My four reasons why I don’t believe Arsenal will sack Emery

Why the board may not sack Unai Emery

Hello Arsenal fans around the world; how are you today? Hope we are still keeping the faith? How mentally prepared are we for our next League game away at Norwich?

Have you guys ever thought why the club will not sack Emery? Have you ever asked yourself why Emery was even appointed at the first place? Well, i may not be totally right and i am open to constructive criticism, but these are the reasons why i feel the club may not sack Emery.

1. Emery was appointed because he accepted to manage an Arsenal team built on mediocrity: Lets us flash back to when Arsenal sacked Wenger and were in need of a coach. Many candidates were rumoured to have been interviewed but the board choose Emery. Why did they choose Emery? Simple; Emery was chosen because he was the only manager who agreed to coach a team whose board of directors were not ready to spend to improve the team. He had worked at a club that ran on a low budget and he was selected, because the board of directors wanted him to work out his magic at Arsenal, the way he worked it at Sevilla. Am I wrong?

2. The cost of sacking Emery may be too much for the club to bear: Relieving a coach of his duties before the end of his contract, is very expensive and from what i have noticed at Arsenal, they won’t want to pay such an amount, when the cheapest option is to allow him run down his contract and then let him go.

3. Even if Emery was to be sacked, will the club be able to appoint a coach that will accept a club that is not willing to splash out all the cash needed to improve things? I doubt they would. The coaches we have around these days are coaches that want their employers to give them the tools necessary to succeed. Will Arsenal be ready to splash out the cash to turn things around? Even if the do sack Emery, I doubt if they will.

4. Emery will be willing to accept any conditions thrown at him, because he is desperate to be in a job and this will favour the board of directors.

Now, these reasons may well sound illogical but then, what other reasons can you come up with, apart from all these that i highlighted?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. The club spent 72 m on a winger
    25m on a left back
    And money on a CB
    wether that’s instalments or not that’s ambitious
    So your argument fails

    1. How much did Auba and Laca cost again. stopped reading after he was talking about not spending money smh. Do some basic research before telling everyone what you think.

  2. I think there’s just two.

    1 – Although it was Gazidis that appointed Emery, meaning the new board have no reason of sentiment towards him, maybe they just like the guy. I wonder if they’re torn. They know we are badly underperforming, but they cannot bring themselves to sack him just yet. Praying he can turn it around.

    2 – Most likely it’s a money issue. Our budget is probably poor for next summer, and sacking Emery early will eat into it.

    Whatever the reason, it’s suicidal to keep Emery any longer.

  3. Amazing really, that the Arsenal board pay Emery £6M p a to ruin the club, yet a few miles down the road there are thousands who would do it for nothing !
    The board have clearly lost the plot.

  4. OK !…..forget the doom and gloom, who`s looking forward to Thursday nights game ?………..90 minutes of escapism ! 😆

  5. If Emery is retained any longer, we should be prepared for a relegation dog fight. That is precisely the form Arsenal is right now. Three points out of a possible eighteen .So it’s much cheaper to sack him now before it becomes to late.

    1. Spot on! We’re also lucky to have as many points as we currently do, given the amount of clear cut scoring opportunities we keep giving away. Another lucky point against Southampton.

  6. This is how I see the current predicament……………RMS Titanic Arsenal are leisurely sailing along to the drop zone and the on board owners see Ice Cubes in the distance whereas the passenger fans see a massive Iceberg !

    1. That is a high possibility QD, but I`m hoping we get in a proper manager who is accepted by the fans and given time to sort this car crash out as to me there is no quick fix here and at some point we are going to have to trust someone, we dont want a cut and shut job, we want a brand new replacement top model !

    2. The answer is quite simple QD, we get relegated.
      I’d rather we tried to change the slide by sacking him and getting relegated, rather than let the clown take us down.
      At least we would have tried.

  7. Sorry, I think you are wrong:

    1) The club has actually spent quite a lot of money on new players

    2) The cost of sacking Emery is for sure weighed up against the revenue we get from the results.
    If the club reaches the stage, where it as an alternative to Emery, which they are confident will give us a much better chance of CL football, it makes financial sense to sack Emery. But they obviously don’t think so, just yet

    3) This point is basically the same as no. 1, and it is wrong

    4) Emery has a fine CV all together, so I really don’t think he will struggle to get a new job, but like any human being, Emery has to believe he can put things right. Even Wenger thought he could turn things around

  8. I read all comments on the the arsenal fan sites, and they all miss the big picture. Arsenal isn’t a big issue to Stan. He is in a shit mess in LA, he is spending big money and getting his butt kicked. Last night his Rams got destroyed but Ravens, that is after spending a ton of dollars on his players. London is a side show for this guy, just a money machine, a loyal fan base willing to spend their money on this team. We might be stuck with Emery til the end of the season.

  9. The cost of sacking emery outweighs the need of hiring another manager. Allegry would not have settled for this group of players . I remember his second to the last season with juventus, pirlo was the maestro in midfield. Allegry still asked the board to pay heavily to get miralem pjanic.emery will not rock the boat and that’s why he is the perfect choice for the directors

  10. Who knows. Maybe there is a clause in his contract stating that if he falls out of top half of table he leaves for nothing. Could be a million reasons why board is stalling. Time will tell

  11. Tell me which sane and ambitious manager would want to work with an aging squad of Socrates, Luiz, Ozil; with average players – Xhaka, AMN, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Lucas, Pepe and our forgotten heroes Elneny,Mkhitaryan returning back and inexperienced Willock, Saka, Nelson. Does not seem exciting, enjoy Emery till we have him and regret his departure later as some fans regret Wenger’s departure. After Emery’s challenges, we can now conclude that Wenger was not the cause for our down fall.It was the ownership, the board and the scouting teams which led to hiring average players and letting go Wenger’s prime targets – Suarez, Mahrez, Kante,Juan Mata, Cahill and many more.

    1. Quite right,the toxic attitude around the Emirates, the reported dressing room unrest, the failure of the club to secure the long term contracts of our better players, the the constant, but completely unsubstantiated reference to the lack of money to buy players. Who in his right mind would manage Arsenal. Arsenal will stick with Emery till the end of the season because, regardless of all the speculation and rumours and that purely what it is, the board will not find anyone to take the job at the present time. I am convinced enough to have placed a long odds bet on Emery being here till the end of the season. by the way I can afford to loose.

      1. I trust you got better than the odds most bookies give and can lay your bet off before it loses. Have you factored in , in your analysis, the certainty of increased in the ground fan antipathy and anger, in the form of banners, chants etc , against Emery and the world wide publicity that will bring to and harm our clubs reputation! You would be well advised to think more deeply about this because in my considered view, as a very successful pro bettor, you are certain to lose,as your bet stands.
        However, IF, as your post indicates, you are merely an amateur who is happy to lose money” you can afford to lose” then carry on. I would not dream of stopping an amateur having fun whilst losing money!

  12. Emery and whether he is sacked now or later is a side issue to the main one. Kroenke is the MAIN PROBLEM and will remain so whilst he owns the club. Emerys appointment is directly because far better proven managers will never work without REAL money to spend. That is plain to anyone who thinks logically. I know we SHOULD sack Emery right now and so does almost everyone else on here. But, when he goes, as he will,ere much longer, who will we have a chance to get in to make the complete change in attitude, in better payers, including an entirely new outfield defence(keeping only Tierney and Holding, in discipline, work rate , in changing every single thing teamwise? We have no chance of an Allegri as his ilk will not work under KROENKES SCROOGINESS. We are looking at Arteta, Freddie and that level of untried prospective managers . No one else who is already proven top quality will even be interested under Kroenke, and given the huge task, with no real available money, to turn this sinking liner around. But we still must sack Emery . Today!

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