Mudryk’s agent reveals that there is very little chance that Arsenal will sign him

There have been millions of column inches dedicated to Arsenal’s attempt to persuade Shakhtar Donetsk’s owners to let Mykhaylo Mudryk move to the Emirates for a reasonable price this month, and now the agent of the Ukranian star has publicly reported that there is very little chance of an agreement being reached.

He says that the two clubs are so far apart in their valuations that he has practically given up hope of Shakhtar listening to reason in January.

His agent Igor Kryvenko has spoken to Footboom about the situation and the news is not positive in the slightest…

When asked what the chances were of Arsenal getting the deal over the line, he said: “Minimal. Shakhtar won’t let Mudryk go for the money they (Arsenal) are currently offering.”

He then heavily criticized Shakhtar for their totally unreasonable valuation of Mudryk. He continued: “A player from the Ukrainian championship cannot cost more than, for example, a player from the Netherlands. You have to look at things realistically. There is a market value, and Shakhtar seem to be taking figures from the ceiling.”

So, it doesn’t look at all promising at the moment, so I hope that Arteta and Edu turn their attention to more realistic targets quickly so we can get some of those new players we need as quickly as possible.

Oh well, maybe they will be more reasonable in the summer….


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  1. Another Dusan Vlahovic situation. Even though Mudryk wants to sign it could cost us the January Window waiting for nothing. Sign Tielemans and Felix on the quick, ready to win us the EPL. We don’t need all this title harming nonsense.

    1. If I hear teilemans name one more time I will stop reading transfer news. For God sake that guy is not our level. Some pple just be hearing teileman and jump on the bandwagon

    2. Almost exactly opposite of the dusan situation. Dusan and his agent didn’t want to come, the club did.

  2. The agent is right about Mudryk’s value comparison with Gakpo’s. The latter came from a more prestigious league, where countless of famous footballers started their careers

    Gakpo is also taller and more productive in the league. Mudryk might’ve been impressive in UCL this season and could be a much better dribbler, but there is no guarantee he can replicate his one-season wonder in EPL

    Mudryk’s price tag made me assume he is as skilled as Neymar or Mbappe and much better than Martinelli/ Saint-Maximin/ Mitoma. Based on his courageous and high-risk playing style, he would likely get tackled a lot this year and his valuation would go down if he gets injured

    1. If it’s Arteta that is interested in buying the guy I think Edu and the board should make it happen for him. The coach seen to know the players he needs to achieve results. Mudyck style of play would gives the team another dimension to attack because he is pacey and can dribble. I wonder why no one is talking about the need for a DM.

    2. Yes I’ve commented here before that his game is high risk, clever moves just outside his own penalty area etc.

      And his control is a bit lacking, often pushing the ball a bit too far and getting away with it because the opposition player is surprised and screws up (won’t that that in the PL).

      His other issue is too often he’s looking at the ball at his feet and just runs down a blind alley until he’s dispossessed. I’m not really seeing a PL-ready player, but that’s just based on YouTube clips, some of which are a bit old, he may have matured.

          1. You missed the point – when I said “I’m not really seeing a PL-ready player” and went on to say that *my* knowledge of him is limited to YT videos (and some of them are old)…

            This acknowledges that *my* information is scant and that of course people like Edu/MA will have much better intel and will be better placed to forma anb opijnion.

            I thought that was obvious – clearly not to everyone.

      1. Yes, I watch those moves too on his YouTube highlights. They remind me of the way Walcott and Bale got past their opponents in their primes

        1. gai I cannot believe , in sanitys name, that you so easily link the name of Weed Walcott – one of our laziest ever players , at least until Ozil- with the name of Bale , who was a great player , at least in his prime , before he basically retired on full pay to put playing golf before his football career.

          Both let their club down but whereas Walcott did it all his career at Arsenal, Bale only did it in his last RM years. Bale was ten times the player Walcott, now lingering in Southampton reserves, even was even in his very early years before he contracted Ozilitis( lazyness!)
          What I so admire about Artta is that he is the only manager since around the early 1960’s, who has not tolerated idle players and non team players and kicked all the ones he inherited OUT THE DOOR, even if rather late in the day for my liking, with Ozil.
          And lest any younger fans think our lazy players started under Wenger, they certainly did not.

          Even George Graham , known as Stroller back in the late sixties and early seventies, was bone idle too.

          ALL idle players are poison in a team sport but it seems no one else ever sees it .

          Or if they do, they remain silent. I will NEVER stop campaigning against lazy and trouble making players!

          1. It seems that it was accepted “wisdom” for a long time that certain players could be allowed a certain degree of latitude because of their specialist skills e.g. goal scoring, creativity.
            Some more modern managers have realised that this kind of approach can be detrimental to a team’s success and we are seeing fewer cases of this kind of indulgence .

  3. Same comment as before – long past time to let this one go.

    Stay in the game until Chelsea overpay, let the clock tick down towards the end of the window… after all, Chelsea may be playing the same game, they might not really be interested in Mudryk.

    They’re actually being underhanded saying that they top anything we offer, basically saying if we offer £62m then they get him for £63m. But unless the difference is significant, the player’s preference should be taken into account.

    I hope we just sit tight and look at other options – possibly feed the rumour mill a few stories about our interest in other forwards, let Shaktar stew – and see if Chelsea really is interested.

  4. I think we’ve offered over the odds. The player needs to put in a request for transfer or we walk away. Unfortunately Chelsea are inflating the price and I don’t think they will want to pay anything near that.

  5. Mudryk is a strong runner and isn’t particularly good at shooting or passing. He can use his weaker foot though. I watched his highlight reel and a lot of his CL footage is from the game v Celtic, who are also in a weak league. Some of his running and flicks do look impressive I must admit, how he finds space and runs into it is a plus, but then I looked at how bad the defending seemed. He also missed a ridiculous open goal, don’t know what that was about, they must have run out of good highlights. You can see in his footage that he is in an inferior league, clearly, and we know he’s only featured 27 odd games. He is clearly not worth what they’re asking for. He does look like he’d be deadly at the counter-attack. And I’d imagine that he’d be great at pressing once Arteta is finished with him. That’s my thoughts on the player

  6. If a one season wonder from the Ukrainian championship cost €100m, then how much would a seasoned premier league player cost? Maybe we should be talking about €300m for Declan Rice then. Shakhtar is crazy and unreasonable

  7. Arsenal should not pullout of their Mudryk signing bid this January window for Chelsea the highjackers of deals signing to succeed hijacking the signing of Mudryk from them.
    For, it will be very insulting to us Arsenal if us allow Chelsea get away with their clandestine and subversive moves against us undermining Arsenal to sign Mudryk under our noses. With his agent looking to be collaborating wtth Chelsea officials to get Mudryk signed for his own selfish financial gains. As he sounded so reading the lines from his statements to the media on the issue.
    Arsenal should therefore make sure they block Chelsea from signing Mudryk this winter window by staying in the bidding to sign him dragging the bidding to a transfer bid saga status till the winter window to sign the player expires at the end of the window.

  8. I think Arsenal shd forget about the Ukrainian.He could tyrn out to be Pepe 2.
    Wjy not go for some e pl players like Trossard.
    He has scored against Pool and is epl proven

  9. This comes as no surprise to Arsenal fans. It’s what we’ve been reading consistently. Mudryk plays in a much lower league than Antony and other similar players and therefore cannot hold the same value. The one factor that cannot be ignored though is his performances in the CL this year. Which do point to a very talented player. So as an Arsenal fan I do agree with his agent and his frustration but you must also see his value has improved based on CL games. That said I think Shaktar need be be sensible, after all take into account their time and money spent to date ever at £60 gives them huge profits on their player. Then you must and I’m talking Shaktar must be reasonable in taking into account the players wishes and his onward progress for such a young player. Afterall it’s the player who holds the value and his wishes have to be considered otherwise the club may end up with a player who is unhappy and takes matters in a difficult direction which nobody wants to see.

    It’s a complicated scenario. Another one we seem to be linked with from some believable journalists is Felix. Another player with huge talent has fallen out with his manager Simeon and found game time limited. Again the players wishes need to be considered it takes two sides to come up with the situation Felix is in. So both parties are to blame IMO. The fact AM paid way over the odds for Felix is not Felix’s fault. AM were happy to pay those fees and that was between the clubs. I have no issue with paying a players wages and some acceptable loan fee. But for the numbers being quoted you could purchase a decent young talent like Ndickia. But we find us at the top of the PL and so we have to place some value on the potential to win the league which comes with financial incentives. So I get the situation we are in we just need to weigh up the pros and cons and make good judgement calls. I would also say that if we were to sign Felix on loan, knowing how well Arsenal are at developing talent that we should certainly have an option to buy the player at the end of the season.

  10. It seems arsenal are out of race for the Ukrainian, but the price is too high and arsenal should look for other option.

  11. Long before the commencement of the world cup,I had been saying that ARSENAL WONT SIGN HIM, not because we can’t but I forsee the ukrainian club immensing themself in greed!

    The earlier we let go off this Mudryk trend the better…..I strongly believe Edu is already working on alternative

  12. Arsenal should not pullout of their bidding to sign Mudryk for any club sides this January transfer window. Amongst whom is likely Chelsea. Who have suddenly jumped in wanting to out bid Arsenal to highjack the signing of the player from them.
    But rather for Arsenal to pullout from signing Mudryk this Jan window. Which if they do, will consequently allow Chelsea an advantage to sign the player.
    But instead, Arsenal should stay in the bidding to sign the player. And keep pursuing his signing this winter till they become successful at doing it.
    Which if they do will render any Chelsea attempt made to highjack the deal from Arsenal an exercise in futility.
    Therefore, any subversive and undermine moyes made by any money bag richer club sides to counter Arsenal from signing Mudryk this January should be counter-moved against by them to stop their highjacking moves against us Arsenal. And stop them the club sides from getting any deal done this winter window to sign Mudryk at a higher price than the very final price that Arsenal will table to Shakhata Donetsk to sign their Mudryk player this winter transfer window.
    Arsenal should therefore make sure they block any club sides other than itself from signing Mudryk this winter window by staying in the bidding to sign him dragging it to a transfer bid saga status till to the end of the winter window.

  13. Great, let’s not struggle or throw money away just for being extravagant. The Club is doing well. My rationale for any additional player is to safeguard against injury.
    A player wanting to join Arsenal should see himself as a transfer-up. That is going to a team more promising than his former club. We have the longer end of the negotiation stick so let’s not buck down.

  14. The price asked for Mudryk is ridiculous. We should leave the offer on the table and look elsewhere. Although not ideal, Wilfried Zaha would be available at the fraction of the price. A player proven in an elite league. I’m not saying we should go in for Zaha but it does show how overpriced Mudryk is, a novice playing in an inferior league. A prospect at best. I also read this evening that Felix could be available for £9m loan fee and £70m compulsory purchase price. About the same price as Mudryk. All I’m trying to say is the money asked for Mudryk is crazy.

  15. Ukraine isn’t one of the corrupted country in the world for nothing. Mudryk seems to be such a cost that might kill the club. I’m beginning to get sick of Mudryk saga as much as the Tielemans saga.

  16. If we are not prepared to stump up the cash then we clearly don’t believe he will be a balon dor contender in the future.

    There must surely be better value out there as many have stated, and if the club don’t push though on the deal then they clearly think the same.

  17. yes he’s become an expensive by now but our sport director has two slow in the transfer market.
    don’t consider with the league that mudryk played just we want him as a gunners player before the transfer is closed

  18. Am wondering why arsenal hasn’t buy up to date yet they’re looking for champion ship. Those boys will gets tired or injured surely like last season we loose achance of playing champions league football because of some injuries the team has had. So Edu needs to jackup and ask Arteta which players do he wants to bring in otherwise we will end up sweating and crying.

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