Mourinho claims Arsenal are ‘in trouble’ ahead of upcoming derby

Jose Mourinho has hit back at Arsenal after their social media account taunted his side after they failed to beat Sheffield United on Thursday evening.

The Gunners moved to taunt our rivals with a post of our side beating Sheffield United the morning after Spurs were beaten 3-1 by the same side below.

The Spurs boss moved to react to the post, claiming that we wouldn’t be enjoying their misfortune in such a way if they had more to celebrate themselves.

“I think if they were top of the league or fighting for top four in a really good moment they wouldn’t enjoy the problems of others,” he said ahead of his side’s game with Everton on Monday night, live on Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event.

“You only enjoy the problems of others when you are also in trouble.

“In the end it says more about them, they don’t have much to celebrate, they have to get every opportunity to do it. They are in a very similar situation to us in the table.

“I don’t like to connect the club with some post or tweet. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, but the person that did it probably did it by themselves. I don’t believe it was (Mikel) Arteta that posted, I don’t believe it was (Granit) Xhaka or another captain that did it.

“It was probably some guy that was at home for three months working from home. No problem at home, but we will be waiting for them.”

The former Chelsea boss clearly took the bait from our club’s social media team, and this could well be the beginning of the build-up to our clash next weekend, but we can’t allow ourselves to get distracted by Leicester City.

The Foxes are much the more daunting opposition at present, with Spurs seemingly destined for a mid-table finish, and a win over Leicester would see us close to within six points of them, and keep us in the hunt for an unlikely Champions League place.

Should Mourinho know better than to react? Will the reaction help to build-up the upcoming derby match?


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  1. I read that on the Sky sports app
    It’s rather amusing coming from Mourinho
    Is the pressure mounting on him by some wee chance?

    1. Amusing indeed, SueP 🙂

      I always love to see Mourinho squirming and sulking. Just drop the bait and wait for him to nibble. And he usually does!

      Seriously hope we can finish about them and really compound their season!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Me too.
        I can’t stand the man!

        Was chatting to a very old friend and Spurs supporter earlier and he can’t wait to see the back of Mourinho, wondering what Levy was thinking of by appointing him

        1. Yeah, for all the confusing decisions Arsenal make, at least we got that one right! 😁 👍

  2. He’s already moaned about the fixtures… they only have 3 days to prepare (playing tonight and Thursday). While we have 5… after tomorrow.
    He really doesn’t need to start with the mind games, it’s the NLD… everyone will be up for it!! The last 2 have ended in draws….. COYG… let’s do this 🤩💪

    1. Sue, It would be more embarrassing if we lost the NLD now with all of this, even a draw right now is not enough. If we don’t win, then our taunting them has been for nothing and I’m sure they would want to give their all against us as this is the first time we’re going to their new stadium.

      1. Like I said, Kstix, everyone will be up for it….it’s a huge game and not just for the bragging rights! Kane will want to add to his tally against us… what better way to get back to winning ways than against your fiercest rivals… Maureen will love it…
        How great would it be for us to visit for the first time and come away with a win?!! So much rides on this fixture and you’re right, it would be embarrassing if we were to lose!

  3. I don’t like Mourinho or spurs but he’s not wrong. Taunting our rivals now when we’re nowhere near the top 4 was a colossal mistake from whoever posted that. I hate it when fans would rather celebrate finishing above spurs than winning a title. It’s mediocrity. They’ve been the better side for the past 2 seasons (though I loved that 4-2 drubbing at the Emirates last season). But what’s the point of taunting them, Sheffield beat us at their home too in the league this season. We only barely beat them and it was in the FA Cup when they were struggling and we held on and scraped that 2-1 victory.

    1. I agree the post was premature and it may come back to bite us. Arteta doesn’t seem the sort to get in a tizz.

      Mourinho needs all the help he can get having failed at ManU and Is not exactly lighting up the firmament with Spurs so far. He used to play word games from a position of strength …… just a possibility he is feeling the pressure too

      1. My thoughts exactly SueP, I do hope he has more to moan about after the NLD Derby and how we had more days to train as the reason we beat them. Mourinho and spurs are a perfect combination of everything anti-arsenal and I hope we beat them in their new stadium

  4. Unfortunately Mourinho is correct in everything he said and in fact this could very well come back to bite us on the bum!

    1. I said something similar to this, my post got missing for some reason. Please look into that Admin

  5. On another note, Mourinho knows how to take the pressure off his players. They have been doing poorly lately collectively as a team and I know he is feeling the heat so he is just taking the pressure away from his players. He knows how to do this..

    The derby is shaping up nicely but we have Leicester first….

  6. The picture (Mou frowning and a smiling Mikel )posted is priceless! A frowning Mou is all I can wish for. I’d pay anything to see the man frown once more. Although he was a winner, he seldom respected our Arsene then (Like Arsene or dislike Arsene, that was our problem, not his). Wish we punch the Tots irrespective of the LC game and see the man frown once more. Hope Mikel keeps Ozil out and we are safe. Draw is guaranteed, win will be expected.

    1. Always nervous about this fixture, as I want to win it so badly!!
      Yes they have been poor of late, but that’ll all be forgotten come 16.30 on Sunday!! Plus they have 2 games between now and then to gain some confidence.
      This game is huge….. I don’t want a draw, it’s all or nothing!!

  7. I say fck em ,who gives two sh1ts what Jose as to say ,he drones on and on.
    At the end of the day it’s some media guy or gal who is charge of the clubs twitter page ,nothing to do with the actual squad ,if our players aren’t pumped enough already for it then they shouldn’t be playing ,to much talking on social media ,do the talking on the pitch 6-1 to Arsenal

    1. Dan, that’s the spirit, hopefully we have last laugh on Sunday and at the end of the season. I can’t wait, getting goosebumps already, tomorrow and Sunday, massive games. Coyg

  8. I really see us ending the season well, I don’t know where that came from but hei you guys can make it happen. Win all your game and let’s see what happens to other teams.

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