Mourinho praises the Little Chilli – “I truly believe in Saka”

Mourinho puts Arsenal rivalry to one side to praise Saka

Arsenal fans have known for some time how good Bukayo Saka is. Now the whole nation does.

There was a huge uproar among the England supporters when they saw Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka being picked ahead of some big name players such as Jadon Sancho and Phil Foden.

Many fans vented out their frustration by saying “Southgate is a fraud,” “getting sacked in the morning,” and the usual hashtag “SouthgateOut.” But it just took the 19-year-old winger 11 minutes to win the hearts of the naysayers.

The Hale End graduate was heavily involved in England’s first goal, as he glided past opponents like he was a commuter rushing to work. Within 90 minutes, he had won the heart of the footballing fans all over the globe, who had little to no idea to just how good Saka is.

It remains to be seen if Gareth Southgate will keep faith in Saka and play him against Germany in the all-important Round of 16 tie. But it is safe to say that the number of negative comments which were thrown at Saka on social media will be at bare minimum after his display at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night.

Mourinho is clearly a big fan of Saka. Maybe the Englishman should fancy sending him a signed autograph 😉

Whatever the outcome, Mourinho is clearly a big admirer of Saka as he talked up his qualities to talkSPORT. “It’s not about young or old. It’s about quality, talent, personality and experience.”

“The guy is young but has experience at big club and the best league in the world. I believe he is very talented, very confident. He can play in many positions.”

The Portuguese tactician continued, “Of course people speak about Sancho and Rashford, there are so many good players.”

“But I truly believe in Saka because I think he’s a very good boy.”

It’s still pretty much unknown how many opportunities the teenager will get as the going gets tough in the European Championship.

Whatever the outcome is, he will still be Arsenal’s starboy. Born and bred at Hale End. One of Arsenal’s own.

Yash Bisht

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  1. I predict Southgate would like to keep Man City’s connection in his front line. So the starters would likely be Sterling and Foden again, unless Foden is unfit

    I’d have also started the game with Man City attackers, if I were Southgate. Saka can always come in as a super sub, if Foden can’t contribute in the first seventy minutes

    Both youngsters have good understanding of the game. But Saka might be able to analyze the game better, because he’s been playing well in more positions

  2. Mourinho is not an Arsenal hater, he’s an Arsenal critic. Any fearless, outspoken coach will criticise Arsenal management policies.

    1. Not Arsenal hater he would’ve taken the job if he was offered. He is more of a Wenger’s envier because despite of all the trophies he won he could not command the respect Wenger had.

  3. OT: Keiran Teiney has signed new five year deal with Arsenal…. Congratulations to the future captain ….. More trophies for you in Arsenal shirt…..

  4. OT. But bravo to Saka.
    Who and who are the true new players that us believe Arsenal are going to sign this summer window? And who are the Gunners at the club who us think Arsenal are going to dispose of them this summer too?

    I believe none of us Gooners can say for sure neither Arsenal too can also say for certainty. This is because it’s all depend on how the summer transfer deals doing will finally pan out for Arsenal. Which no one can say how it’ll finally pan out for them as they have already been over linked with so many players to sign them this summer.

    Which from all indications, it’s impossible for Arsenal to sign all the players whom they’ve been linked with to sign this summer. But maybe at most they’ll sign one or two out of the lots whom they’ve been linked with. For, more new player names will emerged later on this summer linking Arsenal with them to sign them this summer. And As us all know, Arsenal are traditionally a transfer dead-line day club signers. They could still wait to do one audacious signing on transfer dead-line day this summer after completing 4 new signings before then.

    If Arsenal complete Ben White signing from Brighton as being rumoured they could baring any unforeseen hitches that could hinder them from completing the deal. But who else do us think could be the next new player signing that Arsenal will move on it to complete the deal to sign him? Us wouldn’t know for sure until us have read it that they’ve submitted a bid to sign another new player after they might have signed Ben White.

    As for whether Arsenal will keep Saliba in the team to play him next season after they’ve signed Ben White or not, I for one don’t have any iota of doubts in my mind telling me Arsenal won’t keep Saliba in the 1st team squad this summer for next season’s campaign. For, surely I believe Arteta will keep him in his team this summer and play him to see if he’ll grab his chance to claim a regular playing spot in the team at centre half back next season.

  5. What will be our back line with White?

    Bellerin – White – Saliba – Gabriel – Tierney

    White – Saliba – Gabriel – Tierney

    New RB – White – Gabriel – Tierney

    White – Holding – GAbriel – Tierney


  6. Tierney, Saka, Gabriel, Martinelli, partey balogun and hopefully smith-rowe on long deals. Hopefully white to join them. That is 8/11 of the future sorted, now find a long term keeper, right back and centre midfielder.

  7. ‘Whatever the outcome is, he will still be Arsenal’s starboy. Born and bred at Hale End. One of Arsenal’s own’

    Love this, Yash!! 👍

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