“Multiple factors at play here” Expert explains why Partey keeps getting injured

Thomas Partey was one of the most exciting signings in the Premier League in the summer.

After a long-drawn out transfer saga, Arsenal managed to land him in the final hours of the transfer window.

The Ghanaian had established himself as one of the best midfielders in Europe at Atletico Madrid and was seen as the final piece of the jigsaw for the Gunners.

However, he has been struggling with recurrent injuries since he has been at the Emirates this season.

He is currently sidelined again with an injury he picked up not quite long after he just returned to full fitness.

Partey wasn’t known to be an injury-prone player before his move to the Emirates and Football London has now spoken to the expert, Dr. Rajpal Brar, to find out why he keeps getting injured.

They asked him: “Partey has had a difficult run with injuries this season. Why do you think he’s been so susceptible to injuries this season?”

He said: “Multiple factors at play here. First, we have the shortened turnaround to this season which means less recovery time. 

“Secondly, a player transitioning to a new team and likely trying to make a good impression resulting in higher exertion & intensity. Thirdly, the player transitioning to a higher intensity league. 

“Fourthly, once he picks up the first injury, now there’s inherent risk for re-injury and fluctuating fitness levels which then increase that risk even further”

Partey has been in fine form when he has played for the Gunners and has featured in 11 league games for Arsenal this season.

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    1. Good one, Manyuon, good one. I don’t see us getting anywhere near that final.

      I’d be head over heels if we make it to the semis.

  1. Dial him back, we’re not getting in top 4, top 6 is highly doubtful also in my opinion. Play him enough to keep him sharp, but let’s make sure he’s healthy and ready to go next season.

    14 PL games left, why risk it for a season that was lost in mid November.

  2. it’s hard not to believe that we aren’t jinxed, when it comes to injuries, considering that Partey has missed more games to injury since arriving at the Emirates than he had in his whole career combined…for a guy who made 50, 42, 46 appearances in his last 3 seasons at AM, it’s almost mindboggling what has transpired with only 16 appearances this season, of which he only played 90 minutes in a measly 6 matches…if I were at the club I would want to use the rest of this season to experiment/tinker with some of his game prep and pre-game routines, paying special attention to the fact his body is trying to adapt to a much cooler climate than what he’s become accustomed to in Spain…of course, he’s likely played some Europa/Champions League games during inclement weather, but one-offs are vastly different than training/playing in such conditions for an extended period of time…if that doesn’t work, I think we just need to have the Bishop come into the facility and exorcise our Diaby injury demons and finally lift this dreaded curse

    1. The real Vieira Lynn, I agree with your statement of the cooler climate. It could also be down to a change of diet, which the club imposed. He may just need extra salt intake. I personally used to suffer with a tight hamstring while playing cricket. Until I was advised to increase my salt intake. Never suffered again.

      1. Pablo, in a hot climate keeping hydrated with frequent water intake is important as well to reduce muscle tightening/cramping.

      2. True on the salt thing. I used to get a lot of cramps playing a lot of rugby and football when I was younger. Solved it with a bit more salt in my diet. Also the cold weather makes pulled muscles a much bigger problem. Partey needs to be handled with care so he can be firing on all cylinders for next season. He’s worth the patience. We don’t want another Diaby situaion!

  3. 2nd and 3rd reason are rubbish…he’s barely played in the EPL, what are his total minutes on the pitch?

    Truth is between our medical staff, training facilities, diet and training methods there is a huge issue for over a decade now.

    Arsenal is the common factor, nothing else.

  4. What ever could be the cause of the constant injury issues should be properly dealt with. Although injury can come at anytime, it’s the handling that matters!

  5. If only Partey had Granit Xhaka’s fitness levels the man never seems to get injured.. say what you want about him but he’s very dependable in that respect.

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