Must Walcott give up his World Cup dream if he stays at Arsenal?

Walcott - justarsenal.comTheo Walcott has remained loyal to Arsenal and Wenger since Le Prof bought him from Southampton as a highly promising youngster, but he has never reached his expected heights due to the usual ‘British’ injury problems and lack of progression which has plagued most of Arsenal’s English contingent. This season he has been relegated to the Gunners second team and has only featured in Europa League and League Cup games, with a measly 3 substitute cameos in the Premier League, with Lacazette, Ozil and Alexis likely to be our first choice front line when fit, and Iwobi, Giroud and Welbeck likely to be first-choice backups leaving little space for Walcott even on the bench.

For this reason, our legend Ian Wright has urged Walcott to push to leave Arsenal to find a first team place which is his only hope of finding the form to regain his place in the England side to go to Russia this summer for the World Cup.

Walcott has already indicated that this is his ultimate aim. When he was asked a few weeks ago if he still has hopes of reaching the World Cup Finals this coming summer. “Of course.” he said. “That is why I need to be playing football, simple as that. But I need to deserve to be playing.

“So in this competition(Europa League), cup games, Premier League when given the chance, I need to take it. That is the only chance I have to get back into the England squad.”

But is there really any hope of him achieving that at Arsenal. Wenger seemed to give the 28 year-old hope that he still has that chance when he said yesterday: “I do not want Theo to move on, his time in the Premier League will come.

“At the moment he has got less minutes in the Premier League than other competitions.”

But is there really any hope for him? Do you agree that he will have to leave in January to have any hope at all? And which other team would give him game time?



  1. gotanidea says:

    He would have difficulties in re-entering the England World Cup team, even if he moves in January. I don’t think another top club is willing to get him in January, because he doesn’t offer a lot, except his pace and shootings.

    He had better move to another club that wants to use him as a striker. If he could bang a lot of goals as a main striker, I believe he would have a good chance to go to Russia.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Yes I agree, it would be great if he could move to another club but as you rightfully ask which other top club would want him? So Arsenal would not get much for him but there are still 2 good points – he’s be off the wage bill and also would make the transition of Reiss Nelson into the first team a bit easier as Walcott is a ‘Wenger favourite’ and can see no wrong with him.

  2. Banter era says:

    I remember Chelsea were after him when we were …
    He would have lasted 2 years there tops
    He knew here he could be given more time…but even he must be like 10 years…WTF
    On 140K a week for carabao cup nothingness

    Don’t care what he does he was never meant to be a footballer …never had the brain for it ..just the speed

  3. Vanpayslip woz ere says:

    The almost 29 year old that is still developing. I doubt if he dreams of England anymore. He’s got the second cushiest job in English football after wenger

  4. Kane says:

    England dont need theo. Just stay fit & concentrate on helping arsenal win a trophy this season.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    First signs of brainwashing are…
    1 A player not getting to be on the field of play but is smiling and joking from the bench.
    2 Posting lame and embarrassing stuff online but acting like they just said or done the coolest thing in the world.
    3 Thinks that he or she is a philosopher of Plato – Aristotle type class.
    4 Not running for the hills the moment you realized that the Europa league is not seen by anyone other than a crazy bunch of online supporters and a few people who bargain hunt when choosing holiday destination.

    Ive weighed it all up and Ive now come to the conclusion that, Alexis Sanchez, dribbling spit down one side of his face these days -means – Arsene’s famous techniques are still in effect.

  6. Ignasi says:

    Walcott makes me want to end my life

  7. uchman says:

    walcot remains England’s best scoring winger,he has bn a handful to any opposition,u might hate him for i care,even with injury challenges dude has over 100 goals and over 60 assists for arsenal as a winger u definitely have to respect him

  8. Rkw says:

    Once a whippet always a whippet … should have been sold years ago ..

  9. Jeremy says:

    It’s unbelievable that Perez was sold but not this guy.

    This guy is Father of Dead Wood and will forever a work-in-progress.

    AW should be investigated if he gives this guy a new contract. He is effectively like a submarine, high maintenance but can hardly be seen in matches.

  10. gooner23 says:

    Walcott has a better scoring ratio in his career than Pires,Ljunberg,Giggs,Bechkam to name a few. Does he offer much else? not really… But in a team of literally everyone enjoying having the ball at their feet and passing the whole time, why should we be judging Theo on how many touches of the ball he has and how involved he is? never really understood that. His job was always to make runs off the ball using his speed and being in the box to help the main striker. So what if he has 20 touches per match? every other player in our team has a 1000 meaningless touches and passes! I would rather judge an attacking player on his scoring record and assists rather than his general play

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