My Arsenal team to beat Aston Villa – What’s yours?

I am quietly confident that Arsenal are set for a resounding win this weekend against Aston Villa, even without Alexis Sanchez, to set us up for an even easier win at White Hart Lane next Saturday morning. This is my predicted line-up for the game.

Ospina is nailed on to continue between the sticks. Three games, three clean sheets. Nuff said.

Defenders: Koscielny and Mertesacker will continue their partnership, and hopefully both will look to improve to keep Gabriel watching from the subs bench. Bellerin has proved he is a better right back than Chambers and his attacking prowess will be used fully against Villa. Monreal is definitely my preference over Gibbs on current form.

Coquelin’s proposed new contract may persuade Wenger to stick with the youngster as DM, but, as he is on four yellow cards, it may be prudent to play Flamini and save Le Coq for the Spuds next week. Rosicky was awesome against Brighton and I would love to see him and Cazorla play alongside each other and BOTH play to their best form. Ramsey will have to do with a place on the bench for now.

Without Alexis, Welbeck or Oxlade-Chamberlain, I can only see one front three line up. Giroud in the middle, and Ozil and Walcott out on the wings. Obviously I’m worried about putting Ozil on the flank right now, so I would be happy for Cazorla to move to the wing and leave Ozil in the centre.

This side I would consider capable of beating anyone in the world, so a convincing win without Sanchez would definitely put the wind up Spurs ahead of next weeks crucial clash…..


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  1. Good point regarding Coq- Id prob save him for spurs too

    Belerin • Mertesacker • Kolchielny • Gibbs (Im not a fan Monreal)
    Ramsey • Chambers
    Walcot • Ozil • Rosicky

    Ozil: I’d play him in the middle as a test to see how he links with Walcot. Could be sublime

    Chambers: (I know unlikely) But if we get Jeffers back, Wenger may be moving Chambers in DM role, if he is, today would be a good test

    Belerin: will have to be more defensive than normal, because Walcott will stay wide, not tucking in like most midfielders these days

    1. Why drop coquelin just because we are facing totts next?? 3points against Villa= 3pnts against totts. One game at a time. So I say start le coq.

      1. because le coq is tough tackling player, a yellow tommorow is likely, which means against eriksen lamela and kane we are relying on flamini- very risky

      2. Because Coquelin is on 4 yellows, one more and he can’t play against Spurs.
        Did you not read the article?

    2. I would rather play Gibbs on the wing than to move a central midfielder there once again (I percieve Cazorla as a central midfielder, ruling him out).

      Where is Coquelin?

      1. Playing Gibbs on the wing problem is he passes ball back.Play Monreal on flank and Gibbs at left back.Play Ramsey and Flamini in middle Le Coqu on bench use him only if needed. Play Ozil Gazola in mid Rosicky right Walcott left CB

          1. Ready now had a cupa back 4 as usual Ramsey Flamini in middle.keep Rosicky for Spuds game Walcott left Ozil Middle Gazola right Giriud up front Coquelin only if needed Ozil has to give 100 percent for least 50 by then we should be 2- 0 up CB

    3. We NEED Le Coq for the Spurs game.
      Play Chambers at DM, he is better than Flamini, who should never kick a ball for Arsenal again.
      If it goes wrong then as a last resort get Le Coq on.

      Ozil and Walcott have played a tiny number of games together but have a great goal and assist record inn those games, they need to be on the pitch at the same time.

  2. Same team as yours, just different setup.
    _______ Olivier

    1. I think this is a good setup. I also think Cazorla has to play deeper along side Le Cog with Ozil in the middle higher up linking up with Thomas and feeding Walcott. I think Walcott will really stretch defences now as teams have to respect the threat, allowing Ozil and Thomas to wreck havoc.

      Cazorla in my mind is underrated as a holding mid, he keeps the ball well and gets Arsenal out of jams.

      1. Agree, – although Rambo was supposed to be playing 2nd DM role against City, he didn’t do much. If you look at match video you will see Le Coq breaking up City play, then playing simple ball to Santi. He had outstanding game, making tackles, making passes out of defence, creating chances on the break.
        We should use same system as City game even tho’ we’re at home.
        No Alexis means less pressure on Villa MF and back 4 when they have ball. We still need to protect our back 5
        Opsina – Bellerin, Per, Kos, Monreal – Le Coq, Santi – Theo, Ozil, Ramsey, Giroud
        Subs: Chesney, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Tomas, Akpom + Gnabry or Zelalem

    2. not a fan of the 4-1-4-1 but against villa we should be fine. Am i the only who is one dying to see sanchez, theo and ozil in the same team since the start of the season?!

  3. Ospina.


    To beat Villa we need pace like what Welbeck did in d first leg.. Giroud is too slow

  4. Ospina
    Bellerin per kos Monreal
    Le coq Ramsey
    Walcot caz roscky

    Roscky played the same role against brighton and he was just drifting in.
    Ramsey though yet to recapture his form but defensively he offers something of notice(remember he is wenger’s baby too).
    Bring Ozil back slowly,not quite ready to have back to back games.
    Bench.szczesny,Chambers,Paulista,Flamin,Gibss,Ozil and Akpom
    3-0,let’s go Gunners.

  5. GK, LB, CDM and ST and we are set next season. Dont forget we will get rid of players like
    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Monreal, Podolski, Flamini, Diaby and hopefully Arteta to rasie funds
    for top top players.

    1. GK CECH 5m only one year lefted on contract in summer, wants to stay in london, class for years still got few years left in him, sczsency too much of a liabliabity, childish.
      LB RODRIQUEZ/GAYA both better than monreal, quicker, better crossing, better football brains.
      CDM CARVALHO, quick, wants to win(winner), committed, could also see him being a next kompany due to his attributes, although his too good with his feet to ever become a cb.
      ST CAVANI, Bayern got lewandoski, city ageuro, barc suarez, real benzema, utd rvp/falcao arsenal got no world class striker. if falcao don’t sign and if real want to get him instead of benzema. It only leaves us to get him.
      RM REUS, i can’t see why he would go real, due to bale and ronaldo on wings, so he will be bench player or wait for injury. thought he would go chelsea but not now due to cuad the colom. he said won’t join bayern due to loyalty for dortmund. won’t go barca and sit on bench either. no1 accomplished wants to go city. leaves utd or arsenal.

  6. We need Coquelin for Spuds. If he is on 4 yellow cards then rest him tomorrow

    I have lost confidence in Flamini TBH
    I’d prefer to use Chambers or even Paulista as DM lol

    Interesting point on using Ozil in the centre and Cazorla on the left but I’m sure Wenger will do the opposite. He likes Ozil on the left.


    1. Personally i would experiment with Gibbs on the wing with Monreal on the left back, rather than playing Cazorla on the wing again.


      maybe sub rambo and özil, flamini for chambers and maybe give Gabriel a smooth debut

  7. Regardless of who we put on the pitch, we have more talented players and home advantage.

    What’s more important really is to NOT take Villa for granted, defend well for 90 mins+, retain possession, create chances and convert those chances.

    With Sanchez, Ox and Welbeck out, there is more pressure on Giroud and Welbeck. Therefore they need to be on top form.

  8. Well that was a rubbish afternoon
    United, Spurs and Liverpool all on the brink of winning

    At least, if we win tomorrow, we are guaranteed gain points on at least one team. Even if the worst result happens (Chelski winning) we will at least come closer to city. Hopefully, Southampton will lose or draw too

  9. Coquelin can’t be suspend if
    he gets one more yellow
    he will only be suspend
    at 10 yellows(2 game ban)

  10. When Mertesacker is playing I don’t expect them to beat mid-upper table teams, a win is a miracle and a tie or loss is normal.

  11. A bit off topic. Pls can anyone see how ordinary chelsea looks without only 2 players (fabregas and Costa). My point is no team wldnt struggle with the kind of arsenal’s injury record in the past 5-7yrs.

  12. My side vs. Villa…

    Walcott Cazorla Ozil

    – I want Le Coq against Spurs, so I picked Flamini to start.
    – Give Ozil around 60-65 minutes, then sub
    – If game is in hand put on Akpom for as much time as possible

    COYG 3 PTS!!!!!

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