Moyes had faith but nobody gave Arteta the respect he deserved for his project

Mikel Arteta came in to Arsenal as a new manager that had only had experience as an assistant coach to Pep Guardiola, but he also had had many, many years as captain under both Arsene Wenger and David Moyes, who are some of the longest serving and most successful managers in England.

And when he arrived, the club was in complete disarray, with lots of overpaid unambitious prima donnas that were not bothered enough to fight for the shirt. It may have taken two years of stress and many millions of Pounds, but Arteta has now assembled a young and hungry squad that are keen to win every single game.

And the first couple of years were hard and unsuccessful, trying to clear out the deadwood while still trying to motivate the squad to try and finish as high up the League as possible. Arteta watched David Moyes fighting for many years trying to create a team, without much investment or superstars, and even managed to get Everton into Europe a few times despite the monopoly held by the super rich clubs.

Wenger also was extremely successful with bringing in young players and making them stars, and it was only when he was persuaded to buy so-called superstars that the club stopped being so successful.

So, Arteta learnt from two managers how to create a united team, and then spent a couple of years working with superstars under Guardiola, so he knew what his long term plan was intended to create.

Moyes has admitted that he felt sorry for Arteta, as he could see that he had a great plan, but the fans and pundits didn’t respect his work, and simply wanted to be successful straight away. But Moyes kept faith in his old protege. “It doesn’t surprise me. I used to listen to talkSPORT regularly and a lot of people on here were critical of Arsenal over the last few years,” Moyes said on talkSPORT.

“I think Arsenal have been a really good team for a while when nobody was giving them the respect.

“They’ve brought in (Martin) Odegaard who has made a real difference in the position he plays for them and makes it really difficult.

“I think Mikel had an idea of what he thinks it should look like. After working with Pep (Guardiola) for a few years and giving him that guidance on how to prepare a good team, it was just I felt that nobody was giving Mikel any credit whatsoever.

“He’s a real diligent boy, young manager learning his way, he’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but I did and everybody does when you are in management in the early years.

“He isn’t half putting together a good side. Sometimes you need to have good fortune to have good young players at your club when you arrive in. And I think Arsenal have good young players in their system.”

You can say that perhaps Arteta and Edu got lucky with Saka and maybe Smith-Rowe, but the whole new squad and mentality is due to the work of those two in the last few years. Mind you I bet talkSport are still knocking Arsenal when they can!

Darren N


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  1. So true.
    Arteta has been employed to implement a long term plan, which he is doing extremely well so far.
    Yet he was/is criticised for not supplying a quick fix to problems there was no quick fix for.
    Luckily those who decide his faith are totally behind the plan, and seem to have the stomach and insight to stay the course.

  2. I hope the Arsenal faithful when West Ham come to Arsenal will give Moyes a warm round of applause, I know I will

  3. Arteta and Edu have been doing a great job, but it could be ruined quickly if we lose three games in a row or if we don’t achieve anything at the end of this season

    Kroenke seemed to have understood the duo’s potential better than their noisy detractors. Kudos to all of them

  4. Very tanx to moyes for having faith in our coach he surely deserves a round of applause when he comes to the Emirates

  5. First it was Wenger, before Arteta even started his managerial career, then Pochettino, the Pep Guardiola and now David Moyes.
    I mean this was always obvious as a rookie, he would make mistakes and he’ll have to learn and my dear God has he shown he’s a quick learner ? Yes he has, tactical young manager who learns and grows everyday.
    Hope to see this finally go bang.
    Edu also must be given credit for working hand in hand with Arteta too.
    The Athletic are reporting there are clubs looking at taking Edu off us now.
    He has enough credits in the bank now, so I hope he doesn’t leave as himself alongside Arteta established the plan for this project. Hope to see the both of them succeed and get up back to the very top

  6. He had the trust and patience of ownership, and the benefit of several hundred million to spend, which many managers never receive.

    That being said, they still had to bring in the right players, make the right decisions, and implement the right tactics.

    For me it is the combination and contribution of all the key figures. For example,

    1. Josh Kroenke being present and more involved in the club than his father in previous years. Also, willing the risk the investment by believing and backing Arteta.

    2. Edu for spotting young talent, and sticking with the values and character they are looking for in players they bring in. I’m sure some here remember the article where Edu was discussing a transfer with a player who kept asking about money, and Edu decided to leave and they player wasn’t right for the club.

    3. Arteta for having a vision, and standing firm in spite of naysayers (like myself until this year) of what Arsenal could be with the right players and investment.

    It has taken the combination of all 3 to get Arsenal back to a level we all want, and I question if it would be possible without Josh Kroenke, Edu, and Arteta involved they way they are.

    Long may it continue quite frankly, and the real problem I see is keeping this squad together.

    Saka, Martinelli, and Saliba will add millions to the payroll, and so will other key players in the very near future.

    Can we afford everyone we have now? Likely not, and some will need to be sold to fund the wage increases of others.

    The big Summer spending we have seen last couple years is ending, and we also can’t afford all our favorites to be on 200k or 250k a week wages. Hard decisions will have to be made, and so far Josh, Edu, and Arteta have earned the benefit of the doubt.

    1. What a brilliant post Durand.
      I suppose the trick will be knowing when to stick or twist with some of the players soon to be on big money.

    2. Great comments Durand. Although not a huge fan of “All or Nothing” it definitely portayed both Josh Kroenke and Edu in a much more positive and human way than we had witnessed before. Going forward, in the short term and on the upward curve we are I can see no issues at all with retaining these players. Of course money talks, but so do success, friendship, loyalty and enjoyment – at least for many footballers, and it seems to me that we are recruiting the right kind of players to appreciate this. But ultimately yes – we can’t compete with the mega-rich super clubs, and we must recognise that almost all clubs, as we are (even under Wenger) “feeder” clubs for the likes of Real and Barca.
      This young team are like our kids, and eventually all kids should and do leave home. Lets never again “a la” Auba/Ozil be obsessed with retaining players at any cost – in the same way that we walk away from exorbitant transfers, let’s start thinking again. Market rate salaries in a successful team are all it takes to retain the type of players we want, and we will create the great players, not buy them.

      1. I agree with your comments.
        Patino could be a replacement for Odegaard or Vieira in the future.

        Marquinhos or Flores could fill the spot of Martinelli, Saka, or ESR in the future.

        Souza at LB in case we can’t keep Tierney and Zinchenko.

        Very important Hale end continues recruiting and developing young players, and the club brings in young gems and helps them develop.

        So far we are doing well bringing up young players, and perhaps this path is Arsenal’s future.

      2. guy, I believe your comments about “feeder for such as REAL and BARCA” to be well OUT OF DATE, these days.

        Almost all footballers everywhere see the Prem and playing in it as the ultimate ambition. There is also the lure of London and Arsenal itself as a global club, obviously and quickly moving forward , not backwards as are BARCA at least.

        The Spanish league has only three big (internatonally regarded as so) clubs and so I personally do not fear nor agree in the least with THAT PART of your post.

  7. Round of applause for Moyes is fine when he brings his Irons team to the Ems to face Mikel Arteta’s Gunners team for an Epl match clash. But the bucks should stop on the applause of Moyes only. For, applause for Moyes’ visit to the Ems at the turn of the year should not be at the expense of Arsenal collecting all the 3 valuable points that will be at stake for collection in the match clash.

  8. I much agree with the theme in this piece. What I find disappointing, in life generally and of course In football, is UNINTELLIGENCE and an inability to see what ought to be clear and IS clear, to more perceptive folk.

    I find it ironic that a good number of those who failed to see the very clear man management AND steely resolve not use tolerate coaster and trouble makers intelligence in Arteta, actually claimed HE had an agenda against certain players , when it was THOSE FANS who actually had the agenda , which was to force out a man they foolishly called a rookie.

    Thye glossed over or ignored his valuable threeplus years apprenticeship as understudy to the worlds most successful manager in this era, namely Guardiola.

    It is true that I have never suffered fools gladly and I never will.
    Just my life philosophy, my freinds

    1. welcome to the club Jon.

      Admin Pat has dropped some of my comments too.

      Nihil desperandum…………..

      I must say, it is amazing how American culture is seeping into Britain.

      America, where everything that happens to people is the fault of somebody else!!!!

      I have listened to the Liverpool manager, their players and even the pundits and callers on the radio, and almost to a man, they put Liverpool’s defeat to Arsenal down to the Referee and VAR.

      I cannot remember one caller admitting that Arsenal won because they were the better side!!

      1. JW
        Likely because it is easier to blame others rather than admit fault with oneself.

        Liverpool lacked their usual hustle and resolve, and fail to admit our superiority on that day.

        Tomi had Salah in his pocket, Martinelli ran riot on the flanks, and Saka was too comfortable on the ball.

        Rather than admit they were outplayed and outmanaged, hey just blame VAR and the ref for whatever slight they imagine.

      2. JW, I agree with your sentence about American culture and it seeping into Britain. I would suggest, however,that it has long been seeping and is now , unfortunately, thoroughly embedded in Britain .

        Those who know me , know how much I detest so much of what (lack of) culture comes from USA into other societies. Most of ALL, I detest the consumer greed that is more rife in USA than in any other country.

        That has, of course, been happening for many decades in all walks of life. In football perhaps rather less than in many other areas, thankfully, OTHER THAN THE MORE RECENT RAMPANT USA OWNERSHIP OF PREM CLUBS, WHICH I WISH HAD NEVER HAPPENED.

        I do not find it “amazing” though, but do think it predictable and depressing.

        Your final two two sentences, though always a depressing thing to hear , given the natural bias of almost ALL fans everywhere, are not at all surprising and to be expected, sadly!

    2. @Jon fox Welcome to my world, only difference is I dnt care if my comments are removed, hence I dnt complain

      1. The obvious question is then, why mention it at all, as you apparently, “don’t care?”

        I DO CARE, as I dislike and fear censorship.

          1. No PAT. OF COURSE NOT THE SCRAPBOOK POST. My posts often take ages and do not appear, only to eventually appear Why it takes so long, I have never known but by now I am used to it.

            However, apart from that, you still delete some of my posts yourself, as you do with others , even though I never use filth or abuse. You seem to fear allowing straight talking though, for your own mysterious reasons.

        1. I mention it bcos u did ….. Hav u seen me complaining and asking why my comment where removed….. It just comment nothing more, just for fun.

  9. Patience was needed but fans aren’t known to be the most patient of us, alls well that ends well

    I believe, as others do, that Edu deserves just as much respect/applause for the long-term planning solution, and for identifying player characteristics within our transfer targets

  10. Thank you moyes for being true. But li vAr pool should stop crying over spilled milk. I’m tired of hearing klopp,pundits and some fans saying Gabriel jesus foul was soft and shouldn’t be a penalty like players should kick opponents softly in the box right and everything would be fine(lol). If it was against arsenal I’m sure it would be a deserved penalty…..nonsense. Arsenal and arteta is now slowly becoming a team every team is afraid to play(ask brentford/man u fc)

  11. If the drivel Arsenal were playing last year gave you hope that there was better to come then good luck to you. Me I found our wins almost as depressing to watch as the defeats. The present football that Arsenal are currently playing has taken everyone by surprise. It seems to be a total change in philosophy. Last year it was always about fear and damage control. This season the plan is, ” well if we concede two goals, no problems we can score three.” Still a long way to go in the season but at this stage Arteta is way ahead in running for manager of the year. Pep doesn’t count, he has a limitless budget to work with.

    1. I agree that it wasn’t always an easy watch. Sometimes we were excellent and at other moments it was decidedly average

      Perhaps the answer is that the plan or process as it has been described needed time to evolve.

      I return to my belief that a quick fix would prove to be impossible. Anders wrote in an earlier article that AW was given the chance of a quick fix and so was Emery – both experienced managers and it didn’t happen. Hiring Arteta was definitely a brave move but an overhaul of the players and the toxic nature of the dressing room was needed. He was new and an unknown whilst nearly all the names of managers that were bandied about were all doing well and not necessarily up for a project. Potter and Rodgers only from the home league and Potter certainly has a pedigree with doing well and with limited funds.

      My point is, that whilst we thought we knew what should be done, the club as a whole took a new and bold direction which includes the owners down to the manager to reboot the club. ManU have chucked money at it for years and failed.

      There is no doubt either that Arteta could have failed. I gave him until Christmas last year to properly turn the corner and that is from a person who was patient. Arteta did turn it round and the acquisition of certain players and the gradual maturing of some of the younger ones is evident this season. Long may it continue

      1. Sue P such a WISE post.

        I believe that all fans , whether or not esp perceptive ones, had REAL doubts, at times, about MA ever turning this listing “ship” of a club around.

        Both of us did and both admitted so. But we both also saw the many good qualities in MA as a person and saw the steeely resolve and refusal to accept laziness, nonsense in attitude and lack of team morale. And we BOTH SAID SO.

        That is one, among several other reasons why I so much respect you, both as a person and as a fan, with maturity and brains.
        Hope you don’t mind me being honest but I HAVE A COMPULSION TO SAY AS I GENUINELY FEEL!

    2. Joe
      I find it hard to believe that you found winning depressing
      Winning breads confidence and that is one of the factors why we are more fluid going forward today.
      22 wins was never depressing
      I would Rather be winning then losing

    3. I am afraid some of what has been written is drivel. Last season, Arsenal clearly did not have the personnel to consistently play the kind of football that is now being played. We also do not have the kind of money the likes of Man City and Chelsea have to simply improve their benches. Given the strength of other leading clubs some clear thinking was required to rebuild the squad whilst remaining competitive. This clarity of thought and vision has been present at the club for the last few seasons despite the refusal of some to see it.
      There was clear evidence of this rebuilding last season even if we were not as consistent as we would have liked to be. The idea that our wins were mostly depressing to watch for a fan is one I really struggle with. For comparison many have lauded Conte as a great manager, but I wonder how many have seen the kind of negative football his Spurs have played at times despite have one of the most lethal forward lines in world football.
      It is grossly untrue to state that there has been a change in philosophy. There is a world of difference between having GJ and trying to rotate between the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette. There is a big difference between the Martinelli who started last season and the one we have seen this season. Other players have also been added to the squad and/or improved in various ways.
      Some of our games last season gave an indication of what we could be capable of if we had a fully fit squad and an effective central forward. Anyone who saw our preseason games would have seen clear differences the new players made; the main caveat being that it was difficult to know if that form would carry over into the season proper. So no, I do not agree that we were all surprised to see the football we have played. Pleased to see how things have developed yes, surprised NO.

      1. I would say Artetas tenure here as been some of the worst football I’ve witnessed as an Arsenalnfan since 88 ,yes this season we have picked up and now I actually look forward to watching us ,but asking for respect for playing 10 games this season iafter spending nearly 400 million and watching that awful football these past few years is something I’ll hold out till until the end of the season ,respect is earned not just given out on a plate because some fans Believe he deserves it .
        Ridiculous after our pathetic end of last season ,I’ll hold my brown nosing till the season ends and once we have actually accomplished something .

      2. @David.
        Good points. Very much agree.
        One thing to add is, we are rebuilding with a very young team, and you can’t expect them to go out and dominate, before they are ready.
        Nor can you expect consistency.
        They are getting better all the time, and it looks good now. But it wouldn’t if we hadn’t taken the medicine and had the patience.
        Luckily those in charge seem to know what they were doing.

  12. Nice piece from you Darren..I always believe people need time..everything need time. from fatigue,injury will heal with time..I must admit arteta is lucky because arsenal isn’t a sacking club like Chelsea or spurs . But I believe arteta will become a verry good manager from the time he play for arsenal..he just need time

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