If Bayern Munich offered £75m for Alexis would Arsenal take it?

Carlo Ancelotti is highly expected to be the next manager of Bayern Munich when Pep Guardiola moves to Manchester City next season, and of course there are many rumours flying around as to which will be the next big signings that the Italian would want to add to his team for next season.

According to the AS in Chile, it is Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez that is top of the list, and there is no doubt that the German giants will offer big money to persuade Arsene Wenger to sell him on.

Sanchez burst onto the scene last season and practically carried the Gunners for the first half of the season while half our team were out injured, but this season it looks like fatigue finally got to the Chilean, and after some time out with a hamstring injury Alexis simply hasn’t regained the blistering form from his first campaign.

There were rumours not long ago that both Mesut Ozil and Alexis would both be called into contract talks this summer, and as Ozil has already announced that Arsenal need to buy some big players during the break those talks may not be as straightforward as Wenger would hope.

If there was a massive bid from Munch and Alexis was aware of it, it is of course possible that he may refuse talks on a contract extension to force a deal through, but another possibility is that Wenger may find it hard to refuse a massive profit, which he could then splash out on bringing in some more effective strikers (like Aubemeyang!)

If you were Wenger and offered a double-your-money deal, would you take the money and run?

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  1. I won’t but I am 100% sure the board will take this money. And Wenger won’t oppose the move because he will sell outside EPL. This is how business is run. Or do you think Arsenal is something else than a business? Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Wenger is Kronke’s little poodle and both would be happy to take the money
      Wenger and the Board want to make as much money as possible

  2. Alexis is a top class winger who is worth a lot to what Arsenal play and move. Bayern Munich winning the UCL will given them more impetus to sign whoever they want. Arsene has used the same words again on availability of right player and talks like a politician. Arsenal fans have to show more agitation towards him demand it out of the man. In his last season whether he can do a Sir Alex I am not sure but the first priority of club would be sign Wenger for 2 year extension. If Ozil and Sanchez leave we have to understand their position. Arsenal won’t win anything season due increased competition and big clubs fight back to the top.

    1. The way Sanches has played this season you would be lucky to get 20 million. For even 10million I would want a player that can kick with his left as well as right whic Sanches is not. I say Sell Sell CB

  3. For 75m ? Really ? Yes I’ll sell !

    Btw, If MCity wants Ramsey & Ox , offer them Walcott & Wishere instead !

  4. Forget about the money there are players a club cant sale and Sanchez is an example of such players in our club,even if we sell him we already know the board wont replace him so whats thats not smting to even discuss unless you are Wengers’ distant relative!

  5. DELUSION will take the un-neccessary money and will use it for [To buy] nothing

    PossibLy boosting Kroenke’s buLLion van and coffers

    (Expecting more £££ from ticket, shirt and mechandise sales)

  6. Wenger won’t sign more than 2 first team players. Those expecting arsenal to sign more than 2 players lol you will be dreaming. Wenger has no interest in winning the league that’s why he signs only one marquee player every season and doesn’t improve the squad. I will be done supporting Arsenal and I will stop watching football all together if wenger signs new contract. At best he will sign a replacement for Arteta/Flamini/Rosicky and Cb. His boyfriend Giroud won’t be replaced by any top striker.

    1. F**k off then, fair-weather fan. We don’t need “fans”, I use that term very loosely, with that ridiculous mentality. You’re not supposed to support a club with clauses inserted.

  7. 75 mill 🙂
    Ozil 31 mill
    Sanchez 21 mill
    Ramsey 15 mill.
    Coquelin 13 mill
    Walcott 13 mill
    Wellbeck 10 mill
    Chamberlain 9 mill
    Chambers 9 mill
    Kos 7 mill
    Gibbs 7 mill
    Giroud 7 mill
    Cazorla 5 mill
    Campbell 5 mill
    Wilshere 4 mill
    Monreal 4 mill
    Ospina 2 mill
    debuchy 2 mill
    Mertz 2 mill
    Flamini 10 quid
    Rosicky 7 quid
    Arteta 2 quid
    Sanogo 5p

  8. Am sure if they can get away with selling him and not cause a revolt they would…I will not put anything beyond the board and Wenger, after all they have shown their hands more than once and.made it blatantly obvious the club is nothing but a business concern to them!!!

  9. The joke is that Munich will offer €40 million .. yes Euro’s! ?
    They better chuck in Gotze with that offer!

  10. OF COURSE they would take the money. This is not a close call.

    The real question is what if they offered something a bit more reasonable – let’s say 50 mil. Then the issue gets a bit more complicated.

  11. Wenger would take the £75 mil for Sanchez but do you really see him spending all of it to bring in a player like Aubemayang? Just a couple of years ago he was in pole position to sign Suarez from Liverpool but instead of making a serious offer he mocked them by offering £1 above the clause minimum. Wenger still believes that Giroud is the best striker in the world and Arsenal fans are just haters who don’t see how good the player is. Bendtner ring anyone’s bell? Or Sanogo?

    1. @munyama
      I always laugh when one of you muppets use this recycled meme in order to try and make a point…
      To think that Liverpoolwere going to sell their top striker to another EPL rival is hilarious. They were stringing AFC along the whole time. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re just passing on the same crap without thought, like you’re used to…

  12. I wouldn’t sell Alexis for £175M!!! AFC needs more players like him – fighters, players with hunger, determination and heart! Screw Bayern l! We aren’t a selling club! Give us Lewandowski, Muller or 1 of your top players for £75m! It’s about time we stole a player from 1 of the big boys

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