Mourinho mind games start with cheeky bid for Mesut Ozil

After the international break, Arsenal restart their Premier League campaign with an away game against Jose Mourinho’s Man United, and with the ongoing animosity between Arsene Wenger and the hated Portugese bus conductor, there is little surprise that Jose will be keen to start the mind games early to unsettle the Arsenal players.

So, lo and behold, their is an exclusive in the Sun this morning saying that Mourinho is taking an interest in the ongoing contract talks between Wenger and Ozil, which is supposed to be hingeing on his pay rise for re-signing.

Ozil currently earns around 140,000 GBP a week and Arsenal are believed to not want to go much higher than 200,000 a week to convince the German midfielder to remain with the Gunners. The report says that Mourinho would be willing to pay him 50,000 more a week to move to Old Trafford.

It is true that Ozil won a La Liga title with the Moaning One whilst at Real Madrid, and they apparently had a good relationship, with Mourinho saying that Ozil was the “best No. 10 in the world” and he would love to renew that partnership next season with Ozil playing alongside Paul Pogba.

I am sure he would, but don’t we think that is strange that this rumour suddenly appears just before our trip up to Manchester? What better timing for Mourinho to put a spanner in the works and try to put Ozil off ahead of the big game, and annoy Arsene at the same time?

Well my answer to the United boss is this. Wenger has already said that for Ozil it is no longer just about the money, it is also the quest to win more trophies and personal accolades especially as they climb the ladder and get closer to the end of their careers. So why would Ozil move to a team that can’t even get close to a Champions League place, when he is already at one of the top teams in the world working under one of the best managers in the world?

Go back and crawl under your Portugese rock, Jose….



  1. Dee@ease says:

    There’s no story here,Ozil won’t be moving to Man United because that would be a step down from Arsenal who are genuine title challengers and are playing champions league football

  2. Gregooner says:

    Not related, but am I the only one who misses Santi. We will really need that creativity from deep midfield against United.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      he should be available for the United game

  3. Wilshegz says:

    I’m not worried one bit.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I’m sure this is one of many things that will come our way from the mouth of madness. We’ll here it all over the next week leading up to that game, a reason why so many managers really hate losing to this wnkear. No doubt we’ll here how Wenger is given all the time in the world to succeed, at least Wenger can say well I never had a season like the one che had last season, fighting relegation at one point, that must count for something. Funnily enough Wenger always sticks up for managers who get sacked, all but Moaner here.

  5. Abu says:

    Ha…hated Portugese bus conductor…classic!

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