My Best XI of the Tournament – World Cup 2022 – What is yours?

My team of the World Cup …….

GK – Livakovic – Croatia / Dinamo Zagreb

He and Martinez both won two penalty shoot outs, but I give Livakovic the edge, as he had to be the busiest keeper in the group stage.

Against Belgium and Brazil, Croatia allowed their opponents to have the ball meaning the 27-year-old had to show superb focus and tactical understanding. At times played almost like a sweeper, timing runs to perfection and closing down angles.

Every World Cup there is an unknown talent who’s reputation rises.

At an age where he’s not considered in his peak in the position he plays, is only going to get better

RB – Hakimi – Morocco / PSG

Unlike some of his teammates we already knew about the right back.

Like a lot of fullbacks, he is crucial to his side’s attack, producing the assist of the tournament against Canada.

So good going forward he even had Mbappe having to track back when it was supposed to be the other way around.

When Morocco had to defend though, they threw bodies on the line, got their head to everything and timed tackles to perfection.

Got to the semi-final with the only goal they had conceded being an own goal.

Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Portugal all failed to break them down.

Pace, can pass, can take a cheeky penalty …nothing Hakimi can’t do.

CB- Gvardiol – Croatia / RB Leipzig

The man in the Iron mask!

Helped by the knowledge and experience around him, played with maturity beyond his years.

Defensive display against Belgium and Brazil contender for individual performances of the tournament.

Both games he had to watch the ball being played in front of him, not able to lose concentration for a second. Timing blocks, tackles, headers, when to step up, etc.

Rewatch his tackle on Lukaku, who thought he had a tap in.

There’s an art to defending and he showcased that this month.

With the margin between success and failure so small, that challenge was as good as a goal.

He was embarrassed by Messi, but can be forgiven for that.

Chelsea were already linked with him, and his transfer value probably just doubled the last few weeks.

They say centre backs don’t reach their best till their thirties.

He’s 20!!!

CB -Maguire – England / Man United

I strongly believe that if you’re talking about everything a player is doing wrong, it’s only correct that you do the same when they play well?

If Maguire made a lot of mistakes this month it would get mentioned, so it’s only right we highlight the defender who contributed to 3 clean sheets and 1 assist.

Hit the woodwork twice with his headers as he dominated set pieces in both boxes.

I remember noticing against the USA he seemed to get his head to everything.

Also, not afraid to drive forward.

Some will ignore all of that and focus on Giroud’s goal deflecting in off his shoulder.

Sometimes you have to accept when you see a world class delivery (Griezmann).

Also, it was Stones who lost the striker, Maguire doing great to get anywhere near him.

Given the criticism he’s had, he deserves credit for his mental strength to play how he did.

LB- Theo Hernandez – France / AC Milan

I put him in partly as a reminder in general how well France have coped with injuries to some senior players who would have started in Qatar.

The Conveyor belt in France is scary, Deschamps able to replace injured talent with the next youngster who fits into the system with little fuss.

Already without Kante, Pogba, Benzema and (at the time) Varane, Lucas Hernandez got hurt in the French opener in the build up to an Australia goal.

He would be replaced by his sibling. A mixed day for the Brother’s parents?

Gutted for the son who is ruled out of a World Cup, delighted for the son who gets an opportunity.

Theo is possibly better going forward, earning 2 assists in the group stages and goal in the knockout stages.

Couldn’t replicate what his big brother did though in Russia.

CM – Amrabat – Morocco / Florentina

Technically he’s a midfielder but you could just as much call him a defender this tournament.

When Morocco needed to defend, he essentially dropped back as a third centreback.

In an era where we can over complicate tactics and systems, Amrabat was old school against Spain and Portugal.

He simply threw his body into everything, putting his body on the line when he had too, heading everything, clearing the ball.

The perfect example of there being an art to defending.

There were times where he bandaged himself up and battled through the pain barrier.

Cemented his legacy as a national hero.

CM – Fernandez – Argentina / Benfica

Rightfully so, this will be remembered as Messi’s World Cup but make no mistake there were players crucial in allowing a system where the number 10 could play in a free role.

Having lost their opener to Saudi Arabia and being held by Mexico, Scolari made the tactical switch of bringing on Fernandez and Argentina never looked back.

Fernandez gave the team legs and energy they didn’t have when Rodriguez was playing the role.

Given that he had 3 caps (all as sub) before the tournament, this has been some rise.

FIFA noticed how crucial he’s been to the World Champions by rewarding him with the Young Player of The Tournament Award.

I bet Benfica have a big release clause inserted in the midfielder’s contract?

AM (left side) – Mbappe – France / PSG

I used to say the funniest debate I ever had on JustArsenal was a fan who tried to argue that Maitland Niles was better than Kante!

That was topped during this World Cup when a group of my peers commented that Mbappe’s attitude meant he wouldn’t get in our team!

When I stressed, he’s better than our current attack this was the response …… ‘you write like that’s a matter of fact when in fact it’s an opinion, one for which I do not agree with.’

Where to begin?

I know I’m meant to say everyone is entitled to their opinion – but seriously….

It’s an example of Gooners thinking the definition of a supporter is you can’t say anything is negative.

Like it’s a disgrace to say Mbappe is better then you.

I feel it’s an insult to even compare but here goes.

Eddie Nketiah (same age) failed to get in the worst Arsenal team in two decades and is nowhere near international recognition.

Martinelli (who I rate) isn’t a starter for Brazil.

Mbappe has just won the Golden Boot, only the 2nd ever player to score a hat trick in a WC Final, goals with his left foot, right foot and header as well as three assists.

At 23 he’s been the talisman for a nation missing serious experience.

I haven’t seen this ‘poor attitude’, have you?

Even the Argentines gave him standing ovation at Sunday’s full-time whistle. Acted with grace and class.

AM (Right side) – Griezmann – France / Atletico Madrid

Going into the weekend many were suggesting the Frenchman could win the Golden Ball if France had won the Final.

Like 4 years okay in Russia, Griezmann has become so unselfish, no longer concerned about being a goal scorer himself.

Instead, he focuses on world class delivery from set pieces, and an incredible work ethic to win the ball back when possession has been lost.

He’s got a footballing brain and is smart enough to know he can’t replace Benzema or Mbappe in the team, but can do the yards they won’t.

It’s not always obvious what the 31-year-old does or how crucial he is to the team, unless you truly understand the sport.

3 assists, his 2 crosses for winners against Denmark and England were stunning.

AM (Central) – Messi – Argentina / PSG

Okay he officially starts as a striker, but he spends more time dropping deep.

Didn’t need to lift the World Cup to be one of the greatest to ever live, but it’s a fairy tale ending to the perfect career.

It’s like Shakespeare has written the finale.

For over a decade many debated who was the GOAT between Messi and Ronaldo.

The irony won’t be lost on many with the contrast of fortunes of their tournaments.

Messi always has been the better team player, and here he was while Ronaldo was being dropped, having sulked after being subbed, here was Messi taking his team by the palm of his hands, the scruff of the neck and carrying them through in the face of adversity.

Of course, his manager found the system where others would do the ugly stuff for him, and helped by Argentines making every fixture feel like an away tie for the opponents.

I see Messi though struggle with the expectation of a nation on his back before.

Almost crippled by the fear of failure, the scrutiny was too much.

He’s retired before remember, due to fan/media backlash, both being clever enough this time to realise it would be counterproductive to criticise him (and his team) too much after they lost their opener.

Since moving to PSG, he’s been written off.

I watch Arsenal, where over the years our lack of mental strength has been obvious.

Playing in must-win conditions since their 2nd group match, Messi’s strength of mind is my highlight of the World Cup.

Twice in the knockout stages (knowing each could be his last WC game), Argentina threw away 2-0 leads and he didn’t flinch.

Please enjoy Messi while you can, he won’t be around to much longer, and there will never be another like him.

Striker – Alvarez – Argentina / Man City

Having not started the first two group games, 4 goals is quite credible for Alvarez.

Yet it’s not really his goals why he edges out Giroud.

I can’t remember too often where a striker has been so crucial tactically for a team?

Like Fernandez, once Alvarez was brought on against Mexico, Argentina never looked back.

To allow Messi to drop deep, expand energy, sometimes even walk …you need someone to do the extra running and graft.

Lautaro Martinez isn’t going to do that.

A young 22-year-old, who’s icon happens to be Messi, is going to.

Make no mistake, Alvarez and Fernandez’s legs allowed Messi to play how he has.

For that, Scolari deserves credit.


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  1. Dan when are letting this mbappe business go? You are compiling a list of the team of the tournament but I find Eddie’s name in there and you crying about some fans that don’t want mbappe at arsenal.
    This site will never grow

    1. Sites doing okay
      Don’t think it will die on me pointing out some think Mbappe wouldn’t get in our team .
      Some might even find it funny lol

      1. They may have found it funny the first or the second time you mentioned it,but not on every article . Mbappe is not even a target for us nor will ever be judging by his wages. We don’t need to be discussing mbappe this often on this site

          1. Just Arsenal.Just arsenal.thats why we come created it ,read the mission statement bruv 😂
            Okay I’m being petty

        1. @Goona
          “EVERY ARTICLE” – What? Are you saying we have 10-15 articles a day talking about Mbappe?

          I’ve told you a million times to stop exaggerating!

      2. It’s not that he is not good enough, it’s the fact he seems to have an ego that would not fit into the current Arsenal setup.

        I would not touch him with a 12 foot pole as far as Arsenal is concerned and it has nothing to do with his talent.

        Imagine a player telling the club they need to get rid of another player if reports are to be believed.

        IMHO your opinion in risking team harmony for a player is counter productive to what Arteta is waiting to achieve.

        Personally, I would not want that person in my team in a work environment no matter how great they are.

        1. Are you that naive that believe everything that media says? He is 23 year old boy, what I have seen and heard from fellow players n ex players he is humble and decent person. Its all bullshxt as usual done by media so they can show Halland is better then him in any form and he plays in EPL lol!. Also what can I say about fans who think if money was not a problem Mbappe will still not make Arsenal 11. Really guys?? I mean really so now we think Arsenal is better n bigger then Madrid or what?.

          1. He is a man not a boy.

            Clearly nothing you say can be taken seriously if you refer to a 23 year old man as a boy.

          2. How do you come to the obsurd conclusion that fans think Arsenal is bigger and better than Madrid?
            Any sources where fans stated this or are you just spouting dribble?

            You say you have seen and heard from fellow players, so I can assume you are in the inner circle made by your statement as you have access to these players and ex players?

            If so which player told you this ?

          3. Oh and I clearly said if reports are to be believed, nowhere did I say I believe them but I also can’t not believe them.

            Your logic (no pun intended) is flawed.

  2. It’s a sad day for football to see Messi win the WC. The most overrated, footballer that had everything given to him for free, now has a WC. No surprise that the most corrupt organisation in football keeps pushing it’s shiny product. A product of the chemical industry. They will probably also gift him the ballon’dor, they do it for nothing either way, the most pointless award in football.

    1. Over rated footballer?!!
      I’m incredulous at that remark. Messi was yesterday a shining beacon of genius and has deserved his legendary status.

    2. Wow..this must be a sad fanboy of a drama queen that I will not mention.. Portuguese and use to play for Manu

    3. While i think this comment is silly, when it comes to the ballon d’or, I wish people would stop giving to so much credence. It’s voted on by football writers – it’s not the be all and end all, just the opinions of certain people, who may or may not be very knowledgeable about the various players, who may or may not have watched the most relevant games, and who may or may not be influenced by many factors aside from who played the best throughout the full season (Owen effectively won it for scoring a great world cup goal – he was never one of Europe’s top strikers imo, just had potential at that time). They also won’t necessarily have the same perspective as players or football managers.

  3. I agree with your opinion, but I also liked the following players’ performance:

    – GK: Martinez. He is world class in penalty shootouts and I believe he’s currently the best one in the world for the duels, because of his stature, agility, anticipation, reflexes and mind games. He might be not as consistent as Lloris or Ramsdale in a year-long competition like EPL, but he is surely much better in a very short knockout competition like the World Cup

    – LB: Mazraoui. He’s a natural RB who played the LB role very well, due to his skills and adept weaker foot. He’d likely be a perfect inverted LB for Arsenal

    – CB: Upamecano. I still remember his last-ditch tackles and dominance in duels

    – DM: Tchouameni. Made countless of interceptions/ stealing and I think he’s the ultimate flat-track bully at World Cup. No wonder Real Madrid spent a lot of money to sign him

    – RW: Raphinha. He made some brilliant first touches, passes and tricks. Now I understand why Arsenal wanted him despite having got Saka, Pepe and Marquinhos

    1. @gotanidea As much as i agree with the Writers list, i also agree strongly with your list. Especially on the subject of raphinha. I heard someone say Antony performed better at the WC and it caused pain in my ears.

  4. I’d like to know where some people got “Mbappé bad attitude” from.every manager/coaches who have worked with him,have only positive,good things to say about him,so do teammates.

    1. Same
      Read on here that he’s lazy and sulks 🙄
      He was exceptional yesterday and through the whole tournament.
      You could see how much it ment to him when he went up to get his golden boot trophy.
      A proper superstar in world football ,when you have players like Henry and messi saying the same ,I’m not sure how anyone can argue.

  5. I still feel Ronaldo is better than Messi..
    Messi is unbelievable but when I see both player’s career then I feel Messi has been successful only on 1 territory..
    Spanish League..
    Ronaldo has conquered all major leagues..
    English League
    Spanish League
    Italian League
    And if we talk about international front then over the years and decades Argentina’s squad has always been much better than Portugal..
    So can’t really think Portugal ever winning World Cup soon
    I don’t see Messi Performing that level against much physical teams in England likes of Stoke, Wolves, Sheffield Utd and with little protection from Ref…

    1. It’s so strange, normally I can see where people are coming from with these things, even when I disagree, but when it comes to Messi vs Ronaldo, I really can’t understand why people would ever think Ronaldo was better – to me, it’s just so obvious just from watching how they played. At their peaks, Ronaldo was better at heading, and that’s pretty much it for me. Messi is the only player I’ve seen who can be the best *playmaker* on any pitch, and/or the best *goalscorer* on any pitch (most goals AND assists in la liga history). He was consistently doing things in games that Ronaldo at his best could never dream of doing, he just never had that level of close control, vision and passing ability. On the other hand, aside from Ronaldo’s brilliant headers, there’s nothing Ronaldo has done that Messi couldn’t do.
      The idea of a cold day in Stoke is silly – Messi owned the classico derby for a decade, one of the most hostile and in those years, high level, regular games in the world. He’s destroyed British teams many times as well. I think fabregas could handle a cold day in Stoke – Messi had even more determination than fabregas, and a lot more ability.
      Portugal’s squad has not been significantly worse than Argentina’s over the years. Many times it’s actually been better imo. Personally I think the squad Portugal took to this world cup was not dissimilar in quality to Argentina’s. In the past, its seemed to me that the players for both teams were somehow inhibited when playing with Ronaldo or Messi. Recently that’s changed for Argentina, but not for Portugal.
      This idea of different leagues is also a bit silly to me. First of all, winning Serie A at that time with juventus is a bit of a joke. They weakened their squad in order to sign him, but that was the only really difficulty there. So the only real argument there is winning the EPL – he was fantastic in England, but i just don’t think that’s a strong enough argument when you think that he played 9 seasons in Spain directly against messi’s team, and won it twice, vs messi’s six I think. His performances in the CL is the stronger argument imo, being fair – I have to say it’s his and real Madrid’s competition, but overall it’s not enough given Messi also won it several times, and everything else
      Ronaldo’s recent meltdown was entirely predictable, as he’s always come across to me as some kind of a narcissist – for that reason, I’ve never been able to get behind him. I don’t understand how so many have managed to look past that attitude – it doesn’t mean denying the undeniable, that he’s been an incredible player that would have stood alone for all these years of not for Messi, but he’s not a likeable person.

      1. There is nothing Ronaldo can’t do which Messi does…
        The personality and attitude you mentioned, and that is the reason people support Messi and not Ronaldo because People doesn’t like Ronaldo because of his attitude and not because he is competing with Messi..
        Also whole idea of different leagues is to make my point that we really don’t know over the course of 38 matches how Messi would have performed in an English league, especially emergence of Clubs Like Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool was not good but still always been the top 4 candidate…
        And reason Why Messi won more La Liga Titles because his entire career was only La Liga….. And winning La Liga for Barcelona was much easier than Winning EPL for Manchester Utd because Barcelona had only one Challenge and Here in EPL, I really don’t need to explain about number of challengers and tough teams
        On the other side Ronaldo has won English, English Domestic cups…
        Whole point is, Playing in Spanish League is much easier than Playing in English League..
        And Ronaldo has achieved same level of performance on both League unlike Messi..
        There would be an argument that Messi would have achieved that as well if he would have played in English league, but that is again an Argument and not a reality …
        And I believe Ronaldo has won 5 CL and against Messi’s 4
        And Most Important Premier League winner which is much tougher than La Liga

        1. “There is nothing Ronaldo can’t do which Messi does”
          Did you watch Messi in his prime? When he was acting as the main playmaker in the side, he was the best playmaker in the world, hence he’s got the most assists in la liga history. Ronaldo did not have that capability at his peak. He never had the close control, vision or passing ability to match Messi.
          And just watch some of the runs Messi made through set defences (including real Madrid’s) – Ronaldo made some great runs at pace, particularly when at utd, but anyone should be able to see the difference in skill. I could understand how Ronaldo did the things he did, he had quick feet and immense pace and strength, but Messi pulled off runs that (almost?) no one else could in the history of the game, regularly. (Robben, for example, was a far better dribbler than Ronaldo, but he wasn’t as good as Messi.)
          Also, when Messi was the main goalscorer for Barcelona, he scored more in a season or calendar league than Ronaldo ever did. So he’s at least as good a goalscorer when required. So, there’s nothing significant Ronaldo could do that Messi couldn’t, but there’s plenty Messi could do that Ronaldo couldn’t – this is the key reason I don’t think there should even be a comparison and don’t understand why people make it: the difference through just watching them play was stark (but I suppose it just shows everyone sees things differently).

          “winning La Liga for Barcelona was much easier than Winning EPL for Manchester Utd because Barcelona had only one Challenge”
          Ronaldo won it three years in a row (so was obviously part of a dominant side, albeit, he absolutely was their best player). At that time, it wasn’t the case that there were so many strong contenders – the first season (06/07) only Chelsea were at all close, the second season we might have won it but for the injuries at the end (esp eduardo), but it ended with us and Chelsea quite close, and in the third, only Liverpool were really close. It was tough, but it’s not the level of competition we’re seeing in the PL now – utd were the only consistent powerhouse (and, again, Ronaldo was a big reason for that), with Chelsea nipping away behind them.
          In la liga, atletico became a serious team and actual won the title in one of the seasons when Ronaldo and Messi were there (13/14), so it wasn’t a two horse race every season. And even if it was, why did it swing Barcelona’s way so often?

          “And Most Important Premier League winner which is much tougher than La Liga”
          Well that’s not always true. Leicester won it in 2016 because they had a great season and the competition was weak. Lesser Spanish clubs (compared to barca and the Madrids) have often beaten English teams in Europe, even major ones. I happen to think both leagues have had many peaks and troughs over the past decade or so, but they’ve generally been quite similar until very recently (since Ronaldo and Messi declined/left).

          1. Your points are correct..
            I must agree..
            But I don’t know somehow I don’t like Messi and I am too much fan of Ronaldo..
            That’s my personal favouritism…
            But as I said I agree with your points

            1. At the end of the day, regardless of stats and titles, I’d always rate Messi above Ronaldo because of how I interpret the game – I don’t think we’re different there, we just have different views on what makes a player stand out above the rest. Nothing wrong with that

        2. Pep Guardiola has already proven how easy the premier league is to win. The premier league is a bit overrated. If messi had joined City, he would be on 4Epl titles now, so the Epl point doesn’t make sense, going by your logic, sterling, foden and even cole palmer are better than messi since they have won EPLs.
          Spanish teams have destroyed English teams on countless occasions
          Spanish teams have quite dominated European football.
          Any player at all can win the EPL under the right manager and with the right team.
          Ronaldo went to the best team in Italy, who have always won it. He played well yes, scored goals yes.

          After ronaldo left madrid, they still went on to win UCL with kids and old stock. That tells you Cr7 isn’t the engine of the Club, he was one of the essential parts.

          Barca fans have been scared of life after Messi, he was the Engine , the last remaining engine after iniesta and xavi and after his departure, the club has felt it. And it’s not just a money problem. The spec of players barca sign is weird and difficult to find.

          If you didn’t pick anything I’ve said so far, just remembered that Pep guardiola brought elements of spanish football(barca ball) to EPL and he owned the league.

      2. @gotanidea As much as i agree with the Writers list, i also agree strongly with your list. Especially on the subject of raphinha. I heard someone say Antony performed better at the WC and it caused pain in my ears.

      3. Man Davi you’ve just exposed the size of your brain, it’s so large, this is the best expression and analysis of the Messi vs Cr7 debate I’ve ever read. How else can you explain more to these people comparing. One person is focused on scoring while the other person is focused on playmaking but also happens to get as much goals as the guy who’s scoring. You’ve done a masterful job of breaking it down. Anyone who doesn’t get it now just wants to stick to their own believe, that’s all. This WC showed it.

  6. I’m not a fan of Messi, but boy did he delivered yesterday, the way he carried Argentina in this world cup is amazing, I love Ronaldo and I’m his fan but Messi is on another level. He is truly the greatest of all time

  7. Mbappe is a top talent that will remain their for the immediate future, but as some of the writer above he should not be touched not even with a long stick.

    Can hardly separate Ronaldo from Messi as they are truly two great players going over the hill, apart from his ego the size of a macka breadfruit I have a leaning to Ronaldo he is more entertaining for me and the way he looks after his self with no tattoos and stuff,

    But Messi in my opinion is blessed with natural talent as opposed Ronaldo who hone is skills to the very best.

  8. For me Pele is the GOAT, he won 3 World cups. He terrorised defences when game pretty much favoured the defenders, was more physical and less protection was provided to silky players. Not to mention pitches were horrible, ball used to be so heavy not like today when there is whole science behind the ball manufactured which is light n zips through air, football shoes used to be twice as heavy if not more and even the kit players wear today makes a differnce. Plus he did it on the highest level 3 times. For me it’s Pele then Maradona (same reason as above) then Messi then Ronaldo etc.

    1. Pele was the goat of his generation (era). I didn’t see him play. Pele played when TVs didn’t have color, in the early periods when the football rules were no as elaborate as now. There was no offside rule, so it favored strikers. In that time you kinda needed more braun than brain to be successful. Pele was one of the fastest players of his time and the rules and conditions of his time favored him. He’s a legend, but i cannot call someone i didn’t really watch my GOAT.

      I so hate this idea of comparing players from different era’s, it’s ridiculous. Maradona was great, but he did cocaine and stuff and he probably wasn’t the only one from that time. They don’t do that nowadays. Maradona’s club career wasn’t also as great as many modern footballers own.

      All i know is that, in this era of football, Messi is the greatest. There was a period when it was very debatable and difficult to pick, but at the moment, it’s clear as crystal.

        What are you talking about??!!
        Of course there WAS and still is!!

        I reckon you must believe Pele played in the 19th century, for you to write such NONSENSE!

  9. I don’t get the hate people have for Mbappe, one by one all the false claims made by pathetic media are proving to be false but people just make up their mind without verifying anything first. Also you don’t have to throw mud on someone to make other look great. It has been done in case of both Messi n Ronaldo, now its same thing being done in case of EH and Mabappe. Both are great players just enjoy the entertainment they provide n will provide.

    1. He’s another Ronaldo-type personality – it’s evident from watching his body language and facial expressions. If someone said he wouldn’t get into this arsenal team, they’re crazy – he’d easily be our best player – but I wouldn’t want him because he’d try to take over and it would damage us in the longer term (or at least we’d be taking a big risk) imo.
      Ronaldo exposed himself to the world with his Morgan interview and behaviour at man utd (and even when leaving Madrid, I believe), but people still refuse to see the obvious. Same happened with Ozil and the same will happen with mbappe, I’m sure.

  10. I would agree with the most of the above choices. Maguire is definitely a shocking option at the first place because I think Christian Romelo was much better. Although, he is a Totty. Let’s not forget that wonderful midfield trio of Enzo Fernandez, Rodrigo de Paul and Alexis Mac Allister. They were like a pack of telepathic young wolves filled with energy, fire and grace like I’ve never seen before. They won the World Cup for Argentina. With that 3 players, Argentinian attackers and defenders just concentrated solely on their own job. Marvellous.

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