Mustafi makes me LESS confident Arsenal can beat Bayern Munich…

Because of Bayern Munich’s great recent record in the Champions League (and of course Arsenal’s dire performances at this level!) everyone is assuming that we are far outsiders to progress to the next round. But according to our other big German star, Shkodran Mustafi, there is no reason why we should be overawed at facing the Bundesliga giants – as we are used to playing against massive sides in the Premier League on a regular basis.

“Of course, Bayern is a massive team to face, but we now all about this from Premier League games against teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.” Mustafi said.

“These are always big clubs with hugely talented players and games between two evenly-matched sides. The small details decide whether you win or lose.”

Also the centre-back is non-plussed about our record against Munich, as he wasn’t in the Arsenal team back then! “It’s the first time for me, but I know that Bayern have regularly knocked out Arsenal in recent years,” Mustafi continued.

“Like I said, I’m convinced our team can beat Bayern if we play to our potential. It’s up to us, that’s what makes me so positive about the tie. We’re not a team saying we hope Bayern has a bad day, but we are saying we hope we have a good day, because we know what we are capable of.

“Ultimately, in games between two evenly-matched sides, it will come down to the minor details, how you play, how you read the game, every individual player’s form on the day.

“It’s very important when you can decide your own fate.”

This all sounds very positive from the talented defender, but although he is right that we are used to playing against top sides, he seems to conveniently forget that we usually lose those big games as well! In fact in our 6 games against Top Six sides this season we have only won one of them!

Suddenly I am not feeling so positive about facing Munich!

Darren N


  1. luvdaguns says:

    who thinks we finish in the top 4 this year, I predicted 5-6th in october, I still think we are in a fight for 4th, maybe not the worst thing to finish 5-6th, forcing change or letting us know where management places winning on the priority list,

    1. Budd says:

      5th or 6th will be a huge blow just by playing Thursday league games. That never worked for any EPL team unless you participate in the knock out phase.

      1. bran99 says:

        won’t be a huge blow, should just let ourselves out of the Thursday games as well by losing in the group stages, then concentrate on the EPL only. Wenger’s recent excuse is that LC and Chelsea were not in any European competitions that’s why the excelled, why can’t he do the same? coz winning the league can take us automatically to the UCL first pot, he thinks he’s clever with his reasoning

    2. Jansen says:

      I predicted last year in a post on there that I thought top 4 would not happen this season. I have seen nothing to change my mind about this.

      The team has stopped responding to Wenger. We start games slow, say we will work on that, yet start the next game slow again. Wenger comes out saying every game is like a cup final for us, yet we come out as if we play a pub team and lose 2-0 to a beatable team. We face the league leaders with a route chance to put our season back on the rails yet not only do we get destroyed we also lose the battle of effort in that game.

      When is the last time we played up to our potential? Must have been last year against Chelsea?
      In my mind most our wins this season were laborious and required a bit of luck.

      Wenger talks about being consistent. To me we are consistently failing to reach our potential on the pitch. A top 4 finish would be a bit of a miracle to me.

  2. RSH says:

    you had confidence to begin with? Our UCL chances ended the second we drew Bayern. Let’s just not be embarrassing this time is what I hope.

  3. Twig says:

    “Like I said, I’m convinced our team can beat Bayern if we play to our potential.”

    What if Bayern plays to its potential??

    1. bran99 says:

      hehehe, doomsday

  4. otunba_007 says:

    lol i have never felt good when we play any of the top sides in Europe for the past 10 years.. we all are just trying to see MAYBE things might change this season but so far NOTHING has changed and we all know what’s going to happen in the champions league, we loose the first leg and we start chasing the game the second leg and end up losing through goal aggregates.. lol . it’s very hard but it’s just the truth and it’s the way Arsenal has been for 10 years .. Nothing WILL change under the current manager and i think we will make top 4 again this season and the club will come out at the end of the season to tell us fans that we should be thankful for making top 4 and that Arsene knows best .. LOL bunch of crooks

  5. Benjas24 says:

    Call me deluded, we are winning this game, I think Arsenal will score 2 or more goals.

  6. leo...fourteen says:

    all I have to say is lewandowski and robben…JESUS SAVE US…the only one who can help us from Bayern is God but as for wenger he’ll just hang on to his jackets and stay bent complaining like he didn’t know whats coming

  7. Nebsy says:

    We can give Bayern a very hard time, but the players have to be up for it.

    Defense can close down Lewa if they’re up for it.

    Midfield can distress Bayern’s attacks and create great chances if they’re up for it.

    Attack can use the chances and give super hard time to Bayern’s defense if they’re up for it.

    But then, you have Wenger, who is never up for it, as he is fighting his own fight by trying the same thing over and over expecting different results, so we’ll probably miss out on the next round by a whisker, as he’ll fail to motivate the players and he’ll fail to select the best possible team, as he doesn’t look at the form, but he looks not to offend.

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