My Prediction of the EPL finishing positions this season – What’s yours?

My Premier League Table Prediction for 2022/23 by Dan Smith

It’s that time of the year when Football Fans forecast the Premier League table.

Who will be Champions? Who qualifies for Europe? Who gets relegated? Who’s the first manager to be sacked? Etc.

Within our fanbase it also means unless I predict Arsenal will challenge for the title or at the very least finish in the top 4, I will be accused of being negative.

The last few years have factually been some of the worst in our modern history. For example, we just had a campaign for the first time in a quarter of a century where we had zero European Football. So, it’s understandable any Gooner wouldn’t be happy considering what we were promised when we left Highbury

My own viewpoint is that it doesn’t make you a bigger supporter just by being positive for the sake of positivity, so try and base your thoughts on your head and not your heart.

I also accept that the transfer window is open till September which can alter things.

Arsenal – 5th

I argued last season that while I noticed improvement, I worried that in the crucial moments of matches and the campaign, would we have the mentality to get over the line?

I was called lots of names but whisper it quietly, that’s exactly what happened.

It’s not even criticism when you consider the club made the conscious decision to build the youngest squad in the division, therefore it’s natural they would lack leadership.

I do think Jesus and Zinchenko will help, not just do they know the division, they know how to win it. In terms of recruitment, they are the best we could have got, two players who could become better with the benefit of first team action.

I am worried, it’s gone quiet on links with a proven attacking midfielder/winger, meaning there would again be too much pressure on youth to be our creative outlet.

If I said 12 months ago, we would be relying on Jesus/Nketiah for our source of goals ahead of Lacazette/ Aubameyang, I’m not sure how many Gooners would have been happy?

The 4 who finished above us have strengthened and I just think we need more.

Why do I think in May we will still be talking about potential and being asked for patience while a Vieira, etc, develops?

I am more confident we can win the Europa League. If Rangers can get to the final, then so can we.

Aston Villa -9th

Having started well, it went under the radar that Gerrard kind of never got going at Villa.

Needs to keep Watkins and Ings fit.

Keep an eye on Kamara, a very good free signing.

Brentford – 19th

There are obvious comparisons to be made with Sheffield United who finished top 10 after promotion and 20th the year after.

I’m not saying they will be that bad, but they will suffer from second season syndrome.

A lot of their points came in the first half of the campaign when they took advantage of the momentum of winning the play offs.

Christian Eriksen helped wrestle the slide when their surprise factor wore off.

They don’t have that anymore.

Brighton – 11th

I wrote most weeks last season how Brighton would play well but not win due to not taking their chances.

I admire Graham Potter for always sticking by his principles.

He either needs to buy a new striker (they haven’t really invested this summer) or hope Danny Welbeck stays fit.

If you haven’t seen his physique go check his images out.

Will continue to try and play a good brand of football with Potter’s reputation enhancing.

Bournemouth – 18th

I grew up in the area so have a soft spot for the club.

Unfortunately, it does seem like their business model is different to the last time they were in the topflight.

This time round the Cherries is using money from promotion to improve the structure off the pitch such as the training ground.

It means they have so far got a couple of free agents and players from the Championship.

Will play the game the right way and get the odd shock win but clearly have set up where relegation wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Chelsea– 2nd

I’m not one of these supporters who reads too much into pre-season.

It sums up the world we live in that fan are now actually putting their managers under pressure based on friendlies.

In reality I think some of their signings have gone under the radar.

Playing every week, Sterling could get 15-20 goals while Koulibaly for 34 million is a bargain.

They have the resources where they can still do something big in the transfer market. Would they have let Lukaku return to Italy without the intention of buying a striker?

If they purchase a forwaord, they can challenge for the title before falling away.

Crystal Palace – 10th

Another season where Vieira will take a step closer to being the next Arsenal manager.

Impressed many last year with how quickly a new group of players brought into his ethos, with each one knowing their own roles.

In theory young talent should only get better.

A lot of fixtures the Eagles didn’t get results they deserved last campaign because of a lack of fire power.

They might yet correct that by buying a new striker.

Everton -12th

Evertonians have to accept where their club is currently at. While there’s uncertainty about the ownership, the days of worrying about being a top 6 side are over.

Frank Lampard can be trusted to get the best out of their young players, and he won’t tolerate the senior pros who let the club down last year.

The Toffees are better than being in a relegation fight, which should never happen again.

Fulham – 20th

Marco Silva has already warned Fulham are not ready for the season.

While he maintains that’s not to put any pressure on the board who he insists are committed to bringing in fresh faces, I think any team who have 16 senior players available with less than a week before the campaign, their ambition needs to be questioned.

Leeds – 16th

Looking at the squads from last season, none look dramatically weaker as much as Leeds who have lost their two best players.

This from a team who only stayed up on the last day of the campaign.

Jesse Marsh does now have a pre-season to properly teach his ethos and values, yet he remains an unknown quantity. Wouldn’t be shocked to see a managerial change.

Was tempted to put them in the bottom 3 but at squeaky bum time the atmosphere at Elland Road can get them over the line.

Leicester – 13th

Brenden Rodgers might argue he’s been a victim of his own success, but I feel he needs to start the season well.

Needs to show he can turn the tide when things are not going well. For example, as he fixed the set-pieces problem which caused them conceding so many goals.

With the likes of Vardy getting older and Maddison and Schmeichel possibly leaving, you sense the Foxes are in a state of transition.

Liverpool – 3rd

Both Man City and Liverpool have shown an incredible mentality to essentially play every few days with the pressure of having to win. From January, the Reds drew three games in the Prem and won the others yet that wasn’t enough to be Champions.

Barring the year the sport was played without fans, both have been doing that for years.

A big club act like one. So, they were prepared for Mane’s exit by bringing in Diaz in the New Year and now Nunez.

There was talk that the Reds were becoming predictable in the run in, just crossing the ball in as they seemed to tire. Nunez might give them alternative options.

Law of averages, the top 2 can’t keep up those levels, not in a World Cup year.

They don’t have the depth that City do.

Man City – 1st

I don’t think the Champions get enough credit for the standards they have set.

I think they have been so good for so long we almost take for granted the mentality they have to reach to hit the heights they do.

Since January, they and Liverpool every few days essentially played in must win fixtures where even a draw felt like the end of the world.

As humans, you assume eventually this group will lose that hunger and get complacent?

That’s why Pep Guardiola is special. He’s so driven and almost obsessed in his attention to detail. That’s the reason he eventually walked away from Barcelona because emotionally it takes so much out of him.

That will eventually happen at the Etihad but not this year.

Sir Alex used to stress the importance of adding a couple of players to a winning squad to keep everyone competitive. Haaland and Phillips will do just that.

Man United – 6th

The quicker Man United fans accept this is where they are at, the quicker they will return to their previous levels.

They have too many resources to not win the Prem again one day, but have made so many bad decisions they have to tolerate a step back to go forward.

Finally, they seem to have learnt about not buying a marquee name for the sake of it, allowing their new managers to base his shortlist on the right kind of character as much as quality.

They need to trust Ten Haag though.

If the Glazers think he’s the man for the job, then don’t panic if things don’t go right the first year.

He might even have to upset the dressing room a little bit.

A transitional year.

Like us, it’s more realistic that they win the Europa League then that they finish top 4.

Newcastle – 7th

If I was a Geordie, I would be disappointed as the assumption, was they were going to do a Man City or a Chelsea in the transfer market when they were brought out.

Of course, a lot can change till September, but it does seem like the Toon’s growth will be a gradual process.

Apart from being the richest club in the UK, they have a manager in Eddie Howe who has made every player better since he arrived on Tyneside.

After his hiatus following Bournemouth, some needed reminding about Howe’s obsession for the sport and attention to detail. He’s the first to arrive at training and last to leave.

He can now worry about the top half of the table.

Nottm Forest– 15th

Unlike the other two promoted teams, Forest is taking a different approach in their bid to beat the drop.

Where Fulham and Bournemouth appear to have prepared for relegation not financially being the end of the world, Forest have thrown money at it.

They have already spent over 100 million on new faces.

There’s zero guarantee this works as evidence in the past suggests it can upset the balance of a squad who won the playoffs, with too much talent trying to settle into a new club at the same time.

What will keep them up I think is the atmosphere at the City Ground.

Forest is a big club, are back in the top division for the first time since 1999 and I can see big clubs having their scalp being taken.

Southampton – 17th

One of those examples where ending the previous campaign in poor form could impact on the new one.

Ralph Hassenhuttl might need a good start.

Often, he starts a season well, but can’t maintain those standards because his ethos requires his players to put in so much energy.

Squad looks stale, a club standing still.

Spurs -4th

It’s a compliment to Conte that many think Spurs can break the gap between themselves and the top 2 purely based on who they had in charge.

Make zero mistakes. They have a world class manager who won’t accept the negativity we associate them with.

Now with a pre-season to have worked with his players, I can’t see Spurs starting this season as slow as last season.

They will have their moments but obviously don’t have enough depth to maintain a challenge.

Don’t worry though Gooners, Conte can never keep it up. This time next year he will fall out with Daniel Levy.

West Ham – 8th

A victim of their own success. Hammers need to remind themselves how hard it is to better than what they have managed in the last couple of seasons.

David Moyes might choose to prioritize Europe which is the correct decision.

That will impact their League form as they don’t have the biggest squad

Wolves – 14th

One of the dullest teams to watch. Don’t score many, don’t concede many either.

Haven’t done too much in the summer to change that.


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  1. 1st – Liverpool
    2nd Man City
    3rd -Chelsea
    4th -spuds
    6th-west ham

    To go down


    Reason I’ve gone 5th for us is that as of now we have signed 5 players and of those 5 Jesus and maybe zinchenko are probably going to start .
    We saw last season when the pressure is on we crumbled ,that is up to the management to hopefully sort out ,but as of yet I’ve not seen anything special regarding that problem .
    Let’s hope we get off to a good start in 2 days time .

    1. It’s hard to see beyond City followed by Liverpool. I think 3rd. and 4th. is a toss-up between ourselves, Spurs and Chelsea. If we can put away the Brightons and Southamptons, and take points from last season’s top 4, then top 4 is a definite possibility. Man. Utd. will finish 6th. again, (hopefully).

    2. Area you forgetting that we also have a certain Saliba at the back now. That’s similar to a new signing. That’s a third starter

  2. If Jesus stays fit throughout the season, I bet we finish fourth and win EL. Otherwise we could finish fifth and just win EL, as you predicted

    As for the EPL trophy, I also believe Man City would retain the title. Because their B team is almost as good as the main one

    If Salah gets injured, Liverpool could lose the second place, because they don’t have another world-class inverted RW. And as you said, Sterling is a great addition to Chelsea, that could make them a champion again

    1. Gai
      My worry for our top4 aspiration is how our top first 11 can stay injury free considering we shall be playing Europa. Which one will Arteta prioritize Epl or Europa?
      Only two of our signing are set for EPL G.Jesus & Zichenko. Realistically, we can’t get tbe best out of Turner, Marquinhos and Viera this season as they would need to adapt to Arsenal style and EPL physicality. Hence for us to be sure of top4 the likes of N.Pepe need to step up if Saka is injured. And Arteta should rotate in certaing games to keep his first 11 fit.

      1. Jesus, Partey and Tierney would likely get injured, because of their adventurous playing style

        If it happens this month, Arsenal could still sign their replacements. Otherwise I hope Balogun’s loan contract can be cancelled in December, to make him return to the Emirates

  3. “If I said 12 months ago, we would be relying on Jesus/Nketiah for our source of goals ahead of Lacazette/ Aubameyang”
    I was banging the drum about auba last year and we all knew laca wasn’t going to score loads of goals. I don’t think many believed in Eddie last year but many do now (he’s moved me to the point I’m optimistic, but i still think he has a bit to prove) but jesus is the biggest difference. Even if he can’t score as many as auba at his best, he’s still infinitely better than the auba of last season and he will bring a lot to the team even when not scoring himself.
    In short, our striking options going into 21/22 are massively better than they were at the start of last season.

    Overall, I think this is a fair and sober assessment, but i am hopeful we can exceed your expectations this year.

  4. 1st-ARSENAL
    2nd-MAN CITY

    to go down


  5. I still think Man City and Liverpool still look a lot better than the rest, and will take 1st and 2nd just like last season.

    Chelsea/Arsenal/Tottenham/Man U have all made improvements, so I think they will make-up the top 6 but how the new players fit into the teams + any more signing will determine how these stock-up, and of course the big factor will be injuries.

    If Arsenal can keep out players mostly fit then I think 3rd or 4th is achievable. Only Chelsea seem to have improved as much as Arsenal have, maybe. EG. Richarlison is not an upgrade on the forwards that Tottenham already have, Man U doesn’t seem like a happy camp at the moment.

    In fact of those mentioned above, I think Man U will really struggle and might be replaced in the top-6 this season by someone like Newcastle.

    1. 3 or 4 is achievable. While Chelsea, Spurs and united have bought, they seem somewhat unsettled to me. Became a fortress at home, reduce the losses to smaller clubs away and have some luck with injuries and I think we may surprise.

      1. I do too , i feel our squad has more of a team spirit going than we had.
        Also i really like what im seeing in pre-season as before it seemed they were getting mistakes out of there system , they seem have bypassed that already and look ready to roll.
        3rd would do me with the main 2 ahead of us , i don’t think the others will improve as much as we do.

  6. 1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Chelsea
    5. Spur
    6. Utd
    7. Newcastle
    8. Westharm
    9. Villa
    10. Wolves


  7. Totally wrong dan smith,finishing 5th was caused by injuries to some of our key men and mark my words we are finishing above fifth this time around whom our win rate was impressive while they were fit……yeah,you are not being negative you are beign pessimistic.

    1. Spot on.

      Gonna be a fight for 3rd and 4th between spurs arsenal and Chelsea again.

      Rightly said we missed out due to injury.

    2. We finished 5th, because we let too many players leave, who would have covered for the injuries that, of course, happens to every club…. and most of them plan sensibly for such mishaps.

    3. Injuries were responsible for losing to palace , Brighton and saints ?
      Injuries were responsible for the performance at spurs and Newcastle
      As an example , give me injury list for let’s say Brighton at home

        1. He had Lacca – first choice striker
          Martinelli, Smith Rowe , Odegaard and Saka
          All started
          Ben White and Gabriel started
          Ramsdale started
          Xakha left back was his choice
          So that’s quite enough players to beat Brighton
          Pepe on bench
          Eddie on bench
          Hardly rocked to the core lol

    4. It’s not like the other clubs didn’t have problems. Spurs and Chelsea had some very bad spells for one reason or another. If the clubs around us don’t change at all, then of course I think we’d finish higher, but they will have taken steps to improve.
      From Dan’s article, I’m not convinced utd won’t be significantly better than last season, which is an additional threat, but I’m also not convinced Chelsea will be any better than last season at all – his reasoning does make sense though.

      1. Didn’t we finish low in the league table for injuries?

        I actually think Chelsea will do that well they struggled last season and I don’t see signing Sterling gets them above Liverpool.

        Regarding us our target this season should be 4th or win EL which I think we should and will achieve.

        Still think we need 2 more signings though

    5. I knew we would lose at Newcastle when out two centre-backs had to be pressed into service while nursing hamstring strains. Spurs got 4th. essentially because they they failed to lose at Liverpool.

  8. Based on pre season I will go for 3rd with an outside chance of actually challenging for the title.

    I still have my doubts as usual but this time the signs are very positive.

    3rd and EL winners.

  9. 1. Liverpool
    2. City
    3. Arsenal
    4. spuds
    5. Chelsea
    6. Manure
    7. West Ham
    9. Palace
    10. Brighton

    Arsenal based on pre season and further signings as hinted at by Mikel – if not 5th.

  10. 1st and 2nd is between City and Liverpool.
    3rd to 4th is between the rest (Chelsea, Arsenal, Spuds, United).

    Those remaining 2 Top 4 places are going to be very tight between us all..

      1. Well it was progress Dan
        Emphasis on the ‘was’
        It was close to 4th

        I’m going for: (on the basis that the window is still open)

        1. MC
        2. Liverpool
        3. Spuds
        4. Arsenal
        5. Chelsea
        6. ManU
        7. West Ham
        8. Newcastle
        9. Crystal Palace
        10. Aston Villa
        11. Leicester
        12. Brighton
        13. Wolves
        14. Nottingham Forest
        15. Southampton
        16 Everton
        17. Brentford
        18. Leeds
        19. Fulham
        20. Bournemouth

        Not remotely scientific

        1. no Sue P
          I was just wondering why 5th shouldn’t enter my head implying that’s negative yet so many see 5th as progress

          1. @Dan
            5th was progress from the mess of a squad we had before last season..
            “WAS” and not “IS”.
            5th WAS progress relative to where the club and squad was at that particular time..

            Top 4 would be progress this season relative to where we are right now..

            For Man City, winning the CL would be progress..

            If I got 60% in a test last year but get 70% this year then that’s progress.

            You compare where you were to where you are now to guage if you gained, stagnated or

              1. So if man United finish 5th
                There fans should boast of progress ?
                Arteta remember took us to 8 th

              2. @sue p and goonster,will you leave this guy in his wilderness? He’s obviously too bright to sense things.

            1. No if a teacher came in and you were getting 70 percent and he took you to Two 40 per cents , you don’t get a well done for the next year getting 60

              1. We did take a step or two back
                Some will say that the last years of AW and the year and a bit of Emery were as much to blame as MA being a new kid on the block for the decline
                I know I do
                I am prepared to accept that it has been a big change and the signs are beginning to show that Arteta has matured into his role. I believed he could because I saw something in him. That may or may not come to pass this season buu I see this great club beginning to grow again

        2. Apart from swapping around the top two that is close to my prediction Sue.
          The World Cup will cause a lot of disruption to Teams who have a lot of players going out there which may allow a surprise contender for the top four.

  11. I honestly can’t predict other than 1.City and 2.Liverpool….

    Spurs, ManU, Chelsea and ourselves are completely unpredictable in my opinion, who knows what they/we are going to do when the pressure is on.

    I will say that Spurs were looking really good under Conte and that was with only a few months in charge and before he had a proper transfer window.

  12. An injury to Jesus and Partey would degrade the strength of the team, so I agree with the 5th position finish for us.

    1. Liverpool.
    2. Man. City.
    3. Chelsea.
    4. Tottenham.
    5. Arsenal.
    6. Man. United.
    7. Newcastle.
    8. West Ham.
    9. Leicester.
    10. Crystal Palace.

    1. An injury to sala, fabinho get injured it will reduce the strength of Liverpool squad likewise mancity if Rodri and ederson every team have key players and it’s not there player that they get injured

      1. Liverpool play more or less the same no matter who plays. Unfortunately we don’t as we really struggle if we are without partey in the middle

        1. Yet, we don’t have Partey replacement for this season. Unforgiveable mistake. Shame on Edu and MA if Partey gets injured and we lose the forth place because of that. Both should be sacked immediately if that happens!!

  13. 1st – Liverpool
    2nd Man City
    4th- spurs
    5th -Chelsea
    6th- man u
    7th- Newcastle
    8th-west ham
    9th- villa
    10th- wolves
    11th- crystal palace
    12th Nottingham forest
    13th- leciester
    14th- brighton
    15th- Everton
    16th- Bournemouth
    18th- Southampton
    19th- Leeds
    20th- Brentford

    Arsenal player of the season: willian Saliba

  14. 1. Arsenal
    2. Liverpool
    3. City
    4. Utd
    5. Spur
    6. Chelsea
    7. Newcastle
    8. Westharm
    9. Villa
    10. Wolves

    Crystal Palace

  15. Mine
    1- Liverpool
    2- Spurs
    3- M City
    5- Man Utd
    6 Newcastle


  16. If finishing 5th is an achievement then why was Wenger sacked?? After he would’ve gotten top 4 eventually because he had that experience. That said he should’ve still left in 08. We had above average coaches in Ole finishing top 4 hahaha. I can see Arsenal finishing 3rd or 6th.

  17. Liverpool
    Man City
    Arsenal (easy 3rd) 78 pts
    Man Utd

    I think the gap as closed between the top 6, I can’t see
    Liverpool,city blowing the rest away this season…..

    1. I do wonder about that. Have a feeling the strikers city and Liverpool bought *might* entail a change in style that might not be positive for them – a bit like the Ronaldo situation at utd. That being said, it’s hard to see haaland not being a success, given a bit of time, and nunez looks very hungry..

      1. In Liverpool case I think, the front 3 was truly awesome ( salah,mana and firmino) I just don’t think nunez will bring more goals or cutting edge than the 3 at their peak for the last few years.

        But obviously Liverpool are still a machine and it’s 50/50 who wins the league between them and city..

        Mancity Im not sure they have done great business (in the selling sense) they have let go some really good players and Haaland will
        Give them a different dimension but I’m not sure that will be good enough to off set the loss of Raheem And Jesus, but again they are also formidable. But in both cases I’m not sure they are any better than previously, where as the chasing pack might be..🤔

        1. Yes, I think you’re probably right. I think at least one of the top few sides will unexpectedly disappoint, but it’s unlikely to be Liverpool or City – still, you never know.

  18. Leaving aside thE puzzlement about why DAN ha s spent so much wasted time talKing about all the many clubs that are plainly never going to challenge us for Prem positions(and on an Arsenal sitre too!), what strikes me so plainly is DANS CONCERN, THAT WE WHO ARE NOT LIFE LONG RELENTLESS PESSIMISTS, should NOTcriticise him for for being one himself.
    TBH, I have got way past criticising this poor, self induced misery fellow and actally feel sorry for him that his brain won’t let him ever see the positives that we large majority of realists see so clearly. Poor chap!

      1. Yes DAN, and I’ll gladly tell you why! Because you are very clearly alost cause and many of us will feel that way. You hae brought that pity upon yourself by your own determined campaign of constant criticism. We all criticise SOME things we do not like, as that is to be expected and is normal with all footbal fans.

        But what is plainly not normal and is in fact rather pathetic and deserving of a resigned feeling of pity, is when someone such as you is helpless to change their outlook and can only, EVER, criticise. It seems somehow to help you to survive.

        When you had a period , recently, away from writing your pieces , I really hope you had , just perhaps , seen the light and were laying low for a time , to return as a changed man.

        But sadly, though for you rather than us, that was not to be. You are still the same man,helpless to change your own obsessive negativity- a negativity that very many constantly comment on, not only me, and we see you now as a cause for pity.
        Had criticism helped save your fate, then it might have continued. Plainly though, it has not helped you recover.

        But to keep verbally “kicking” you as it were, is now akin to kicking a helpless kitten . You are now , truly,an an object of pity. I really do feel sorry for your personal state.

        1. “I really do feel sorry for your personal state.” – And yet you just can’t let it go. For someone apparently obsessed with truth, this strikes me as a lie.

          “But to keep verbally “kicking” you as it were, is now akin to kicking a helpless kitten” – good lord, do you really have no self awareness? This is just bullying at this point. Thankfully it seems to be completely ineffective, however.

        2. No my point is too keep commenting so your not leaving me alone lol
          Stop commenting would be leaving me alone

          1. And again you must have missed articles where I praise the women
            As for pity ?
            I don’t take things that serious …’s football
            If I think 5th is a failure and you disagree that’s fine
            I don’t take that personally

            1. How pathetic, disrespectful, arrogant and rude to suggest you have a problem Dan. How low will gutter snipes go to disrespect opinion. It stinks!!!!!!!!

              1. i dont read it mate
                say it outloud its sad

                A grown man gets that angry because a stranger predicts arsenal will finish 5th


                1. You may be wrong Dan but you may be right, i dont get the vile lengths some people stoop too because they dont respect opinion. Which is sad and sick to be honest.

  19. Our issue will be key injuries at the wrong time. If we can grind out results in games this season, where we are a bit flat, which we might have lost last year we have a chance. With still a young but more experienced set of players, there is no reason why 3rd or 4th isn’t achievable. We need a good start and hopefully rack up at least 8 wins in our first ten games. I think 3rd/4th and a good cup run in El and a domestic for this season represents a good one. Even if we win nothing just be competitive in every game

    1. At least defensively we are, at least in theory, well-stocked, but up front we will probably miss Jesus badly if he picks up the odd knock. We still need someone to play on the right, and who can contribute goals. A Pepe replacement?

  20. 1. Man City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Chelsea
    5. Spurs
    6. West Ham
    7. Man Utd
    8. Newcastle
    9. Aston Villa
    10. Wolves


  21. Hi Dan…

    Inasmuch as I don’t make predictions, especially on this scale, because my emphasis is on Arsenal, I must applaud you on the breadth of your knowledge and impressions about other teams and where you believe they will finish at the conclusion of the season.

    Similarly to @Dan the Cannon, I believe that injuries to key players will determine where Arsenal finishes in the rankings. As a result, it necessitates strengthening in two more key positions, namely the defensive holding midfielder and a backup striker.

    In my opinion, Marquinhos has a lot of potential as a right winger (although many people may think he is not ready yet), but I believe he is because of his physicality and ball technique. Pepe, on the other hand, struggles with decision-making; yet, both Pepe and Marquinhos should provide enough coverage.

    To summarize, I believe that the capacity to assess more fundamental attributes of a football player and how they all relate to the functioning of the whole team will ultimately determine where the team finishes in the table. The table is only an output; improving the inputs and the process is the only definite method to control the outcomes. I am hoping to write an article on this model and how it could be helpful in measuring, evaluating, characterizing, and predicting the path in which Arsenal might be moving in the future.
    Till then… Cheers!!

    Keep safe and stay positive!

  22. More of a question is if we finish 5th again after another big spending transfer window then will this be regarded as failure. Just heard that club’s target last season was not to finish in top 4 that is why Arteta got a contract extension. I am afraid fans are hyping Artera into something which he is not a good manager.

  23. He’s obsessed with me
    Let’s see if he can just leave it alone and never comment on my articles

  24. Mega rich clubs
    1 mancity
    2 Newcastle
    Sensible investment
    3 Lpool
    Good managers competitive team
    Young optimistic energetic squad
    6 Arsenal
    Ballantly directionless investment
    7. Manunited
    Ambitious but not megarich
    9. Leicester
    10. Aston villa
    11. Wolves
    Effective pressing
    12 Brighton
    17 Everton
    Rest is rest
    Mind says Arsenal 6th but heart says Arsenal 1, always hoping arsenal might win the league unless numerically impossible. So let’s support our team to win the league. That’s one and only target.

  25. well,

    It seems I am last again to post my comments.

    My list of this seasons top six are, in order:

    Man City
    Man Utd

    I have Arsenal as 5th again because I am worried about our lack of another striker and our soft middle. This may corrected in the next month, HOPEFULLY, in which case we just might sneak into fourth.!

    I do believe Man City will struggle to win the League this season.

    Much will depend upon how Ahab Guardiola manages the Great White Whale!

    However, a greater problem I feel will be the players who have left!!!

    One of their biggest assets during their spell as PL winners was their squad of top class players who all knew Pep’s system, and where they fitted in.

    They have already lost Sterling, Jesus, Zinc, Fernadinho and might yet lose Bernado Silver to Barcelona.
    I think losing those players will weaken City enough to let Liverpool and possibly Spurs through.

    The rest of the league can take care of itself

    1. I wasn’t being literal with my percentage
      My point is 5th was not good enough for Wenger or Emery so seems bizarre it is for Arteta just because he finished 8th
      Did you celebrate 5th under Mr Wenger ?

      1. Dan
        Do you think that AW could have turned aroundthe decline which, let’s face it, started under him? It’s an important question. Not only that, the experienced Emery couldn’t stop the rot so finishing 8th twice in my book was about stopping the decline. You can’t just snap your fingers and hey presto everything is alright again. It was likely that had AW and UE stayed, the outcome would have been the same. 8th 8th 5th

        1. Most Arsenal fans are not “boasting” of placing fifth. Or simply supporting Arteta because we went from 8th to 5th.
          Many fans have understood that the team needed overhauling and that this is difficult and complex to do in the current circumstances. Given where we were a few years ago and the strength and continued evolution of the other top teams it was bound to take time for Arsenal’s changes to make us consistently competitive.
          Edu and Arteta clearly outlined the plan last year and were backed by the board and many fans.
          Many fans see that there is a clear strategy in place, the team looks stronger and there is great potential. Nothing bizarre about it.

        2. What an insult to Wenger. Wenger wouldnt have let any other than the top sides finish above him which is why in a terrible 17/18 season we finished 6th. Neither Emery nor Arteta are equal to Wenger in terms of getting the best out of players. Under Wenger we underachieved but Arsenal never capitulated under him despite him making bad signings which proves my point that he still knew how to use what he got. We had above average coaches in Ole and Lampard finishing top 4 yet you think Wenger couldn’t have turned it round hahaha. Wenger would’ve easily gotten top 4 last season. He wouldn’t have allowed Spurs to catch up and may even possibly finish above Chelsea.

        3. Honestly Sue I always said the moment Mr Wenger left we realise what a great job he had done under these owners
          You go back to that era allot of the same readers were negative towards him and now accept and even praise worse results
          Obviously I can’t know this and I stress it’s my opinion but we would never have finished 8th under him

          1. Little things like getting rid of Auba without a replacement …..Wenger wouldnt have that
            That’s what cost us more then a few injuries

          2. The idea that Wenger couldn’t have finished in top 4 after 17/18 is laughable. Emery and Arteta didnt do anything special in terms of league position that Wenger couldn’t have done. Infact even in the previous season we would’ve finished in top 4 if not for Santi’s injury. It was his 16/17 signings which cost him but then after everything evened out he would’ve gotten back there because he was good at it. Ole, Sarri, Lampard and the like who finished top 4 were not his level even at the time.

            1. We have no idea if AW could have turned things round. We finished 5th and 6th in AW’s last two seasons. Any suggestion that we would have done better keeping Wenger is based on nostalgia, nothing more.
              Part of the problem by the time Wenger left was that there was no suggestion that he had any new ideas. At the same time, other teams were gradually becoming stronger and more competitive. A major rebuild of the Arsenal squad was required and there was no sign AW was going to do this effectively.

  26. To relegate:

    18. Brentford
    19. Leeds united
    20. Wolves

    Top: 10

    1. liverpool
    2. arsenal
    3. manchester united
    4. Manchester city

    5. Tothenham
    6. West ham

    7. chelsea
    8. Fulham
    9. Brighton
    10. Aston villa.

    Arsenal season prediction.


  27. Has anyone ever picked the entire league in the correct order? What a tall order. This season I’m only optimistic in the sense that there are signs of life at Arsenal and the process is perhaps a viable one. Perhaps the Kroenkes have gotten a taste of what it feels like to win trophies and how it can enhance the brand. In any case they need to show that Arsenal have to be seriously competitive if they ever want to be reconsidered for an eventual super league. Regarding this season however, I don’t see us as a viable top three challenger but who knows we could surprise. However, at this moment Arsenal are still two illusive players away from being title contenders.There is the Xhaka factor and the need for a proper wing back on the right. Having a centre half playing there reduces your attacking options. Also we shouldn’t underestimate the threat from Spurs and Manure. They have seriously proven managers and owners who will demand success. While I’m at it Fk, get over your nonsense of blaming injuries or refs for last season’s collapse. Put it down to nieve management and move on.

  28. Believe we are stronger this season compared to last
    Understand the other have strengthened but I really see a big problem for chelski
    Spuds have strengthened but still see a big flaw in the keeper and back 4
    If we better last season win of 22 and achieve 25 wins
    Reduce the loses to 6 which means 7 draws
    Gives us 82 points which is good enough for top 4 and possibly 3rd spot
    So based on that
    And really don’t care who finishes below as not our problem

  29. Is it still open? Here’s my two cents-
    1. City- fraudiola to somehow win another title before leaving
    2. Liverpool- they might do well in the CL bur falter in the league
    3. Spurs- Purely based on Conte. Also sensible incomings except at defense, but might play more offensive and back3 to give protection.
    4. Chelsea- Sterling will give them goals. Moves for Carney, Cucurella and possibly De Jong will better them a lot.
    5. Arsenal- This is actually close between 3, 4, 5, 6. We can be anywhere among these positions. Only reason I am going for 5th is that we basically have no backup for Partey and if he and KT become injured like last season, all our tactical makeup might get derailed. Probably should sell those two next year. Very good window so far interms of incomings. Really impressed.
    6. ManU- Depends on how well Ten Haag adopts to EPL and how quickly he makes ManU play the Ajax way. He has bought in some interesting names, also they just released a disruptìng name like Pogba. They could have a transformational campaign or just sneak into top 6 as I am predicting here.


    P.s. the shit that Dan’s getting just for his opinion is I think contrary to what the new rules suggested? Some comments have become personal, might wanna check Adpat.

    1. Sid it’s okay mate
      I have a picture of what this bullies life looks like and without sounding harsh I think this is all he has
      So where I literally write my predictions and don’t take it seriously , I think in a way this is his interaction

      1. Its good that you are not affected by it. Even after the rules changed how can people still hide behind free speech as they call it to bash a person for his opinion is beyond me. Anyways looking forward to joining the predictions league this season!
        Cheers Dan!

  30. Why you didn’t see Arsenal amongst the relegation strugglers in 2022/2023 season is mystery to me, considering the insane pessimism and doubt about the club you dished out here. For true gooners here hope springs eternal, and we’re looking forward to an exciting season, the type we’ve not had in almost two decades.

    1. Again many defended 5th as positive yet when I predict it it’s negative
      I bet if we then finish 5 it’s positive again lol

  31. Pretty realistic best case scenario Ab108, haven’t seen enough to go beyond that. Hopefully the midfield will be strengthened and then who knows perhaps we can have our best season since 2015-16.

  32. Top 3 for sure….how could you say 5th…we blew Chelsea and Sevilla away…don’t be such a cynic…I know we don’t have big names like Nunez or haaland ,..but it’s more about the team cohesion…we seem to have it now,look how slick we were,thrashing Chelsea and Sevilla like that ,..if that doesn’t give hope ,I don’t know what will …and the team is one year more mature. Coyg.
    My top 4
    Man city

  33. Arsenal need at least 2 more players a striker and midfielder if they get those then they will finish 4th if not and they go into the season with the current squad then 5th is the best they can achieve, Europa league they have a chance to win this but Roma and a few other top teams are in this competition. Tottenham could surprise everybody this season because the have a great coach in Conte, I tip them to finish in the top 4 along with City, Liverpool…

  34. Of course not,dan.cos for a manager to have done way better than that in the past now declining is a very alarming case same as emery which indicates something is wrong in the dressing room for such experienced managers to be in charge and nothing seem to be getting any better but worse instead leading to a total new begining with arteta which first two years involves trying and taking out players who can’t do his philosophy hence the two 8th place finish including the one he took over from emery half way the campaign then keep and replace them with those who can hence the upgrade in the standings 5th.not a rocket science,is it?

    1. No Wenger left with Arsenal failing to qualify for the CL
      4 seasons later we gone round this circle and ….still havnt qualified for the CL so we stood still.
      I can’t say that’s a success
      But I stress that’s my opinion ,if you think 5th is sucess that’s great

      1. Well said Dan…apparently our history only started when MA arrived so it’s progress. We are not allowed to look back more than 3 years otherwise that paints an inaccurate picture….apparently.

        1. Yeah there are literally same readers now you question me for saying 5th.isnt sucess who mocked Mr Wenger for 4th

          1. Well you did predict 6th last year I believe so they did outperform your expectations no? Can’t make that prediction and call 5th a failure, it’s grossly disingenuous. You also spent the entire period before we actually hit 4th for the 1st time claiming we were absolutely not even in the race fullstop, not in race for crying out load. You did it week in week out.

            The gap to 4th was 2 points, the gap to 6th was 11 points. I mean even 3rd was only 5 points ahead of us. I don’t remember many who predicted top 4 if any last year (I said we were nailed for 5th but top 4 wasn’t impossible in my prediction and I was one of the more positive fans at the time.) Still surely if they did they were far closer in prediction than yourself which makes your gloating odd to say the least.

              1. And I predicted 6th , doesn’t mean i saw 6th as.a sucess ?
                And if too agreed we wouldn’t finish 4th what’s the issue ?

                1. What? If your expectation for the season was 6th then we outperformed your expectations and beat the target you personally choose to set for that season. Lets say I’d like to be making a million a year that doesn’t mean if I start the year with the target of making 100,000 and end up making 200,000 that i’ll consider that 200,000 a failure. In terms of Arsenal I want to win the league obviously but that wasn’t the target last year. This year 3rd I’d consider success, 4th acceptable, 5th disappointing depending on circumstance likely not end of the world, 6th likely unacceptable 7th disaster bar some absolute freak injury crisis.

                  Worth noting I treated Wenger exactly the same way and defended him until the fans made it completely untenable in his final season. Not sure why you feel that you should treat Arteta with this consistent agenda of yours when you didn’t with Wenger.

                  Your 2nd question makes zero sense.

                  1. 6th was where i thought this squad was at , dont mean its okay .
                    Thats like everton fan saying they are not good enough for top 10 , dont mean they would be happy with 10th
                    they instead would wonder how they have fallen that far
                    fact in 2022 a fellow gooner is saying 5th is good breaks my heart

              2. You’ve made a point of gloating about us not getting top 4 and how right you were in an article this past week whilst you clearly allude to that in this one.

  35. 1st City
    2nd Liverpool
    Could be either but city have to be facts
    3rd Arsenal
    4th Spurs

    Chelsea are in a transition period and did not just have a bad preseason, they had a relatively bad finish to the season too.

    United were 11 points behind considering some people opinions on chelsea 5 ahead of us and spurs 2 ahead of us we surely dont to be too concerned with them. Honestly won’t be worried about United unless they start the season amazingly.

    Frankly I think Newcastle are the biggest outside threat to ours and Spurs battle for 3rd. They finished the season well but remains to be seen how their team shapes up after the window closes.

    We had the youngest squad and the youngest average starting 11 last year. They are a year older and a year playing together. Players that have come on our upgrades who fit the system especially Zinchenko/Jesus but expecting big things for Viera too personally.

    Most importantly we have a kind fixture schedule to start the season. If I was Arteta I’d be targeting 1st for the break. Obviously City/Liv can on winning runs regardless who they play so won’t be disappointed if we are not actually 1st come the break but we do have to lay down a marker to the other teams in that period. Y’know where conversations turn to are they an outside chance at a title challenge rather than can they compete for top 4. Don’t expect a sustained title challenge but do expect a strong start.

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