Mourinho’s apprentice plots Arsenal downfall

Not man Arsenal fans would have heard of Aitor Karanka before this week but the up-and-coming Middlesbrough boss learned his trade under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid. Jose’s Chelsea side’s have always had the upper hand over Arsene Wenger, so Karanka was asked if he’d asked his old boss for tips on how to win at the Emirates.

He said: “No, because in the same way as against Manchester City, it’s easy to analyse them. It’s difficult to play against them, but it’s easy to analyse.

“It’s going to be a massive game because everybody is expecting that we can beat them. Obviously we can beat them because we played very well against Liverpool and we beat Manchester City.

“But if we go there thinking it’s going to be easy and we can beat them without playing our best, we could make a big, big mistake.”

Karanka has never faced Arsenal before, but it was the same case before Boro dismissed Pellegrini’s Man City in the last round. The Boro boss just believes it is part of his learning process. “You have to learn from these kind of managers because you know the experience he has. I am starting my career and I have to learn always from managers who have a lot of experience.

“Imagine a manager who is starting like me playing against a manager like Wenger, who has been in charge for almost 20 years at Arsenal – it’s amazing.

“I have to learn from everybody and I have to learn from the best.”

Karanka certainly seems to have already learned a lot and is putting it to good use right now. Let’s all hope he learns how to deal with a big defeat on Sunday!


  1. Tomorrow is a MUST win.
    If we lost I would literally cry
    The FA Cup is the only realistic chance of a trophy.
    Yes we are in Champions League but Madrid, Munich, Chelsea, Barcelona are still in it. The top teams remaining in FA Cup are ourselves, United and Liverpool. We have a great chance of winning back to back FA Cups.

    I am confident of a win, but players must not take M’borough for granted.


  2. Mourinho is like a rat, he leaves a grease teail every where he has been, Buro is leading the Championship, I expect a battle, they no doubt caught City relaxing,

  3. The Gunners MUST teach Aitor Karanka’s Boro X1 side a hard soccer lesson on the Emirates stadium turf on Sunday’s evening that will last Aitor a life time football lesson. The Gunners must make Karanka’s realise that it will never pay the Boro X1 to dare the Gunners in their fortress to nullify them of their cherish possession of the glintring FA Cup which is being secured in the Gunners vault at the Emirates stadium. Whoever has mentored Aitor is in for a big disappointment on Sunday as no amount of mentoring Aitor Karanka will count as such mentoring will be a non starter on the Emirates playing field tomorrow’s evening.

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