My Arsenal XI To Beat Liverpool On Saturday!

Arsene Wenger has confirmed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s clash against Liverpool and there’s some good news as both Mikel Arteta and Jack Wishere are ‘likely’ to return to the squad following long spells on the sidelines. Also, Danny Welbeck has a ‘small chance’ to start the game and Mathieu Debuchy is back in training. However, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is still not fit. Based on the team news, here is my starting eleven for the big game.

Starting from the defence, Laurent Koscielny and new boy Gabriel Paulista seemed to have established an efficient partnership at the centre, and with Spaniards Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin on either side, there seems to be a nice balance in the Arsenal backline. Per Mertesacker, Kieran Gibbs and Callum Chambers are likely to be on the bench, although the former Southampton man has a small chance to get the nod over Bellerin at right-back. Needless to mention, David Ospina will continue in goal.

Now although Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere are both back in the squad, I fully expect Arsene Wenger to continue with Francis Coquelin and Aaron Ramsey, who have formed quite a partnership of their own in central midfield. The duo’s individual styles of play compliment each other perfectly and I feel they are going to get better the more they play with each other. At Number 10, the rejuvenated Mesut Ozil will surely get the nod.

Coming to the forwards, I’d go with Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez and of course, Olivier Giroud. Now although Santi has been a bit wayward at playing on the flanks in the past, he has shown this season that he can adapt well and has formed a good understanding with Ozil through which they keep interchanging positions. Alexis and Giroud are the club’s joint top scorers and I’d expect at least one of them to get on the score sheet.

Arsenal: Ospina; Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal; Coquelin, Ramsey; Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez; Giroud.

On paper, this starting eleven surely has the beating of Liverpool at the Emirates and I believe that the boys will get the job done on Saturday and effectively end the Reds’ hopes of securing Champions League football for next season.

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  1. I think we shouldnt start with 4 midf, drop Ramsey and start Walcott, we need to attack them from first minute, and in second half get Ramsey in, Walcott is out of shape but we need more attacking force, to help Sanchez and OG, and they can get it from the fastest player in EPL

  2. Best April Fool’s joke I heard yesterday:

    Arsenal FC has every single one of their senior team member in training and the treatment room is empty.

    Turns out it was not a joke! Lol Diaby back 6 weeks before season ends, just to do little enough to earn himself a fat, new contract.

  3. I think we should surprise Liverpool with our 11, then they can’t possibly form a plan to beat us:

    GK: Lehmann
    RB: Chambers
    LB: Nigel Windybum
    CB: Gabriel
    CB: Bouldy
    DM: Flamini
    MF: Diaby
    MF: John Jenson
    LWF: Genvinho
    RWF: Frannie Jeffers
    CF: Yaya Sanogoals

  4. Of Liverpool’s likely starting 11 for Saturday, who would you have in our team?

    Sturridge or Giroud?
    Ramsey or Henderson?
    Sterling or Walcott?
    Mignolet or Ospina?

    I’m struggling to include any Liverpool players.. Ordinarily I’d have taken Sturridge, but he’s not 100% and his goalscoring record this season isn’t near Giroud’s. Sterling or Walcott is probably the one I’d go for Liverpool on, Walcott hasn’t been back to the same level since his injury, though he hasn’t really had the chance. Coutinho is supposedly Liverpool’s best player at the moment, but taking him over Cazorla? Or Özil? Ha, good one..

    1. Coutinho honestly sucks and I’m not just being a hater (at least i don’t think I am)

    2. Rodgers has found a nice balance in the team with all these new players. It’ll be tough

  5. I would play Cazorla b2b and bring Welbeck In! We need some pace so Welbz and Sanchez as Wingers, Ramsey to start from the Bench!

    1. I think this is a match for Welbeck or Ox because we need there pace down the sides despite the fact that they are not great finishers as walcott however, they track back and that’s always a plus along with Alexis I also think Ramsey should not play this will be a very technical game so I would go with Ozil, santi and coq. In the middle so my team is


      Santi- Coq


    2. i hate people that end everything in an explamation mark! why are you so damn energetic! see how infuriating this is! why!

  6. I will start Serge GNABRY as the top of a diamond formation. I don’t care if he’s unfit, that’s just what Twig wants.

    ___Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    The Dangerous Diamond Formation.

  7. Its hard to pick the starting XI for this game. I really want Welbeck to be fit beause he’s more important than Walcott as of lately and helps provide width. There’s no width in the starting XI the article picked, but there is a lot of quality. Liverpool play with a 3 at the back. The obvious place to exploit them is on the wings so I would rather have Walcott start maybe. Ugh its so frustrating. Every single player besides for Ox and Welbeck are fit right now :/

  8. That attack lacks pace! Drop Ozil for Welbeck if he is fit. Santi has been better than Ozil this season and neither of them are as effective on the wing. Then bring on Theo and Ozil in the 70th min depending on how the game is going.

    1. What pace did united use to beat Liverpool 3-0 at anfield?

      Fellaini? Mata? Carrick? Speedy Rooney….. Oh yeah he didn’t have a good game.

      Liverpool got beat by crisp passing, high energy and decisiveness in the final third.

      Ozil gives that more than Walcott and welbeck.

      If we use united as a blueprint then ozil will be key.

      Carzola could be on the wing and if ozil isn’t doing the business in the middle then they can swap.

  9. Play your best player, remember last week when we played Newcastle we struggled we missed Ozil’s Creativity and Cazorla didn’t impress me that day! Play your best players when they are fit! My team

    Bellerin, Boss, Paulista, Monreal,
    Le Coq,
    Welbz, Ozil, Sanchez,

  10. Wenger said there is no truth to the Dybala bid and no interest either. He says to ask them to show the bid, i presume they must fax.

    I would go with team misoko and galen put forward.

      1. One thing playing coy with media another thing altogether calling club owner an outright liar.

  11. I like misoko’s lineup, although Walcott may need to replace Welbeck depending on how Welbz’ recovery goes. I would also be ready to bring in Ramsey as soon as Santi starts looking like he has nothing left, probably around the 60th or 65th minute. Maybe Rosicky for Sanchez and Walcott/Welbeck for Welbeck/Walcott should be kept in mind as potential substitutions as well, depending on how the starter is doing. I do think that neither Walcott nor Welbeck should go 90 tomorrow, Sanchez it purely depends on if he shows signs of fatigue., which to be fair he rarely does.

    We have a deeper squad now, there’s no excuse for not bringing on fresh legs. I particularly like Ramsey as a sub, high energy and fresh legs at 60 minutes, improves the defense (a bit) over Santi without hurting the attack the way bringing in a defender or DM would. We have to be careful not to run the best XI into the ground, and we have the squad to be able to do this.

  12. With Gerrard, Skrtel, Lallana & Sterling out there is no reason why this is not a win for the Gooners.

  13. I tink the team pretty much picks itself except for the CAM spot, where there’s an awesome dilemma whether to pick Ozil or Santi. Ideally Welbeck is fit enough to start on the flank, if not Walcott is the obvious replacement.

    Bellerin Kos Gabriel Mon

    Bench: Shez, Mert, Gibbs, Chambers, Arteta, Santi, Walcott

    1. We have this “Ozil or Santi” conundrum on here before nearly every match. Clearly AW doesn’t have the same problem. When was the last time Ozil was dropped for tactical reasons? How many times have both MO and SC been in the same team – plenty.

  14. I see the Ozil bashing has continued
    Probably same People who bashed Giroud last season

    1. people just have no clue do they`? just want someone running around looking like he s doing shyte. if you re understanding of the game is that limited. you don t rly deserve ozil. any team in the world would have him. we do and we don’t even rate him. what the factual uck. sick of it

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