My favourite moments for Arsenal under Mikel Arteta

My best Arteta moments this season, what is yours?

Hello friends; good morning to you all wherever you are. I hope we are doing everything possible to keep us safe and protected from the deadly Corona Virus? With tMikel Arteta being the latest to be diagnosed with COVID-19, I will really afraid it could get worse by the day.Anyway, let us just hope it gets eradicated soon.

This morning I would like to take your mind back to when Arteta was appointed. Let us sit down and reflect on the games he has handled at Arsenal so far and reminisce on the good times that we enjoyed ourselves; even though results were not as positive as we expected. As for me, I have just two games that I would say I enjoyed. These two games are the ones we played against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier this year and the one we played against Newcastle, just last month. So, let us roll.

The game against Chelsea was a game that announced Arteta’s readiness to mix it up with the big teams in the league. Before the game, there were fears that Chelsea could do a double over us. They had won the first game Arteta played against them by two goals to one, and were in a confident mood for another victory. Well, the game was played and we drew the game. We drawing against Chelsea was not even what impressed a lot of people, but the manner of the draw, was classic. Not only were we a man down, we also crawled back to level the game twice against a buoyant Chelsea team. Unless we play another classical game before the end of the season, I will still pick out this game as the one classic game Arteta managed as Arsenal’s coach.

The other game that I enjoyed was the one where we whitewashed Newcastle. One major reason why I enjoyed that game was because we scored four goals against a team that was in a good vein of form prior to playing against us. In that game, we came alive after playing like a team without directions for a large part of the game. When we started scoring against Newcastle, we didn’t stop until we scored four goals. For a team that had been struggling to score goals, scoring four against Newcastle, was just awesome. I had fun watching that game and I hope to watch Arsenal score more goals in more games, before the end of this season.

So there we have it friends, can you talk about the two games that you have seen under Arteta that impressed you the most? We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. That’s kinda morbid article. As if Arteta is gone, remembering his best moments! That’s crazy!

    Should be an article where we can all make comments to support.

    Did he get infected by Olympiacos boss? Takes few weeks to appear, makes it dangerous as many have it but unaware before symptoms clearly appear or felt.

    France has shot down all education system, every countries about to do same in a minute. Of course EPL season will be suspended as Euro.

    This is beyond football.

    Mikel and everyone affected and all of you; may God protects us.

    1. Honestly…… that was exactly what I had in mind….. he tested positive for the virus…. and hopefully, he will recover……. HE’S NOT DEAD!

  2. We all want MA to get well soon and I’m sure he will, he’s a fit young man but this article is like an obituary for goodness sake. Insensitive or what?

    1. Exactly my sentiments….this Article is headed as if MA is dead…poor writing. We wish MA a quick recovery

  3. His appointment !

    His love for this football club is evident, which goes a long way for me.

    Get well soon Mikel – see you back in the dug out soon.

  4. Lol… What do you expect when he keeps piping up articles more then even both Admins of this site does?
    Hardly ever any article that’ll wow you.
    Once I saw the headline I was like WTF?
    Like Mogunna said, the article seems too morbid but well what do I know?

    Arteta would be fine, Odoi wasn’t down with the virus, he only tested positive to it. He’s recovering already has stopped showing symptoms of the virus, hopefully Arteta goes through the same, testing positive after showing signs and recovery ASAP.
    It’s been widely spread, the virus isn’t fatal when it comes to young victims.
    The old age are more at risk of suffering fatality.
    Arteta would be resuming duty soon, he’ll be fine.
    I know so.
    Hope the older ones survive this more.

  5. Lightening the mood a little –

    My favourite moment wouldn’t be Mikel in an Everton shirt anyway (graphic ?).

  6. A naively written and distasteful Article that makes it sound as if Mikel Arteta has managed his last game for Arsenal. Sylvester is a hugely keen and constant article writer and that is to his credit, but his judgement on many topics is that of a juvenile and thus irritating to an older , more worldly wise and also somewhat pedantic “old git” like me. I am on this site chiefly because I much like serious discussion with worldly wise Gooners and I do find it but not often enough, to be frank.
    As the season looks very likely to be suspended or cancelled anytime now, I doubt that I will be on here much longer this season, unless the standard of articles much improves. And soon! LESS TOSH FROM SYLVESTER WOULD CERTAINLY HELP!

    1. Any right thinking individual should pray and wish Mikel a quick recovery and good health to the entire team instead of writing insensitive articles like this one. The Coach and players are not mere objects of entertainment but human beings who deserve our sympathy and empathy whenever something goes wrong with some of them.

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