‘My message to the fans’ – Former captain talks repairing relations with fans

Granit Xhaka has spoken about his relationship with the Arsenal fanbase, insisting that things are improving on that front.

The Swiss international was made the club captain by Unai Emery in the summer of 2019, replacing the departed Laurent Koscielny, but his time in the role was short-lived in October of the same year when he reacted angrily to the fans chants.

He seems to have come close to leaving the club more than once since, in the first window after the initial spat with the crowd and in the most recent summer window, but manager Mikel Arteta has convinced him to stay on both occasions.

We currently have no permanent captain after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s removal from the role, and Xhaka may well see himself as a contender to return to the armband, telling The Athletic that he believes his relationship has with the club has improved, telling them that he will always give his all at the Emirates also.

“After what happened two years ago we were very far from each other. I think we are step by step coming closer and closer,” he stated.

“I don’t believe we will be best friends. But what I can tell people is from the first day until the last day I am here I will do everything for the football club.

“I will make mistakes because everyone does. We are not perfect. But I will give 100 per cent in every training session and every game. This is my message to the fans.

“Sometimes you have misunderstandings and I believe this was the only reason for the problem we had between us. I feel much more love than one or two years ago but it is a slow process we have to do with each other.”

It sounds to me as if he believes now would be a good time to bury the hatchet with the fans, and the timing tells me he could well see himself taking over as captain once again.

He has worn the armband this term already, and many of our fans have overcome their previous hatred of him, but I don’t personally see him as our next permanent captain.

I would take Gabriel Magalhaes or Kieran Tierney personally, although Aaron Ramsdale is also a leader within our side at present also.

Would there be uproar if Xhaka was made captain again?


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  1. The trouble is you make a lot of mistakes, you are simply not good enough to play for Arsenal, the fact you tried to trip up Saka after he scored his second goal for Norwich sums you up, too many brain farts.

    1. I saw that too bit thought I was imagining things! Man he makes it hard for folks like me who think he’s got something in his locker 🤣

  2. Seems there’s been an ongoing PR to rebuild Xhaka’s relationship with the fans. Started with the Xhaka pitch side microphone. Looks like he is been prepared to retake the arm band. Just my opinion but ill gladly have him back as captain to be assisted by Tierney, then Gabriel comes in as 3rd captain. Serve me Xhaka, Tierney, Gabriel in that order, I’m cool with it.

  3. Not a good enough player for Arsenal, never was a good captain, cant tackle and is just a thug when his ability lets him down. Why we should be getting the xhaka charm offensive in the last few days is weird but im sure off the field he is a lovely human being and a great family man.

    1. I’m with you on this Reggie
      The bottom line is he’s just not good enough for a team with ambitions to play in the CL again .
      Every game I watch him he seems intent on ruining it for us .
      What do I know though I’m not a football manager .

  4. You have to commend Xhaka for his commitment and honesty. I feel he was made a scape goat often due to the whole team and tactics not working. While he is not perfect and he makes stupid mistakes, not so much tactically now under Arteta but in terms of bookings and sending off or terrible challenges. I wish him the best and do think the younger players need someone like him around. Kudos to You Xhaka for turning things around it takes a very strong character to do what you have done

  5. I applaud tgh extremely kind hearted dn generous gesture Xhaka mad towqards th fan who missed the Wolve sgame(v=before it was called off anyway).

    But, unlike some fans, I do not let it cloud my judgement of XHAKA as a completely unsuitable player, let alone captain of our club.


  6. I think we should replace him with Joelinton from Newcastle. After watching him boss the midfield last night against MU, I’m sold…IJS

    1. Maybe when Joelinton bosses the midfield in 20-25games a season, we can start thinking about him replacing any of our midfielders. Does he appear to be any better than what we have?

      1. John Legend
        Who in our midfield has ever bossed it? The last real man of the match performance from a midfielder as given to AMN. And he’s being farmed out to Roma…

  7. I personally don’t have a problem having me as Captain. There must be something about him if all Managers he plays for want him as their team Captain, right from Mochengladbach days.

    Auba and Laca will likely leave, we do not have many long serving senior players in our squad, I don’t think it’s bad to have him lead the guys PLUS the players seem cool with him and respect him.

    The guys seemed cool with Auba but I kinda doubt the respect.

  8. Xhaka is the best choice as our Captain.. he is vocal, he can argue and he can fight, he gives his coplayer motivation.. hes happy with every one and everyone likes him…
    so my people who else has all these.. no one but Xhaka

  9. Shout out to Frank McLintock on his Birthday today

    Probably the best Captain we have had in my time of watching the Arsenal

      1. Aren’t we all SueP!

        Whoops, not suggesting that you are of the same age as him or even me, sorry!

        I appreciate that there was no COVID then and we are in a different world now but when I hear Klopp, Tuchel & Co moaning about protecting players from too many matches and wanting 5 subs for League games I always think of Frank who alongside Bob Wilson and Geordie Armstrong played in all 42 (not 38)League games and all Cup games (56 in total), without once being subbed in the 70/71 Double winning team, who only used 16 players in total in those 56 games and the game was far more physical then

        Anyway back to 2021/02 reality I think Xhaka has played his part in our recent little run and could be a decent skipper again but the City game will be a test for all and in particular him after what he did in the away game against City

        1. I didn’t know that about the double winning side FF
          I think of Xhaka as a decent man and probably a good skipper. I do worry about the red mist though

  10. appointing Xhaka as captain at this juncture would be a 2 step forward, 4 steps backwards maneuver…this club needs to envision a future without this justifiably divisive character, which means that giving him the armband could only be described as both a counter-intuitive and counter-productive appointment

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