Moyes gives Arteta credit for developing Rice and says he is worth £150m now

Former West Ham manager David Moyes has admitted that Mikel Arteta deserves credit for Declan Rice’s further improvement since he moved to the Emirates.

Rice has become one of the best players in European football after completing a record-breaking move to Arsenal last season.

The midfielder was already considered a good player when he played for West Ham, and the Hammers were reluctant to lose him.

He wanted to join Arsenal, turning down offers from Manchester City and other clubs for his signature.

He is now one of the most improved players in the Premier League, and Moyes admits Arteta deserves credit for how the midfielder has performed.

He adds that he believes Rice is now worth around £150 million following his move to the Emirates.

‘Sometimes you want to take credit, but Mikel has done a great job with him,’ Moyes said on Talk Sport

‘There were things that maybe Declan wasn’t as good at but I think he’s improved.

‘He hasn’t really surprised me but I do laugh because a couple of years ago people were saying, “you’ll never get £100m for Declan”. I was saying, “no, we’ll get £150m for him”.

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Rice has been in fantastic form, and the midfielder is one of our best players over the last few seasons.

He did so well for us last season, and that was just his first campaign at the Emirates, so we expect him to perform better next term.


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  1. Blow me down!
    So Arteta can develop already very good players after all. I expect he has also managed to improve Saliba as well 🙄

    1. Managers have hits and misses on players.

      Rice, Saliba, Gabriel are massive hits.

      Pepe, Jesus, Zinchenko, Willian are massive misses.

      My hope is as Arteta gains more experience he is able to improve young academy talent.

      1. We all hope Arteta gains more experience cause his is very young and inexperienced as a manager.
        Pepe is clubs fault
        Jesus injured and we havent yet see real player.
        Willian was a bet and you cant win all bets.
        Zinchenko could do better but tottaly not a massive miss.
        Eating more fish is good for your eyes

        1. What does fish have to do with eyes?

          All you did was reinforce my comments, so thank you.

          Nice try with the excuses but they aren’t working.

          Jesus never was or will be a striker, not with Pep, Arteta, or anyone else. 3 years and you still make excuses for his lackluster results, as he is bench material now.

          Willian at Fulham produced something, a hit for them?

          Ahh, Zinchenko, the injury wreck, let’s see. Awful defensively as at City. Timber has been better, Kiwior has been better, and Zinchenko slides further down the depth chart.

          I’d say 30 million for a LB that can’t defend still is a miss. Arteta never tried him in midfield because Arteta doesn’t think it works; Pep didn’t think so either.

          1. Ridiculous!!!! Jesus and zinch signings and introduction is one of the main reason we produce such an excellent performance in 22/23 season.they totally change our game play and are very important players for us that season. This season they have been in and out due to injury and that’s it. I won’t be surprise if they have another good season next season. Some fans…… Sigh..

      2. Durand that was not a comment by me aimed at you

        There is this view though that Arteta is a cheque book manager. In some respects that cannot be argued against, but any EPL manager that isn’t properly funded would probably be straight down into the Championship. From recent negative views which have been expressed I must assume that it’s only the money from Kroenke that is keeping Arteta close to winning the league. Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with him being good at what he does. That is good coaching from all his staff, and overall pretty good purchases. Odegaard springs to mind, as do White and Maghaeles for starters. Quite rightly you point out that there are hits and misses – Vieira to add to your list as are Sambi and Tavares. I wouldn’t have described Jesus and Zinchenko as misses exactly but these are just my opinions

        1. Sue P
          I didn’t take it that way, you having at go at me personally. Your comments are not personal attacks or insults, nor have they ever been. I consider you to be thoughtful and polite in your responses, as well as open minded.

          As for a reply, I will try to be as polite and thoughtful as you.

          1. Arteta as checkbook manager. Naturally had to be at the start, to rebuild a lagging squad, and he has done a fantastic job overall. I only recently have considered changing my opinion on this based on his man management.

          2. Arteta’s man management. Honestly IMO his weakness as manager. He has not shown he can coach youth to the next level, and instead quickly replaces them or freezes them out.

          Nketiah opportunities but Arteta could never make him more than a poacher.

          Tierney seemingly could not coach him to invert as he has with Tomiyasu, Timber, and White.

          Nelson, ESR, Vieira, and Lokogna are not bad players. I can’t help but think a little patience and coaching up from Arteta and his staff could get more from these players.

          Can anyone honestly say they got real opportunities? Nketiah had 5 years, how long and how many appearances have those 4 had under Arteta?

          Lastly the youth from the academy.

          Walters 20 times on the bench this year, not 1 appearance. How thorough were they with Souza? Was he even training or tried with the first team more than a single cameo appearance?

          This is why it’s concerning about rumors with Chodi looking elsewhere, Cozier Duberry yet to extend. These players don’t see opportunities for youth in 1st team

          One has to be damn near perfect like Saka and Martinelli, otherwise you don’t get other chances; ESR comes to mind. Vieira was bought before ESR had to chance to show whether he could or could not step up.

          1. Durand,

            Your knowledge of the youth/academy set up is streets ahead of mine. Is there a problem with the development of these youngsters that stems from Arteta himself, or that the coaches, led by Per Mertesacker are either not doing their job properly or exciting talent isn’t finding its way to the academy in the first place?

            You sparked an interest so I have been looking up the various players you named. Chodi was a name I couldn’t find, but Chido (guess the former was a spelling mistake) is only 16 so is still at the formative stage. The hard reality is that many of the players who come through academies will not make the big time and often end up at lower league clubs or abroad. It can’t be for the want of trying that Arsenal and Arteta haven’t been able to bring forward the young talent into the first team.

            I did also look up the names of recent former Arsenal players who had gone on to do well from the academy, and it wasn’t a long one – Gnabry, Martinez and Eze but many of the others haven’t gone on to greater things.

            When more established players like RN, ESR and EN are not used frequently, then I can only assume that Arteta will give chances to those who he really, really thinks can make the grade or buy instead. Nketiah has had many chances and hasn’t impressed regularly enough

            From my perspective, there is only so much the club can do to develop players. You mentioned Tierney who was unable to convert to what Arteta wanted (same must apply to Ramsdale as well) but then went on to write that he had succeeded with others.

            Anyway, and interesting topic Durand

    2. SueP, after watching Saliba play in European games for Marseille, I would say that Arteta, and the coaches, have improved him.

      1. Saliba’s progress at Marseille was being monitored by those who were interested. There were clearly analyses of his game, particularly during the early part of the season, which suggested he wasn’t quite ready for the step up to the PL. Although he had some good outings his performances were not as consistent as we have seen recently.
        The decision to send him on loan for his development was very well judged. Some have called it a master stroke. His game has continued to develop since returning to Arsenal and getting in the first team.
        Naturally, these kinds of perspectives do not go down well with the Arteta bashers.

        1. David, I totally agree with you. I must say that I disagree with Arteta when he said it was a mistake to send Saliba on loan to Marseille, as we weren’t playing in a European competition that season, thus letting Saliba gain some experience of playing in firstly the EL, and then in the ECL.

          1. It was the season before when he went to Nice in January 2021 which is what much of the noise is about. I don’t believe Arteta ever said it was a mistake to send him on loan to Marseille which was later that year.
            It is clear that Arteta did not initially feel he was ready for the PL (e.g. in 2020). The issue was that they were unable to get him a loan deal before the season started and at the same time Arsenal had not registered him for the competitions we were involved in. He was therefore only able to play in age group competitions till he went on loan. It is perhaps useful to remember that he was only around 19 at that time. We also had a lot of senior defenders on the roster.

            1. Yes and not registering him was the mistake that MA talked about.
              I don’t recall him saying it was a mistake to send him out on loan either, but do YOU recall him saying it was a mistake not to register him?

  2. I was one of those who couldn’t understand why MA didn’t include him in any roster whatsoever, before sending him out on loan – and I still don’t…. at least Mikel said that was a mistake on his part, so I feel vindicated on that point.
    As for Saliba improving under Mikel, of course he has, but this is a world class player, maybe even the very best in his position and does anyone think he wouldn’t have become said player under the likes of Pep or Klopp?

    I think Mikel deserves much more credit for bringing on Odegaard, Gabriel(s) and White, the former of course, being rejected by RM.
    I didn’t realize we has Arteta bashers, I thought it was Arsenal fans giving their opinions!?

    Indeed, RIP Kevin Campbell a true Gooner.

  3. Rice is doing nothing more now than when West ham sold him just got better players around him

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