My take on the Arsenal rumours – Could be good for the club?

Could be a decent change for Arsenal. by Sean O’Hara

Arsenal have been linked with everyone on the planet once again, but now we have a new a structure in place where everyone has job to do behind the scenes whether it be recruiting, hiring or scouting, Arsenal have been making great moves to make sure the club comes first instead of a one man band.

With new links with the new directors etc… at the club, we have been linked with some pretty decent players considering we are last in the Top6 in England to be frank about it & have been on a sort of downward spiral so to say.

This is a little off topic but Liverpool have been building since Jurgen Klopp took charge, its took 3 years & now they are building one hell of a team so hats off to them. Spending their own money! We have to do the same.

We make huge amounts of money through commercials, sponsors etc… so why not just spend what is actually the club’s money for a change & looks like we might just be doing that. There won’t be massive investments until we reach our target of getting back into the top Four and the Champions League. So we have to be smart for the sake of the club as Unai may not be the man but time will tell & I will be right behind them all.

We all know what we need but everyone has different respected opinions so we will be realistic here! Looks like Sokratis (£16m?) is already in along with Lichtsteiner.

Soyuncu’s agent confirmed we are in serious negotiations, could be shrewd price of business for maybe now but certainly for the future. Talking about signing the big CBs of the football world is very unrealistic & out of our price tag considering where we are at as a club & can’t be silly as Europa money & finishing 6th doesn’t cover a lot to be fair. €35m apparently.

Lucas Torreira is another we are in serious talks with a release clause of €25m (£22m). Small but feisty CDM that we have been crying out for who’s aggressive, loves the fight of a challenge & is very young, but that leaves us with not a lot of money left and a small (in size) middle of the park – so that brings me to my next man who’s very big, loves a fight, has loads of PL Exp & is free…. Marouane Fellaini & we are heavily linked with him. Rather him than N’zonzi for £35m.

People will criticise me for this one but he would beef up our midfield that we need badly, as Xhaka, Jack or Elneny are not the sort of aggressive players needed to dominate a game or make an impact from the bench. Ramsey too, but I like him further up the pitch as his defending isn’t quite there but bombing forward he is excellent. Torreira, Fellaini & Ozil isn’t a bad trio in the middle instead of Elneny & Ramsey or Xhaka.

GKs; we have been linked with a few but nothing concrete or as much publicised bar Leno who looks to be away to Napoli, so I wouldn’t really know who we would be going for next, as well as a RW, preferably left footed. If you lot have heard anything please update me through the comments. The Dembele loan from Barca was the only one I really heard of but apparently he is going nowhere. Greizmann is on his way to Barca next week so where does he fit in with Coutinho behind the front 3 of Greizmann, Suarez & Messi?

We could have a right good team heading into the new season if it goes this way, maybe one or two heading out in Ospina, Jack & Welbeck!

What do use think of the possibility of these few additions in this lot? And maybe a GK & RW?

We have the money there’s no doubt about that, along with a new coach in Unai Emery & and he will exactly do that – just coach. That sounds okay to me as now it’s all eyes on the board & this ‘catalyst of change’ we have all heard. To be fair we have seen a few new faces in the scouts, coaches, directors etc… So hopefully now the change is focused solely on the squad now that the revamp is done for backroom staff. Maybe see a few more new faces along the way, even old ones returning!

Sean O’Hara


  1. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

    Torreira the Uruguayan could be destined for greatness with the Arsenal

    1. kev says:

      I hope people can now see that even when a deal is done a team or player can pull out.
      Tell me one reason why the Adli deal isn’t done?We agreed to pay the compensation fee and he’s agreed to join us and even several outlets and even on this site said the deal was done.
      This means even on a done deal things can change.
      It’s not even debatable.
      Now outlets are reporting that he’s considering his options at the last minute.

      1. Joshua Bryant says:

        Then it wasnt done was it? Done, to me means they have signed, so next time you wanna tell us any deals are done then make sure your version of done means the same as ours.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Adli came out and said those reports from France are BS. Hesaid they have no clue what they are talking about. So who should we believe, the player himself, or the Dad who says we are traveling to London soon, or Kev.

          1. GoonerP says:

            we all know Arsenal don’t allow any transfer targets to talk about any negotiations

      2. Arsene Wenger. says:

        A deal should only be considered to be done when the player has signed which seems not to have been the case here for yacine

  2. Durand says:

    Please don’t partner him with undisciplined Ramsey, or he could look like Xhaka in midfield; alone, lost, and overrun.

    We could get Godzilla as a DM, but if fullbacks constantly caught upfield, Ramsey standing in 18 yd box, and Ozil “drifting,” we would call Godzilla rubbish.

    Honest question; are our midfielders all trash, or they have the wrong partner? I love Torreira, but I fear he won’t fare much better partnering with Ramsey.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Sadly it looks as if Arsenal are trying to keep hold of Ramsey with the new contract offer. Our only hope is that hopefully Emery won’t turn a blind eye to Ramsey’s performances like Wenger always did, and tell him to sit deep, or you’re benched!

      1. Angus says:

        If Emery is planning on building around Ramsey as reports have suggested then I’d guess Emery does not in the slightest share you concerns over Ramsey. Simply sees him as he is a great player who rarely puts in a bad game and always puts in a shift and happens to be randomly scapegoated for rather petty things like flicks that don’t come off. He scored 11 and assisted 9 from midfield. I mean really sell him now? lol I suggest the fans are often blind and tend pick the wrong things to explain poor form of a team overall.

        Look at silva 10 goals 13 assists for a far better city side. Less tackles, Less interception, less dribbles as well although more key passes and better control. This is Silva we’re talking about I mean if he’s coming out comparable to Silva he clearly has something about him. Luckily Unai is no fool so providing he doesn’t demand silly wages he’ll be a regular next year.

        1. A Silva and Ramsey comparison based on
          offensive #’s is a little misleading considering
          they don’t play the same position @ there
          respected clubs . Silva players more of an
          advanced Ozil role for the Citizens,
          orchestrating the attack with his
          close contro, intricate one/twos and timely

          1. Break-on-through says:

            That’s where De Bryne plays, Silva is ACM. He also compared other CM duties, and city are a pressing team even De Bryne will be told to put work in. The fact you see him as an Ozil area actually shows how good the comparison was. I hear people slating Ramsey by using no10s to compare him with. I thought it was a good comparison, he could have cherry picked one but he chose someone of top form.

        2. Angus, you are a top man for pointing this out.
          Ramsey is quality, goal scoring/creative midfielder, who has had his development thwarted by injuries, Wenger’s misplaced faith in others, and being played out of position.
          The stats do not lie, and the comparison with David Silva should provide the perspective a lot of gooners seem to lack.
          I think we should forget our Wenger era opinions on players, I feel the new manager will come in knowing how he wants to play and will play/coach players to best suit his system. He doesn’t have to worry about playing whoever as he signed him ect.
          Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the squad strengthened, but I am quietly optimistic that they’ll be some existing players who’ll step it up and have us piping up about ‘we always knew they were quality’.
          On a side note, I do think the players lost their way. Particularly the longer serving players who were used to 4 4 2/ 4 3 3 attacking possession football. Then the change to deep counter attacking, and five at the back.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Michael, I agree that the “buck” now stops with Unai Emery and the rest of the trinity; on their heads be it. But can anyone argue that Ramsey is a better midfielder than Isco? I just can’t understand how Real Madrid can let him go, except that they need cash for Neymar?

          2. The issue with Isco @ RM has always been
            about game time, not performance issues.
            Its hard to fathom a player of his ilk having
            difficulties consistently featuting for Madrid
            but with such an embarrassment of attacking
            riches the Spaniard has dealt with such a
            reality since making his move from Malaga.

            And if Perez is serious about bringing
            Neymar to the Spanish capital this summer than the young Spaniard days in Madrid are
            definitely numbered. He, as well as many
            other Madrid players will be sacrificed
            to offset the Brazilians world record
            transfer fee.

            Arsenal woukd have to sell a few players, but
            acquiring Isco isn’t as far fetched as most
            make it.

        3. Durand says:

          Angus Ramsey had good year; out of ten. Perhaps his career numbers of around 30 goals and 40 assists in 10 years is a better indication of quality and consistency.

          Thats 3 goals and 4 assists avg; i won’t bother to compare to Silva’s average numbers.

          Honestly Ramsey off the bench as a 10 is good deal. Ramsey masquerading as a B-2-B? Don’t see or hear rumors about clubs asking about Ramsey.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Ramsey was a bench player for most of that, Cazorla Coq Fabregas Arteta Rosicky Song were all ahead of him at different times. He had the break out season then the leg break, he went off the radar only showing glimpses from the bench or squad option. The season before last season he was playing well, the FA cups go back a while and he was instrumental in our taste for success. Fob it off if you like but the player has quite a bit of form going, more so than any one season marvel before a giant bid arriving. He also has his Wales heroics, upstaging even the mighty Bale at times, and they’re never the same without Ramsey in the side. We used to say why can’t his Wales form be duplicated, and when it more than does, we tell our own eyes that they must be lying.

        4. Hackinubee says:

          Iniesta had 2 goals and 4 assists in all competitions, 48 matches in total… Which means Ramsey is better? let’s be serious about this, Ramsey was one of Arsenal’s problems last season.Hopefully we can get a destroyer and play him with Xhaka who can then take the ball to our four attackers with his accurate passes… Exciting times ahead!!!

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Iniesta has been moved to try and fill Xavi’s old shoes. Iniesta’s also getting on now. Believe it or not but some managers actually see a CM player having end product as a very useful resource. I mentioned something about cherry picking earlier, as it gives fans a chance of saying something very silly like eg. Andros Townsend of C Palace is better than Iniesta because one season he scored and assisted more than the multi Championship winning captain of Barcelona. The comparison says nothing about passes, completion percentage, nothing about defence, games played, position. The Silva comparison is good because he picked a player from the same position and the same league then compared them in every relevant area, but most importantly he picked a form player coming off a good season. Difference between a fair assessment and closed mindedness.

  3. jon fox says:

    One simple problem we can easily cure is to stop both full backs from going upfield together with a dead slow CB in Merts also over the halfway line and thus not back in defence for about a week!. Just having defenders in pkace behind the ball will make a massive difference. Once we ditch those defenders who simply cannot defend properly, in Bellerin and Mustafi, that alone will make a huge improvement. We have enough creative players, bar a fast hard working winger who will stay wide and provide width, without having to have the awful Bellerin trying to give us width in attack, whilst being a defensive liability. Just having a head coach who even recognises that defence is of vital importance gives us a huge advantage over “I hate defence and proper defenders” WENGER! Above all, we need players esp defenders with guts, will to win and “over my dead body” attitude to opponents. Get a proper non- pensioner keeper and a tough CDM and we might actually have a proper team again.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  4. kev says:

    I hope people can now see that even when a deal is done a team or player can pull out.
    Tell me one reason why the Adli deal isn’t done?We agreed to pay the compensation fee and he’s agreed to join us and even several outlets and even on this site said the deal was done.
    This means even on a done deal things can change.
    It’s not even debatable.
    Now outlets are reporting that he’s considering his options at the last minute.

    1. Joshua Bryant says:

      Then it wasnt done was it? Done, to me means they have signed, so next time you wanna tell us any deals are done then make sure your version of done means the same as ours.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Adli can’t officially sign till he turns 18 anyway so I believe he can pull out at any time even if he agrees a deal in principle being a minor and all that but why would he be in London if he’s not gonna sign?? Bit of wasted journey just to tell Sven n Raul that he’d rather sit on an oil barrens bench for the rest of his life, surly a phone call would easier? It sounds a bit like PSG fans in the French press getting all jealous bcoz he didn’t resign with them! I’ll believe it when it’s done done not done! Sokratis is similar but we know he’s defo coming so with adli we will know soon if he’s defo coming or not

    2. Arsene Wenger. says:

      We can’t fail to sign a player in need because of someone for the future.Even if he goes to any top four team in any league
      he cant be guaranteed first elleven

  5. Shortboygooner says:

    I just wish the club would stop dithering and get things bloody done. Doucoure and a solid GK preferably oblak but he is pricey. As well as the 2 CBs we supposedly signed already and I will be happy. Kos needs to be sold asap. I thibk mustafi should leave. And chambers becomes number 3 or 2st choice dunno but reckon he deserves a chance. Holding needs to go on loan. Ozil needs a rocket up his ass. Wilshire should be asked to leave ramsey and xaka should be box to box doucoure and elnanay holding dm. Would also like to see ainsley as a box to box maybe he is very good dribbling watch out for that kid. I would be so happy if all this happens. I think iwobi is the future CAM and

    1. Abbas says:

      I’m just really happy with the fresh approach we’re taking compared to the previous 10 years or so.
      I think there’s only one CAM position available. Options are Ramsey, Ozil or Iwobi. I would play Ramsey over the other two every time. I just hope the new boss doesn’t try to squeeze two or more of the 3 into a starting eleven.
      Ozil has been great at times over the years but last season his attitude was terrible. I don’t think anyone would buy him which says it all really.
      AMN & Nelson need plenty of game time, a new goal keeper, even someone young to take Ospiiiiiina’s place would be good.

  6. Andrew E says:

    Why does Fellaini’s name keep cropping up? He’s nearly 31 years old and more or less past it and has never been a quality player with either Everton or Man U. If he was that good Jose would give him a new contract.

    1. alan B'stard M P says:

      true, but we need the height. Should never have sold Giroud. Anyway a change of scenery may be good for him

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Not at 31 with high wages. Arsenal csn do better eg Doucoure 182 cm (slightly shorter) or N’Zonzi 196 cm (cf Fellaini 194 cm).

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