Mudryk makes it clear how much he expects Shakhtar to charge Arsenal in January

There were quite a few rumours in the summer linking Arsenal with Mykhalo Mudryk, and these escalated drastically as the season went on, with the club openly admitting they were expecting bids in January, and player himself making it clear on many occasions that Arsenal was definitely his preferred destination.

There was speculation that the price for the 21 year-old starlet had gone up from around 25million to 40-45 million, but then it was revealed that Shakhtar’s director of football, Dario Srna, said: ‘If somebody wants to buy Mudryk, they must pay huge, huge, huge money. Otherwise the president of the club (Rinat Akhmetov) will not sell him. 

‘The market is deciding the price — not me. Antony, [Jack] Grealish, they are players of more than €100m and for me, Mudryk does not have less quality than them. 

However, the youngster does not think he is worth that price and even accused his employers of sabotaging his dream of playing for a top club.

“When I found out about my price, I wasn’t just surprised – I was shocked,” Mudryk told Sport Arena.

“But I am 100 per cent sure that they are unlikely to buy a player from the championship of Ukraine for 100 million… I will not hide that I was very upset. The amount of 100 million puts a barrier for my transition to the top championship, which I so dreamed of. I can’t say that my dream was killed, but wounded – that’s for sure.”

Now, as the January window approaches, Mudryk has now made it clear how much he thinks Arsenal shoud be asked to pay in January, and he released this on his instagram account….

So what do you think of that? It looks like he is asking Shakhtar to be reasonable in January, but I think the only problem Arsenal could have, is if a bidding war develops with other clubs raising bids, but it looks to me that Mudryk himself is only interested in coming to the mighty Arsenal!


  1. It would be good for us to sign, Mudryk. He is talented and eager to play for us.

    His speed and close control would fit the EPL very well.

    With proper coaching he can be a deadly goal scorer too, like Thierry Henry.

    Mudryk – 40m pounds.
    Danilo – 20m pounds.

    This would be a good January transfer window for us.


    Mudryk. Odegaard. Saka.

    Danilo. Partey.

    Zinchenko. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


    This line up is strong enough to compete with many current EPL teams.

  2. I’m hoping we get Mudryk. He will become a brilliant footballer.
    Shakhtar are taking the p*ss with what they want though.

    But we could have signed him for £20 mill or so in the summer. 🤔🤔

  3. That’s good news when player himself ready to play for us.
    Arsenal should act very fast if their really need this guy.
    At least 3 player’s should be sign in January next year

  4. He is a talented player that we should go for at a reasonable price. He certainly won’t replicate those numbers in the PL, but he can have a positive impact in our attack.

    Also, he has room to grow and develop, and what type and quality of player can he possibly be in 2-3 years?

    If it is worth the gamble (as all transfers are) then make the move. I think it more likely he improves as a player than ends up a dud; based only on the talent he possesses. Arteta can get a lot out of the young man, and growing with players like Martinelli, Saka, ESR, seemingly would be good for his development as well.

  5. £40 mil for Mudryk this talented, that’s cool.
    Every player that has come to Arsenal recently was eager to come and we can right away see his allegiance.
    He is fit enough for EPL and will make a very good addition cause with our pacy, free flow, fast counter and utility adaptation to more than a wing football,
    that’s where his kind of player thrives.

  6. The likes of Loko, Elneny and probably Nelson(after all we sold Willock that’s better off to me and also ESR is back) can all be used to scoop some funds to add Teleimans.
    So if there is Teilemans, Mudryk and Danilo then lets watch the arsenal.
    Not much issues with defence right now.
    If Nketiah cannot prove himself in the attack, then he should be sold in #Naira
    Just my opinion🤔

  7. The fact that he is so eager to play for Arsenal and even goes to the extent of criticising his current employers for hiking his price shows his love for the Club and he would undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to arsenal. A player of his talent and potential must not be missed out by Arsenal.

    1. Id rather have Eze as b2b over Tiele tho(!) Danilo, yes please, seems a talented player. I believe Charlie Patino will be a revelation for us in the coming seasons and he will replace Xhaka. We have some massive massive kids coming through atm, Sousa, Nwaneri, Brooke, Walters… In a few years Arsenal will dominate.

  8. He has got speed and good quality in shooting.He is a top quality player if we get him, the title maybe ours this season. The Edu do something

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