Mustafi praises Arsenal for giving Mikel Arteta time to build the team

Former Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi has expressed his admiration for how the Gunners have evolved over the past few seasons, particularly since Mikel Arteta received support to rebuild the team.

Upon arriving at the Emirates towards the end of 2019, Mustafi encountered a team that was inadequately trained and lacked the motivation to achieve greatness. Arsenal had faced challenges in overcoming mediocrity during the latter years of Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery’s managerial tenures.

Despite Arteta’s lack of prior senior managerial experience, Arsenal took a chance on him, and Mustafi notes that the club’s decision to stick with the manager, even during challenging periods, has been crucial to the team’s resurgence. The commitment to giving Arteta time has played a significant role in Arsenal’s positive transformation.

He said to Sky Germany:

“I read that the average tenure of a coach in Europe’s top five leagues is nine months. But it takes a lot longer to build something together.

“Arsenal gave Arteta time and resources to implement his ideas. Last season Arsenal were first for a long time and were runners-up, now the Gunners are top of the table again.  

“I’m no longer as close as I was when I was at Arsenal, but I think the club has managed to get everyone in the same boat and sailing in the same direction. This is the only way to guarantee long-term success, and this is the only way you can set yourself apart from the others.”

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We have had a good few seasons, and giving Arteta time on the job has been hugely important.

The team now knows what the manager wants and he signs players who can make his side better in every transfer window.

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  1. The single MOST useful thing the rank poor Mustafi EVER did at Arsenal was the day he left.

    Finally and unlamented by those such as I who had, at that time, longed for PROPER AND TOP QUALITY DEFENDERS and esp CB’s ,for many years without success.

    Until MA arrived and changed that dreary fact massively for the better

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