“My idea is to win, win, win as soon as possible.” Is Luiz aiming a dig at Arsenal?

David Luiz has opened up on leaving Arsenal and the Brazilian appears to aim a dig at the Gunners by saying his idea is to win things soon.

Luiz spent two seasons at the Emirates after joining the Gunners from their London neighbours, Chelsea.

He had a distinguished time with the Blues and won the Premier League among other trophies.

Unai Emery signed him for Arsenal as the former Gunners’ boss wanted an experienced head to lead his defence.

Mikel Arteta extended his deal for a further season to the surprise of most Arsenal fans.

He left the club at the end of last season and he is currently looking for a new one.

He spoke about his time with the Gunners and said he and the club took the decision for him to leave.

He then claims that Arsenal’s plans are for the long term suggesting that they aren’t looking to win things soon, which is what he wants.

He stated to The Daily Mail: “Both of us decided to split.

“I came for two years and the aim was to win something, which I did.

“Now, I think the club has a different project for the long term.

“They have different ideas. My idea is to win, win, win as soon as possible.”

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  1. what Luiz has said is not imo a dig at the club
    He is in the twilight of his playing career and wants to win some more before he does retire.

    The club have changed policy since his departure and are aiming for more younger players to regrow the club.

    I still believe this guy is just a class person and i honestly wish him well for the rest of his career

  2. Yes I can see how David is alluding to our place not being as “driven” as he would have liked, and not being comfortable with the plan laid out to tackle this.

      1. Hi Ozziegunner.

        O T

        Thought Unai was unlucky against Chelski in the week.

        Villarreal grew into the game, particularly 2nd half, and could have easily nicked it.

        For me, U E remains a very good manager given what he works with.

    1. I think experienced journalists will read between the lines., as this breaks ;

      “ David Luiz Says He wants More Trophies and Arsenal Can’t Give Him
      The Brazilian joined Arsenal from crosstown rivals, Chelsea, back in 2019 but departed following the expiration of his contract in June. David Luiz revealed that it was the club’s lack of ambition that led him to look elsewhere. He said: “Both of us decided to split.”

      Why – because it’s bloody obvious !

  3. I dont think it’s a dig, but wouldn’t be the first ex-player to say we aren’t competitive enough. And you just have to look at the club culture to get your answer as to whether or not it is true. This transfer window is a perfect example. About to hit 100mill spent and it’s the same team from last season that finished 8th. You’ve got to wonder how that was even pulled off.

  4. Someone should tell him that you don’t win win win by collecting red cards&giving away silly penalties every now&then thereby harming the team’s chances of ever winning….so happy he’s gone

      1. Isn’t it obvious that the begged for his last contract at arsenal…more so he claims he want to win win win and he wants to win now the question is where?

  5. Is Luiz truly just figuring that out now? I sincerely doubt it; when he joined of course he would tow the company line about winning, that’s what players do.

    After they decided to split, his comments about winning now is not “news” to Arsenal fans; we haven’t been built to win for quite a few years now.

    Poor recruitment, bloated wages for too many players, make a lethal combo and hard to move players on.

    Our never ending shopping spree of CB’s alone is enough to make one cringe. Imagine spending for a Van Dijk type player, but instead a revolving door of Mustafi, Papa, Mari, Gabriel, now White.

    Actually been cheaper to buy a top CB to start rather than slowly bleeding the club over years with yearly purchases that haven’t worked out.

    Midfield has been poor since Santi left quite frankly, Xhaka has barely moved the needle if at all, and Partey has to show the qualities we all loved watching at Athletico Madrid.

    This youth movement and younger players should have happened last year honestly, but we got another “retool” instead.

    Hopefully we will see a more aggressive and attacking style of play this year.

    1. Hey, Luiz was here 2 years and won 2 trophies. Arteta now building a young hungry team to win for many years in future.. no room for any more oldies hopefully!

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