My Arsenal team to face Everton – What’s yours?

Arsene Wenger definitely knows his favourite Arsenal starting XI and rarely deviates from that line-up in the Premier League matches, but having played two tough matches in three days, I would think injuries and tiredness will force changes against Everton.

Petr Cech is definitely in goal now that Ospina is out with a shoulder injury. Wenger has told us that Gabriel is fine now, so maybe he will start instead of Koscielny, who should be rested on a regular basis. Mertesacker will play as he never uses enough energy to get tired :-).

I think that Bellerin and Monreal will be retained as they seem to be crucial to the side now – and they don’t seem to get tired ever! Arteta is injured again, so it doesn’t look like Coquelin will get a rest, although he may need one shortly. It is the Ramsey replacement that will be intriguing, and Alexis Sanchez is also likely to start from the bench as he looked very fatigued on Tuesday. And then we will have the usual Walcott v Giroud debate….

So with all these changes in mind, I am going to go with this XI to put some fresh legs on the pitch…

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Walcott, Ozil, The Ox

With Sanchez out, I think we really have to put Walcott alongside Giroud, as we need someone who can replace Sanchez’s goals, whereas Oxlade-Chamberlain simply can’t score at the moment. But who could Wenger pick in front of the Ox? Joel Campbell? I don’t think so….

I doubt very much whether Wenger will pick my team, but I got it right against Bayern Munich so you never know! Which team would you pick given our injuries and fatigue?

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    1. Walcott up top, Campbell and Alexis on the wings, Then bring on OG and Ox as impacts…3 points sorted.

  1. Disagree with that line-up. Everton are a very good team, so it’s too risky dropping Koscielny and Sanchez, considering they’re arguably our two best players. We could probably get away with dropping one of them at the most. But you also have to bare in mind that our whole dynamics up-front will change with Giroud starting, which the likes of Ozil and Santi having to adjust their game. For me, this would weaken us. If Giroud starts, Koscielny and Sanchez definitely have to start also.

    1. Good thing Santi adjusted his game against B Munich and sent a free kick towards a target like OG. They should adjust their games and put balls in the air. Crosses in the air with good pace is one of the best ways to score.

      1. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly an amazing cross or header that scored us that goal, it absolutely shocking keeping. I would argue that Arsenal are one of the least effective teams in the league at winning crosses. We’re also bad at corners, I don’t know why we don’t just abandon them and play it short. But I agree that we should cross more as a plan B, but we know how much Wenger hates a plan B!

  2. mine ll b
    Bel Gab Kos Mon
    Coq Caz
    Ox Ozil Wal
    Bench : Deb Gib Cham Alexis Iwobi Camp Kp2.

    then the fans should do the rest.!™

  3. Listen Baby Please

    I have two testees baby please but Alexis has three. That’s why he can play so much. He is a superman

    We must play him. We can take at least two goals lead and then take him off but Alexis is scoring almost every match.

    Beating Everton at home is very important. If the Manchester Derby goes our way we can be Top of PL

    So I say play Alexis at least for 1st half.

  4. Alexis would have had only 3 days of rest by today after the Bayern Munich game. Has he fully recovered from his fatigue or he has partially recovered? Only the Boss can answer that question. Anyway, I’ll stick to my earlier starts and please remember the Boss’ Game App Memory Data Running Plan Key to unlock Roberto Martinez’s Locked Game App Memory Data Running Plan of: ATTACK THE ARSENAL TO TEST THEIR TIREDNESS RESOLVE is: DOMINATE EVERTON IN ALL ASPECT OF THE GAME. The Gunners dominating the Toffers in all aspect of the game will neutralized any attempt by the Toffers to rush at the tired Gunners and overun them. My start: Cech. BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. CazorlaCoquelin. CampbellOzilOxlade. Walcott. My bench: MaceyDebuchy ChambersGibbsGiroudFlaminiAlexis. I’ve replanced Arteta with Flamini as you said Arteta is injured again.

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