My BEST Arsenal team to face Newcastle? Changes expected…..

There will definitely be a few disappointed Arsenal players after our unlucky exit from the Champions League, and the fatigue of playing two games in four days may have taken it’s toll as well, but we now have to pick ourselves up and prepare for the visit to Newcastle on Saturday afternoon.

There are calls for Wenger to rest Alexis again as he seems to have found Wenger’s handbreak lately, and Kos could give his Achilles a little respite ahead of the tougher games approaching….

We’ll start with Ospina, who had very little to do in Monaco, but still feels safer than Szczesny to me. In front of him Gabriel is due another outing alongside Mertesacker, while Bellerin and Gibbs could use their attacking runs down the wings to put pressure on the Magpies. Perhaps Debuchy could come on for Bellerin when we are far enough ahead, and Monreal has been fantastic lately but should give way to Gibbs so he has a chance to stay match-fit.

Coquelin goes without saying, and as Ramsey only played half a game against Monaco he should start this time. Cazorla also deserves a little rest and I think Ozil will be used in the middle. He is finally proving his worth and Wenger won’t rest him unless he is forced to…

Giroud will hope to continue his excellent form as centre-forward, and I want to see Walcott and Welbeck helping him out down the flanks, at least until one of them tires.

This side should be full of pace and a quick start will enable us to put the game to bed before half-time and just enjoy ourselves in the second period..

How does that sound, Gooners?

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  1. Im pretty sure debuchy is out injured for atleast another 2 weeks. My starting 11 would be the same otherwise.

  2. Ospina

    Hopefully, something like thar will be enough

    Chile plays both Iran and Brazil next week (only 3 days apart) so I doubt Sanchez will get any rest next week, so makes sense to give him a game off.

  3. For a minute there i thought Debuchy was fit before reading Tojos comment.
    I dont like changing defenders too often unless necessary so would go with those. If our players show signs of tiredness and might well do then Per could get exposed.

    Coquelin and Ramsey, Cazorla just ahead.
    Walcott and Sanchez..wings. I would go with Gnabry resting Sanchez if he was entirely fit.
    Welbeck up top. Giroud is playing well and scoring but i would go with pace for this one. These would be or should be excellent on the counter.

  4. Strength in depth!

    A front three of Welbeck….Ozil…Walcott should do it for us. Arsene mustn’t make the same mistakes with Alexis and pretend like he hasn’t seen the warnings before. Not now when we truly have Strength in depth.

    The team is no longer picking itself. As was expected in the earlier part of the season, majority of our best 11 have returned fresh and ready to go. I hope this is not just a case of same old same old Arsenal (terrible half of the season + great half of the season). Anyways, the quality of the squad players has increased much in comparison with seasons past. So indeed there is hope.

    1. Of-course the in-form (1game/1goal) Giroud starts at CF.

      Simply for rotational reasons, Ramsey can start beside Coqeulin, with Cazorla coming in to replace him from the bench if need be.

  5. I don’t want to see welbeck ahead of Walcott in d pecking order!!!!! Ok welbeck has speed, height strength pace but he lacks d more basic things such as first touch game sense and finishing!! Walcott is much superior to him in such terms. Walcott got just one chance against Monaco and hit d post !!! Walcott takes everyone by surprise, welbeck does not!!!!! Mayb Wenger is playing hardball wid Walcott over his contract but if not den Walcott shud b ahead of welbeck!!!!

    1. Walcott was bough on as a sub not only to be at the end of the throughball, but create things on the right. He didn’t do that. Apart from the one shot and the one run behind the defence he didn’t do anything else. Wenger should’ve started with Walcott when Monaco were more open in the first half.

      1. Walcott is d type of player who’s always on d move and ready for thru balls bcause dats his strong point. We simply didnt make use of him.

    2. you clearly don’t understand that 1. he doesn’t defend to save his life 2. his all round game (linkup, passing) is lacking 3. he has been out for a year!! arsenal now need wingers who do the dirty work and dont just wait to be serviced. he must step up. welbz is far superior in each , bar finishing.

      no surprise that after welbz went off, our attacks vs momaco only came from the left hand side. think. m8. he might get a start for sanchez tho, if ramsey plays and makes that midfield a more sure one.

      1. Walcott sure lacks a bit in his defensive duties but wen u leave a player as dangerous as him on d wing, it forces d full back to stick to him and thus preventing any offensive play from d full back. Its a tactic dats often used to nullify d threat on wings. Think mate.

    3. also why do you think we’re getting rid of podolski? same thing, minus pace. that said theo can improve. also the game v tottenshiyte the second goal came about bc he failed to fend of a cross from his flank to the uglyone aka hkane.

  6. I hav an emotional attachment wid Walcott bcos ever since I started watching arsenal he’s been at d club, infact he’s d only player still here from d team dat was 8-9 years ago. And its not dat he’s a mediocre player. Remember how we used to leave Walcott on d halfway line wen d opposition had all its players in our box during corners! He used to b d focul point of our counterattacking. If he leaves , a part of me leaves as well!

  7. Ospina
    Bellerin Mert Kos Gibbs
    Walcott Ozil Ramsey Welbeck

    Santi and Sanchez need a rest. Sanchez had a poor game against Monaco I feel. I know I may get roasted by some for saying this but I’m not completely convinced by Hector Bellerin. I’d personally rather have Chambers but I know Wenger will stick with Bellerin. Next season I’d personally take Jenkinson back and send Bellerin on loan.

  8. I hope Walcott can find his best form. With Alexis’ form dropped and Ox out we need other players to step up

    (btw, I don’t blame Alexis. He was amazing first half of season and we would have not been in top 10 without him however, he isn’t used to the rigors of the PL which has finally caught up with him and Wenger hasn’t really been rotating very well this season.)

    Also, I’m hoping nobody gets injured over International week (boring week as I like to call it)

    1. I think Sanches, now that the Squad has stregthened is not the only one like before that can score.thats why he holds on to long with ball trying to be the scorer.Neads dropping CB

    2. Also i dont like the way Sanchez was being told to take it down a notch as they believed he was training too hard or something. Sanchez knows his own body better than anyone and whatever he was doing was working. I remember reading at the time how they had to advise him to go easier and i didnt like the idea the moment i read it, it was not long at all then that i noticed a dip with his stamina and even looked slightly less muscular.

      You do have a valid reason when suggesting the rigors of prem explain dip but i think there is a little more also. Sanchez cooling down training somewhat – Confidence – And our players not looking to give Sanchez the ball at every opportunity and i mean every.

      1. I think Cazorla and Ozil should be the players we should be looking to give the ball at every opportunity, seeing as they keep possession better 🙂

  9. This kind of thinking is the reason we are out of the UCL. We underrate some teams and we always pay for it. Playing away against Newcastle is equally important as playing Chelsea or Man U. At this stage we need not joke with anything team. Especially, when there’s a half-chance of us winning the EPL. NO resting of Players without any good reasons. I disagree with the writer of this Article!

  10. Sanchez needs some bench time. He has contributed very little by way of goals or assists since the turn of the year. And he keeps putting us in dangerous situations by giving up possession. His passes and crosses are below par for a supposedly “world class” player. Step up Alexis!

  11. I’ld give Ozil the rest instead. Truely he seems to have added a bit of fighting spirit in him lately, however, i wouldnt like to see him burn out. Santi got the rest against West Ham, so he should play 10 against Newcastle while Ramsey tries to keep it simple at CM. Would be nice to see walcott and welbeck play, Alexis needs to rest, he has also tried. He’s back to being raw like his first few games with us. He should watch from the bench to see how i can take his game back to when he was beasting.

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