German Sky say that Declan Price is “on the verge” of joining Arsenal?

Bayern Munich has reportedly withdrawn from the race to sign West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, leaving Arsenal as the frontrunners for his signature.

Sky Sports Germany reported that Bayern has decided not to submit an offer for Rice, with journalist Florian Plettenberg stating that the primary reason was the increasing cost associated with the player.

This development significantly boosts Arsenal’s chances of securing the services of the 24-year-old Englishman. Just last week, it was revealed that Arsenal was eager to finalize a £90 million ($114 million) deal for Rice, and with Bayern out of the picture, the Gunners appear to be in pole position.

While Manchester United has also shown interest in Rice, it is believed that the player prefers a move that keeps him in England. This preference could have deterred Bayern from attracting their midfield target, regardless of Arsenal and United’s pursuits.

Moreover, the allure of staying in London, where Rice has spent his entire life, could play a crucial role in his final decision. Arsenal’s ability to offer the midfielder the chance to remain in his familiar surroundings might be a significant factor in swaying his choice.

Uncertainty surrounding Manchester United’s ongoing takeover saga may further hinder their chances of securing Rice’s signature. The situation at Old Trafford could potentially create a more favorable environment for Arsenal to secure the talented midfielder.

As the transfer saga unfolds, it remains to be seen if Arsenal will successfully navigate negotiations and complete the deal for Declan Rice despite the massive outlay involved.

Should they secure his services, it would be a significant boost for Mikel Arteta’s side as they continue to rebuild and strengthen their squad for the upcoming season.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Not anymore City have joined the race for Rice only one winner there and its not Arsenal! City guarantee trophies Arsenal nothing who you gona choose no brainer for Rice not surprised as seen it so many times!

    1. Unless City have made a bid, which it appears they have NOT, then with the greatest respect, they have NOT”joined the race”.

      Right now in actual bids made, which is what counts, there is only OUR club in the race.

      Things MAY or MAY NOT, change ,of course, but not until some other club makes a bid!


    2. Man City are not interested, even Barcelona and Real Madrid didn’t even bother to put in a bid, he’s a good player, but it’s Westham that think he is world class, nobody else is buying it. I watched him play in the euro final, and he didn’t really do much to impress, certainly not worth Arsenal spending half their budget on, when we can get a world class striker for £100 million, not just a younger Xhaka. We can get better for less money, otherwise there would be elite clubs bidding for him. It’s just Westham creating media speculation. How can be in a position to negotiate, when he only has one year remaining, they wouldn’t turn down £60 million, let alone anything higher than that and risk losing him for free next year. It’s just fake news.

      1. I agree. We should be going for Osimhen. £100m should get him. Now it even seems we’re budding £70m for Kai Havertz. I don’t understand this club

      2. I guess you’re right. If he was such a world class player, why did WHU almost got relegated? No single player make a whole team, but something more than just surviving in the EPL… The only reason for City to be interested is to stop Arsenal from getting him. The last season scared Pepo, that’s for sure.

      3. Thats true and the question is if we were really in dire need of midfielder than why didn’t we go for Mcallister who was much cheaper and arguably even better than Rice.

    3. I have never been fan of Rice, so paying over the odd to get one player who is not even a game changer is huge risk. So like Mudryk mancity hijacking Rice deal may be blessing in disguise for us so that we can go for better plan B.

  2. Pat, good article, I think their are a lot of people in the media, not all, but some, who are hoping Arsenal over spend on players, so that they have little budget left to build in key areas. For example, I heard that Arsenal made an unwelcome bid of £52 million for Rice and That Westham was hoping for nearer £75 million, which was the figure quoted last year, when he had 2 years remaining on his contract. Some media, but not all, are trying to convince the world that the figure being renegotiated is £100 million, due to a comment made by the manager saying ” I wouldn’t sell him for £100 million. But all managers say that sort of thing, but they don’t expect that kind of money in reality. Due to his one year remaining contract, I think they will compromise at £60 million plus future add-ons that may take it up to the fee West ham realistically expect to eventually reach, and that is £75 million.

  3. The p[robelem this latest Rice article has is that it is at 11.40 am Britishtime, already out of date with thrlatest mews. I so not blame thwrite r,of course a sthings move very fast at this time of thyear. Simon JordanJUST NOT, onTalkSport, rightky said that having has our bid of£80mill plus ad dons of£10 mill rejected, that we would be well advie ro wair befor e sending in any possibly incease doffer His thinking is that right now, NO other club has shown tangible intersts and may we not, at THAT ASKING PRICE.

    I agree with Jordan and see this as a game of bluff and counter bluff that I now expect us to, PROBABLY, win.

    But perhaps not just right NOW.
    And ,in the meantime, the transfer window ticks firmly into gear elsewhere. I am with most on JA who want him and hope we get Rice, BUT NOT at even more silly money.

    I do say we are NOT noted for being any good at poker though, quite the reverse.
    Perhaps we should import DANIEL LEVY! lol!

      1. Jon, I agree, their comes apoint, when you have to think, for that kind of money, is he worth it. I mean how many fans would rather make do in midfield and instead spend £100 million on either Victor Osimhen or the excitingly skilful Kvaratskhellia. Ray Parlour said the other day, Rice is not worth Arsenal spending half their budget on him, when they need to also strengthen other areas. A lot of it is just speculation, but I can’t see the Arsenal directs agreeing to £100 million, when all they have to do is speak to the players agent, and negotiate great personal terms, if he joins them for free next year!

        1. Exactly Dave. And we fans should have no doubt thta our manager ands club are well aware of tghois Hencde thregameof bluff or poker that willtake place before ant final agreement is concluded It MAY be , just may be, that wewill not pay what they want And if its too much for our clubs own valuation , then we WILL not.
          Hence that poker period, as the window has now kicked in and if we are NOT to buy Rice,then we cannot wait TOO LONG for other possible targets instead to still be available.


        2. Kvarat 12 goals last season – in Italy! How many EPL goals is that? Lukaku 10 goals, Vlahovic 10
          goals, Höjlund 8! Arsenal have Ödegård 15, Saka 14, Martinelli 14. Lacasette scored 27 goals in Ligue 1 22/23. The last season in Arsenal I think he scored 2(!) plus a couple of pens. Now he is second in France after super duper Mbappe (29). How good is Kylian Mbappe… really?

  4. You can’t blame Westham for trying. I think they are probably weighing up the cost of team relegation next year if they sell him. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for him, they would have been relegated this year. The problem is, do they risk the chance of staying in the premiership next year against the cost of loosing him for free. I think that’s why they are over pricing him.

  5. This is ridiculous – West Ham have said Arsenal knew the kind of offer that was needed, and after all this negotiation low balled them. Why do we always insist on making life more complicated for ourselves? We knew the price, we knew what was needed, West Ham aren’t going to give us a discount on such an in demand player, and the last thing we need to do is annoy West Ham as well.

  6. Let City take him so we can focus on Caicedo and Lavia or Zubimendi. 100M is too much.
    We need to strengthen in other areas as well. Rice is not world class

  7. There are a lot of options available.

    3.Romeo lavia of southernton
    4.Amadou Onana of Everton
    5.Joeo Palhinha of Fulham
    6.Amrabat of firontina

    And many more.

    Rice or Caicedo plus any of those guys above won’t be bad going forward,if we can’t get both.

    Arsenal fans we suffer a lot of during transfer window why??? They(management) know the right thing but don’t want to do it at the right time.There are always a lot of noise around our targets,several bids getting rejected before we buy players or not signing the player.Meanwhile we know everything has its price.It is either you pay for it or back off.
    We have to be bold and decisive this time.

    No transfer is guaranteed to work. It is all risky.So what are we waiting for?The thinking is too much.

    I wish the transfer window is over because it is so frustrating.

  8. It’s going to go the Mudryk way – was excited to begin with and got sucked in, now I don’t think we’ll sign Rice or Caceido. I’m not looking at transfer news any more

  9. Wham says they need to sign two midfielders to replace Rice, I’ve read both their fans and someone at Wham saying that twice now

  10. We should not over pay for Rice. Go in with a good fair offer. If it is rejected, get Palhina and Neves, job done and probably no more than Rice on his own. Palhina is a beast and Neves is better than Xhaka.

  11. Palhinha is a killer.A monster in midfield.No nonsense man.

    Most duals won 114 in last season EPL.

  12. Arsenal want Rice and Rice wants Arsenal. Only a big change of heart will stop him being an Arsenal player.

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