Multiple title winner linked to Arsenal again as Arteta continues to struggle

Mikel Arteta must have had one of the safest jobs in the world when he helped Arsenal win the FA Cup and the Community Shield in August.

The Spaniard’s appointment was a risk taken by the Gunners as he has never managed another team before he was given the job.

Early enough, he proved everyone that doubted him wrong by winning those trophies and he bought himself some time.

He was also backed in the last transfer window as the Gunners sought to take advantage of his good start.

This campaign is one that the club expects to return to the top four of the Premier League and earn a place in the Champions League again.

The season started well, but the Gunners are struggling in the league now. They have been in fine form in the Europa League, but their league struggle has been enough for rumours of the sack to start making the rounds in the media.

The club hasn’t said if he is under pressure to perform or not but the rumour mill says that his job is not safe.

The Mail Online reports that Max Allegri has alerted Arsenal to his availability by admitting that he wants to manage in the Premier League.

Speaking to the Times this week, Allegri said: ‘I would like to experience the Premier League.

‘In Italy, I was in Milan for four years. Five years in Juventus. Now I expect (to work again) in Italy, but it is difficult, or in England.

‘For me, English football is improving now because there are a lot of foreign trainers. There are more tactics compared to ten years ago. England now is more sophisticated, and more tactical, but is also respecting the tradition of English football.

‘It’s a good balance of the spirit of English football and the new quality and new tactical approach of the new coaches.’

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    1. YES PLEASE!!!

      I think if come January we haven’t put together a decent string of games lets not loose out to man utd who are also looking at him.

      Eveb if he is a stop gap for a few years to get us back to winning ways. Maybe he can take on arteta or Henry or someone as an assistant before they step into the roll.

      Still waiting for January to give full arteta verdict but doesn’t look great if we are honest. Although I would love to be proved wrong

    2. Even if you bring Allegri in

      he will still have alot of work to do

      we have are rebuilding a team

      our team is young and inexperience

      building a quality backbone/spine of the team

      that will need time

  1. DON’T get your hopes up. It’s possible that you aren’t told the whole truth about a contract until after you sign it. Allegri will face the same problems as Arteta, when things go south we’ll be calling for his head too.
    Any success as Arsenal manager these days is despite our ownership, not because of it.

  2. We can only wish he will never join us. We are no longer a force to reckon with n it has been like this for past 3-4 years. Only reason why anyone would join Arsneal would be just money no other reason would make logical sense unless you are a die heart Arsenal supporter. Why do you think Partey joined us bec he is getting paid a shit lot of money then he was at A Madrid and probably this is his last big contract. No footballer or manager will join Arsenal for footballing reasons bec we are not in champions League n we never compete in the league.

      1. I forgot to break the statement Declan. It was suppose to be like we can only wish he joins us but he will never join us.

  3. Once upon a time ,Arsenal were in the list of 5/10 richest clubs and have since fallen further behind the likes of Pool,Spuds and Chelsea.
    The ES was supposed to generate funds for the gunners to compete. What has happened is gate receipts contribute only maybe 30 to 50%. The rest is up to performance on the pitch.This is where the gunners have failed and failed repeatedly.
    Instead of investing in premium quality players,the gunners have gone for potential .
    This will not help it to compete. If the gunners continue to flounder ,rest assured it will be another London club

    1. I think you will find spurs are something north of £700 million in debt so how does that make them a rich club?

    2. I used to write about this happening. Nkt only in terms of finances but also in terms of popularity and followers. Luckily we are still up there for both and can turn things around. But the longer our non Premier league and champions league challenges go is the lower we fall

  4. Good thought guys, but to my own point of view, I will have rather stick with Mikel Arteta for now till late JANUARY if things didn’t change for good then we will try another option, beacouse i still believe we are in a transition period, and I believe any one will would have take as a manegar will go through the same process as well.
    Massimiliano Allegri, he is a good and experience Lad! But I would have prefer who understand the league, who have experience the league, who know how difficult it will take right from the beggining before you enter into top 6 in EPL and that has aspiration for top 4. In person of our old river Coach, MOURICHIO POCHETINHO. I think he is going to be a great manager for us if possible for him to come to ARSENAL. UP GUNNERS!!!

  5. Sorry we just don’t deserve a JOKER like ALLEGRI.

    Sarri is the answer. If that chance bypasses us (like how BRENDAN RODGERS was deemed incapable by some on this platform) because we have a bunch of short-sighted people, then we’ll never go back to the top again….



  6. I am in favour of Poch because he is well acquainted with the EPL and he likes to play attacking football.
    I hated the outcome of our game against Leicester BUT they were SOOOO LUCKY because we were all over them for most of the game and one lapse of concentration led to Vardy scoring. There were no problems in creating chances because we played the Arsenal way: we kept position but we attacked and mostly kept the ball in the opposition’s half . We set up camp in their penalty area. Yes we have nothing to show for our efforts but we pressed and played beautiful football and most importantly we created chance after chance.
    Proving that we have very good players right now we don’t have to rely on those that we are courting currently ( you know about the adage of a bird in the hand)
    I just hope that when we change coaches we don’t get Sarri .
    When Mikel came in I felt that he had to be given support and ample opportunity to prove himself and felt that after winning the FA CUP he is on the right track but with us getting back to back losses and losing to minnows at home- I’m sorry ARTETA OUT

  7. One of the most frustrating games was against Man City when we were pushing the ball around in OUR penalty area and we were supposed to play counter attacking football but when we got the opportunity to progress OUT of our half we declined to exploit it and simply chose to stay put . What the heck???
    The coach made substitutions MUCH later mean that he was satisfied with the way we played while we were going nowhere slowly.
    Even if we turn up today and win against the Spuds I still maintain ARTETA AND

    1. The main problem is with players themselves.
      In defence, Luiz is good but not consistent. He makes grave mistakes. He should be benched all the time.
      Zhaka is not a good passer of the ball to strikers. We need a clever person like Ozil albeit his slowness. Lakazet should play as attacking midfielder behind Auba.
      The club should buy a solid right defender as the young Spaniard is inconsistent.
      Arsenal prayers won FA cup because they wanted to come and play in Europa league, that was the driving force.
      Mikel Arteta should be tolerant and patient with some players like Arsene Wenga. The club should stop signing free agent players and giving them long terms with a lot of money like Willian. Any prayer who has reached 30 years should not be given long term contract regardless of how good he may be. During Wenger players like Pirez were still very good at 30 but they were being offered one year contracts and were forced to leave. Giving lucrative contract
      terms to very good players who cannot be sold is killing the club.

      1. Last paragraph on my earlier article should have read as below:
        “… lucrative contract terms to very old players who thereafter cannot be sold or bought by any club is killing the club”.

        1. The Arsenal hierarchy is is very cheap when it comes to transfer window, a new coach will not make magic alone but with a handsome transfer kitty will help. So give our coach the necessary funding to recruit new sell the unproductive players asap.

          1. The only chance we have of “a handsome transfer kitty” is if a good looking male cat(handsome) transferes home and comes to live with us. If Kroenke has a cat it must be the most scrawny, underfed moggy around.

  8. Among thr ,manyposts onhere who are away in la -la land ley me inject a badly neededose of relaity. There is not a cat inhells chancde of this managr baing sacked any tim ein thr foreseeable future and it is well known that Allegri was sought before Emery came but rejected working under a Scrooge like Kroenke. Sheer fantasy that he might want to come now but still under Kroenke.

    The reason I constantly describe myself as a realist is quite simply because I am. Some self foolers just cannot stand the fact they do not even know what reality land looks like, let alone find their way there.

    Anyone who gives any credence to this non story, written by a man who does not even believe it himself, is still in la -la land!

    It is indeed possible that Allegri would like to come to manage in our Prem but not under Kroenke. We are one team among many others and some, esp MAN U, may soon have a vacancy!

  9. I think it is time for Arsenal owners shareholders to stand aside to give another investor to chance and invest in the team sothat the team must buy quality players not free agents to make Arsenal the top team able to win champion league

  10. People keep going on about the Arsenal way BUT what is that at the moment Arteta is playing his way who is what I don’t think he knows he keeps tinkering with tactics and players positions that’s fine in division 1 and 2 but not premier league trying lacazette as a #10 is a joke he can’t even play as a #9 same a willian no wonder he’s shit. Players don’t become shit overnight. Something is wrong from the top down. Play one way and that is quick attacking passes that is the Arsenal way not sideways backwards sideways backwards that’s good for stats but it doesn’t win game or the league.

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