Mourinho says he’s all Tottenham for NLD – but Spurs fans are not convinced

The well-loved Jose Mourinho has been talking about the importance of the Tottenham v Arsenal North London derby, and he has compared it to many other derbies he has managed at, like the Milan derby and Madrid v Barcelona, but strangely doesn’t mention the Chelsea and Tottenham rivalry!

“When I am in a club, I like to be one of them and I like to feel what my people feel,” he said on Sky Sports. “It’s a new feeling for me when I move from club to club, but I learn that feeling very, very fast. I would say that the moment I put my foot in a club for the first time, I learn it automatically.

“So yes, I am one of them. In this case, one of us, which is Tottenham people. What is important for the fans is important for me.

“When I go to a derby as Inter manager, I know what it means for them. When I go as Real Madrid manager, I know what it means for them. And when I go as Tottenham manager, I know what it means for them.

“They can count on me to have exactly the same feelings, the same desire and the same passion that they have. When you are a player or a coach of a certain team, it cannot just be a job for you. You must have a sense of duty and a responsibility towards the people who love your club.

“For me, my club, my passion, my love, is the club where I am. In this moment, if you ask me if I know how important it is for Tottenham fans to look at their biggest rivals, then of course I know it and of course I share it.”

I’m not sure if Mourinho or the Tottenham fans remember, but the Special One only lost once against Spurs in 15 games during his two stints at Stamford Bridge. I wonder how much he remembers enjoying those derby wins!

But anyway, I was wondering what the Spurs fans thought about Jose’s words, so first i looked over at TottenhamBlog so see the comments. Here is the first one…

I hate him with a passion, always have. He is a fraud, any success he had, he bought. He is a dinosaur with no relevance in the modern game. His ‘style’ of play is putrid and he has Champions league finalist into a relegation battler for next season! Count on him tomorrow? Our only chance of getting anything tomorrow is if Arsenal famous 3 fail, somehow, to score and we bore them to a 0-0 draw.

That got me thinking about what Tottenham fans generally thought about Mourinho, and went to the big Spurs site, to look at a few comments.

Here’s one from the link above….

Jose has alway had a lot to say for himself, back in the old days when he had jobs at clubs with the biggest budgets it was seen as ‘winning arrogance’.

At Utd he was outspent by Citeh and the style of winning football changed to high press, then he just came across as slightly bitter.

Now he just comes across as a manager who’s come to the end of the road. No new ideas, only a wealth of experience as football was played with lots of money 15 years ago

I then found a preview of the North London Derby on Harry Hotspur, and judging by the comments on this one, the Spuds are very very worried about losing to the Mighty Arsenal.

Read them here at The Boy Hotspur. Maybe we should be hot favourites after all?


  1. I honestly don’t see exactly what he said wrong. He says he learns the importance of derbies on all clubs he has managed. I don’t see what is not truthful about that.

    He is their manager so of course he is one of them. I don’t see anything that is not true in that. Tottenham bitter rival is Arsenal not Chelsea.

    You and other Tottenham fans have decided to just pick on him for no reason at all. I don’t like the guy I never have and never will unless he does something beneficial to me but you don’t have to force picking on him.

  2. Another and perhaps mor erealistic interpretation of Mourinhos words is this:” This is my club and I love it. I willgive my lifebloofd for this club. Until they sack me , when I will thenmoveon to whichever mug club still belives in me andthen THAT club will be my club until etc.”

    Rinse and repeat, until all clubs get the message that HE IS A WASHED UP, BUSTED FLUSH WHO COULD ONLY EVER GET SUCCESS WITH UNLIMITED OWNER FUNDS. And until the players at all his clubs got fed up being around a miserable , moaning, defence minded charletan.

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