Mourinho shows Arsenal how great Wenger really is

I am writing this article before the Arsenal v Manchester United game and that is because, win, lose or draw, it does not really have a lot of bearing on my point. If Arsenal win then I suppose a lot more Gooners will be happy to agree with me while if we lose then there will be the usual calls for Wenger to be sacked or leave the club of his own accord.

If you missed it Gooners, then you really should check out on Sky Sports the remarkable post-match interview given by the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho after his team crashed to yet another Premier League defeat yesterday.

Now any regular readers will know that I really do not like Mourinho because of the way that he goes about his business. Eye gouging, disrespecting other managers and systematically cheating and doing anything he thinks will gain him and his team an advantage may sound like simply being a winner to some people but for me it is hurting the game that I love.

A lot of Arsenal fans last season and the one before were bemoaning the differences between Mourinho and our own Arsene Wenger and suggesting that Arsenal need someone like the `special´ one. Well I argued the opposite and Mourinho is now showing exactly why. He talks about his surprise at Arsenal sticking with Wenger while we were not winning trophies, but look at him now. He actually said yesterday that a top four finish would be a good result this season because things are not going there way. Boo hoo Jose.

You tore into Wenger for doing the same when all football logic told you that Arsenal should have at least once in the 10 years of financial austerity have dropped to mid table or worse. Wenger managed to keep us up there through all kinds of adversity. Now he wants Chelsea and Roman Abramovich to ignore their bad results and is laying the blame for those results at the feet of anyone but himself.

Arsenal have had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune over and over again and if Mourinho had been the manager, well he would have crumbled, left and wrecked the club into the bargain, sacking doctors and shredding the confidence of the players, blaming everyone but himself.

Arsene Wenger is, I believe, a football genius and has shown Arsenal some amazing loyalty. Forget the fact that he is well paid because he could have been equally so at any number of other clubs. The man is and always will be an Arsenal legend, while Jose Maureen moaning Mourinho is a nasty, spiteful, dishonest piece of work who deserves all the bad things that are hopefully headed his way.

So how about a bit more appreciation for Le Prof?

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  1. We don’t need Jose M. Fan appreciate Wenger but Wenger doesn’t appreciate the fans. He is losing the plot on transfer and over believing on some players. Do you thing Le coq can play all 38 BPL matches? Flamini or Arteta may not have done very well like Le Coq in today’s match, yet in January he will not buy. Fans don’t hate him but his assumption about players.

  2. Eva Caneiro curse for Moron….. His dirty tactics are bad for football… And l just hope he slept b4 the Arsenal v Manure game…..

  3. Wow. Bellerin is just too good. Easily the best right-back in the world of 2015.

    Bellerin isn’t actually playing right-back or right wing, he’s playing right. Creating his own role like Makelele.

  4. Moro is someone who has no other choice then winning alone.

    He envys Wenger apprecation as a manager. In his view, he did little and got a legendery status at the Club, wher he, also did a lot for Chelsea and other teams but nothing like Wenger, he gets questioned all the time and his job is always at risk.

    Wenger is bulletproof. And all the managers in the world are not. He ( Wenger) is the highlander and Moro must deal with it that there can only be one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Still do think that Moro is a better manager then Wenger.

  5. I still have goosebumps after todays rampant performance. Who’d of thought it? Most pundits labelling our players as “big match bottlers” haha that shut them up! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and maintain grounded. The win against Man-who was vital. let’s keep those type of performances up, blow them away and deny all chances with the King between the sticks. Onwards and upwards. COYG

  6. Moaninho is a better coach while Arsene is a better Manager and better person.
    Arsene does not disrespect others, he does take blame at times and does not talk bad of his players, past or present. Although, Arsene complains a lot to the officials, squats, kick bottles and wind & unwind his zip when he is losing.
    Moaninho is not in Arsene’s class and will never be like Arsene.

  7. Fancy bidding 40mil for Aubameyang this january? He could complete our front 3…

    Sanchez Aubameyang Walcott


    Just to make sure we can go the full distance.

      1. I make exception on Cavani. Alexis is truly world class, but he’s not target man type striker. A role that has been run by Theo and Giroud is the point that needs an up grade.

  8. Weekend of Expectations!

    Trick to being a good manager is managing the expectations of your club through assessing your squad.

    Mourinho is expecting better treatment from referees.
    LVG expected his team to be title contentors after a win today.
    Rogers expected Liverpool to be competiting.
    Wenger said mid week his team are in good form and expects a performance today.

    Another weekend of twists, many will speak about Rogers, while enjoying Mourinho rant on YouTube and enjoying pictures of LVG looking gob smacked!

    In truth its 2pts that Arsenal will focus on. Last week it was 3pts, this week the 2pts is what separate Arsenal from the submit of the top of the table. The Wenger criticism is tiring, when a manager can get his team to preform like that…how can you question the work being done.

    I been saying all week, get behind Arsenal. Emirates was nothing But electric. Chelsea boo’d their club, Man U fans left early with their heads hiding whilst Liverpool fans will be saying their goodbyes on social media and blogs!

    What would every fan of there club be expecting come the next round of EPL matches….

    1. I make your comment simpler : If we can WORK UP our conversion rate, then we can coupe the title.

  9. OT

    Bayern were fantastic today
    (They beat a team consisting of talented players ie.Hummels, Bender; Gündogan, Kagawa, Castro; Aubameyang, Hofmann, Januzaj, Reus, Ramos, Ginter.)

    Bayern, I think are the best team in the world even over Barcelona and Real Madrid

    1. You’ve started being afraid for our CL clash. Take today’s first half and we are going to handle them well.

    2. Barca for me is slightly better. Muenchen is more effective, but Barca is much more attractive and they got titles as well. If we can reach our maximum capacity with our kind of football, we’ll look like them. But off course we should conquer EPL first.

    1. Actually I want to see Jose completed his season. How he manages their crisis? Where’s Chelsea will end up? CL spot aka 4th position will value the same as league title for them (AW’s specialist according the AOB)! This will bring new comparison of view against AW. Please Roman don’t kick your clown now!

  10. A simple question put to him after the S’hampton game and he went on and on and on about everything else but the question. This man is a psychopath, stalking Wenger at every opportunity and the press unashamedly calls his 7 minute rant a remarkable speech. He spoke like a drunkard,totally oblivious of the reality on the field of play in both the S’hampton and Arsenal games, while the vast majority of football fans saw something else. This man is an insult to the enjoyable game of football.
    Much respect to Van Gaal and his Man Utd team today, for coming out to play football, and the ref who seemed fair today. Costa has served his ban and is going to cause more embarrassment to Chelsea like the liar Mourinho, The meltdown for Chelsea has started after Arsenal were cheated and manhandled, and I will also be supporting the Spuds against this cheating, thuggish and arrogant team.

  11. Maureen is still better than Wenger.

    The season is still young. and we have seen times without number that arsene’s team can crash when it matters most

    Chelsea still have a great chance to rediscover their form and overtake us.

    Good win today, but we have only a very little chance at the title.

    Lord Martial and Rooney had mercy on us.

    I’m not impressed.

    I still prefer Wenger out!!!!!!

    This team cannot win the EPL nor UCL . always chasing shadows.

    We were damn lucky today.

    1. We are second in the League, beaten Man United, and you are still spouting your mindless agenda. You need to take a serious look at yourself if you cannot just enjoy the moment. I am beginning to question your motives…..

      1. Yeah we beat man u and are second in the table.

        But how many times have we being at the top for several months only to falter when it matters most.

        I’m not after short term success and afterwards inconsistent performances.

        This team cannot keep the fire burning come may. Giroud is not good enough, Walcott lacks the physique

        and Wenger is not ambitious.

        Beating manu is not a guarantee that we will win the title. injury to our key players and we will be chasing fourth place trophy.

        I consider things holistically and make analysis of the team in all spheres , facet and ramifications.

        and I come to the conclusion that we lack what it takes to win the title.

        Have high expectations at your own risk.

        Because calculations and stats prove otherwise.


        1. So what do you want to do?
          Sack Wenger? Right now after he has put us in second position and beaten Man United?
          Be realistic. As Sam said in the other post, we are stuck with this squad and Wenger until the end of the season. No matter how pessimistic you are you cannot change that, AND Wenger may just have got it right this time. You whining even after a win is not going to change anything at all unless your name is Kroenke.
          Just support the team and see if we actually win the title this year. Calculations and stats said that Chelsea would win the League again, so forget them.
          Just believe until the end of the season…

  12. Mourinho is a scummy little toad. Always has been. I used to put up with him because he was more banter than vile…now he is just venomous and nasty. Everything that comes out of him is an attack on Wenger or another manager. He deserves EVERYTHING he gets.

    His latest rant will win him banned from the touch line for calling referees cheats again. Considering the “HUGE penalty” was in fact a dive and Southampton had 2 clear cut penalties not given, I fear the referee was probably more slanted in his favour then not. To come out and see this kind of rubbish is embarrassing.

    Simply put – he’s got to win his next 4 or 5 games on the spin…maybe even 6 or 7 to even HOPE to survive past Christmas. He’s 1 draw away from losing his job at this point. If Aston Villa get a result against him, he’s gone. He’s lost his dressing room, he’s lost the supporters and he’ll soon lose his job. I can only laugh.

    All this as a result of blaming a doctor for doing a job she had to do by the law of the game (if the referee instructs the doctor on, they cannot refuse). I’d not be surprised if behind the scenes Jose is being brought up on sexism charges…or at the very least unfair dismissal. Can’t say I don’t enjoy Chelsea suffering!

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