My dream side for Arsenal to win the title next season. What’s yours?


It feels like that. That Arsenal just managed to snatch a title loss from what was supposed to be a win. The title of this article is controversial in gooner town, for in the last 12 years we have failed to do just this and we all know at gooner town, Arsene Wenger isn’t going nowhere. That’s the reason this title therefore becomes controversial. But, beyond the controversy, we Gooners just love to dream our dreams and therefore we are going to continue dreaming this dreams.

Fourth or not, can’t believe we are discussing Wenger cup which we were so sure this season we had outgrown. But one thing the coach said, we made the most chances by far, we just did not convert them into goals. So the changes we need to make must be to build over the core of this team and not to completely tear down the team and start afresh.

First who come in and who goes out? Out for me goes Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, – great service from this powerful experienced work horses, but it’s time to have legs that can run for the long haul. Then there is the English sparkle that we tried to ignite and looks like they will never light up. So Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain off you go. Giroud, time up. We can’t be passing all those chances over for you to score and you want to score spectacular which counts the same as just getting the ball over the line. Then there is Mertesacker. Great work rate while you were competitive, but time has come for us to part ways. That’s a lot of room to bring in new players.

Who comes in – Elneny was an inspired signing that seals the holes in the centre of the park. We bring in Xhaka and for me we will be good in this department because of the pattern I will be suggesting that will not need to much personnel in this area. Any addition can come from the academy. Because of the pattern again I would want to add more centre backs. Bring in Shkodan Mustafi, Konstantines Manolas and John Stone for that English touch. With Koscielny, Chambers and Gabriel in the team, there is wonderful fight for positions on going. In attack, Henrikh Mkhitayn and Aubemeyang would be lovely additions. Not sure Dortmund can agree to release both players to us, so perhaps Riyad Mahrez comes into the picture. We have Bellerin doing so well but we need competition for him. In comes Julian Korb from Borussia Mönchengladbach. But with Carl Jenkinson in the squad, we should be able to survive the right back even without bringing a new player. The left back on the other hand is critical because Gibbs is not at the top level and Monreal is pushing into the thirties. So we move for someone like Faouzi Ghoulam from Napoli. With that the team is well structured in all areas around the park to be competitive.

My other suspicion is Wenger’s selected pattern has been another of our undoing, so I will suggest a pattern that I believe with these players we can deliver the best possible mix of outcomes.

Pattern, yes a shocking one us most people don’t fancy playing with three centre backs. But with 5 dependable centre backs and some other squad players who can fill in if the need arises, we can pull it off successfully.

My first eleven
——–Mustafi— Gabriel—Koscielny ——-

With this setup Ozil will have the lightning fast attacking front that he loves to have. With an interchanging play with Iwobi and Sanchez, he too can get in some goals, and no one wants to hurt a player here because the bench is scary powerful. Xhaka, Elneny, Welbeck, Wilshere, Iwobi, Campbell….

The wingbacks are specialist defenders but now deployed in a slightly advanced role supporting the midfield and the wings. We do not therefore need two defensive midfielders.

We dream on….


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  1. By far the sh****est article I’ve ever read. Let go of Chamberlain, are you kidding me? And why let Rosicky go? Why can’t someone retire at Arsenal for once? And I’d DEFINITELY keep Giroud as a sub. I think you meant to post this on some stupid FIFA forum. I’m sorry but this delusion just annoys me.


      1. So we will end the season with a.squad of 29 players over the age of 21 of which 5 are goalkeepers, yet not a mention of getting rid or loaning out any of them. Also in that 29 are sanogo and Wellington, again no mention of getting rid of them but we are getting rid of chamberlain Walcott and giroud.

        Before we offload any of usual starters, let’s offload those that are clearly not good enough or not fit enough, offload 2 or 3 goalkeepers and then fill the squad back up to its full quota. I could list 9 players I would sell, release or loan before chamberlain, Walcott and giroud are replaced.

        Szczesney, Martinez, Macey, Debuchy, flamini, arteta, rosicky, wellington, sanogo. By doing that we open up 5 spaces in the squad, I honestly don’t think we need more than 5.

        Add the u21s like Huddart (3Rd keeper) bellerin, chambers, toral gnabry and iwobi who in my opinion are the only ones worthy of a place and you would have a pretty strong 31 man squad, no need for anymore departures.

        1. My dream team:

          GK: Cech, Ospina
          RB: Bellerin, Mario Gaspar
          CB: Koscielny, Laporte, Mertesaker, Gabriel
          LB: Monreal, Gibbs
          CDM: Carvalho, Coquelin
          CM: Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny
          CAM: Ozil, Cazorla
          LW: Iwobi, Kostic
          RW: Sanchez, Oxlade, Campbell
          ST: Lukaku, Welbeck

          Loan Out: Jenkinson, Chambers, Zelalem, Bielik, Adelaide, Niles, Gnabry

          1. Bellerin – Dijk – Koscielny – Monreal (we need a pacey and young back up)
            Xhaka/Coquelin – Cazorla/Elneny/Ramsey
            Mkhitaryan – Özil – Alexis

            Could probably use more pace upfront in the form of Aubameyang, but higuain is a clinical finisher and he has improved immensely in the last two years, in his prime.

    1. What progress has Ox made in this team? He should go with Walcott, Giroud, Wilshere and maybe Ramsey as well. They’ve been given far too much time at this club and they haven’t proved anything. They should have been household names now. Mourinho, as much as I hate him is right on this. These young british players should have no excuses. They turn up on the pitch followers. Look at Walcott, 10 years, and still playing like he was introduced to first team this season.

      Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky will leave anyway at some point.

    2. Donkey Giroud sucks can’t score 14 league games and misses sitters every game. Can’t score, can’t pass, can’t dribble, can’t run total waste. 17 year old Malen is better than him.
      Rosicky is injury prone sell him old and we have plenty of cam ozil, cazorla nd now Iwobi.
      Chamberlain 1 league goal in 2015-16 and no assists.

  2. The article is funny so I enjoyed it..
    As you have rightly said,it is only a dream….now WAKE UP!!! And stop dreaming..

  3. I have never seen Walcott drop form this way, and I think this is Giroud’s longest drought???

    What could be the cause???
    Are they keeping themselves for Euros or what???
    Am confused

  4. Coach: Brian clough or anyone who isn’t wenger

    Messi Messi Messi messi
    Messi Messi Santi messi

  5. In my dream Arsenal side for next season I’d love to see Elneny playing alongside either one of Xhaka or Cazorla, with Ozil providing passes for Alexis Sanchez and Thomas Muller upfront.

    Bellerin – Mert – Kosc – Monreal
    Elneny – Xhaka (Gundogan is also a dream signing but I think he is going to Mancity)
    Muller – Ozil – Alexis
    Welbeck/Giroud (Replace anyone of this two with Lukaku if we can’t get Muller to join the attack)

  6. I am hearing about a planned organized protests by 3 AFC support groups come Saturday. Anyone hear anything.

    I hope it holds successfully and that it creates the kind of sustained pressure needed to shake up things at the club.

    1. The last home game when 2 and a half thousand season tickets got sent back they said there was going to be a walk out on the 75 minute, never happened. This time they might be more successful, but I reckon allot of fans will still stay seated..

      1. “I reckon allot of fans will still stay seated..”

        You have a point there.

  7. ……………….Cech

    Id make do with Higuain if we cant get Auby. I’d take one of Verratti or Bender to go with Coq and Elneny if necessary. And I’d take Laporte or Hummels if we couldn’t get Godin. I’d take Mikitarian if we couldn’t pull off Griezmann.

  8. 1st XI:
    Bel Laporte/Rugani Kosc Monreal
    caz xhaka
    griezman ozil sanchez

    2nd XI:
    Jenkinson Chambers Gabriel(unfortunately) gibbs
    elneny coq
    ox wilshere iwobi

    OUT: Arteta, Giroud, Theo, Flamini, Ramsey, Mert, Gabriel(hopefully)

    Even this team won’t be able to do anything if they are being managed by tactically inept senior citizen

  9. Have been reading so many anti-wenger comments these days…well credit where credit’s due….atleast mr. wenger is uniting our fan base :p

  10. We got carzola and ozil when we lost any one of them we were sluggish so for me viraty should do the trick for me as he is good taking the ball from out of defense but also has good range of passing abomayang for a striker for sure but the defense needs a tall specialist a header of the ball as we conceded quite few headers we need to fix 2 problems at the very least next season one being lack of scoring and the other being the lack of defense in set pieces

  11. Arsenal need a huge rebuild.
    The key issue for me
    though is who should do
    the rebuilding and when.
    It would be criminal to allow Arsene to blow the budget
    on his type of players because you then deny the new manager
    to build his team with his type of players.
    So we would be stuck with Wenger’s players for years even after he has left.
    The money should be given to the new manager to build his team.
    Its just common sense.
    So why wait another year? Why give Arsene a testimonial year?
    He’s had 12 years to win another title and could not
    beat Leicester in the weakest EPL ever.
    There is absolutely no reason to delay the start of the rebuild.
    Arsene must step down. But is he willing to do what is right for the club?
    Will the board step in or are they too scared?

    1. “But is he willing to do what is right for the club?”

      No. He has got absolutely no incentive to step aside.

  12. Can I change my coach to Wenger? I just realised that I depend on consistency even in my dreams..

    Zzzz 4th zzzzzz 3rd zzzzzz 5th ahhhhhhhhhh

  13. Wenger’s dream team
    Eboue Squillaci Silvestre Santos
    Denison Ramsey
    Theo Diaby Park

    1. @money talks: Please don’t forget his Subs- Igor Stepanovs, Senderous, Quincy-Owusu, Richard Wright, Francis Jeffers, Junichi Inamoto and the list goes on!

    2. Eboue was a good right back. it s only when wenger made him right winger that things went wrong for him. remember that game against Real madrid when he put robinho in his pocket.

  14. GK: Spiderman
    RB: Captain America
    LB: Black Panther
    CB: Ironman
    CB: Thor
    DCM: Hulk
    CM: Beast
    ACM: Batman
    LAM: Flash
    RAM: QuickSilver
    CF: Hawkeye

    Manager: Mr Manhattan

  15. Get rid of overpaid British flops like Theo,
    Ox, Gibbs and Ramsey. Look at the progress of Kane, Dier, Ali and Rose and look at ours embarrassing.

    1. @moneytalks: the same British folks you mentioned would have fared much better under a better Manager as those Spurs players would have also be struggling under Wenger. That’s a fact. You see my friend, the problem is not the players but Mr Wenker!!!!

  16. Simeone or Low should be our next manager. Stubborn Wenger will stay next season. We need to protest hard in next 2 home games to make sure he doesn’t sign next contract. We need 4 top players next season Hummels/Varane, Xhaka, New winger and New top striker. Spend 120-150 m next season. We will save plenty of money by getting rid of Szczesny, Theo, Ramsey, Ox and Giroud. Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky leaving will save extra 200k which can be given to top striker.

  17. The current team is fine bar Giroud and the Manager!
    Arsene Wenger can spend as much as he desires and the team will still fall short! Get rid of the Manager and this team will surely fly, with the exception of course, you know who……the run-like-a-pregnant-woman-Giroud!!!!

  18. Feasabile targets:
    OUTS- Walcott, Chamberlain, Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini, Gabriel
    INS – Mahrez, Aubameyang, Rugani

    1st Eleven:
    Sanchez Aubameyang Mahrez
    Cazorla Coquelin
    Monreal Rugani Koscielny Bellerin

    2nd Eleven:
    Iwobi Giroud Campbell
    Elneny Ramsey
    Gibbs Mertesacker Chambers Jenkinson

    1. Only 3 big buys needed for great squad. Can add Debuchy, Szcesney to the exits- 8 out means plenty of scope for 3 big INs

  19. Girou is way too slow for the premiership.
    He does not create a fear factor. Defenders know that he is slow so they don t panic. The only time he scores is a tap in or header.
    Just to say that we need a strong quick central forward in our dream team for next year pleaaaaaaaaase wenger.

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