Mustafi still has a role to play at Arsenal if given the chance

Shkodran Mustafi could still have a future at Arsenal

Last season Shkodran Mustafi was probably the most criticised Arsenal player, sometimes unjustly. In fact, even in pre-season, the German was being booed.

Things have turned around for the 27-year-old and he is no longer the victim of condemnation and jeering.

The main reason for that is because he has not featured in the Premier League. However, when he has been called up for the cup competitions he has played very well.

Mustafi is not actually a bad player. He came to Arsenal with a good reputation and he has shown, on occasions, that he is a decent defender.

At the end of last season, he was probably the best defender in a sea of dross. There is an argument that he has been the most in-form defender for the last few months.

He has not thrown his dummy out of the pram, he has accepted being dropped and got his head down. Other players have shown their true negative character when dropped, not Mustafi.

I would suggest that he has a role to play in the squad, his attitude is spot on, he takes whatever opportunities come his way and attempts to do his very best. He is reliable in the sense that he is committed to the shirt and you just know he will try his heart out when called upon.

I am not suggesting that Mustafi is a top-quality Premier League defender and it is improbable he will become a first-team regular. But there is a role for him to play and the character and attitude he has shown, for me, makes him deserving of another chance to remain an Arsenal player, albeit a bit part one.


  1. We shouldn’t just give any player a chance just because they wear an Arsenal jersey. Manager needs to be tough and only start the most deserving players

    That said Mustafi has played this season and will continue to be needed in Europa league, fa cup, league cup and in PL if there are injuries

    So he will have plenty of opportunities to prove himself

  2. “Manager needs to be tough”? I would have though5 5he Manager needs to see what the fans see and drop the players who quote obviously have not performed.Dont you? Sokritis has been average yet Calum Chambers is not considered good enough to replace him? Despite playing well as a CB when given the opportunity. It will be interesting to see what happens now Holding is back to fitness.And I would suggest both of these two should be preferred to Mustafi who is just a decent defender and not 5ne quality we need to rely on.

  3. In our last 6 games, we have a goalscore of 17-3.
    Don’t think it is because all our defenders have suddenly made huge improvements to their games.
    The main reason is out pressing has been much better, making it more difficult for our opponents to get into our third and generally keeping them further away from our goal. This of course lessens the pressure on our defenders, who suddenly are starting to look much better.
    Hopefully this trend can continue and who knows, we may end up in a situation, where several of our defenders will grow even further.

  4. Until he messes up again and everyone slates Emery for ever giving him a chance. This is the same stuff that people have said about Elneny at one point, and then he played and we remembered why he barely got game time. Keep Mustafi playing Europa League matches. It’s working out just fine so far.

  5. Really worrying that their is any suggestion that Mustafi has a role to play at Arsenal. How many mistakes does he need to make before the penny drops….blimey!
    Poeple like Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka (comical how he made it as Captain) will keep Arsenal Fc in the doldrums of Europa League, trying to get 4th place of the Premiership and an empty trophy cabinet.
    We have a terrible defensive record over the last few years…..when was the last time someone said Arsenal had a good defence?????

  6. Mustafi should just keep a low profile and keep putting in decent performances when called upon. I won’t be surprised if during the summer he is worth £100M and Real Madrid will come calling

  7. Mustafi is a decent squad player. He may become surplus to requirements next season when Saliba joins, but at the moment from what he has shown in cup and EL games, I would prefer him to Sokratis, notwithstanding that neither one would be in my first choice lineup.

  8. For me, the guy was a scape goat while Sokratis was the real issue. However, UE will never see it that way

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