Mourinho should just give up talking about Wenger… It’s boring me now!

Mourinho’s latest comments on Arsene Wenger are becoming very old and boring!

Last weekend was a special fixture in the Premier League campaign, with two old title charging clubs in England coming face to face in the league. Both sides have had their periods of glory and even though in present day, neither may be quite as competitive as the times this fixture is remembered for, it is still a very important match in the domestic league calendar.

In addition to the normal hype surrounding the match, the introduction of Jose Mourinho as United boss this season has meant that there was another arguing point between the two clubs. Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have a longstanding history, with Le Prof still failing to have beaten his counterpart in the league.

It’s a terrible record for Arsene Wenger to have, but a record that nobody besides Mourinho is particularly interested in talking about. Although it is a big talking point for the fans and the media on the day and in the build up to the match, post-fixture you would expect the two managers to not come head to head until the next fixture between the two. Mourinho however is becoming quite famous for his comments about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, and after Saturday’s 1-1 draw, the Old Trafford boss was quick to make yet another consecutive comment about Wenger.

Mourinho said after the fixture: “I said yesterday at the press conference. The Arsenal manager hasn’t won a championship in 14 years. I haven’t won a championship in 18 months. He, in 14 years, failed to build a team to be champion. I’ve been here for four months. And the demand is only for me and not for others. It must be because of the career I’ve made, because I got to the clubs and always won right away.”

Mourinho also added that the 1-1 draw this weekend, felt like he’d finally been beaten by Arsene Wenger in the league, after seeing his side disappointingly throw away a harshly contested win against the Gunners.

If I’m honest I think quite literally everybody is bored of Jose’s comments on Arsene Wenger now, so much so that it doesn’t even seem the phase the Gunners boss anymore. Wenger and Mourinho have had a few heated moments in their respective careers and at times we’ve seen Wenger become greatly affected by Mourinho’s antics. But now, with the ‘special one’, no longer seeming quite as special as he once did, his comments about Arsene Wenger have become quite frankly very old and boring. The comments are on the same basis every year and the ‘antics’ aren’t getting either side riled up for the match. Mourinho constantly talks about Arsene Wenger’s obsession with him, yet Mourinho is the only one to consistently talk about the matter. When was the last time Wenger had a dig at his opposing manager?

Mourinho may admittedly be the more glorified of the two in recent times, with the Portuguese manager having most recently lifted the Premier League trophy in 2014. However he’s now at a United side that’s looking less than impressive under his management, after a summer spree of over £150 million. Arsene Wenger on the other hand has a bright side, that is looking eager to get back on the biggest of playing stages in competitive club football.

Time to call it a day on the comments Jose?



  1. deejay1952 says:

    maureen is just sc*m.. something you occasionally have to wipe of the bottom of your shoe.

  2. bran99 says:

    he is so boring and sometimes very painful to listen to him, always pouring salt on the wound of every Arsenal supporter, deep inside it’s all the truth that he is saying. May be Wenger should have done something about losing to him, may be that could have changed things a bit; but always clueless when facing Mou.

    he is boring and annoying

  3. Alexis the Great says:

    Mourinho is an egotistical twat that has finally been found out.
    He won’t win anything ever again. Even his players dont like him any more!

  4. Big Gun says:

    He carries on about how well he has done at other clubs, but he forgets that Wenger has never had the type of resources at his disposal that Maureen has had over the past decade and more.

    Put Wenger in his shoes and he would have more trophies period. Put Maureen in Wenger’s shoes, do you think he would have been able to make top four each year on a shoe string budget? Not a chance.

    1. Wayne Barker says:

      You cannot just convinently erase his trophy cabinets. It’s not like wenger has never signed players, truth is most of his signings are rubbish. QlMoreober, wengwr this season has soent £90 million so we cannot call other managers chequrbook managers. Jose won a champions league with Porto and then a treble with inter. He was the manager who bought the belief of fighting against barca and won la liga with them which funnily is the last LA liga reAL Madrid won.

      Jose is a j*rk but his records speaks for themselves, but crazy enough people only chose to talk about his last year with chelsea. It’s all hypothetical questions what if Jose was in wenger”s shoes and etc. but I bet we would not have been trophy less under Jose.

  5. Mark_K says:

    What really annoys Mourinho is that even if Wenger never won another trophy during his career he would still be remembered as a better manager than Moaning Maureen, simply because of his legacy at Arsenal.

    Wenger may not have won a title for 12 years (not 14 your Portuguese tw@t) but he hasn’t spent 1/10th the amount that Jose has on players in that time. Wenger also doesn’t leave or (more often) get sacked after 3 seasons at every club. Wenger has also brought through dozens of players in his time at Arsenal, whereas Moanrinho just buys and ruins careers of players.

    Wenger also doesn’t gouge eyes, kicks opposition players while they’re on the ground and he doesn’t lie to UEFA officials during Champions League games.

    In short, Mourinho will be remembered as a manager who was successful wherever he managed but was also so controversial that he was considered toxic by the likes of Abramovich, as he’s sacked him twice. I mean, to get sacked once by a club is bad enough, but to go back for more is just sad Jose.

  6. Wayne Barker says:

    Vice versa is also true. We should also stop talking about other clubs manager. Unfortunately whatever Jose says about wenger is true, he has not won a title for 10 plus years yet he is the most protected manager in epl. He’ll even sir Alex has been questioned by the media. Never seen wenger questioned.

    So let us so talong about Jose. Because when the truth comes out we cry and try to talk something rubbish.

    1. Mark_K says:

      Wenger is criticised all the time by fans, pundits and the media. Some of it is justified but some of it is nonsense.

      I think the only people who give Wenger an easy ride are the only people that ultimately matter, the board.

      1. Wayne Barker says:

        Media has never been harsh on wenger. Pep gets questioned, Jose gets questioned every time, hell sir alex got questioned each time. If anything us fans have been abusive towards him (Sadly).

        Look I gave immense respect for Mr. wenger and he is a top manager , if a one believes other way it’s their problem but we cannot undermine others and try to protect wenger just for the sake of it.

  7. Kostafi says:

    Moaning Maureen should just stop whingeing… He said on Sky before the match Wenger hadn’t won the league in 18 years then 14 years to ESPN Brazil. Neither is correct and neither is his business. He has spent £883m to date according to the Daily Mail and for that sum should deliver consistent not sporadic success. His ultimate gripe is Wengers longevity which he will never have- there will be no Mou statue outside any club, no legacy.

    If he wants to enjoy the same respect Wenger enjoys, he should try showing some respect.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Lets face it, Mourinho wouldn’t of had it so easy if we could’ve built on top of that 05 team instead of having to sell to Chelsea City utd and others. Mourinho should take care of a club that is financially troubled and face the type of wealth that he enjoys being charge of, then he should come back with what they’d call a healthy perspective. We’ve had money over the latest few seasons, and coincidentally we’ve won some cups in that time and have been finishing with a higher league position each time. Sort of points to something if you ask me.

  9. Wayne Barker says:

    If and buts don’t apply in football. Truth is he win treble with a inter side by spending smartly. I hate anything regarding chelsea but Jose spent smarry 2 season’s ago by complying under ffp and won the league. The same side is doing fine under Conte also. Leicester won by spending very less so why cannot we do that.Wemger has wasted money by spending on many £17-25 million players.

    Let me put this way, Jose has won the league recently , sir Alex has won, pellegrini has won, ranieri has won, ancelotti has won, mancini won but we get has not won the league for 10 plus years.

  10. Jansen says:

    Mourinho has lost the plot somewhere back in Madrid. He is a sad bitter old man who has lost his touch. I am sure he will self-destruct soon. Nobody cares any longer what he has to say. He is a bit like Trump, predictable and shocking in his comments, never does anything wrong, sore loser who believes everyone is out to conspire against him (press, refs, FA, Eufa etc), yet he has the greatest job in football (sort of, well not really any longer, but you get my drift.)

    Too bad a little sad man like that managed to own Wenger. Wenger didn’t even try to win this past weekend despite supposedly haveing the better team. Not only was Wenger scared to field a team that could win (hence Ramsey), the players also looked paralysed and well below their best.

  11. Onochie says:

    Am going to get thumb down for this,but let’s face it,Mourinho is said the truth……Wenger has failed for 12 years to build a team that can win the Premier league,have you checked Arsenal’s away record against ToT,Man U,Man C,Liverpool and Chelsea in the past four seasons? And Wenger admitted that he “thought about Arsenal having a mental block” during the match against Man U. That’s a wrong thing to say

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