My Dream – Arsenal should look forward to a REAL title decider!

My dream for Arsenal’s Season by MFH

After Tuesdays defeat to Dinamo Zagreb, every pundit and fan alike were speaking like the world was ending for Arsenal, but now after that fantastic win against Man United people have changed their minds and are being positive again. That’s because fans and people that work as pundits and journalist all have short term memories when it comes to football.

We beat Leicester 2-5 just a week before but people had already forgotten that before the United game. I feel like we should keep things in perspective, both in good times and bad – and have some long range goals. We need to look ahead and not go all ‘Wenger out’ one week and then be over the moon and praising the team and manager the next.

Of course people get angry and frustrated when things go wrong and then they celebrate when it’s going well. Thats just human nature. All I am saying is that people should look far ahead, and know that as long as we keep within some points range with whoever is leading the table, we should be satisfied.

For me personally I know that, come May, Arsenal will be in the top four, along with Man City and most likely Man United. On the 7th of May in the 37th round, we play Manchester City away. All I hope for is that when that time comes Arsenal are still in the running for the title, and I don’t even expect us to win, all I want is a real title challenge all the way.

I don’t want to fight for fourth place, I want to be awake all night before that game restless knowing that a result there might result in a league title for the Gunners. In that case a win or loss there means we at least had a run for our money, that’s my hope and dream for this season.

Mo, an Arsenal fan from Norway

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  1. If we play at our best then the only team closest to us would be Man City with the kind of squad they have.
    It’s just that we screw up too many times during the season and then end up not winning the league. Alexis-Walcott-Ozil will be the key now.
    But if we do well i guess the 37th game against Man city won’t matter at all. 😉
    Lets wrap it up sooner.

    1. We might be out of the CL but we are on fire in the PL; 8 matches played and we have played the 3,4,5,6 positioned teams in the league plus Chelsea and Liverpool who are lower but will start winning eventually. Finally have Man Utd off our back as well. We only have ourselves to blame if we aren’t in the top 2 by midseason.

    2. Add Ramsey to the list as well. Ramsey and Walcott are just as important to our front line as Alexis and Ozil. I have noticed this for more than a year now. Ozil ticks when he has Ramsey around him, watch any match when Ramsey is benched and you’ll see a major dip in Ozil’s game. Ramsey compliments him by giving him a lot of freedom. Alexis also ticks well with Walcott and Ozil around. Walcott makes space for him and Alexis makes use of it very well. We also can say this about Cazorla and Coquelin, both of them tick well together. Change any one of them and the midfield is lost.

    3. We need a more pragmatic approach to the games with strong opponents (basically 2/3 of the EPL) when we play at home. Everyone knows we rush and they will have to bunch up the midfield. Manure for what is worth can’t even park a bus, the easiest tactics in football history. What I hope is that this game will inflict some fear in our opponents. Doom prophets around here are quiet today. They will come back in force if the press finds out that players did not had fresh coffee for the players at Colney. Anything will do.

      1. Haha did a certain Champagne Charlie call me and you out after the Olympiakos defeat and label us ‘numpties?’ Or was I dreaming…?
        I was sure he’d be on here slating our ‘luxury player,’ or Theo’s consistency.. Strange

    4. If we can WORK UP our conversion rate, then we’ll coupe the title. Alexis for example, had 31 shots on target before Leicester game (we won 5-2).
      With mojo in his hand, I hope he will lead us through this season to the title. But first, we need to draw our priority because Alexis is not Superman.

  2. Let’s see first how we cope with counter attacking and set pieces, until the boxing day.
    We are now 5 points better than last year. If we can achieve 40 points or more after half season, then we will have a good chance for the title.
    I guess Chelsea, United, and Liverpool will spend a lot this winter. Will we respond to this well too?

    1. It seems that Wenger believes that the squad he has is capable of winning the League and I believe him! We are getting close to our irresistable form at the end of last season and if we go on another run like that we will be out of sight by Christmas.
      Wenger will only buy if we hav serious injuries.

    2. I hope so. Coquelin is out of back up. Neither Flamini or Arteta has defensive ability as good as he is. Not even closer. Santi Cazorla is almost the same. I’m afraid we don’t have any deep lying playmaker equal to his capability, not even Rambo. Those two are the core and they are lonely at the moment.

  3. What a weekend that was! Mou getin a beatin again & ofcourse us taking the mutherfXXXn utd to cleaners. woke up & it does’nt feel like a monday. Up ya gunner ya.

  4. I don’t usually gloat but I told all those doom merchants yesterday morning that we would win easy. Where are all the plastics who predicted a defeat yesterday hiding?

  5. If Fans Fav and Fan coverted DM

    Morgan Schiederlin had play last night…we might not have won….

    he would have won the midfield and protected their back 4

      1. He is! Haven’t you lot notice how he goes on and on about us doing a massive mistake by not getting Anthony Martial. Lol just look at how lifeless he is being a Utd fan and trying to stir **NO SWEARING** on an Arsenal site. Pathetic.

    1. people like you are a non-sense here. I don’t understand why you call yourself an arsenal fan.

    2. @Hafiz And if my auntie had a dick she would be my uncle. You REALLY need to get your doctor to prescribe some Prozac. You sound actually upset that we won!

  6. Still buzzing about the win! We thoroughly deserved it and outclassed them in every department

  7. We played Olympiacos on Tuesday not Dinamo Zagreb. We played them on Wednesday the weeks before. People don’t even know who are we playing with and then get enraged by the fact that we lost in UCL.

  8. Let’s talk about yesterday’s game. Honestly, I wasn’t confident, before the game, that we’ll win but we did. My goodness!!! That’s how to start a game. That’s the ***** spirit!!! We played like wounded souls, like we badly wanted it. Fast and furious!!!

  9. Time for a change….

    With Liverfool looking for a new manager and potentially Chelsea too…

    Lets get Klopp first before they get to them…

    1. Hafiz, you’re trolling has been amusing over the years, but now you are just becoming an annoying distraction to any serious discussion. You are the weakest link…Goodbye!

      1. @admin
        Seeing that he is a die-hard Man u fan , make him sing the song 1st,
        Glory, oops i mean

      2. I honestly don’t think it’s trolling…
        I picture a 13y.o with a keyboard, whose understanding of the sport is derived entirely from computer games..

  10. The Boss will unfailingly do mass ROTATION!!! I am saying this ahead of the time so that those Gunners that will be involved in this Boss Must rotate and win, must fully prepared themselves mentally, physically morally, technically and tactically. Those Gunners am talking to should know themselves. They should not give any excuses for for collecting all the 3 points that will contested for, when the match is eventually played some few days after the international break. A word is enough for the wise. I want all Gooners to have the belief and faith on the Boss and the Gunners that the Gunners will unfailingly beat Bayern Munich at the Emirates Stadium and also at Allianz Arena to collect 6 points and move close to qualify for the Ucl knock out stages. Good morning.

  11. It was a very good win especially against the scum but let’s not forget we drew against a very poor liverpool at home and lost to a dire chelsea (formbook) let’s not get carried away.

    Play like yesterday for the next 10 games then fair enough we might just actually challenge but I wouldn’t count your chickens just yet. Sanchez did go off yesterday clutching his upper thigh n coq was hobbling towards end let’s just hope they pull through cannot n I mean we Cannot lose them 2 for any period of time.

    Also would like to give a big shout out to Nacho monreal what a player he has become probly one of the best left backs in the prem now, unsung hero consistent 7 out of ten every week.

  12. @ny gunner, schnierdelin isn’t a d.m??? Really Iv heard it all now. If my memory serves me right he’s been amongst the best performing d.m’s in the prem for past 2/3 years recognised by pundits n everybody else for that matter.

    Does this make me a utd fan!!!!

    1. Not one of the best defensive midfielders in the league for the past 2/3 seasons. He always play alongside another defensive midfielder, with the licence to go forward a lot that is why people argue he is not a defensive midfielder. With statistics now easily available to show how players perform on the pitch you do not have to rely on pundits anymore. The last time I checked on relevant statistics of defensive midfielders for period spanning 2014.15 season to date, Morgan was far far inferior to players like Francis, Fernandinho, and Matic. His best statistics was on the offensive side but even on that front he was inferior to Fernandinho. I have watched almost all Man United matches this season and there are two players I always struggle to notice on the pitch, and these are Morgan and Herera. Put differently these two players tend to disappear in Man United matches. So for me Morgan was not a wow signing for United.

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