Must a new goalkeeper be Arsenal’s priority this summer?

Arsenal’s only clean sheet in the last 8 games came away at Ostersunds in Sweden, and Petr Cech himself has been waiting for his 200th Premier League clean sheet for 10 games so far. The big Czech has never saved a penalty for Arsenal but David Ospina managed our only clean sheet by stopping a penalty in Sweden, and I don’t want to go on about our preposterous amount of goals conceded this year of which four have been directly from errors from Cech.

So we would think that Wenger would have considered making Ospina our first choice League starter to try and change things, but the Boss refuses to lose faith with Cech, so is it any surprise that the Colombian shotstopper wants to get away from the Emirates as soon as possible. “I am open to everything,” Ospina said. “Today I give everything for Arsenal, I like to be successful here, but you start to contemplate every alternative depending on each situation.

“I still have a contract, but as I say, I always like to have more opportunities, to have more continuity in the squad as every goalkeeper needs.

“Today, I am sharing my position with an excellent goalkeeper in Petr, but he knows that I like to play and I know he likes to keep playing, we have this competition between us, I just like to have continuity, I will think about the future at another moment.

“Today I live day by day, I don’t like to say anything about the future but i will make the most of every each training session and every moment at Arsenal.

“The manager has his reasons for deciding who does or does not get to play..Our position as goalkeepers is a very complicated one because you have less opportunities, in the team there is just one player who plays in that role, and who gets the support. I always try to do my best.

“Mistakes can happen but those mistakes (that the goalkeeper makes) are more visible to everybody, but I keep working, making the most of every opportunity that I have.

“When I speak to Wenger he always tells me that he trusts me. I will keep demonstrating my skills each time I get to play, in every training session, and I will keep waiting for my opportunity that I have been waiting for, and I will make the most of it, as I did in my first year at Arsenal.

“As I always say; for me to be part of Arsenal was and is a dream come true. When I used to think about it, it seemed so far away. I was able to materialise it and that’s why I like to do my best, to be outstanding at Arsenal.”

So what will Arsenal do this summer. The facts prove that Cech’s form is deteriorating badly this season, and it looks like Ospina wants to get away if he is not given more than the occasional Cup match.

Should a new Number One be a certainty for arsenal this summer?


  1. Twig says:

    Can’t Ospina be that new number one? Cech shouldn’t be starting next season.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Both had their chances and it’s time to give opportunity to our loyal academy products, Martinez and Macey. Even signing De Gea, Oblak or Neuer would not solve Arsenal’s problems, if they are still managed by our Supreme Leader Wenger

      Arsenal have more pressing needs in other departments, namely DM, CD and wingers. Hence it is better to allocate the funds to get high quality outfield players first

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Ospina was barely given a chance. Had to wait around for Wenger to FINALLY drop Szczesny, he then actually performed well for us in my opinion for the rest of the season, then suddenly we sign Cech, and he’s second choice, and has never been given a chance since.

        I completely agree that there’s more pressing matters however. DM is number one priority. Pointless signing new CB’s if they continue to have zero protection.

  2. ks-gunner says:

    If the new manager has an eye on him, then maybe yes, as for wenger, i dont trust his judgment, so kid needs to stay tuned, play good and see that he becomes great, as we need an already good keeper and not a maybe good keeper.

    As fo that guy who told me that fans are not fault for our situation, i am telling you that fans among all the mistakers are most at fault for our current situation. No Wenger, not the board, but fans. Why? Bec its due of us that they have ended up becoming un touchable nowedays. Being loyal without a good reason is a mistake. Blind loyality is wrong. Its a slave mentality we need to get rid off. Not pray and begg for progress but fans need to demant it.

    There was always a split in the fan base, still today, there are fans who wish the club to progress with all means possible, and fans who want to see this club progress, but with Wenger in charge as main factor. Get it? Fans need to make up their mind already and decite what they want and get together and pressure the boeard a bit. Thats it.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      The protesters were our only hope. Unfortunately not enough fans got on board with protesting (which they should have done), and along with the vile abuse the protesters got, it eventually died down. We must all get behind mass protests, and actually disrupt home games, to make a real difference. Ideally no one buys a ticket, and no one buys any merchandise, but that will never happen.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        They won man, we lost, now we need to endure this till they get tired of this. And excuse my babbbling first, as i thought that the topic was about that young goaly Alban.

        1. Phil says:

          TMJW is right.The protest was laughable because of the feeble turnouts.The vast majority want Wenger out and the Board to act but the protests did not reflect this.
          By saying “They Won” you are implying it’s all over.Its not.Wenger is very close to being despised by the fans who once admired him not only for the way he revolutionised the club but also his loyalty and commitment to Arsenal Football Club.His credit has long ago ran out and you can “Babble” as much as you like because the change is soon approaching.

  3. Joergen Vestergaard says:

    I think the reason for Petr Cech´s poor statistic this season is mostly due to a poor defense. If we should have a new keeper then my advice would be:
    Get Kasper Schmeichel. He’s a winner or Jack Butland, a promising young keeper.
    Both are excellent options.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Jack Butland has just made an own goal today and his team is in relegation zone

      1. stubill says:

        So what!

        He made a mistake, but he is still a 1st class keeper.

    2. andcliff says:

      Cech has made some serious errors recently and I honestly think he’s on the decline. I agree about the defence which also needs changing. Jack Butland would also be my pick.

  4. Gunner_2 says:

    And his name is Alban. Lafont

  5. Innit says:

    No the priority should be centre backs, a right back and defensive midfielder (and ideally a creative box to box player)

    Ospina and Cech will look a lot better with top defenders around him and a top defensive midfielder in front of them

    But don’t expect Le Professeur to agree let alone do all that is necessary this summer. He didn’t last summer or previous summers.
    Attacking is in our DNA remember

  6. andcliff says:

    Cech was once a great keeper, now average. Ospina will never be a great keeper, he hasn’t got the stature or the consistency. Jack Butland would be a great signing, I can’t believe he’s still at Stoke. Apart from Liverpool, the other top PL teams have got quality keepers so a good opportunity to get him in the summer and if we can at least get one quality CB our defence will start to look good again. Pipe dreams I fear because AW will still be here even if we lose every match from now on.

    As much as I detest him Mourinho’s right, any other club in the world would have sacked him at least 5 years ago.

  7. OxInTheBox says:

    it’s funny talking about a priority, we need a whole squad- a keeper, RB, two CBs, DM, CM, and one or ever two skillful and fast wingers. that is, if we want to have a shot at the top 4 again.

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