‘My intention’ is not to return from loan club

Arsenal loanee Lucas Torreira has reiterated his desire to stay on with Fiorentina beyond his current loan, despite talks having broken down of late.

The Uruguay international enjoyed his loan spell in Serie A this term, quickly establishing himself as a first-team regular in the side, ending the term in particularly strong form by winning three Fiorentina Player of the Month awards in 2022.

His on-loan club shocked the player and his representatives by refusing to take up their option to buy, leading to some ill words in the press from Rocco Commisso who appeared to be claiming that the deal couldn’t be done, but apparently nobody is completely ruling out the possibility now, including the player himself.

“My intention is to stay at Fiorentina,” Torreira said (via Football Italia).

“But it will be necessary for the club to find an agreement with Arsenal. I’m perfectly fine in Florence. I am fine in Italy.”

Lucas then claimed that he had made it ‘to the top’ of his game in Florence, seemingly proud of the season he played:

“It was a very positive year, even if we failed to qualify for Europa League. Perhaps, we deserved something more, but in the end, when you lose games, it means that you did not do everything you could.

“Sometimes, you must accept that opponents may be superior. Much credit goes to the coach, who made me feel important to the team.

“Personally, I felt very loved by the teammates and fans, and when you have confidence in your means and feel trust from people around you, everything goes for the best. All these conditions helped me make it to the top and reach my record for goals in a season.

“People are very kind in Italy, I love the quality of life.

“Whenever I can travel through different regions and cities I see the similarity of the city centres, with historical architectures. I feel like in the past, like nothing’s changed.”

Something doesn’t quite add up here, almost as if Fiorentina are trying to make Torreira force the move through without paying a fair price, but the way they have gone about cannot help the character of the player, who has proven to be quite difficult to deal with.

I can still see this transfer happening, but despite already impressing there for the previous season, this could well affect him mentally ahead of the new campaign.

Will our club refuse to sell to La Viola unless the full option is met?


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  1. this, of course, makes things infinitely more difficult, as our leverage is functionally nonexistent…thus the reason why they’re playing hardball with us…I would suspect that he’s going to be sold for a fraction of our asking price or he will leave on a free following next season, if our in-house brainiacs refuse to settle for less simply to make a point

    1. I tend to agree he will be sold for less but the other option is they pay what we want but likely spread over 5 years or some other extended payment terms.

  2. The list just keeps growing: players on loan with no intention to return – Saliba, Torriera, Bellerin, perhaps ANM too. Maybe they are just positioning themselves for “The Special Arsenal Treatment” – to be sold for peanuts or paid to leave. At least Arteta is well rehearsed and knows the routine or rather the process very well: book a flight to the Kroenke ranch in Texas to worship project youth. It worked for PEA contract last year; it should work again.

    1. The list of players that keep having problems with Arsenal since the appointment of Arteta really worries me. It says something is not right about Arteta. Saliba, Torriera, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Ozil, PEA, AMN, Pepe – thats a total of 8 players.

      Add to that, a list of players whose form suddenly dipped since joining Arteta or since Arteta’s appointment: Ramsdale, PEA, Laca, Tavares, Lokonga.

      It seems to me he does more harm than good. I really dont know why the board is sticking with him. He is not able to help any of the talented players realise their potential – even top players like AMN and Ozil simply lost it after his
      Appointment. He’s spent more money than Unai, and more money than Wenger on his last season, yet we still can’t make top 4

      1. Unfortunately for you, you will keep on feeling these pains, whailing and lamenting because of your bias mind set and hatred towards Arteta. He will unfortunately for you remains Arsenal coach for a longer time for you.

  3. Why would they pay 15M?when MG was sold for 10M, Mavros for 3M and Arsenal are asking for 8.5M fro Leno.

  4. This kind of speaking is the one that make Edu and Arteta to terminate some of players constructs.Let them pay what they want and allow him to leave he is stubborn

  5. That’s exactly what I mentioned in another comment on another article, When our players vent their frustrations or grief in the open public and not with the management, our bargaining power is gone. There should be some code of conduct implemented for our players. These players came from “golden & greatest assist king in the universe” generation so they have learnt a trick or two of how to bite the hand that feeds them. Shameful, disgusting, disgraceful, pathetic players playing for our iconic club and more shameful is a section of the fan base applauding these Muppets and criticizing our honest hardworking coach. Ivan Gazdis led AC Milan to their title within 4 years of joining them with a relatively unheard off manager. If we had to back Emery and boo these mercenaries and show our support to the club, Emery would have led us to glory. In these 4 years, Ivan tasted success with Milan, Emery tasted success with Villareal while we await our success and the so called assist kings and queens are in their abysses. When our manager is building the strong foundations for success, the fan base ridicules him, so depressing.
    When the intentions are right, success will follow. Ask Ivan, ask Emery. The day Mikel walks out of club he too will taste success. Arsenal fan base is too toxic, and think they know it all. Too bad for us true supporters.

    1. A true supporter wouldn’t call our greatest ever manager a mug ,that’s for sure ,you’re nothing more than a Arteta groupie hoping that he comes good so you can spout more nonsense about Arsene .
      Cringe AF .

      1. If you read the articles on this site educating most on the great managers to grace our club, then you would know whom to call the greatest. As usual, the AKBs try to mask everything. Comment on the contents of the my comment posted above rather than some discarded tea cup who sowed the seeds of our downfall if you really care for the club.

    2. Very true my brother…….. It’s saddening. The people that annoyed me the most are the itk, who cannot successfully run a bar club think they know more than pple running a football club. Pple who can’t even coach under 12 think they know more than a professional footballer and coach.. There are many of them in here that I dnt read their comments any more, whenever I see their name I just swipe down immediately bcos I know they hav nothing good to say

      1. Well they can either pay the money or he can be sold to someone else
        He has had a good season so finding someone else should be easy as the asking price is cheap imo

  6. If I was Fiorentina, I would do exactly what they’re doing. Guendouzi and Mavropanos left for a combined £11m and we’re asking Fiorentina to pay €15m for Torreira? What circus has the Emirates turned into?

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