Mr Arsenal chooses West Ham instead of the Gunners?

So today the transfer window begins in earnest. Arsenal have officially announced the arrival of Stephan Lichtsteiner and at the same time, Jack Wilshere has made it clear that he will not be returning to the Emirates after the summer break.

The midfielder, who we all thought was going to be the new ‘Mr Arsenal’, has unfollowed Arsenal on Twitter, and is now following the official West Ham site and their captain Mark Noble. As it was revealed just a couple of hours ago…..

We all know that Jack is a born and bred Londoner and was always unlikely to move too far from his friends and family. To be fair, if he wanted to guarantee game time he could hardly have stayed at Arsenal, especially after his mediocre performances towards the end of last season. I just hope that Jack has better luck at West Ham – and can keep fit and actually realise his full potential at last….

Good luck Jack!



  1. Declan says:


    1. Peter Jones says:

      Make a decent comment!
      “And”. C’mon you can do better if you try!

      1. Dalinho says:

        Mustafi can go next hopefully! Seri looks like he’s gonna be jacks replacement which is good business as long as we can get a DM aswell!

      2. Declan says:

        So where’s yours then? Or do you just want to troll others comments rather than the article?

      3. Enagic says:

        What a F..good day and news he really needs to go Ozil, welbeck, Mustafi they need to follow him even Ramsey if he does not sign a new contract we need to bring in really men to fight for arsenal not just mediocre players who demand huge pay contract – they play one game and they are out three! we have em around for our 3 season and they are just not good enough

        1. Mwsupporter says:

          Ozil to go you have no idea ….worrying we have fans that Are lacking in footballl knowledge.

  2. killamch89 says:

    Thank God!!! Now we need Danny Welbeck and others to follow suit.

  3. jon fox says:

    Wilshere had one great plus. He was A TRUE GOONER. So am I . So are almost 100% on here. But we would never leave Arsenal. Jack apparently has now left us, even if not actually transferred YET. So goodbye and now I would like to talk about our club’s future or the present, not the past. Ultimately he has been a failure and a massive disappointment to what we all expected when he was aged 15/16. Next topic!

    1. Andrew E says:

      Well said Jon. We just need to look ahead and, for the first time in many years, the future looks bright. It’s like the shackles have finally been removed!!

  4. Dan says:

    It’s no big loss now he will never regain the form he showed before injuries set in he will be just a average player but still wish him all the best he’s arsenal through and through and big shame about the injuries would have been top class without them!!

  5. Alf Leaper says:

    For one reason or another Wilsh ere never fulfilled the potential he displayed as a youngster.He is no longer good enough for Arsenal but I wish him well.

    1. Dalinho says:

      Diaby is the only player that will haunt me for not fulfilling his potential!

      1. jon fox says:

        Why? It was not YOUR fault he was always injured.

  6. igwe says:

    It’s a good one, mesut ozil wil gladly take the long awaiting Jersey number 10, but on a second thought, we are gradually losing all our English players

    1. TH14atl says:

      That’s because the ones we had weren’t any good – jack, jenkinson, Gibbs, Theo, welbeck, ox didn’t perform/grow, Chambers isn’t good enough though folks want to keep giving him a chance.
      Hopefully holding grows, AMN grows, Nelson, etc, cause the old batch were average at best.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Have to disagree, the only real let down of Chambers was when he got flogged out on the wing for that season. That’s not a good position for him. He improved last season and he was actually the only one who played in there and came out of it with any credit. Not saying he’s ready, am saying he’s still young and deserves a chance to progress with us. Game time and continuity is super important for a defensive line. At the least we need squad players anyhow which we’ll have to think about too, but I have bigger hopes for Chambers esp after last seasons showing. He and Holding are roughly the same age, in England side Chambers looked the better and last season he done for us too. Holding had that season before, if you’re gonna give up on one well then you may as well give up the other and start giving up on most of them soon enough. That is not wise management, esp from a brand new coach.

        1. TH14atl says:

          You may be right on chambers, I just think he’s too slow and too handsy/grabby and thus picks up too many needless yellows.
          If he progresses, then great, but I don’t see it happening.

    2. Enagic says:

      Football does not have anything to do with nationality, two things, you are good enough or not when Liverpool sold Coutinho all the money did not end up in Brazil or O. Dembele money did not go to France – the biggest failure here was wenger try to run arsenal like his own home kitchen and gave himself power he did not deserve and look where we are right now!

      1. jon fox says:

        Well said. Some stupidly appear to think that talent lies in the country you are from. So presumably then, those bang in the middle of England should be our very top English players, being farthest away from foreign climes. So Birmingham, Wolves, Villa and West Brom should win all the honours then. Of course it is just possible the theory may be crap! Managers who run clubs as personal feifdoms of one “I know best cos I am among the longest serving managers ever” Arsene WENGER, ARE NOW EXTINCT.

        1. Angus says:

          You have to have 8 home grown though Jon that is the point and Dyke has been pushing for 12! We’re looking good now. Signing on Ramsey the best of the bunch same reason we wont ship Bellerin unless he forces it because he is home grown too. Niles/Nelson certainly worth keeping and filling quota slots. Then Chambers/Holding. Add in 2 of Iwobi/Welbeck/Nketiah/Wilock and we are set but that does show how tight it is. Although Macey is an option I forgot. If we sell all of Iwobi/Welbeck/Bellerin/Ramsey we’d have to AMN/Nelson/Nketiah/Willock/Macey and another youth in the 1st team squad of 25. They can’t go out on loan, they would also know their own increased value in contract negotiations. Also if you drop yourself obviously below the quota other clubs will rip you off if you try to sign a home grown from them.

          So you actually always need a decent surplus to not get held to ransom or be filled with weak youth players. It’s the reason English players are overpriced it’s an important part of squad building.

          1. jon fox says:

            It matters not where Bellerin is from , Spain , homegrown , or what ever label you stick on him. The only label that matters and is also the reason he must leave is because he CAN’T defend. He is NOT a defender but plays in the defence. He must be sold and I long for the day he is. He represents all that is uncommitted, weedy and overhyped about so many of our players. Plus football is a game for men, not children. He is a weed, both physically and mentally. I am homegrown but don’t expect to play for Arsenal. Nor should he!

          2. A.ball08 says:

            Don’t be to hasty jon.
            was a time for the past few seasons i firmly wanted bellerin out the door but if he stays I live in hope that our new man can instill a bit of defending discipline in to him and the team
            What I don’t expect is us to win the league for a few seasons bit I honestly believe i can now see the wood for the trees with the changing of the guard.
            Onwards and upwards to afc

          3. jon fox says:

            I also have hope with the new manager. But I am also old and through bitter experience, realistic. I have learnt that no amount of coaching can make a silk purse(a proper defender) from a pigs ear(Bellerin).

          4. A.ball08 says:

            At least we can agree ….
            We now have hope

          5. Angus says:

            One I don’t agree with anything you’ve said regarding Bellerin and two you’ve missed the point Bellerin is way above the curve on home-grown talent selling him is a massive gamble. Not least we’d be selling him at his most likely bottom valuation. There are sound reasons for his recent form from the formation change that didn’t suit him, to his family moving to spain (that is not weak, its human), the general fluctuation in young players Ronaldo had it ffs and that is the highest level of player you can get, the lack of competition/rotation.

            Regardless your totally missing the squad building element that quotas ensure which was my entire point of which Bellerin wasn’t in anyway a major part of. It was British players btw. It’s why City with all their money still are willing to pay huge sums on Stones/Sterling both great talent both could of been gotten cheaper abroad. Sane to Sterling being a great example. Honestly all you’ve done is remind me why I get annoyed with most your comment. I make a point about quotas you diverge into personal opinion on had a sentence of my point that is not actually related that much to the point. Then finish off with a total nonsense statement to seem more on topic. Not one comment on our precarious homegrown situation that we must adhere to.

          6. Angus says:

            Doesn’t matter anyway don’t know why I engaged we wont sell Bellerin this year because no one in our set-up is that stupid frankly. It would be a matter of opinion without the quota although I suspect we’d still verge on keeping him but whatever.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    This is good news, it opens up more space in an already top quality lacking midfield. I just hope we have money to get the ones we deserve, we should have it but this board is rarely full of surprises. Am actually excited by this news, we need a new look midfield and am happy Emery can see the benefit of keeping Ramsey who was always a step or two above Wilshere.

    1. Enagic says:

      Next should be Ozil

    2. Xxnofx says:

      Ramsey was a step or 2 ahead ,don’t make me laugh ,headless chicken comes to mind .
      Without those injuries he would be powdering our midfield now .i would still play him before Ramsey or xhaka with all the injuries he’s had

  8. Pussyorarsenal says:

    What arsenal was he planning to return to? The one he helped run to the ground? Clearly one of our worst performers last season.. Who cares what Mr glassleghalfhearteddwarfy says… Arsenal is now one baggage less

  9. Gooner says:

    K byeeeee

  10. Fabu says:

    Let him go …i don’t care about him anymore not good enough.sokratis in pls that man is crazy ? looks like leonidas

  11. John0711 says:

    Please can Xhaka follow West Ham please

  12. barryglik says:

    We never saw the best of Wilshere
    because he was so injury prone.
    Should have been let go 5 years ago.
    Diaby Rosicky kept on 5 years too long.
    Sanogo err really. Asano the Japanese Messi 🙂
    Cazorla was finished 18 months ago but was kept on.
    Koscielney is also finished but will stay till the end of the season
    Mertesacker was kept on all last season for no reason
    Debuchy Jenkinson+ Wellbeck kept on 3 years too long.
    One goal in Russia and Wellbeck will be here for ever.
    Mkhitaryan (Sanchez swap deal) + Lacazette (50m) are
    border line at best but will be kept to save face.
    Kolasinac was free but is paid 120k p/w and is average at best.
    Ozil at 30 needs to be sold and use his massive salary to pay other players.
    Lucas Perez is washed up but at 30 is 4 years younger
    than Lichtsteiner so will be given another chance.
    Campbell scored in a world cup friendly so will be a marquee signing.

    1. Enagic says:

      Like i said, for wenger was just running arsenal like a warfare program – it was not acceptable for a manager to have more power than CEO or the board combine

      1. GoonerP says:

        I’m guessing you meant welfare!

  13. stubill says:

    Just checked his Twitter account and he’s still following Arsenal.

  14. stubill says:

    I wish people wold stop going on about Ozil being sold. I honestly can’t see him going anywhere, we’re paying him £350k a week, who else is going to pay anywhere near that!

    The only people that might pay it are the Chinese, but looking at his sickness record he’d never get out of bed, what with the pollution, food and water he’d end up in some high dependency ward. Plus they’re not so keen on paying mega wages or fees now since the Chinese government imposed a 100% tax on foreign players to encourage the teams to produce Chinese players.

    1. Enagic says:

      He is just a luxury player, get unknown who is a workhorse play football and track back not him when he loses a ball just throw his arms in air and walking around

      1. stubill says:

        So, who’s going to buy him and pay him £350k a week?

      2. Kedar says:

        Let’s wait and see how he perform under new Head Coach…

  15. ThirdManJW says:

    I know he loves Arsenal, but I am sure I heard somewhere he was a West Ham fan, so I think it’s a great move for him. No disrespect intended, but I think West Ham is more his level, and given his horrendous injury record, no top club would realistically go for him. He’ll get more game time their, and it’ll free up some wages for us. Just annoying we’re not getting a fee for him, given how many years we’ve stood by him. Wenger, and the board’s fault, not Jack’s.

    Good luck to him if he does move.

  16. at sass says:

    follow en suite, ozil xhaka welbz kolasinac bellerin mustafi

      1. st sass says:

        why that face lol

        1. Sue says:

          Because I want Ozil & Kolasinac to stay!

    Steven, you really need to kerb your swearing or you will never get a comment approved.
    This is a family friendly site…..

  18. atanas mgisha says:

    we r not going anywhere with our new coach by bringing oldies.Wenger we still need u.

    1. Sankara says:

      What are you smoking?

    2. st sass says:

      are u ok.

  19. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Fingers crossed it’s Iwobi next

    1. TJPAM says:

      U next not iwobi

  20. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    OT: First time watching Soyuncu, and I think he’s born to play for Arsenal. typical Arsenal Defender lol. Soyuncu & Mustafi would be quite the adventure!!

    Attempting to play the ball out of defence, Soyuncu succeeded only in passing it straight to Fedor Smolov who found Samedov unmarked and able to clip the ball over goalkeeper Serkan Kirintili.

    NOT IMPRESSED , I’D rather we stick with Mavropanos, Chambers and Holding . or buy a very experienced defender (the Senegalese guy from Napoli)? not waste money on this guy.

    1. Sue says:

      I saw that… Twitter erupted as you can imagine with the usual he’ll fit right in etc……

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:


  21. Anesh says:

    We cannot sell Mustafa. U cannot have a new pairing with no premier league experience. Sokratis comes to play alongside mustafi…That’s it. Back up is chambers, holding, mavro…the Greek kid …n not sure if that Turkish kid coming as well. So with this…our defence looks good. To be honest I feel KOS was the defender that really let us down recently. Mustafi had his moments but he is a good defender. We need a good winger with pace, skill n finishing. I feel AMN will play more this season..he really impressed. Wellbeck must stay, he is one of our stand out players, good work rate. However he needs to work on his finishing. Injuries have hampered his progress. Perez must be given a chance. Lets see who we get.

  22. Boliviangunner says:

    Admin, please continue with the commitment and dediication and dont pay attention to negative comments. On to wilshere, I love him on the ps4. But how many games has he played this season?
    Or even better, how many has he played each season Since becoming a professional?
    He is way below average. Season after season. I mean, I am no statistician but my guess, ramsey plays at least 10 more games each season. So, for the past 4 years he starts strong but we end up having to fill the gap he leaves and forcing his replacement to deliver at the ment, players are sometimes improvized in the position and the rest of.the team takes from 4 to 8 games to readapt the whole system to a new player. I hope he manages to handle his personal issues; or get nadal’s nutritionist.

  23. Ozziegunner says:

    Should Jack Wilshere seek his future elsewhere, it will enable Arsenal to bring in another midfielder like Emil Forsberg. Anders Limpar (should be a good judge!) rates him highly (says he’s the best current Swedish international) and recommends him to Arsenal.
    Apparently Chelsea with all their issues are now chasing Seri.

  24. Abel says:

    Wilshere will fit right in at Westham alongside perennially injured players like Andy Caroll!
    Just hope he is injured when we play Westham cos it’ll be difficult watching Mr Arsenal playing against Arsenal and tackling Ramsey!

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