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My favourite Arsenal transfer rumours – What’s yours?

Well at last Arsenal have finally made a move in the transfer market and have brought in the 34 year-old centre-back Stephan Lichtsteiner who has arrived after winning 7 Serie A titles on the trot. But that can hardly be the end of our transfer business as we have to make a concerted effort to get back into the Champions League next season.

I’m going to pick my top Arsenal rumours that could make us back into contenders, and my Number One is the ex-Stoke midfielder Steven N’Zonzi. We desperately need a defensive midfielder and he has done the job perfectly for Unai Emery before at Sevilla, and his release clause is 40 million. That may seem a bit much but I think he would be perfect for us. By the way, the Premier League may be over for now, but with the World Cup coming up you can still get your footy fix every day. In fact if you enjoy soccer and want to play a new sports predictions game and win cash, visit . You can make daily soccer predictions using free play credits and the weekly points leader wins a cash prize. It gives me a little bit of interest going during the long break…

Back to the rumours… I quite like the look of Sokratis as well. He is another one that is getting on a bit, but is big, strong and highly experienced at the top level. We need no nonsense defenders and he and Lichtsteiner could transform out back line. Most defenders can go on well into their thirties so I am hopeful we’ll get a few seasons out of him.

Next I would love a proper winger, and the rave reports about Martin Gelsons has got me excited. The Sporting Lisbon wide man is going into the shop window at the World Cup with Portugal so we may not have much chance of getting him but I can dream can’t I?

Another dream I have is Jean Michael Seri from Nice. With Jack Wilshere unlikely to return next season then we have room for one more top talented midfielder, and this is the one I want the most.

I honestly don’t think we will get more than four signings, and I think these ones above would make us into a real force next season. Who would you put in your top four incoming transfers?

Sam P

60 thoughts on “My favourite Arsenal transfer rumours – What’s yours?

  1. gotanidea

    N’zonzi for forty millions is too much expensive. Arsenal is not Barcelona that could spend their money buying fringe players such as Paulinho, Andre Gomes, Turan, Alcacer, etc

    I think Sokratis and Soyuncu would join Arsenal in the next season. And if we cannot get Seri, I wish Arsenal would chase Denis Suarez instead

    For the winger, if Arsenal cannot get Bailey, Malcom, Janujaz, Mahrez or Draxler, I hope they approach Munir El Haddadi. Munir is used to play with Barcelona level, used to play with Messi, has a strong left foot, played as right winger, scored a handful of goals for Alaves, fast and young

    1. kev

      JUST IN:We have pulled out of the deal for Nzonzi.Should’ve been agreed at £35m but we have now pulled out.

      We have also told Peter Cech he will No. 2 next season.In order of preference these are our following choices for GK 1.Leno 2. Butland 3. Oblak (Oblak would be First choice but price to high) 4. Cillessen

      I’m not saying we are selling them but the following players have been told they can leave if they want to this season:
      Ospina,Mustafi,Chambers,Xhaka,Elneny and Welbeck.

      1. kev

        Other targets are :
        CB:Soyuncu.Pavard deal won’t happen
        RW:Gelson Martins (if free as he wants to terminate contract),Dembele(unlikely but loan possible),Forsberg and many more

        Do not be shocked in the future to hear a bid involving Bellerin +cash for Dembele.Just saying.

        1. kev

          Soyuncu deal now almost complete in the region of £30m.Freiburg have already signed his replacement.
          We are in no rush for Leno and Soyuncu to happen fast since both are not going to World Cup.

          1. GoonerP

            What about Yacine??
            You know all….

            Hang on. No I’m an insider! DONE DEAL Arsenal sign Yacine!

        2. gotanidea

          Tanguy Ndombele was very good when he faced PSG and Seri would fulfill Cazorla’s role as a playmaker, because our current playmakers often lose the ball

          Like what JustArsenal said, Dembele is too good to be true, but I hope we don’t get Gelson Martins, because we already have Reiss Nelson and Mkhitaryan. I want to see Bailey or Malcom instead

          I won’t be surprised if Arsenal buy Butland in the end. I just hope they don’t repeat the same mistake, buying a player from a relegation zone club (like Mustafi, Andre Gomes and Evans)

          1. Midkemma

            Not all teams that go down are filled with lesser quality players, sometimes a quality player can end up being in a bad team and suffering relegation.

            Micheal Owen got relegated with Newcastle but snapped up by UTD to be used as a squad player and he did help UTD to win 2 more EPL titles.

            Micheal Carrick spent some time dropped down after relegation, done alright for UTD didn’t he? Well, TBH it was spuds who bought him when he had been relegated but UTD soon came in for him.

            Oh Oh My favorite (example) relegated player who shown the WORLD how good he was, Roy Keane. Relegated in 93 under Clough (arguable a great manager in his day) and then bought by UTD .

            A club in relegation reflects doesn’t indicate the quality of the players, it is many factors and one of them is the managers tactics. Being an Arsenal fan…. You should know this ;P We have suffered from this issue for how long? LOL!

        3. Abel

          What a load of bull.
          Great way to cast your net wide an hope to ge som predictions right. Th people you named as on the way out is not privileged information except Elneny who I going nowhere as he signed a new contract this season. Likewise Chambers is going nowhere either.

      2. John0711

        Cant understand chambers but the rest can go, good news about Nzonzi as hes too old and im assuming we have another plan
        Leno thumbs up
        him Soyuncu
        Torrelli spelt wrong and seri plus a winger would be amazing

        Ospina,Mustafi,Chambers,Xhaka,Elneny and Welbeck. should raise minimum 80m max 120

        1. kev

          But note please I didn’t say we were selling them though.Just saying they will be allowed to leave if they want to or if the right offer comes in.

          1. AndersS

            Can you name a player, that won’t be allowed to leave, if the right offer comes in??? 🙂

              1. Midkemma

                If a club became really stupid and offered £350 million for Rambo, do you think the board will say no? How about £400 million for Auba?

                Real question for me then becomes what is that figure that AFC couldn’t reject.

                1. Amidewa

                  Nonsense. I’m talking realistically.

                  Max. offers would be 35 – 45 mill. for Mkhi, 50 – 60 for Auba, and 40 – 50 for Ramsey. We would not sell. Irrelevant numbers make no practical sense. Even Barcelona would sell Messi for 10 billion dollars if you feel like being facetious.

                  On the other hand, we would hopefully take even 20 for Mustafi or Xhaka…

      3. Adam Criniti

        El Neny—$10M

        $75 M recouped, plus $70M allocated this window $125 to be spent on:

        Rico(Leno) $20M

        Rico (Leno)

          1. Midkemma

            Also, you didn’t put the £ sign, coinvertion isn’t 1:1 with other currencies.

            £50 million isn’t 50 million Euros and that in turn isn’t 50 million USD.

            Careful with the media, they swap what currency they use to work on the wow factor the best they can.
            Want to sound cheap? Use £££ and it would give the smallest numerical figure.

        1. Bashiir

          Bro it’s not bad urban think but El neny so great player and change him Ramsey or Ozil also add Mikht And choose Gelston Martins and Malcom

      4. Amidewa

        “Ospina,Mustafi,Chambers,Xhaka,Elneny and Welbeck.”

        Dear lord! This might just become the best summer ever as an Arsenal fan.

        I still feel Elneny is somewhat okay as a backup DM, and Chambers as the 4th or 5th choice CB, but if Xhaka, Mustafi, Ospina, and Welbeck all leave during the same mercato, it truly means we’re starting over with more optimism and intelligence.

  2. Eddie Hoyte

    delusional…. 40 Million for a 30 years old.
    Liverpool got Fabinho,
    City Chasing Jorginho
    United got Fred
    and we’re chasing 30 years old Nzonzi?? And you’re liking it?

    1. kev

      We have pulled out.Deal won’t happen now that only leaves us with Torreira,Doucoure,Ndombele,Seri (close to Chelsea move)

      1. Amidewa

        Doucoure I love (platonically, sure), but he’s a pure box-to-box midfielder not a DM. Why would we spend tens of millions on a backup to Ramsey??? Unai said Ramsey is staying, so buying an out-and-out DM and a CB are priorities. I feel the Adli kid could play on the wing if necessary and do a better job than Welbz if we run out of money for a winger.

    2. Enda

      Whatever they pay even if it’s 150 million why should it matter to us if it’s what we need. We are football fans not financial directors. For too long we have been obsessed with the financial side of arsenal and I’m including myself in that.

    3. Midkemma

      For £40 million….
      Nzonzi isn’t good enough.
      £40 million would make PSG think twice about accepting a Rabiot transfer.
      £40 million would get Everton thinking about Gueyse (spelling?)
      £40 million could make us serious contenders for illarramendi.
      How about that Watford player who I can never remember his name… Begins with a D and a beast in CM.
      We could go for LCFC young DM/CB player, umm… Ndidi? (I really need to check and stop being lazy today lol!)

      So many options for £40 million… Nzonzi has never thrilled me and the rumors about him have always left me feeling like we could be getting the wrong end of the stick.

      1. Adam Criniti

        for £50M Arsenal could buy Torreria and Ndombele(Lyon B2B player, younger version
        of Doucoure from Watford). and dramatically
        improve the steel and athleticism in the middle
        of the patch.

        But AFC just can’t do without those barnstorming
        runs and mesmerizing flicks from a want to be
        #10 disguised as a B2B midfielder.

    4. Bashiir

      That is a kind of crazy
      They don’t see Csk maskow cm or another young players also they can’t know we didn’t need Dm only we need Cm or Cazorla replace and Great wIngers

  3. Sean Williams

    Simply Emil Forsberg. Since we lost Cazorla the team went down. Forsberg is a mobile technically gifted playmaker who can play wide too. He is above our class at the moment and therefore would elevate our play. He’s just top notch.

    1. Adam Criniti


      Couldn’t agree more, would love to see the Swede
      working his midfield magic @ the Emirates but sadly I just don’t see it happening.

  4. Phil

    I don’t believe ANY rumour unless it is endorsed by KEV.After all he has NEVER been wrong.Has he?

    1. gotanidea

      He was wrong with Allegri, despite almost correct with Lemar and he was right about Lacazette/ Aubameyang

  5. Counsel

    The role of the so called Defensive midfielder is overrated here by the armchair managers,in the modern game the philosophy of a specialist DM is no longer progressive, to play central midfield you need to be a complete player who can assist both in attack and defence.The idea of new manager improving the team is just razzmatazz we need real change, in terms of shrewd transfers when talk about nzonzi and sicratis being good maybe you acquired knowledge from the university of school of life.

    1. John0711

      I think Kante would prove you wrong, there are very few complete midfielders in the world let alone here

    2. ThirdManJW

      Haha! Yeah and how well have we done without a DM? Kante, Casemiro, Busquets, Fernandinho all overrated? The role of a DM isn’t always needed, in regards to what tactics, and formation is implemented, but I would argue that it’s essential for teams that play very attacking football. Having no DM for over a decade has cost us dearly!

  6. Gio

    I think we should be going after Lucas Paqueta, the next “big thing” from Brazil.
    He would add a lot to this team

    1. John0711

      I had wondered about him and Aubameyang
      I can’t see them together tbh, maybe we want a young striker and Aubat
      Or maybe the money is going somewhere else

      1. Ozziegunner

        It has taken too long for Arsenal to get one decent striker let alone now having two. Allowing Lacazette to leave would be criminal. There are situations where Arsenal can play two up front, one central and one wide. Also Arsenal cannot afford to put all the striking eggs in one basket ie Aubameyang, in case he is injured.Arsenal would then depend on who for goals?
        It wouldn’t be a surprise if Lacazette had a very productive season in 2018/19, given that it is his second year in the EPL, he is unlikely to be called up for France so he will have a full preseason to train and he will have fully recovered from his knee operation. He showed great form, when he returned from injury.

        1. Sean Williams

          Totally agree Ozziegunner. To get rid of Lacazette would be bizarre. After years of crying out for quality strikers I would be perplexed to see him go. He looked very sharp alongside Aubamayang towards the end of the season. If it happened it would make it quite clear that Mr Greedy Stan Kroenke is football blind man and a twat. It would be my first negative point against Unai Emery. But I actually don’t believe it and am confident Emery will be a good manager and a wise manager…..and care about the supporters.

      2. Midkemma

        You can’t see them working well together?
        Try watching some games??????

        Seriously, they worked well together, they looked deadly as any forward line I have seen recently.
        I do not think they have failed to produce a goal when they are both on the pitch…

        You can’t see them working together when they have already shown excellent signs?

        I’m gobsmacked.

    2. Midkemma

      Can’t be true…. I hope and keep fingers crossed that this is just media hype to get some clicks.

      Laca can be the ideal CF for Auba to work off, Laca is more of a complete CF than Auba who is more of a direct CF. Auba could do wonders on the left, acting like a 2nd CF when we got the ball forward enough, allowing Laca to drop deep and be more of a build up and focal point in attacks.

      Think about PSG, Neymar is the star yet he isn’t the CF, the CF is someone who will do the work to allow Neymar to flourish. Laca can do that role better than Cavagni, in my opinion of course 😛

        1. Tas

          If we play 3-5-2 we can accommodate everyone, our wing backs always in the wrong end of the pitch anyway with three at the back they stay at the back

  7. Diana

    My personal favourites have been as follows, in order or Preference
    1. Torreira and/or Doucoure. Heard Ndombele is better than these two so i guess would be happy with him too.
    2. Sonyuncu
    3. Leno/Rico
    4. Sokratis
    5. Kev you better be right:Happy about everyone who has been told to leave except Chambers. Little sad as he had become a better defender.

    1. Phil

      Chambers proved he could step up when he eventually got into the side last season.He is a lot better CENTRAL defender than he’s ofyen given credit for.He is NOT a Full Back.He can cover that position if needed but that should not be necessary now.Im all for versatile players but we must not go back to the square pegs in round holes that Wenger tried far too many times.

      1. Ken1945

        So Phil, how do you find out who is versatile and who is a square peg in a round hole?
        Once an individual who has been rated as having the potential to be a professional footballer signs, then he should be tried in various positions before classifying his preferred position.
        I give you Henry as a classic example, bought as a winger matured into the classic centre forward.
        ANM is the business, but in what position is still unclear in my opinion.
        The only position this does not apply to is, of course, a goalkeeper.
        With regards to the article, our club is once again being linked to everyone with two legs!
        I don’t know why, but I feel quite sure that we will see the new regime make the signings required to ensure our younger players are developed properly.
        However I have no idea where all the money has gone since the infamous quote from the board about only two players in the world not being available to us.
        My favourite rumour is Yaya playing for a pound a week!!
        Now that sounds like a Kronky signing to me!
        If I was playing the devil’s advocate, what about Mr Wenger to Real Madrid, but hey let’s not go there?!?!

        1. Phil

          Hi Ken-Playing Ramsey wide.Chambers is NOT a full back.Welbeck used on the wing.Wilsjere wide.Mykatarian wide.Ozil wide.I do feel we have an awful lot of players who are predominantly centre midfield players and we have a lack of natural width.
          I believe we will change formations quite a bit under Emery as we have proved that at home against most teams we only need a back Four but against some a 3/5/2 will be preferred with our wide full backs giving us width.
          Anyway the weeks are passing quickly now so all will soon be there for all to see.

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