My best Arsenal team to beat Chelsea – What’s yours?

It’s all about walking away from this match with 3 more points by Seetsuma

Alright folks, it’s this time of the week! The time when Arsenal welcome, or don’t welcome, the opposition to our fortress, The Emirates. If you don’t know who we’ve got this week, then you must be living under a rock somewhere. With that being said, Arsenal have a match against the single team above us, Chelsea. Currently, Chelsea are looking likely to play with Drogba as the only striker available, and even he is having some health concerns so we may very well see Hazard or Oscar playing as a false 9. Either way, Chelsea are almost certain to sit deep and defend, with the hopes that they can nick a goal or 2 from counter attacks. If we’re going to take 3 points from it, we’ve only got 2 possible lineups.

Starting at the back, Ospina is the only viable option in goal. Not only has Szczesny not been playing consistently for quite a few months now, he also doesn’t compare to Ospina statistically either! There is absolutely no way that Ospina doesn’t start this game.

At left back, Bellerin is the only option. I realize that Debuchy is back and healthy, however he isn’t ready. As we all saw from the Reading match, Debuchy still has some work to do before he is ready to start in the Premier League again, especially if that start is against the likes of Hazard and Willian! On top of Debuchy not being ready yet, Bellerin has pace, quality on the ball and is Spanish.

Which leads me straight in to the central pairing of Gabriel and Koscielny. Even with our towering German healthy, Gabriel and Koscielny is still the right pairing for this match. Even more so than his ability in the air, Gabriel’s pace and ability to tackle really hard is what’s going to keep Hazard at bay. If Chelsea do somehow get Costa fit again, Gabriel has already played against him a few times in Spain. If it’s Drogba and/or Hazard, Gabriel has the pace and the technical ability defensively to match them stride for stride and make Ospina’s life a whole lot easier. The only downside to Gabriel is that his English is poor. The good news? We have Ospina, Bellerin and Monreal who all 3 speak Spanish as their native tongue. With a back line of Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny and Monreal, we have pace, ability and very good communication.

Now comes the hard part, the midfield 5. This is where we have a bit of options. Obviously, Coquelin and Sanchez are both starting. That leaves us with 3 spots, only 2 of which are in the middle. If it’s me, I play both Cazorla and Ozil. Chelsea are expected to sit back and defend, which caters perfectly to the skills that Ozil and Cazorla both bring. Additionally, they have both learned how to defend fairly well too! The biggest question mark is who the 5th and final midfielder is. Do we push Ozil out to the left and bring in Ramsey besides Coquelin? Does Ozil get the no10 spot with Cazorla next to Coquelin and either Welbeck or Walcott on the wing? Which wing does Sanchez play on if Ozil is in the middle?

If I’m the manager, I play Sanchez on the left, Welbeck on the right, and Ozil, Cazorla and Coquelin in the middle of the pitch. Playing Welbeck instead of Walcott gives us a more physical presence. Welbeck isn’t necessarily going to get behind a defense as often as Walcott does, but do we really expect that to happen at home to Chelsea anyways? In my mind, Welbeck’s ability in the Air, on both offense and defense, is going to be key. With Bellerin, Cazorla and Ozil on the pitch, Welbeck and Giroud’s height are definitely going to be needed to help tame the Chelsea corner kicks and set plays. Additionally, between both Welbeck and Sanchez, we will track Hazard for the entire match. Do we really want to entrust Walcott with that responsibility?

Lastly, we have Giroud playing up top. Much like Welbeck, Giroud’s size and strength are going to be crucial if we want to take the full 3 points.

Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
Coquelin Cazorla
Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

Bench — Szczesny, Debuchy, Gibbs, Walcott, Ramsey, Rosicky, Diaby

My prediction? We walk away as 2-1 winners with Giroud, Sanchez and Oscar all netting a goal.

Is that our best team right now?


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  1. I can’t agree more with the team selection except I still have a dilemma on whether to play Welbeck or Ramsey. Both have good qualities but Ramsey is more defensive minded. How about taking Cazorla to the right and pairing Coquelin with Ramsey? I am saying this simply because I feel somehow we need Ramsey’s ambitious play even though Welbeck is not a bad option at all. Also Welbeck and Giroud seem to be similar players. However on the the other hand having two big players may be a bit too much for Terry and Cahill to cope with. Whichever player the manager picks will be equal to the task. This is the first time in many years that Arsenal is meeting Chelsea with a confident mood and I feel we should go all out with our guns blazing.

  2. Ospina
    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Welbeck Cazorla Sanchez

    Both Ramsey and Cazorla can defend and score as well and I am expecting a very tight match for Ozil to control the ball and make the right pass … Ramesy for Cesc and Coq for Hazard (tight m2m) …
    I am sure Monreal will handle his back very well and I hope the same for Bellerin against Hazard…
    Giroud will find difficulties to hold up the ball against Cahill and Tery, he must be on his day…
    Welback to do them the same of Utd game …
    Gabriel should start most of the remaining games, BFG should be benched next season

        1. I thought you explained well your reasons for opting with that lineup. I dont get why people just because they would pick differently (even if only 1 player) cant just say i respect your opinion because you put it across clear and as they are all Arsenal players anyway its a fair point.

  3. I 100% agree with your line-up.
    I can see the boss picking mertesacker tho and maybe debuchy.

    But your line-up is exactly what I would go with, welbeck on the right because his work rate would really help bellerin deal with hazard

  4. I would still go with Debuchy. Bellerin is a great talent but he is error prone on ocassion and that could be costly.

    I would also go with Welbeck wide because of pace and pressing.

    I genuinely believe the difference between winning and losing today is how well we press from the front. They will sit deep. So the only way to rattle them is to press and win the ball back immediately and cause them to work and panic.

  5. Come on man, you just can’t drop an in form Ozil against bus parking team. Those defense unlocking passes remember?? @no g rude.

    1. Was absurd in the least. It does look like these pundits feel they must say something controversial now and then just to get headlines and for some reason they find our great club the ideal candidate for bashing, manu last sesason, liv nearly every year, spu every year, manc just recently… you would think that the pundits faces would be purple at this stage with so much to belittle on that lot but no Arsenal is the team that some just love to hate.

  6. Its only Chelsea lets play the
    2nd X1 and give some of the
    youth squad a run from
    the bench 🙂
    Chambers Hayden Diaby Gibbs
    Arteta Flamini
    Gnabry Wilshere Rosicky

    Macey Bielik Ottwell
    Crowley Zelalem Graciar iwobi

  7. Fine team selection. I must add that what we need most against chelski is BOTTLE. Don’t be scared and stand up to them. Mentally, Wenger prepare them well. COYGs, FFS!!!!

  8. i never understood how one could be bold enough, not to predict a scoreline, but to predict exactly who scores. nonetheless i agree with the lineup and the idea of us winning all be it with a small margin. either way, its 3 points in our pockets. COYG!

  9. Youve got a great squad of players and TBH they all play well individually. So I think team selection is all about who plays best with each other. What selection gels best together. We have all bought players that have been in top form and when theyve come just havent been the same player. So its down to the manager to work out which lads will work together as a proper team. Youve been playing well just lately so why mess with something thats working?
    Just off for a few Guinness before I get over to Arsenal station and wanted to pop in and wish you all a good game. May the best team on the day win. Love and Peace lads.

  10. I’d line them up like this..

    Debuchy Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Ozil Ramsey Cazorla Sanchez

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