My tactical analysis of Man City v Arsenal – Outfoxed!

A clash of the tactical masterminds by JA

Hey guys what’s up? I know you had a great weekend just like me! I’m completely over the moon from yesterday and I’m absolutely sorry I doubted some of the Arsenal players.

From a tactical point of view, both gaffers did their best to outfox the other subtly but our manager won. So here is my analysis from the game…..

First and foremost, I’d like to commend Francis Coquelin on such a mature game yesterday. 2/2 tackles, 6 interceptions, 6/7 aerial duels, 11/11 clearances are just the stats part of his good game. It appeared to me that his first half task was to stop David Silva mainly, and he did that better than I expected. I really didn’t expect Coquelin to be able to track Silva all over the middle but he did! And with a high level of success too. I loved his intelligence again in the second half. City moved Silva away from the middle and it initially drew the young man’s attention, hence their ease in punching holes through the middle at the beginning of the second half. But Le Coq recovered really quickly and concentrated on his tasks again. Kudos there lad.

Also kudos to the manager trusting him with such a difficult instruction as tracking Silva.
Hector Bellerin and Oxlade-Chamberlain on the same flank was another tactical yes please from Mr Arsene Wenger. Gael Clichy is an important part of the City attack, always providing an extra man from out wide. Wenger knew that both Bellerin and the Ox could challenge Clichy for pace and that would keep him quiet, more kudos there to the Boss.

In the first 10-15 minutes of the first half, City almost run us ragged with wave after wave of attack, but Wenger went with his Stoke plan from the last game. Rough the opponents up till they can’t take it anymore, then express yourself, and that too worked.

I must commend Pellegrini though for his piece of ingenuity when trying to give Clichy more space, taking off an out and out winger in Milner for one who would more often opt to cut inside in Jovetic. It was really smart, but even better was Oxlade and Bellerin teaming up to stop it.

Then there was my big surprise. Who knew that Giroud could pick up a ball and drive at the heart of an opponent’s defence? That he could beat anyone on the dribble at close quarters? That a match would be played and he’s lost the ball less than Sanchez? He had the game of his life yesterday, it’s amazing the kind of things confidence can do for you huh? I was so amused when he ran onto a lose ball and tried to dribble past Kompany, and it wasn’t even a lame attempt. I saw him pick that ball up, face Kompany and I thought “what’s he gonna do now?”, then “voom” – the abrupt change of pace had to force Kompany into a foul. Then at some point in the second half, he runs about 10 yards with the ball, straight at the city defense, and I’m thinking “holy Jesus, where did he get the confidence from? Just great from the big man. Whoever is teaching him to do that kinda stuff should get a pay rise, because having a Giroud that can dribble springs up a whole lot of new surprises!

Pick up the ball, lay off Frank lampard, lay off Kompany, then Fernando and technically the whole Man City midfield are on their asses behind you – and your name is none other than SANTIAGO CAZORLA. Damn what a game, even if you leave the goal and assist out Santi was unstoppable yesterday. He just bossed the midfield like a Godfather! Man of the match – no contest.

Honourable mentions to; the BFG for a great performance both aerial and being solid with Aguero running at him; Ramsey for a great shift; Kos for that discipline after picking up an early booking; Monreal winning the penalty and rendering Navas useless. Sanchez wasn’t at his best but Caused trouble still.

Play like that and, believe me, we’re going be in the Champions League final. And if we play like that in the Final, we’re gonna WIN!

Joe (JA) from Kampala. Have a great week!

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    1. This just proves that people talk a lot of shite.
      This just proves that “experts” talk a lot of shite.
      This just proves that fans post a lot of shite.

      Funnier is watching the same four talk more shite AFTER the game.

      1. One lucky win? You can’t even give your own team props for a match well played. That’s as plastic as they come.

    2. In fairness to Neville he owned up to be so completely wrong as soon as he walked in to the post match analysis. But he had no where to hide did he?

  1. The best moment was when city brought in jovetic, lampard & dzeko(scary when you think of it actually)but with all that attacking prowess it didn’t feel like we’re gonna concede.
    Oh and
    Giroud 1st season: Average striker with good hold-up play.
    Giroud 2nd season: Decent striker but still a flat-track bully.
    Giroud 3rd season: Scored against Everton, pool, city and United Improved much?!

    1. Man city focused too much on Sanchez you could see that they where pushing and punching him every time he got the ball but they forgot the magical magician Santi Cazorla!!!

      1. yeah, although this one tasted so much sweeter for meaning alone, that community shield cracker wasn’t half bad.

  2. We want this kind of result against man u, chelsea, liverpool and everton. This season only then i”ll say We can win the league

    1. @True Gooner
      Everton at the moment shouldn’t even be up there with the other 3. Their injury list is bigger than ours…

  3. Football is strange.

    Two months ago after Bony scored yet another goal for Swansea he did a Ronaldo celeberation, pointing with both hands to himself and then to the ground, meaning he would stay. Then He signed a new contract I think, and now he is gone to City.

    Nothing against Bony, just saying things change quickly.

    1. Theres a tendency on players signing a new contract before the window opens when theyre sold. Bale, Suarez, Bony – apparently…

  4. Last season Giroud scored quite a lot of goals but didn’t really score any of note against big teams, this season, he’s scored against City, Everton, Liverpool and Man U and they’ve all been important ones, apart from the United one. He’s proving a lot of people wrong.

    1. He had no competition and played over 50 games tbh if we had at least one striker challenging him and he got some rest he’d of been better and would probably be steps further in his improvement this season unlucky for him and his injury, He burried De Gea Hart and Cabellero he just needs to do Cech or Courtoius now!

  5. Anybody seen the city tonel cam for the game….bacary sagna ask wenger whoI this kid? (Belerin)..wenger said he’s the reason I didnt give u a raise lol

    1. @mobayguuner
      LMFAO… I must have stung a bit watching young Bellerin own his position, as well as his current team.

      1. So true my man….that must be the worst feeling for him..oh well enjoy ur 150 a week for the next 3 yrs buddy..he’s behind debuchy for france and zabaletafor city…life must be good for him lol

          1. Bac was bright in to be Zabaleta bac up, he knew that. He also knows that every Friday he gets a bank deposit to keep him and the Missus happy.

  6. I see delusion among certain people,one good win and all the problems are forgotten,Arsenal is suddenly a world beater team.
    Guess what,it s not the case.Man city is beatable because they play open like do Arsenal so they let goals enter.Pellegrini is not superior to Wenger but his team is.
    Genius Wenger left the much hailed Coquelin rot on the bench when we had a obvious problem in the middle and now that the title hope is gone,he suddenly discover how good he is.
    This team because of his manager and lack of consistency of the fans in term of goal will always stay a fourth place team.
    Abramovic made his success by being ruthless,we are soft.

    1. We still need a DM and CB but because of this result,Wenger won t buy therefore our eternal mediocrity.

        1. Only people like you reek of mediocrity.
          We are fifth on course for our fourth place trophy and you exult.
          Blindness and delusion

    2. @grim bligh…should be grim fairy tales man.

      No problems are forgotten, but it was a great win on every level. People want to be positive on the back of that, so what’s the problem?

      Glad you think Wenger is no less able than last seasons premier winning manager, but acknowledge the squad they have bought is the difference. Well that’s what unlimited oil money, past ffp breaches and probable future ones can do for you. Yet WE won?!

      As for Coquelin he was on loan to get consistent game time, which he did. We have lost many players to injury so he was recalled at Christmas. Wenger has since played him and this season, he is looking like he could be a valuable team/squad player. Prior to this season I don’t think you’d find many Gooners who would have called Le coq ‘much hailed’. Sounds like something to be positive about not moan about.

      Abramovich made his success by buying his way to it…both in terms of buying players (£50m for the waste of space that Torres proved to be), all the over priced journeymen and indeed manager pay offs when he got impatient. With ffp I doubt it will ever be repeated.

      Think you should rename yourself to grim fairy tales.

      1. Man did you got the reason of my rant?
        Everyone,even your idole T Henrhy say we needs a strong DM and a good DM.
        I see you exulting in a win on a team that has lost to many weak teams this season,so what?
        My point is because of this win and the foolish attitude of the fans,Wenger will once more neglect to reinforce the team so hence makes Arsenal not competitive.
        He gonna gives you sweet talks,you gonna eat them and said thank you very much and Arsenal will be richer but nowhere near the top.

        1. So your saying soundly beating the Premier League champions at home should not be cause for optimism? Blah..

  7. i hate the game when Wilshere comes back, these formations will be f@cked, i will rather have Wenger start The Saint Carzola and sit Wilshere on the Bench. How many games have we won with Wilshere and How many we have Lost with Wilshere check the statistics don’t just thumb down you will be surprised. He is a Cigar tout.

      1. hahahaha

        what youve done there is essentially compare luis suarez to emile heskey

        no he is not thiago silva, hes good but steady on

  8. @grim bligh:i disagree with your comment ,even coquelin would admit it but he is not the same player he was a year ago his improvement is due to his loans period in france,germany, and england with charlton,i don,t think wenger could have called on him and expect him to do a job for us even few months ago!!

      1. coq fits the slot, he slides in – at first it is a struggle but once he relaxes- he fits it like a glove- has people moaning -at his ‘tackle’ but eventually it all ends with alot of satisfied people

  9. Don’t know what to make of the
    City 0 Arsenal 2 scoreline.
    Will know more by seasons end.
    Would not be surprised if Wenger
    does not buy a DM in Jan opting
    instead for a CB and midfielder.

  10. Wenger said the win was helped
    by injured players coming back .
    Really? Szcz did not play.
    42 mill Ozil Walcott. Arteta Wilshere
    Wellbeck Gibbs not starting. Chambers not playing.
    Wenger also says said that “the players
    realize this a very important period”?
    Like the first half of the season was not important.!!!
    I don’t think Wenger the pundits the fans or the players
    themselves have any idea at all as to why Arsenal won.

    1. yeah, you are right … Even if you don’t spit it, it’s somewhere deep in your heart you know that we are not going to win … I hope we go with the same performance throughout the season …
      I have to admit that Wenger finally got it right but I really don’t care what he said afterward because this talk of injuries bla bla, I don’t buy it …

    2. What I am saying is that
      this was a team of relative misfits.
      Ospina has barely started this term
      Bellerin is 3rd choice Coque is 4th choice
      Ramsey is a shadow of last seasons player
      Mertz is struggling Kos has an archilles issue
      Monreal is 2nd choice Ox has run a lot but has
      little end product Sanchez did not score Giroud
      has previously struggled v the big teams.
      Why now and not verse Southampton (H) league cup (A) EPL,
      Swansea (A) Stoke (A) Leicester(A) Man Utd (H) City (H)
      Spurs (H) Chelsea (A) Hull (H)
      The win asks more questions than it answers.

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