Mustafi admits Arsenal opener v Spurs was offside?

Shkodran Mustafi scored the opening goal against Tottenham Hotspurs today, and the Arsenal man seems to admit that he was in fact offside.

The defender made his return from injury to start today’s crucial North London Derby match, and we can thank him for not only bagging the opening goal, but helping our boys to keep a clean sheet against our rivals in the 2-0 win.

The German international states that our team was very much deserving of our win over Tottenham, claiming the side showed great character today.

He said: “I think we had a few good performances, but the only important thing is to keep it up. I think we did well today. It was a derby, it’s always a special game, but I think we showed character, we were there in all the important moments and when you do all of that you win games.”

Shkodran went onto reveal that he in fact urged Ozil to whip the ball into him prior to his international team-mate arriving at the ball to take the set piece.

He added: “The thing is, as I was going up [Mesut Ozil] was on the other side of the pitch and I said ‘Mesut, please. Go to the ball and bring it in’. I know his left foot and I know his deliveries and if you have players that can put the ball in like that, you go in with belief. That’s the most important thing when you go up for corners and free kicks, the belief that you can score and with the team that we have and the quality that we have, you go in and try to get your head on the ball.”

The defender then seems to admit that he believes his goal should have been discounted for being offside when asked his view on the possible offside, replying: “Well, I was only happy that they didn’t blow the whistle. It happened to me against Chelsea, so this time I’m lucky to get away with it. This is football, we always get things against us and things for us at the end of the year it is always a draw, you get good things and bad things.”

Is the defender owning up to the offside here? Was Mustafi crucial in our win today? Have Arsenal shown they have the character to push on for a successful season?

Pat J

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  1. I don’t care. That’s your goal Mustafi. And you deserve it. We’ve had loads of offside goals against us. That’s just how it goes. And if it was offside then it’s actually even sweeter because it was against Spuds lol.

  2. The question is where have you been all season Ozil?? You gave us a class performance which shows what you are capable of… .

    1. Does the word ” shopwindow” in this much publicised match answer your question; cos it answers mine. Sanchez too!

  3. 1. Spuds need to stop their whining and just concentrate on playing better if they want a win.

    When do you ever hear sympathy for Arsenal when terrible calls go against them?? All you hear is talk that “Arsenal were not strong enough to overcome .”

    (2nd goal was close but clearly NOT offside if you look to the defender at the far side of the pitch)

    2. OZIL: I don’t care why or how Ozil was able to elevate his level of play so long as it continues.

  4. ok, so then we win 1-0, big deal, complete domination by the gunners, very proud gunner today, mustafi was huge, two great defensive stops as well, czechs save too…

  5. If you want to enjoy the win more go to Spuds fans website.
    While their coach if talking “Mike Dean Opposite” the fan knew their players flopped.
    The Ericksen grearter than Ozil has now reverted to the reality.
    Their fans are talking about garbage.
    Do I pity them? Am not sure.

  6. Mustafi probably hasn’t seen the footage and is taking it on media opinion. Arms don’t count for offside, his chest and legs were on par with the last defender just like lacazette.

    Plus m city got offside goal and penalty and Tottenham biggest win in their pathetic existence was due to 2 offside goals against real Madrid which their fans conveniently forget.

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