My in-depth and ethical reasons why this season will not restart soon

The massive changes in football ahead. Part One: the case against early resumption. by Jon Fox

Many Gooners will have seen the heated arguments on here yesterday about the proposed resumption of Prem fixtures within weeks. I want to set out the case fully and unequivocally for my view that no Prem football can possibly start again for some considerable time, and certainly not until this deadly virus is not killing hundreds nor even tens of our fellows each day. This is a long and well considered article which may run into several parts, so please forgive my wordy reasoning. I also wish to discuss, in later parts and in depth, the real opportunity this virus gives us all to re-instil a large measure of morality to the obscenity of ever increasing players wealth (including those ghastly agents who leech off the players).

I regard Ad Martin’s view that football will restart in a very few weeks as harmful and to be avoided at all costs. The massive change in public attitudes in outright fear and hostility towards selfish people who wish to flout the vital lockdown is obvious, esp. on Thursday evenings, with the national outpouring of thanks and praise to those heroes in the NHS and other key workers too. Thousands of people from all walks of life have spoken online and in the media, TV, radio, printed press, etc about their love for these heroes, and this amply shows those among us who keep our eyes and ears open, just how very much has already changed and continues to increase daily. On the contrary, there are a number of those who seem to think this virus little more than a ‘soon to be forgotten’ interval in our lives, and who think things will revert back to precisely where they were. I SAY THIS IS BUNKUM, SILLINESS AND AN INABILITY TO SEE WHAT ALMOST ALL PRESCIENT FOLK EASILY SEE!

It is noticeably clear that football has already been forced into long term and great change, mostly for the better when the dust finally settles. I fully agree that when football does start, it will be without crowds for a long while ahead and therefore so-called “behind locked doors”. But do not imagine this means only two teams and officials in the ground. It has been widely speculated that any Prem ground will contain at least two hundred people, with all the players, subs, coaches managers, kit men, ambulance men, Red Cross workers and match officials. Plus, TV and press people! AdMartin thinks that each person can easily be tested for Covid 19 shortly before each game and again afterward with the results instantly accessible. This is patently not possible and most players and non-players in that ground would feel unhappy at being asked to jump the queue for tests, ahead of the at-risk NHS and Care Home marvels, and many other key workers whose need is far higher than mere players.

Moreover, most players have wives, partners and many have young children and to think that they would willingly risk passing this virus on to their loved ones is fanciful and nonsensical. Even in the fanciful state of testing all players before games, what happens when any player tests positive, as is certain to happen. What if that is the team’s star player, say Auba or Martinelli, Saka? Well, I’ll answer that; it won’t happen in the first case!

My next reason that I believe there will be no summer football, is that no medical people will consent to spend their time at football while people are dying in the community. It is against all medical ethics and unlike many players, medical folk have ethics embedded in their souls and will not be there, thus rendering any attempt to play to be against football’s own rules. Players routinely spit when playing, and who amongst us imagines for a moment that all players are going to carry a hankie or bunch of tissues in their sleeve (assuming that on hot summer days shirts with LONG sleeves will be worn?) If a player did spit on the ground, will the game be instantly halted whilst a cleaning man comes on with disinfectant and a mop and bucket to wipe up the spit? Again, sheer fantasy!

How about marking at corners and free kicks and clashes of players, as football is a close contact sport, again unnoticed by Martin. What happens when blood flows, as it does in almost all games at times?

Then what about the fitness of players almost already into May, with several weeks of intensive training at close contact being necessary before the fitness level to play games are reached? Again, it will not happen! Isolated training, as at London Colney, is one thing, close-contact, real-football training is quite another, and we are many weeks, more likely months, away from even that remote possibility being allowed by government.

Next, Martin has written that a government minister is in preliminary talks with the Prem to plan the next stages to resumption. Of course, he is – and why? Again, the government have been much accused of being too late in planning for lockdown and also lack of PPE (personal protective equipment) by very many folks, with good reason too in my view! They are keen not to be behind the eight-ball on being seen to at least plan for when lockdown is lessened and are right to do so. But bright folk do not confuse talks about eventual possibilities, so as to be in good time, with an imminent return to a clear, though impossibly soon restart.

It is well known that many players in the Prem are out of contract on June 30th and it has also been announced that the transfer window will be put back at least to September, but there is also a school of thought that believes the whole summer should be open from now on with all free to buy as they wish. Whatever ultimately happens, it is clear that the current short summer window will be changed and that changes all sorts of contract matters and affects current squads as soon as July 1st comes. What happens in the theoretical event that we are halfway through the remaining fixtures when many players can and will simply walk away, legally too once July 1st comes? What about players who know they will soon be playing elsewhere not wishing to risk that transfer falling through by getting injured playing, when about to leave? What about the effect on all clubs when all the squad know who else in their squad will just walk away on June 30th, irrespective of how many games are still to be played? These questions are of course all fantasy, as none will happen and so none will apply.

In my opinion, what is most LIKELY to be the case when it becomes clear that the Prem cannot be finished this summer, though after much further and fruitless debate, is that the final Prem positions will be counted, with points per game already played deciding positions. Thus, we would finish eighth, above Spurs and in the final Europa spot, assuming that City’s ban is not overturned, which it might be. I also believe other positions would all use points per game average, but with no relegation this year and two promoted only, in Leeds and WBA. Then probably four to go down next season.

There is another important point to consider and that is the unfair pressure that would be put upon players who are reluctant to play games. If some consented but not others – as would happen in that theory – it would split squads and massively harm team spirit with incalculable damage for years to come to team morale. Fan articles ramping up such a pressure are wrong headed and deeply unhelpful. Many simply would not agree to play while fellow humans are dying, even in “mere” dozens daily! Many players have deep morals and will just refuse to play, though others would agree. The government’s own oft stressed guidelines will refuse to sanction matches while folk are dying, and the NHS is still under extreme pressure (as always!!)

All these detailed reasons add up in my logical head to a total impossibility for any Prem matches to resume this summer and even early autumn. The only caveat is IF a widely effective and widely available vaccine is found very soon, but all comments thus far from medical experts say this being widely available is still a year or so away.

Any fair minded and rational fan reading these pertinent comments must surely be bound to conclude that no Prem games will be played for many months to come. It is just conceivable that the Prem will decide to hold the current Prem positions open but not completed until all is safe, perhaps deep into winter or next calendar year, with a much truncated 2020-21 season to follow. But what is certain is that no more games will be played this summer, whatever a small minority of blinkered fans think!

In the next part I will talk in further depth and importance on the many monetary changes that are happening as we speak, unnoticed by some, incredibly!

Stay safe and have patience.

Jon Fox


  1. AdminPat- all I can say is that as your article is completely the opposite of what the other Admin believes; be prepared for the whole thing to be removed. That’s what happens to us, so I cannot believe you will be treated any differently.
    Great article though, and perfectly reasoned.

    1. It was my article Phil. I don’t know Admin Pats personal views on this subject but would like to. Hint then, PAT?

      1. Yeah Jon, I didn’t word it too well-apologies. Hope you got what I intended in jest, but will likely be banned for the comment. Great Article, Part 3 to follow I presume?

      2. Jon you’re artical was a great read and well written. Is it not going to get to a point in the next month or so that everyone will have to go back to work due to the economy not being able to sustain itself. In irelan here we have been in lockdown for 5 weeks or so and in the last week you are starting to hear rumblings and people are getting restless. The government are assured we can afford to go for months but at what cost. Cocooning the old/high risk and people with underlying conditions might be the way forward. My point/question being as i dont know the way forward is we surely can’t go on like this for months as world economies would be decimated. Let me be clear that im not disagreeing with your article at all you make very valid points and what’s worse as i ask my question is i agree with them.

      3. I personally believe that games will start and play behind closed doors. Purely for reasons of GREED. But powerful people stand to lose a lot of money so that is why I don’t think ethics will come into it….

        1. I concur. It is all about whether the PL can make the TV companies pay for the remaining games. Nothing to do with sport.
          If they would accept to pay for “five a side” and everybody in an astronaut suit, then we would have seen a plan for it 🙂

        2. AdPat, I think they will start that way too. But the question is, how soon? And do YOU think they will resume this summer, as Martin does? Also society when they band together can alter views. .People power is massive and can achieve great things. I remain an optimist not a pessimist, where human nature at large is concerned. That is one reason, among many, why I take a polar view from MARTIN. The players themselves will refuse to play until folk are not dying each day. MOST OF THEM ANyWAY.

          1. Do not rely on the players Jon, a lot of them did not even take notice of lockdown and social distancing. Also, I reported what the people in authority have said and comment on that, does not mean that I think football will return any time soon. I do notice that when I write certain things, they mix it up with my personal opinion. When I have a personal opinion, for example on Ozil, I make that very clear with the words I use. There is a difference between reporting on stuff and having an opinion but that is not always noticed. For the record, I do think football will return or July, however, if the people in authority make different statements I will of course change my view.

          2. Jon, this is THE most powerful reason that, until a vaccine is found, or the virus is eliminated, those of us who are lucky enough AND sensible enough to have a choice will not put their own and their family’s health at risk – and Phil’s raising of Jordan’s very simple barrier for players to be forced to comply to FIFA, UEFA or the PREMIER LEAGUE will have those organisations running scared.
            Even if one case is proven, the consequences will put paid to any thoughts of playing behind closed doors AND if we take this logic one step further, the likes of sky, bt and the bbc would also be dragged into the courts, IF it was found they put undue pressure on the above bodies to re-introduce football in any form whatsoever…especially if it was counter to the governments guidelines…who ALSO might be open to prosecution if they allow this to happen before said remedies are iin place…a complete minefield.


    2. It was not from Admin pat but from Jon Fox. Articles never get removed and only comments that break the rules are removed. Not very hard to comply with Phil. Please try.

      1. AdMartin- you have proven lately that some replies get removed that clearly do not break the rules. The replies simply differ from your own views that’s all.

        1. That is not correct Phil and I can assure you of that, I simply do not have the authority to remove comments on a whim, what you may think are not breaking the rules does not mean that you did not. I have removed comments today that have broken the rules and deleted certain parts and will continue to do so. I have no issue at all with anyone criticising an article as long as it is done in a reasonable way. I am sure you will admit that on occasions you have not been reasonable. I have zero animosity towards you or anyone even if it appears that way, I just want to keep the site clean, if that upsets people I am sorry for that but it will not change how I implement the rules. I hope you can understand that.

          1. AdminPat and Martin, in an attempt to reconcile differing views amongst all Arsenal fans on here, why don’t we have a simple, clear article on what, exactly, is required and permitted and what is not seen as acceptable?

            We are, after all, part of a large family and I am sure we are all sick and tired of the constant bickering, accusations, deletions and innuendos – so let’s re-visit the guidelines in a simple and direct post.

            Jon’s post proves beyond a doubt that we can debate without putting this site at risk with people being banned, censored etc etc.

            1. Yes, that is being considered and will be something we get to, a clear definition of what is acceptable. However, I personally have banned just 8 people, yes I checked. I have suspended people for 24 hours up to a week but that is it and they are always allowed back. I do not do what you may think I do without thought and discussions with Pat. We just want to keep the site clean and you do not get to see all the stuff we have to put up with, the amount of comments that simply do not pass the filters is quite a lot. Additionally, I have probably deleted and suspended more people because of what they have said about Ozil than any other subject, not the ones that disagree with me but the ones that wish he was dead got cancer, Xhaka is another one terribly abused and also Mustafi. We have had close to 500000 comments on here, yes half a million, think about managing that for a moment, it is no easy task. But I take on board your sentiment and it is under discussion and something will be done, the comments section cannot carry on like a wild west show.

          2. Martin, I wasn’t insinuating it was you at fault – I think that is one of the problems, each individual seems to take things too personally.

            Can I suggest that, far from being considered, the guidelines for “justarsenal” need to be released tomorrow, while Jon’s article has, seemingly, brought the fanb ase together?

            1. It will be a while yet Ken, we are so busy it is difficult to find the time to complete it. Some of us also have children at home from school and do homeschooling, a teenage girl that wants to see their boyfriend and refuse to bow to the new way of life without a fight as well as work so time is really limited right now. But we will get to it very soon, I know it is needed to ease the pressure.

      2. Hi Martin,
        Ken’s idea below is a great one and heartening to hear your response. To aid understanding, esp as you and I have been at loggerheds of late, please be reasured that nothing will please me more than to heal tempers and any help you may need I will be only too happy to give, if I can.

        Doubtless the impression we probably have of each other as people is wrong and I am certain you are truly doing your best in a difficult job . You will have seen Martin, how often even the thinking ones on here have fallen out with each other and that is the price we pay for honest and passionate thoughts, without which we get mere platitudes and boring claptrap. Unless thinking folk can passionately state what they feel and why, any site is devalued.

        That being said, of course bad language and filth is way out of bounds , so Kens fine suggestion of a defined what is and what is not allowed “chart” is quickly needed.

        There are, though very broadly speaking, mainly two polar types of posts on here; ones which have given deep thought AND those reactionary, hasty, hot tempered ones, which will include those you delete that never make it to public view. All social media attracts idiots and keyboard warriors and its downfall is that it gives as equal a platform to idiots as it does to considered and thinking folk. That is the price we pay for “what we regard as “democracy”!(please note the “what we regard as democracy” is a generic description of democracy and my personal view of what constitutes TRUE democracy is rather more nuanced, but I digress!)

        I freely admit to being an outspoken and at times dominant and too strong personaliyy. I am not proud of it, far from, and to deny it would be untrue but my whole life philosophy is to passionately seek truth and combat lies and to fight tooth and nail for that truth .
        Hopefully from now on you and I can sing from the same hymn sheet via better personal understanding of each other.
        I do not even know your genertaion and nothing about you at all and though that is entirely your own affair, you might feel, or equally might not, that letting us know a little at least of how you tick will aid mutual understanding. Open communication and when people get to know the other as a real person, not just a faceless name, is lifes best tool for healing rifts, in my life experience. GOOD LUCK!

        1. Thank you Jon and your words are appreciated. I can assure you that I have no negative opinion of anyone on here because I do not know any of you and I know also that football debate has a way of bringing out the worst and best of us and even family members will fall out over the most petty things when it comes to debating football. Pat and I have known each other for many many years, we have a lot of history including fall outs but we always find a way, usually over a drink. I will not divulge too much simply because the more info people know the more abuse we get, this I can say for certainty having done this work for close to two decades. I am not a young man, beyond 50, I have seen some stuff down the years, as you, Phil, Ken, Sue and many others have done, both highs and lows, I have done my time at the stadiums and spent my tens of thousands following the club I love, again, same as most on here and I am vocal on certain aspects, however, I also have to obey by the rules, I once used a word on here and was hauled over the coals by Pat and we have a simple criteria we follow, would we want our mums and young children reading what is allowed on here? Because we know as a fact young children and those that do not find vulgar football banter acceptable do read a lot of our articles. I think you are now aware that we do get significant traffic and we have to please all the people all the time, no easy task. Anyway, your words are appreciated and taken in the positive manner you have expressed them and I for one will attempt to curtail my heated responses as well. But, I will continue with my articles, I have earned the right to express them in my opinion, as you and others have done and that is why we not only accept articles from you and others but also urge you all to send as many in as possible as often as you can because we do welcome all opinions, even the ones that we disagree with and trust me on this, the admins and authors do not agree, that is why there is a wide range of views on here.

          1. Peace and harmony on JA, hey Martin?! 🙂
            Nice response to Jon btw, think I prefer that Martin 😉

            1. Won’t last long Sue, there is an Ozil article due in 39 minutes 🙂 But yes of course, far better when it is civilised.

  2. A very good post, and one can only agree with most of it.
    My point of view, is nobody actually knows when the Corona situation will be under control. In theory a cure could be found tomorrow, but it could also be that, it will last for years, or even worse, the virus will mutate and make it much worse.
    No one know, and no one knows, when football can/will return. Much discussion on this site and elsewhere because of this:

    The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden said in the House of Commons: “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League, with a view to getting football up and running as soon as possible in order to support the whole football community.
    But, of course, any such moves would have to be consistent with public health guidance.”

    Many seem only to read the first part! But if you read it a couple of times and maybe even give it some thought, it is actually a totally non-committal statement.

  3. An interesting read Jon

    I have agreed with you all along that football should not restart until it is safe to do so but I managed to incur your wrath a while back when I thought there maybe a slim chance of it starting up, based on the economics of the game.

    The football authorities are trying tooth and nail to get it up and running as the financial implications don’t bear thinking about. Player health doesn’t appear to be a top priority or the health of all the medics, trainers and so on that you mentioned

    It was a really good article and you have added aspects of how you envisage the future of the sport that had not considered. You are rightly concerned about the ethics of doctors turning up to deal with twisted knees and concussion when they should be tending to the sick.

    I really support your endeavours- it is a lengthy tome and well researched

    Not sure about how the season should end though.

    1. SueP/ I heard on the radio this morning that Simon Jordan ( ex Palace owner) suggests Clubs will be charged and sued for Corporate Manslaughter should ANY person, be it players, staff, fans or officials, be proven they contracted the disease through attending the match(es) if played. Surely even if someone contracted the virus and survived they would be open for legal actions against them. How would any Club leave themselves open for being prosecuted? And I would believe their own Public and Professional Indemnity Insurers would not leave themselves and the Club open for prosecutions would they?

      1. Exactly Phil
        I was excited about a possible return to football but not at the expense of safety to all. Maybe it’s lockdown that a sniff of a bit of normality sent me over the edge. Simon Jordan made good points so why is there this clamour time get it all going again when the evidence points to this being impossible?

        1. Totally correct SP- I am leaning more to football not taking place in this country for the rest of the year, at least.
          There is just far to many unanswered questions and until the safety of EVERYONE can be guaranteed, it would be negligent to allow any games to be played.

        2. SueP, On TalkSport this morning Jim White held a fan poll of how many thought football SHOULD start again this summer(not who thought it would ,but should) 58% said NO. 42% YES. Many had said that Jordans passionate morality reasoning had changed their minds. This majority is bound to increase vastly AND among players. There will be no summer football and that is beyond obvious, except to dinosaurs.
          BTW, please don’t be afraid of “my wrath”. I know better than any, except my poor wife, how opinionated I am and how strongly I use those opinions but I always try to achieve real truth as I SEE IT. Principles are worth fighting for, sometimes tooth and nail but underneath all that, I AM A PUSSY CAT. HONEST INJUN!

      2. Phil The SJ “corporate manslaughter” remark made me sit up, BECAUSE only last week my Gooner brother and I were discussing our joint views of the hopelessness of any early restart, when he used that very phrase and I much agreed. Glad you agreed with my view, which does not surprise me at all. I am going to submit a number of morality based articles on all sorts of football related matters from now on, with real subjects of interest to the many (and often silent and unknown to all) folk with brainswho read this site.

        Removed the unnecessary attack on the site – Admin Martin

        1. Jon, I can tell you that in these trying times our readers have dropped, unsurprisingly. But I can tell you in the last 30 days we have 20-40 thousand users a day. Actual page views per day are 40-80 thousand.
          And I am happy we are doing our best to keep our readers entertained in these trying times….

          1. Ad Pat, Wow! Sincere thanks and a major under estimate by me of your readership. I am now more inclined than ever to keep writing. and regularly. Also heartening to realise that there are bound to be plenty who with the right encouragement will write an article themsleves. Very happy to help persuade as many as I POSSIBLY CAN.

            The urge to write, if you really have something to say, is a noble one and in this bleak time I do know that many are trying it for the first time. Every cloud has a silver lining is such a true proverb! There are so many other avenues this site could go down with more and different folk writing.

            Maybe some sort of competition prize could be given for say best article of the week, best post of that thread etc? Or points given which would accumulate towards the title of writer/article of the month? Even praise for best idea? Carrot works so much better than stick and sometimes I OUGHT TO REMEMBER THAT! That sort of thing anyway!

          2. Pretty impressive stats, all the same, Pat! Nice one 👍
            Cracks me up on NN, it’s JA, JA and even more JA… if I hadn’t been on here already, I certainly would be by now!!

            1. Now you see why my business plan is working Sue, despite it upsetting some people. Just Arsenal has something for everyone, and I love it. Long may it continue into the restart and more…

              This has been my baby for the last ten years and now he’s growing up!

          3. Pat.. JA has been a part of my daily life, for what seems like years!! I couldn’t imagine being without it 😀
            Very well done, Pat and keep up the great work 👍

          4. AdPat, I’d do it for a facelift and a hair transplant with the shirt thrown in too. But I WAS NOT JESTING IN MY LAST POST!

  4. It’s always good to when reasoning a point to both point fingers to the negative and positive aspects.
    Not once did the writer talk about what a shut down does to the society. The lack of free movement for one slows production.
    If according to the physician football cannot have fans then when will school reopen. Mr. Jon if school doesn’t reopen what will parents do with them.
    Whilst I find it you have a big issue with certain players earning might I remind you that the minimum wage worker the hustler the prostitutes and I can go on are all suffering in this moment.
    When writing one should think about another man’s pocket not everyone is a pensioner or have savings.
    I read in Canada the farmers association made it clear to the government that farm workers must travel which tells me this current situation is being poorly mishandled. However I do not blame government as it is the first time the world has experienced anything on such a wide scale.

    1. Jah Son- are you serious PAL? Let me answer just one of the questions you put to JF.
      “If the schools don’t reopen, what will parents do with their children?”. Well, I’m not sure about you, but if I still had young children of school age, I would not expect the government and education authorities to even think about opening up the schools until they can assure the health and well being of the entire Staff and Pupils.
      I’m not even going to mention the issue regarding prostitutes you have raised, but wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone else dosent pull you over the reference, which has absolutely ZERO to to with Jon’s article.
      Try ringing a helpline PAL if your that concerned over them

      1. At Phill
        And where do all these people find food and money the doctors are confused do see the demonstrations the media is hiding across the world.

    2. jah son, And having then fully considered all sides(ALL , rather than merely BOTH) we need to decide on which of thee options we believe and fight tooth and nail for it. I have been all my life passionate and active (at street level when young), anti racist and anti central control, ie a libertarian and a true Liberal and true Democrat (unlike the so called and falsely named Lib Dems of today).

      I have fought literally body and soul for what I believe and will do so til my dying day. If this sometimes comes over as being aggressive, then a I plead guilty but doing what is RIGHT is the prime objective and above all else. Hope this explains a little more of how I think and why and how I am, as I realise you and I have had differing views on several matters.

      1. At this moment all am saying is how long do you think people will remain calm and listen to the so called experts. I give this shout down no more than four more weeks before people start committing mas suicide and burglary.

      1. Am saying there is three sides on a coin and Corona Virus is sadly ending some people lives too early closing the country which is to include football might prove to be more costly.

        1. The trouble is that ending the lockdown too soon will hurt the prostitutes and hustlers too don’t you think?
          I am acutely aware that this virus is causing unimaginable harm to many people. So far along our covid journey I’m prepared to accept that the government is following scientific guidelines. Mistakes have been made and more are likely. It is an unknown and if you follow the daily briefings you will know that the scientists and MPs know that lockdown can’t go on too long without cataclysmic consequences

  5. Jon, a brilliant essay on why we should not be thinking about the likelyhood of football returning until this virus is under control.

    Any sane person who would expect players to put their lives or those of their families at risk are failing to see the full picture – congrats to you on saying it as it is.

  6. I also see on the news where people are on the beach in America and basketball training will resume plus as I keep saying there is way more money on the gambling tables than one can imagine. Just ask a bookkeeper

    1. Jah son
      Have a look at Germany as well. They relaxed their lockdown and they now have a worrying increase in infections

      As far as the American response goes my answer to you is that it’s up to them. Of course, over there if you don’t earn any money and you can’t pay your water bill they just cut it off. If you lose your job and your health plan was paid by your employer then now you have no insurance. I could go on. That is why the US has had demonstrations-no work = no money Even though it could be argued by some that we are not generous to our citizens at the bottom of the pile we in the UK have a better safety net and most importantly, free health care
      We are not the same

      1. HEAR, WONDERFUL, HEAR Sue P. there are many millions of lovely USA folk, warm hearted, decent and generous of spirit and pocket. BUT there is a hardness to that country in overall society attitudes, born out of the arrogance that USA is the best country in the world(as if!!!) and an ignorance in failing to realise that what makes one the best is what one is inside, not what one owns or how rich one is.

        That failure to realise what is important and what is not, is by and large , what makes the USA probably the most dangerous country in the so called free world. Freedom from addiction to mass consumerism is a huge safety net. IF ONLY….! Not to even mention the gun madness !

        1. If a man like Trump can make it to the White House and thinks that bleach and high intensity UV light can fight Covid then heaven help them. I absolutely agree with your sentiments

          1. Sue P What percentage chance would you give the world of being rid of Trump in November when the elections come round? I still think he has a 30%(God help us all) chance but a way to go yet. MANY OF THOSE LIFE LONG RED NECK BRIGADE THINK HE WALKS ON WATER. I wish he would walk UNDER it!

          2. Jon,
            That really tickled me.
            For such a repugnant man, you would think the electorate could see through him. I believe the Republicans have won more presidential elections than the Democrats so it could be 50 -50

  7. Jon I’m only commenting because this is your article, as you know I’ve said I won’t keep interacting with the poor negative articles on this site.
    We all know we’re not allowed to disagree with articles written by a certain admin here, one who clearly does things like a tyrant would do.
    So I’m hoping you see this before it gets taken down.
    I find your article interesting, and well explained.
    Also something you pulled without letting your emotions clouding your judgment. Like you I believe football resuming soon would be reckless and stupid. I don’t want it also.
    I just comment to say Great job writing a well truly article with professionalism, something that’s been lacking on here for the past few years now.

    Swear word removed, no need for that when being critical – Admin Martin

    1. Eddie, Firtsly a sincere thanks , I do however write profesionally and have for many years, so I have that advantage over SOME on here. On your decision to leave, you are much missed and I am on a mission, -given the free time we now all have- to try my best, with many other experienced Gooners as well, to try our best to rescue this site. In life I’ve always believe you reap what you sow by and large, though circumstances and luck play a part too, but if we abandon something that was once good withot a fight then WE as well as the site , are the losers.There are without doubt many folk wih deep intellect on here; it’s just that some do not post but merely read. To write well, on social media,all you need is passion and a clear thought process.

      No one cares much at all about typos, poor spelling, imperfect punctuation etc except snobs and in the writing profession you find very many of those But who cares?
      You have a good intellect, plenty of life experience, so why not give us your thoughts, by writing an article, as they will be very welcome? And help rescue this fast regressing site from the pits!

      Removed the unnecessary attack on the site = Admin Martin

      1. Hey Jon, can I say once more, that the site is now split into separate explicit parts. We have the well considered OPINION posts at the top. We have the various rumours, videos,etc in categories below. The reason they get less comments is because they are not highlighted like the OPINION ones, which are on top to attract comments. Please use that guide when choosing what you read. We have many readers who are only interested in rumours as a means of escape maybe, but for you, please read the opinion ones and ignore the rumours and don’t spoil them for readers that want that type of article…

        1. AdPat, I have already decided , just today, not to even read the rumour articles from now on. Too frustrating!

      2. I see sense in what you’ve said Jon. I’ve just been too busy for the past 8 months, with a lot on my plate. Work at the studio and all that.
        When I do get the free time, I’ll resume writing.
        The Pandemic sure made time available for me, but I’ve dedicated that time to something else.
        We’ll keep trying to keep this up

        1. Good luck then Eddie and stay safe! What type of studio do you work in? Sound, music, photography,advertising, etc ?

          1. Music, I’m a Music Producer Jon..
            Also I delve into other forms of creative arts when I’m less busy, mostly pencil sketch of portraits for clients when I can

    2. Me too Jon,, same as Eddie, I’m only commenting to congratulate you on your superb article full of sensible thoughts and truth and also I totally agree with. Now eagerly awaiting your next instalment.

  8. Jon, i have to say, one of the best, well constructed and totally accurate posts i have ever read. Im sorry for people that cant see the significance of this virus and i hope that they never have too eat their words in the future. We are at the start of a very very long process and everyones lives has been changed. Its not cool in my opinion to be flippant or dismissive of whats going on around us and i do understand people dont always see or view things in the same way. But people, when you have a virus that is killing the very people that are caring for the people who are carrying it at an alarming rate, just stop and take stock of the situation! It isnt Flu, it isnt curable, it isnt going away and it is very very serious. Football isnt, not one little bit.

  9. Jon, nice to see a sensible article written on here, makes a change to all of Patricks constant writings about who we are linked/interested in or paying £40 million for. Myself, I think we should end the season now and forget about all this talk of finishing the season behind closed doors or at neutral grounds. Of course ending the season now will cause complications for tv companies, contacts etc but we can then concentrate on the new season, whenever that can start.

  10. A well reasoned viewpoint John with which I fully concur.On the matter of finances, Football is an industry which has been overhyped and seriously inflated during the past decade in particular,in terms of transfer fees and the salaries of players,pundits and the ludicrous sums taken out of the game by “agents”.The global recession arising from the Pandemic will almost certainly bring about a much needed realignment of salaries and transfer fees which have gone through the roof.I look forward to your comments on this subject John in your next instalment.

  11. Don’t remove my comments Martin. What are you afraid of? Why don’t you counter my arguments?

    1. Sigh, I only remove comments that break the rules, if you do that then you have nothing to worry about. 99% of users on here do not ever get a comment deleted or amended. We just want a clean site that is all, you are free to criticise us fairly, you are not allowed to attack the site at will or name call, be racist etc. Normal standards you know. There is no need to pick a fight Highbury Hero, if I have something to say I will say it, if I have not responded it is because I do not feel the need or have the inclination.

      1. AdMartin I have copyright on “Sigh” and so request my royalties please! Phil owns “PAL” and I am his agent, so more money please!

    2. And it was me that removed the comment as it was a personal comment and not relevant to any discussion okay.

  12. Excellent article Jon, very well thought out and written with great skill. Ever thought of starting your own Arsenal blog? I’m sure one based on our history, player profiles, stories from the old days that the new supporters may find interesting to read, would go down a storm.

    1. Food for thought certainly Declan! Why not contribute articles yourself too? You have a good intellect and life vexperience , so what else does anyone need. Maybe just passion about your subject and the urge to write but when I started out many decades since, I soon found it addictive and and as yoyu see, I still make plenty of typos, esp when typing too fast for my ageing fingers.

  13. My opinion is that the season should be cancelled and wait until the new season can kick off … But I’m not sure how the logistics can work if this was to happen ,I mean Liverpool had the season all but wrapped up and teams from the lower leagues would have been hoping for the extra money for their said promotions .
    I just can’t see this being a option ,that’s why I have the feeling it being restarted as soon as possible ,money talks I’m afraid and The talk coming out of a few higher places in regards to decision makers is just that ..
    Right or wrong no one can tell what will happen in the next 2 months regarding this virus and the best we can all hope for is a quick down turn in reported cases ,for me football should take a massive step back until it all becomes a lot clearer ..Will it though I’m not so sure .

    1. An interesting suggestion Russell. I will certainly give it thought! I go back to 1958 in attending though a few go back even further, Ken for instance. I will definitely get round to writing more about experiences at away games and have done one or two recently. Players years ago werE far more easy to personally approach, and it is only modern technology(headphones etc, damned things!) and policing that makes it almost impossible nowadays.

  14. Great article Jon, I totally agree with your sentiments. I just can’t see any football being played this year never mind before the new season is meant to start.
    I look forward to the next instalment!

  15. I find that folk have had a plate full of this virus, it’s everywhere, you can’t go outside without realising how awful it is. You can’t watch the telly without it, and we’re watching the news and stuff. So folk come on here to try and get a break from it, I make sure myself to not watch news for a while and try to forget for a short time. The article, well written, and yes, valid, but, without getting an estimate on when football might start up, it’s just another virus report.

  16. Great article, sir! At a time when people everywhere, regardless of nationality or religion, are finally in an equal state( because of the lockdown), your article certainly provides encouragement to think beyond the sport we all love, about the implications the SARS-COV2 has on the whole world, both on the economic and the public health front. I agree with your article whole-heartedly, especially at a time when many students like me, everywhere dread to think about the state of the job sector when we are about to enter it. At this time, all governments should adopt the humanitarian approach and prioritise, above all else, the health of the people and also their sustenance. Football should, at the moment, definitely take a backseat.

    1. Hi Sid and welcome, as I have not seen you on here before , though I probably just missed your posts. I am immensely heartened by the general humanity so many of your younger generation takes toward the world and its future, whereas I grew up in the 1950s in bad old days of rigic class distinction, overtly racist attitudes and bigotry being the norm among older folk.
      On the flip side we have lost respect for authorities (though this can be good too) , and for older folk, lost politeness and more time to speak face to face and much else besides. But I remain a total optimist, as by and large human nature does not change and humans then as now , though often with insular inattitudes back then, were also at heart decent people.
      I put much of our progress directly down to the much increased female influence in society and in think tanks, business, homes, Parliament etc and this is an ongoing and healthy necessity for our planet and our species. Hope we can talk again ere long!

      1. You have not seen me, sir, because I am one of those who purely come to this site to read about all the different aspects of my beloved club. The storied history, as well as the many different opinions, enlighten me a lot, while the transfer speculations are a welcome distraction for the everyday chores of life(although they do become tedious sometimes). It’s due to the lockdown and, having nothing better to do at the moment that I have tried to post on this site.

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