Must watch Rob Holding documentary all Arsenal fans should watch.

I finally got around to watching the Rob Holding road to recovery video on Youtube and it was a fantastic watch.

Last December, Holding suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the 2-2 draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford. It was a serious injury that has ruled him out of the game for up to nine months.

The video is what it says in the title his road to recovery.

I know I should have watched it earlier but I just could not find the time even though it is only 18 minutes long but it was definitely worth the wait.

I will not put any spoilers out there but I will say he comes across as a very honest person that is not afraid to be self-critical and you can feel the emotion at certain points.

Anyway, that is enough, watch the video and let me know what you think.


  1. gotanidea says:

    I think Bellerin and him wouldn’t be available at the beginning of next season, therefore we need reinforcements as soon as possible

    Since Saliba will be loaned back to his club, I hope Holding could get well sooner

    Otherwise we have to rely on Mavropanos or Medley

    1. Atid says:

      I personally think that bielik and ballard are better than Dino and medley and so do their countries. That’s not to say the other two are bad, but when you look at those 4 and add holding to the mix, I would say we have some decent young centre backs.

      I would sign Gary cahill on a free sell mustafi and koscielny and hopefully that might raise enough money to buy andersen. Then our 4 main centre backs would be cahill Sokratis Andersen and Holding with bielik mavropanos ballard and medley as back up. That for me is impressive.

      1. Austin Lorenz McCoy says:

        I would rather we go for Jonathan Tah than Andersen

    2. Declan says:

      It sounds like Bellerin and Holding will be out until October/November and with Bielik (who I really rate) pushing for a move, it’s not looking very good for the start of the season. Even if Saliba is bought, he won’t play until the following season. The defence is a mess.

  2. ken1945 says:

    Thanks for this admin, a real insight into Rob Holding.

    Firstly, loved the way he waxed lyrical about winning the fa cup.
    It’s been dismissed by certain fans on here, but the magic of holding the trophy wax everything I would have thought it would be for a pro footballer.

    Secondly, I noted the incident regarding AW and how Rob said that the manager informed them of the decision – just as per described it when he said that the manager had resigned.

    Thirdly, Bellerin saying that he was back home – great reaction.

    Rob comes over as a well balanced man, who knows what he has to do to succeed.
    His attitude is first class and I am really looking forward to seeing him (and Bellerin) back next season.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, My thoughts are as yours about Rob Holding. He is certainly an open and likeable man and a good communicator too i believe. The communicator aspect is an important one as good captains vitally need this ability. He is in my view the only present outfield defender whom I firmly believe will have a top career, hopefully with us. I have some hopes about Mavros too but far less certain hopes. The coming season and its outcome will depend on how much and how soon quality fresh players can be brought into our shambolic defence. I also see a role for Bellerin in the team but not at wing back, as wing backs are just full backs by another name and also need to be able to defend properly. I have no confidence in Bellerin as a defender not ever have done. If you play full backs PLUS wing backs then other team areas are bound to suffer; thus wing backs need to be good defenders and neither Bellerin nor Kolas can defend at all properly. Since Zaha will not be coming to Arsenal, at the price asked or even a sizeable fraction of it, we could do far worse than try to convert Bellerin into a proper winger. His crossing is vastly improved and with his speed, early crosses can become commonplace, if he is properly coached. I reatin far more confidence that almost any on this site in Emery and in his ability to improve newly brought in players and also some of our existing younger players. I have no confidence in any of our older players showing any improvement, since that rarely happens, whoever is manager.

  3. ANTHONY MOMOH says:

    If rob holding will be fit at the start of a new campaign, then we should recall kristian bielik back to the squad.
    With the likes of hector bellerin, mavropanous, bielik all available, d arsenal should use d rest of the €45 on other areas
    Let nelson take the responsibility of the wide area
    And tierny will be a are perfect add-on

    1. Tissiam says:

      Bielik has asked to leave the club and his contract is running out soon one year or so, won’t sign a new one so I guess he will be sold!sorry man.

  4. dotash says:

    Whao, this is great.

    I see a player full of life and ready to return to action even before the said date of return

  5. aMoistMuffin says:

    That was a great watch. I hope he comes back better and stronger. He could well be our best CB for the next decade. He was really starting to fulfill his promise before the injury cut his season short. Was good to see Bellerin also and did you nitice how he said he was home. If Tierney does come from Celtic we have 3 of our 4 defenders sorted for a fair few years. Obviously doesnt help us this season with Holding amd Bellerin both injured but it looks good for the future for sure. As long as our next CB purchase is a good one we could fix our defence for yhe first time in years! All ifs and buts i know but very promising all the same.

  6. Tissiam says:

    Have you seen the difference between Rob’s scares compared to Hector’s who has just one,that’s why pep always sends his players to Spain for operations they have the best clinic in the world when it comes to sports injuries,barca use it, they saved carzola foot,he had about 6 or 7 surgeries in the UK and lost good few inches from his leg,one surgery in Spain and he’s back playing,he should have done the same as bulletin who was back at arsenal after 3 weeks,just saying!!

  7. Solly gunner says:

    Feel for him after going through this twice myself one finished football the other just before I was due to fight on the undercard at the o2 arena so I can be a life changer hope he’s back fit and strong this season as we need him

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