Mudryk’s former coach tells him he made a mistake to join Chelsea instead of Arsenal

It Would Be Better For Him” Mudryk Told Arsenal Was The Club For Him

Imagine someone still claiming Mykhailo Mudryk was a good fit for Arsenal and that he should have pushed for a move to Arsenal rather than Chelsea. I know you’re sick of hearing about Mudryk, but you can recall Arsenal’s 2023 winter transfers without thinking about him and what could have been. and celebrating that it was still a good January for the Gunners.

Former Shakhtar U-19 coach Andreas Carrasco, who must have noted Mudryk closely during his development, has now come out to suggest that Arsenal’s playing style may have been perfect for Mudryk.

As per UA Tribuna, he admitted, “Today, Arsenal, with its style of play, could be more suitable for Mudryk, who successfully uses dribbling and plays one-on-one. It would be better for him, in my opinion.”

When the winter transfer window opened, everyone assumed Mudryk would join Arsenal. The now-Chelsea player didn’t shy away from expressing his desire to move to the Emirates; in fact, one could argue that if he had been able to choose where he wanted to go after leaving Shakhtar Donetsk, he would have knocked on the doors of the Emirates.

However, Chelsea ended up signing him, so it is pointless to say he would have been a perfect fit for Arsenal. All Gooners can hope for is that they are proven to be correct in not overpaying for him.

Daniel O

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  1. This january transfer was okey, for that we want to take epl trophy this season as well as playing uefa champions league.####!

    1. Money is a huge veil,. Blocks the eyes and brain. The more money u maje the mote people u get to help you make decisions.

  2. If you want mis out on Arsenal then rate your player high, even if the player cries with tears, it will not happen. secondly players dont think much on there future when it comes to money related transfers until when things dont work out thats when they come back to their senses. the very Chelsea club is one example.

  3. Mudryk should have learnt from vlahovich of juventus, the out come of timo werner, and the likes.
    Chealsea fc kills vibes and skills,look at my boy omari hutchinson from arsenal to chealsea last summer, he hasn’t been doing well in the blues shirt but was when he was on the arsenal red and white.

  4. After all the adverts Mudryk did as regards to Arsenal, he knew he had no choice but to leave Shakhtar. He would have gone anywhere to avoid having to face his team mates and the fans, and Chelsea was a more than acceptable option.

  5. I’m glad he didn’t come to Arsenal. If that video was found last month I doubt anyone in the PL would’ve signed him. I hope he fails miserably.

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