all, majority of fans wanted Klopp, Pep, Simeone, some wanted Mourinho, then very few wanted Martinez. Sos top putting words into our mouths. And just look at Mou, whenever he comes back to England he wins trophies, he leaves, he comes back and win more titles, leaving the specialist in failure wondering how does he do that? And making him his bi**h in the process, never won against Mourinho, never.

    And when did the board say that they don’t wanna replace Wenger coz we don’t fall like Chelsea or Man U after Sir. Alex?? They don’t say a word coz they enjoy Wenger’s company, he gives them more cash with very very little ambition that could force them to spend money on WC players. They are happy with Wenger, Wenger happy for the 8m a year, even says the fans are not thankful coz they want more (titles) while he does ok he can for the top 4 and that we should be very very thankful, he is doing us a favor for keeping us in the top 4.

    AKBs should wake up for the sake of the club, we want success and not just top 4 and then be called ungrateful when we ask for more. Stop defending the luna**c, he gets paid 8m a year just to tease us every single season

    1. Klopp… yeah he isn’t doing too bad. Got a draw against Newcastle which I assume you think was a wonderful achievement?

      Pep wouldn’t come to a club that doesn’t want to win titles, why would he ruin his reputation for the sake of making Silent Stan profit? We can forget about getting a manager like that.

      Simone has done fantastic at AM, they are one of the top 3 in La Liga, he has what he wants there. How would we get him?
      “Excuse me Mr Simone, could you manage us, we don’t want you to win trophies if it means a loss in profit, we want you to keep the club ticking over and building up it’s value safely…”

      “And when did the board say that they don’t wanna replace Wenger coz we don’t fall like Chelsea or Man U after Sir. Alex?? They don’t say a word coz they enjoy Wenger’s company, he gives them more cash with very very little ambition that could force them to spend money on WC players. ”

      You answered yourself you ignorant fool.
      The board want Wenger because he makes them a profit, that is why they pay him £8mil a year… not because he wins titles, Stan doesn’t care for titles.

      With an owner like that then you honestly think he will go all out for a manager like Pep?

      “AKBs should wake up for the sake of the club, we want success and not just top 4”

      You ignorant fool.
      The AKB want to win things, they know that it is the goals of the board that the manager has to achieve and they are sick of the goal being 4th spot. When Wenger was told to win trophies and he had Dein to get the players he wanted then he provided trophies…

      He might be past it, he might not.
      All we know is that he gets paid £8mil a year and the owner is happy with the PROFIT.

      Do you not see the issue?
      Owner isn’t interested in what we want, to win the EPL and hopefully the CL…

      You can moan about Wenger, I want a board that has the EPL as a target for any manager we have, I do not want to be seeing the same complaints in 5 years time even if we have a new manager.

  4. Are you hiding behind your sofa under a baby blanket when you pen these articles? You and others seem awfully worried about what may happen if Wenger left. Those with insight and a pair of eyes are more fearful of what will happen if he doesn’t ever leave Arsenal. That IMO is something to be really concerned about!

    1. Wenger immortal now?

      “Those with insight and a pair of eyes are more fearful of what will happen if he doesn’t ever leave Arsenal. That IMO is something to be really concerned about!”

      Sooner or later he will die, those with insight know this so are not concerned with stupid thoughts that he will never leave Arsenal.

      Are you not concerned that the new manager will be told to make profit and only to worry about getting top 4?

  5. Managers are hired to be fired. That’s how it is everywhere. It seems Arsenal is behind the times.

  6. In simple terms, Chelsea and Everton are progressive clubs who won’t tolerate any form of mediocrity for a moment…imagine a manager who won the EPL just the other season and was sacked! The author of the article is trying to relate variables that are miles apart…there is nauseating stupidity and chronic idiocy in this club that refuses to go away it seems!

  7. We should definitely not worry what would happen if and when wenger leaves. Loose self respect as an Arsenal supporter? Be the but end to a lot of other club jokes? Buy in inadequate players? Pull your hair out through managerial decisions? This is all happening now, things must change the manager must go and the board must change!!!

  8. If the author is selling me WENGER this time using fear tactics, well he failed I am not buying, for years we gave this man the benefit of doubt, when we did not win, we always excused him because of the other teams buying players splashing money, that till the board boasted having plenty of cash and willing to buy players…..what does the delusional do instead….NOTHING …. by the way don’t know how the author came with the names of Moaninho and Martinez, they were never first choice to any ARSENAL fan, but maybe at some point the thought came because anything was/is better of what we have, the DELUDED one must leave preferably by his own accord so we can still look at him with the respect he earned in the Old Days…..but its never gonna happen, we can moan as much as we like the old fool is going nowhere…next season more of the same that is where my money goes.

    1. Wenger will be here next year and if Wenger doesn’t renew his contract with a pay-rise then Silent Stan will hire a manager who can achieve top 4, develop players so they can be sold for profit and to play football entertaining enough that we get on TV a lot.

      When Wenger arrived there was Dein, an Arsenal fan who wanted to win things, winning I guess was a goal for Wenger as Dein was a share holder and active in the club.

      Wenger won stuff.

      Dein leaves and the old board was more interested in share prices… you think the goal to win the EPL was as important? How many EPL titles did we win after Dein left?

      Do you not think that Wengers targets changed and as such, he achieved his new targets at the cost of titles and that is the underlying fault?

  9. I agree with all of the above. I actually think any current EPL manager could do a better with exactly the same squad. Wenger is an idiot and a has been for a long time now. He has no tactical ability , no plan B, no understanding of the purpose of substitutions, no understanding of how to adjust play to better defeat the opposition on the day. As I say , any half decent manager understands all of the above but often doesn’t have the talent to do anything about it. Wenger has hand picked every single player in the entire club , not just the squad , not just the team , the entire club!!!!
    The guy has completely lost it, should be sacked immediately and could easily be replaced by an interim manager who could stabilise us before maybe bringing in the big guns.

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