My Part in Arsenal’s Downfall this season!

I am manipulating you against the Arsenal team! Or at least Arsene says so!‏ by KM

Wow, BOOM! Arsene just straight forward blamed the fans for the teams failure! And worse he used some pretty strong words and more lies. “We have to realise that, away from home, we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we lost the league.”

The away tables says that in 17 away games Leicester have 37 points, Spurs have 33 and in 18 away games we have 30? Thats 7 less points – with a game in hand for Leicester? Lies lies are more lies from Arsene.

“I can understand the frustration of our fans” Really Arsene? You don’t understand a thing, or you would’ve left years ago, but moving on…. “But, despite that, they want to support our team. The best chance they can give our team is to be behind our team. Some groups of people try to manipulate our fans, and I believe apart from an agenda, a personal agenda, a big ego, there’s not a lot behind it.”

Ahh yes Arsene, Piers Morgan called me and asked me to write articles about you every day! Another gigantic lie. You are the one who’s trying to manipulate everyone Arsene, and you’re paid to do it! I come here whining about you from the pain you bring me as I have to bear watching you lead our team every week!

“This team has character and attitude. Some people question them. I know them well, and they have less character than this team have.” Yea right! We turned around just 2 games this season! Ironically they were both against Leicester, but I didn’t see character Arsene. I saw no desire from players who lost 8-2 to United, to get back at them, humiliate them with their weakest team ever! In fact all I saw from the squad was your weakness when it actually came to the crunch.

Arsene’s interview brings just more reason to pick a “time for change” banner against Norwich on Saturday. Arsene is walking down the same path that Mourinho is! He is blaming everything but himself! This is a huge mistake to turn on the fans. If you taunt them before they put out a riot against you, you’re just pumping fuel into the fire.

We know Arsene is the king of words but after 12 years of no actions to back them, it’s time for us to take charge. Arsene is sliding on a downfall that is becoming inevitable to end in a big crash. Change is coming to Arsenal, be part of it!


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  1. You think too highly of yourself dude. You’re starting to believe your own hype…DON”T.

    1. Get your head out of Arsene’s a$$ please – it is not about Konstantin – it is about Arsenal and what Arsene has done to it. And now he is blaming the supporters, who have frankly been the most patient supporters of a top team i’ve ever witnessed.
      This is a disgrace – it is a shame that our beloved Arsenal is in the hands of an American who doesnt give a $hit and a passed his sell-by-date Frenchie.

      1. @jimbeam
        He made it about himself when he wrote the article. And save the xenophobic bs for one of your mates…The people who sold their shares to the American, obviously didn’t give a crap about the club either, and they’re English. So, next time “stay in ya lane son”

        1. So what deluded excuse do you have for the manager this time ? Instead of arguing against the author’s opinion you insult him. Is it because you know KM is stating the truth and you have nothing to prove him wrong ? Deal with it.

          1. loooool dont ever bring the argument ” Instead of arguing against the author’s opinion you insult him.” thats exactly the thing which 99% of all the hardcore WOB’s do here.. look criticise wenger for his failures, demand a change i get all of that, but dont disrespect and insult a man who has done so much more for the club than this joke of a man named Konstantin and dont come with the argument that the fans spent money on the club while Wenger earned money.. thats just childish.. a manager of a company/club or lets say minister of a country does MUCH MORE for their firm/club/country than a normal customer/fan/citizen who spends money, even if they earn money, why does it matter its their job and we fans spent the money because we wanted to do it and wanted the entertainment.. nobody forced us!

            1. Krish n’chips logic … So people who shopped at bhs have no right to criticise the greed and malevolence of green because he turned the place around for a few good years and anyway no one forced them to who there!! Brilliant

              1. thats what you guys dont get, i dont say that you guys cant criticise, of course you can and should criticise but insulting is not an option, and through your comment i can see that you uneducated and not intelligent.. well i already knew that loooong ago, my analogy wouldnt mean what you wrote i would say that it would be ridiculous if the one who shopped at bhs would really say/argue that he did more for bhs than the workers/managers of bhs because thats just delusional (the fav word of the wobs i dont really like)

                1. Brilliant absolutely brilliant … I am a pure fan because I don’t insult but only use reasoned argument …you lot are just uneducated and unintelligent so I don’t have to try to address your criticisms and can wantonly ignore my own incoherent logic …. Back to school me thinks!!!

            2. If you are to simple to understand what he said then get yourself an education, it is easy to understand what Krish said, respect the guy for what he has done and do not think you have done more for the club just because you payed a few quid each year like a lamb and then expect change when a minority throw their rattle out the pram.

              They guy put us ahead of his marriage, he isn’t perfect but he deserves some respect, what have you ever done? What can you tell your grandchildren when your old and grey?

              “I moaned about Wenger on a website”

          2. No answer apparently. He only seems capable of snide 1 sentence comments anyhow.

            Budd has departed and bless he is trying his best to make up excuses. As if Wenger needs the help;)

            1. Why do you guys get all but hurt when someone doesn’t agree with you. I pick an choose how I comment. And I stand by it…

        2. That may be the case NY as they too are money grabbing business types whose raison d’etre ‎is to put more dollars in their bank account. They care nothing about the club or football in general and are of course looking after their own interests as is most man’s curse.

          Still they sold it too a complete knob who knows nothing, nor wants to know about Arsenal or football (not soccer) in general and is more concerned with growing his own money mound than helping a great football club‎ grow.

          The man with all his billions has put nothing in and has in fact charged the club for his ‘strategic services’ and what is more failed to give a valid explanation for this charge. Unlike Leicesters owners..‎

          He is dragging the club I have always loved down with his negligence a‎nd Wenger has become his guilty accomplice for being such a greedy suck up. A better man would have walked away..

          So get back in your Lane will ya.

          1. @aot
            He put in more than you have. Thats why he’s majority shareholder and you’re some anonymous git whining impotently out in cyberspace…

            1. Yes he has lots of money and a hamster loose on the top of his head. Big deal!

               I’d rather be me than that syrup wearing excuse for a human being who if you actually check the facts has put in no more than buying shares (the majority of as you point out). Stan is busy making money and ruins of sporting institutions and there you are raising your pom poms in his honour. 

              Jeez you real seem to like the idea of a Stan branded Arsenal don’t ya.‎

              Enjoy the ride cowboy.‎

              @admin: he called me a git! Is that allowed or is it personal abuse? ‎

              1. @AOT
                You are a git so don’t worry about it 😛

                Our old board was so pathetic, not only did they sell to that knob (as you kindly put it) but they also sold the BS that they wouldn’t sell to a majority share holder and how they are proud to be ‘British owned’…

                And then how they sold the lie of having pride in being able to fund it (move) all by ourselves and somehow got Dein out who wanted to invest in the club :O

                It almost feels like a lot of the fans will believe what-ever the board/shareholders come out and say. I bet if they said we’re signing an alien we would have half the gooners looking up into the sky claiming they seen the ship our new transfer is arriving on…

      2. loooooooool the most patient??? ridiculous even in the years arsene overachieved you guys criticised him each day.. the most patient fans are from dortmund and liverpool, the other fans are right.. arsenal fans are one of the most fickle fans!
        and stop this lie that arsene damaged the club all in all arsene has done great things for the club and is a benevolent and legend of the club! if you want a change, alright i understand you but dont be so fickle and insult a man who has done sooo much for the club

        1. Hahaha ? What?… So that gives him the right to knock down, what he so ‘called’ built?..
          Julius Caesar built something alot bigger than the Emirates! And he got stabbed in the back ( multiple times) for making a fraction of the mistakes that wenger made!
          ???… Just saying! ?

          1. lol are you really defending the guys and taking the side of the guys who stabbed him in the back? xD fatboy you do understand that in your analogy you guys who insult wenger are called backstabbers? so your analogy isnt really supporting your point and Two wrongs do not make a right!
            dont exaggerate he did built arsenal to a point and he did fail terribly this year and thats why i say that the fans can obviously demand a change, but dont talk like he destroyed arsenal because he failed this season, it was terrible season not more and not less.. demand a change but dont insult a man who worked 20 years for a brand.. thats disrespectful.. and if you guys dont get my point you guys are a failure as a human being, who dont know to respect one’s dedication

            1. It really is a shame,
              If only, all the world leaders shared your humanity!

              What a wonderful place it would be! ?

            2. Kri… more nonsense from you

              What a load of crap from you. 20 years for a brand?. I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years well before Wenger and we were a brand before him and will be after him.

              re insulting wenger… listen to your own advise and stop insulting the fans on thie forum. If you havant got anything else but insults to posters STFU.

  2. thank you 4 manipulating our beloved arsenal to something that every team can beat with ease…time to say goodbye.

    1. Facts are facts and our position in the premier league its a fact but also the fact that we loose on home turf is a fact standing with billboards at games and breaking the unit up is a crime in my eyes we become a laughing stoke as the saying goes there is many ways to skin a cat and skinning the cat with billboards at home games or away games is totally preposterous
      We need to do things in a professional manner and with respect
      In matches we need to united and loud behind our club an Arsenal colorful fortress were players feed from our supporters electric form
      A match game the Emirates Stadium isn’t the cinema

  3. Looks lika open rebellion to me and am totally behind it! But wait, we throw him out then what? Who is ready to take us to that promised land out there? Do you have a clue? Will the ‘silent one’ take it lying down and allow fans to hog the limelight and force issues? If not what is our next course of action? Will this leave our team better off or worst off? If only ‘the silent one’ was standing by the team-fans, then change would have been automatic. Now it looks the other way round. But still, I am with you ‘rebels’. Where can I go, am a fan like you who also desire change and success. WENGEROUT HENRY IN!

  4. Arsene must wake up from his dreams and realise that fans are the biggest stakeholders not just for Arsenal but for football at large, no top team would give him all that time, people are winning trophies and getting sacked, forget Kroenke, the stakeholders (fans) have spoken, listen to the voice of reason and quit!!

  5. Like all dictators, mr wenger will fall by the rise of the discontented arsenal fans. They’re coming for him but he’s too egotistical to see it. Norwich has a lot to play for, they’re a relegation team and they will throw everything they have at us. Fans are going to this game ready to protest against wenger and kroenke so the atmosphere will be VERY toxic. All this has the recipe for a very tough day for the arsenal and i have a feeling this will be his downfall. Who will rescue arsenal? If sanchez doesn’t deliver 2 goals again top 4 and wenger are in big big trouble.

  6. I knew this was going to happen! Arsene has too much pride.

    Damn Arsene. It would have been better if you kept quiet, lay back and allow the fans do their thing. Now when you create this “Me VS You” situation with the fans, who is it gonna help eh? You might stay for one more year as manager, but if the relationship between manager and majority fanbase remain strained and under constant tension, it is going to be a very stressful one year for the team. Surely Arsene and the board understands this.

    Again, I say in this relationship, the voice of the majority fanbase is far more important than that of the manager, believe it or not.
    Arsene please forget your pride and ego, and for once atleast genuinely open your mind to the voice of the majority fanbase.

    1. At Arsenal the rule seems to be that the Arsene’s feelings outweigh those of the fans.

      Who the hell is the manipulator Arsene is yapping about? All that “personal agenda” stuff?!!
      He is making it too much about himself rather than the fans.

  7. Actually I remember your
    earlier articles this season
    were not at all anti Wenger.
    You were writing articles about
    all aspects of the club and the tenor
    of your views were generally positive and hopeful.
    What made you change so much?
    Just asking 🙂

      1. And you my friend changed from witty smiley icons used against Wenger and then swing to sardonic wind up merchant Wenger fan‎ and back again to Wenger out.

        Which is the real ‘davidnz’? May I ask…‎

        1. No not true.
          For a long time I have
          been Wenger has had
          10 years without a major
          trophy so must win now or go.
          But at Xmas Arsenal only had Leicester
          in front of us with all the top teams in trouble.
          With Leicester never having won the title in 130 years,
          against my better judgement I allowed myself to believe
          Leicester would falter and that Arsenal would pass them and win the EPL.
          Unfortunately ECL exit FA Cup exit and a faltering EPL campaign
          once again meant we failed so I have simply resumed my long held
          belief that Arsene has had long enough to win another title so must go.
          As for Konstantin I am not criticizing him for changing his stance
          in fact I support him for doing so but I am also informing some members
          who think Konstantin is a total Wenger out fanatic because
          that has not always been the case as he used to be very
          hopeful Wenger could turn things around.
          PS. Glad you keep tabs on my posts.
          Keeps me on my toes 🙂

          1. ***See above comments regarding Arsenal “fans” being fickle***
            I think you’ve inadvertently backed up Krish.

    1. When you wake up from a dream, you go back to reality. I see you are still in that promise land, the deluded one’s promise land. May be one day you’ll wake up too. But, the earlier the better

  8. Let’s face it, a fourth place finish will tick all the boxes of the Boards requirements, from Wenger this season!

    It’s funny how we have one of the worst season’s ever under Wenger, yet, we are still in with a chance of finishing 3rd or 4th, which not too long ago, would have been happily accepted by the majority of Gooner’s, but what made the fans expectations alot more higher this season?
    Was it our good form against mickey mouse teams in preseason? … or beaten a poor Chelsea in the community shield?… winning the Emirates cup? … or the fact that all the the top 4 clubs had a very poor start to the season?

    If you ask me… for whatever his reasons maybe,( divorce? ) Wenger has definitely been very lazy with his mangerial duties this season and it even got to the point where the players where having meetings amongst themselves, which inspired the wins against Man utd at the Emirates and our first win in Greece against olympiakos.
    So what does that tell us? .. did Wenger put a stop to these so called secret meetings? … Whatever the case maybe, Wenger has most definitely lost the plot, more than ever!
    I can’t believe that he actually told Elneny to shoot less at Goal ? How can you tell a player that! after scoring a screamer away at Barcelona? … yet players like Ramsey, Walcott and Giroud are wasting plenty of opportunities !

    No more excuses mr wenger. .. just pack up and go!

    1. I have a question, how did you never get banned despite your constant anti-Wenger comments ? I’m not trying to annoy you this is a sincere question, cause my other account got banned without any warning and I never insulted anyone. Only thing I can figure out I did wrong was complaning about the manager and players in every article

      1. because i reckon that fatboy’s comments do have some content and maybe your complainings were a bit too repetitive but i dont know what you commented..
        for example soopa is somebody who should be banned because from the WOB’s he is one of the worst, i dont have particularly something against WOB’s, i even understand their frustration this year cause i am frustrated too but guys like soopa and rkw are just annoying and not tolerable their just some childish people who dont even deserve to be called fans

        1. From the man who endlessly spat at those like myself who pointed out the one dimensional and massively overrated qualities of the footballing whippet …. And again no logic in any of the comments here just a mantra that wenger has done so much for the club and anyone who doesn’t say so is annoying and non tolerable (sic) … And not a real fan … Pathetic

      2. I may disagree with Fatboy Gooney but he does put his reasoning with his thoughts so I think they are adding to the debate, this isn’t a single line going #WengerOut.

    2. Have you thought what would happen if the board said a requirement was the EPL title?

      Wenger always seems to hit his targets and get his nice pay of over £8mil a year, Silent Stan seems very happy with how we generate our income and increase our brand name… even if it is just by storing money in the bank.

      I look back to when we was winning and I see a big missing piece, a member on the board who wants to win things, they are all yes-men currently.

      Our last EPL title had Dein in the shadows, the guy is an Arsenal fan and put his money where his mouth is… He didn’t run it off to the media complaining about the manager. He done a job for the club and made an actual difference!

      We got Silent Stan who I think we can all agree, he wants a profit, his main goal is more than just Arsenal.
      We have Piers moaning about things on twitter, he could get off his fat backside and do something constructive, he has the funds! He would rather increase his social media viewers and repeat the BS that us fans are saying than actually doing anything useful for the club.
      We have Usmanov who isn’t allowed to do anything and kept from the board.

      Dein is a massive piece that we miss, he wanted Arsenal to win things, he worked to make his dreams come true.
      We miss his ambition and drive.

      1. Interesting fact for you to think about: When Dein left, Wenger asked him if he wished to resign in a show of solidarity for his friend. Dein told him he shouldn’t as Arsenal would suffer greatly from his departure. Dein knew something a lot of people here don’t.

    1. He wants to GO? ??? Hahaha ??? Yeah right!
      More like Wenger wants to go on forever as Arsenal manager! … with a annual pay rise, of course ??

      1. You are right, the deluded on is getting old, his vision is going, his health detoriating due to age, and he is happily taking Arsenal with him. And some people here still thinks he is taking the team to the right direction, what direction? May be his direction.

  9. As long as he has the support of the board and his huge paycheckand total controlof many parts of club business he will stayand not give a toss about the fans.

    The Board cares about MONEY

    1. Wait until Mr Garrison see’s that ‘T’ word ? ? ?
      Your heading for some moderation time, Young Lady ?

      Would be great to see some more South park characters on here! ?

      1. She might not be “young”.
        She might not be a “Lady”
        She might not even be a woman.
        Admin uses a spunky young woman
        as his avatar to attract males like moths to a flame.
        So what about this “Arsenal_ Girl”
        who has men on this site all in a tizz 🙂
        “Would be great to see some more South park characters on here! ”
        Fatty’s in love 🙂

        1. Hahaha ? ? ?
          Oh here we go… Again!
          Are you still butt hurt over them supposedly lonely Russian girls? ?

          And Yes. .. Fatboy loves South Park mate!
          Okayyy….. Timmy – Timmyyy!! ?

  10. Wenger doesn’t need to do any divide and conquer BS, you lot are doing that already with your ignorance.

    Call for Wenger to be sacked without thinking about who the owner will replace Wenger with, if he wanted to win things and get a winner in then why hasn’t his other teams been more successful over the years?

    From my perspective, the WKB as you call them are the ones who respect the guy for what he has done and blame Stan for the penny pinching, like he has PROVEN himself to be.

    Wenger may be a problem but we need a board with ambition! An ambitious board might actually sack Wenger and give you what you want! But instead of uniting against the board and Silent Stan, you go after Wenger and split the fan base.

    And then you blame others for doing what you yourself done, blame others for your own faults, how pathetic!

    Unite against Silent Stan and the board, unite against this lack of ambition, unite for a real change at Arsenal.

    I await the next stupid AOB post/article, I do wonder if any of you lot can think for yourself at times, Wenger is just the face of the problem, the real problem lies with the targets and ambition from the board.

    1. For me, the real problem is on pitch!
      And who is responsible for that? ? .. Stan? .. No!.. is it Wenger! … Yes!.. Why?… because it is his job to pick the right player’s who will give the team the best chance to win the game! And Add to that tactics and motivation…. Oh wait.. but there isn’t none!… Who’s to blame for that? .. Stan? ?… No! ? .. It’s that egoistic stubborn man again! … Wenger! ?.. Are you suggesting that Stan and the complete Arsenal board are using wenger as a scapegoat? ?.. what? …
      They lie about the funds that are available?

      When the players have to arrange a private meeting with themselves, to encourage fight and togetherness to win games that tells you that there is a problem with the Manager.

  11. Admin what is it with my comment not passing ur spam filter… It’s getting boring composing a text and not have it posted.. Wassup really

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