My Arsenal team to beat West Ham….What’s your’s?

Arsenal are going into this crucial league game against West Ham which could have a great bearing on our season, but they will also have to have one eye on the Champions League game just three days later. The question is; Will Wenger take a chance on resting any of our stars with that game in mind? I personally don’t think so. Every game from now is a Cup Final in our race for the Top Four, and we need to take advantage of any possible slip from our rivals.

After our win away at Man United, the team must surely believe they can cause problems to Monaco and hopefully win by the necessary three goals, but first of all we must make sure of the three points on Saturday, preferably with a confidence boosting scoreline.

Szczesny was used against Man United, but surely David Ospina must return for both these upcoming matches. We know for sure that Koscielny and Mertesacker will be the centre-backs in Gabriel’s absence, and I imagine that Monreal will be left-back after his Man-of-the-Match performance last time out. Hector Bellerin will also to be eager to impress again after being given his new contract.

The midfield could be tricky to predict if Wenger decides to rest Ozil or Cazorla, but I’m sure that Coquelin will definitely be on the pitch. I also have a feeling that Ramsey will be alongside him after his cameo last week. Wenger never seems to rest Ozil so I’m guessing this game will be no different with Cazorla being given a well-deserved rest.

Olivier Giroud was given a break on Monday and Welbeck covered well, but I think Wenger will revert to Giroud in the middle, with Welbeck and Duracell-Bunny Sanchez causing havoc down the flanks.

Would you suggest any changes to that with Monaco looming on the horizon?


For the first time this weekend, we will be using a new app on Android or Apple for the fans to interact on Matchday, and this important game looks perfect to give it a first run out. Everyone can download the app on this link, and then join the Fan Club called Just Arsenal News. If you are asked for a code to join our Fan Club it is 1942M.

Lets get lots of JustArsenal regulars signed up and we’ll give it a test run on Saturday!

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  1. Mertsacker had a shocker against Monaco. Maybe play Mertsacker against west ham and chambers against Monaco

    Play Ospina, Koscielny and Coquelin in both matches.

    Play Gibbs in one match and Monreal in the other for LB.

    Must utilise Walcott

    1. gabriel might be back for monaco. that would be an option. but chambers??? please stop scapegoating merts. it s ridiculous, you re willing to throw chambers in the deep end like that in a game where we need all the expirience we can get. shame on you

  2. West Ham




    1. WH is the most important game at the moment – don’t want Wenger to get cute with selection ahead of Monaco game. Best team possible for WH and re-group and reassess on Sunday for Monaco. We have more than enough options.

  3. __________Ospina
    ___Le coq__Rambo___
    ________G. Rude

    JUSTIFICATION: Ozil, Monreal and Gabriel, to start fresh against Monaco.

      1. Fred, wenger said he (Gabriel) will be back on sunday or monday, which means he will be available on tuesday.

  4. Admin it’s not compatible with my device. Do something. Help help. Please. Someone. Anyone. Call 911 it’s an emergency.

  5. Wenger is clearly sending a message to Theo that when u play on right wing u need to defend as well! But he seems to play almost as a second striker. It seems harsh on Theo given his attacking talent but credit to Wenger for being brave enough to drop him instead of ox who offers more defensive and attacking stability. I hope Walcott realises dat defending down his wing will only make him a better player and dat u cant play on d defenders shoulder all d time u r on pitch. Since ox is injured now, I expect him to get more game time.

  6. Benzema

    Draxler Reus Isco

    Kondabagia Bender

    Gibbs Hummels Varane Aurier


    7 man Subs: Ospina, Kos, Debuchy, Sanchez, Carzola, Welbeck, Coq

    1. Hummels, Verane, Cech, Aurier. That’s well over ;£100 million right there. Benzema, Reus, Draxler, Isco. That’s over another £100 million. Kondogbia and Bender another £60 million

      That’s close to £300 million on transfer fees alone then you have salaries.

      Hafiz, do you understand the nature of economics and finance.

      Arsenal hasn’t discovered OIL like City and Chelsea. We would go bankrupt

  7. I think for the first time in a very long time the starting XI picks itself. Walcott hasn’t done enough yet so Wellbeck is the obvious choice, particularly after his goal against United. Rosicky, Ramsey and Walcott are good options from the bench but there’s no reason to change the team when things are going well. I don’t see any players getting rested, I think Wenger will want to keep a winning team together.

  8. I am sure the boss knows any form of back track defending by Walcott should be gradually tailored because of his healed battered knee. And that doesn’t mean the boss will be dropping him for not been able to do defensive duty for now. The guy is a reknown prolific speedster and a scorer. I think the boss should consider this advantage and start him for the West Ham game if he is fit to play. The boss and the Gunners will not natuarally failed to have a part of thier thinking on the Monaco game. But ofcourse not at the expense of the West Hame game. Every game has it’s own complextion. Because of the Monaco game, this Arsenal vs West Ham game is a tactical game for the boss and the Gunners including us. While our Monaco game complextion is Prolific. In this wise, My Tactical Gunners Starts for WH : Szczesny. ChambersMonrealKoscielnyGibbs. CoquelinRamsey. WalcottGiroudOzilSanchez. To rest for the Monaco game and on the bench as Subs for the West Ham game: MartinezCazorlaRhino’BellerinWelbeckRosickyFlamini.

  9. Giroud

    we cant take games for granted, so i see no need to rest anyone. I think its better for everyone to be fresh honestly. Chelsea had a good break before PSG and they were terrible. I dont think our players need over a weeks rest.

  10. ……….Ospina…………
    Subs: Alexis Ozil Mon ( as per conditions )

  11. Well I would play Walcott from the get go and then play him in the week. Sorry he is a far better player then Danny. Don’t understand why he is being treated like s–t by AW

    1. Hey come on – a bit strong eh? “Treating him like s**t” – are you sure mate? We haven’t got the first clue as to what has been said, agreed, discussed etc between TW and AW. And I love Theo but he is a long way from having any assumed rights of being an automatic 1st X1 player. “A far better player than Danny” – not sure as an all round package. Very different type of players nonetheless. Personally if Alexis is playing one side of our front 3 I would pick DW ahead of Theo atm in most matches – things can change really quickly though and I hope Theo gets some time and can show Wenger what he has been missing.

  12. How good has Bellerin been this season, gonna be the best rb in the country, so impressed.

  13. Checking in on physioroom – it appears TR7 and Flamini are available.

    Chambers BFG Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Flamini
    Theo TR7/Ozil Welbeck

    I think with Theo on the right. CC doesn’t need to push up as high and needs to be more defensive minded. I am assuming TR7 is fit and available. Otherwise Ozil slots in. Coquelin (his nose!), Santi, Sanchez, Bellerin (still only 19) and Monreal need a breather. Theo and Ramsey need a good stretch of their legs and find their touch. OG12 and Welbz can/do work well together. When OG12 drifts wide, Welbz comes in. Plenty of speed on the wings for TR7/Ozil to thread the passes through. OG12 wins the 1st ball lays it off to TR7/Ozil for the killer pass to either Walcott or Welbz!
    Hammers lacking forward fire-power so their best bet is set-pieces. So we have to have the height advantage – hence we play Chambers, OG, BFG – which gives us a height advantage on attacking set pieces. Don’t be surprised if we score on a corner here! Winston Reid is out I believe for this game. I would prefer TR7 to Ozil for this game – he knows how to handle Song and can bite into the tackle, close down his space and not give him time to distribute. Having said that – Ozil would probably give him a nightmare!

    As I said in an earlier post – we should win this comfortably provided Chris Foy referee’s the game well. Hammers will get very physical in this game to upset the flow and wind up our players.
    That’s why AW said in the press – we need to stand up and be counted here and show commitment…

    It will be a bruising affair.

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