My theory on how Arsenal will be in Top Four when we beat Watford next week?

Well, after Injuries, Covid and international caused Arsenal to lost their first 3 games to leave us in bottom place in the League, Mikel Arteta has gradually settled the ship and we are now 7 games unbeaten and looking better and better in every game.

We have Watford up next week, and this should prove to be much easier than the Leicester match.

For starters, we are back at the Emirates, where we have not lost since our opening defeat to the European Champions Chelsea, and secondly we are facing the lowest placed London team, Watford.

Our northern neighbours are slipping into a relegation dogfight and have won just two of their last 9 league games. One was that crazy match at Goodison Park where Everton somehow managed to concede 4 goals in the last 12 minutes, and Watford’s only other win was at home against rock-bottom Norwich.

Surely Arsenal will be able to have our 8th League game without defeat, and we should expect an easy win really.

But why do I think we will be in the Top Four?

Well, I have just had a look at the League fixtures for the teams that are currently above us in the table. Man United are level on points with us in 5th, but they face a very daunting home game against their bitter rival and League Champions Manchester City. This is always a fiery affair, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out Pep Guardiola wanting to get the points after last week’s disaster against Palace, would you?

And West Ham, who are three points above us in 4th, have just as difficult a game at home to Liverpool. It’s a fact the Hammers are in fine form, but Jurgen Klopp’s men also are looking to bounce back after dropping points at the weekend, and can’t afford to let Chelsea get even further ahead after their easy home game against Burnley.

So, this is how my theory goes, Man United draw or lose to Man City. Liverpool will go crazy and beat West Ham by 4 or 5 goals, and Arsenal will destroy the Hornets by four goals as well.

If that happens, we will be 4th on goal difference!

Champions League here we come!

I rest my case M’Lud…

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  1. Agreed….no excuses(like the first sentence of the article) for us to not end in the top 4 at the end of the season.

    1. I could look on the bright side and say it’s in the bag. I could equally take the pessimist’s view and think of a resurgent West Ham or Conte revitalising Spurs pipping us.

      If you nail your colours to the mast there will always be someone who remembers everything you’ve ever written and remind you of it if we’re out of Europe again

  2. Don’t be so positive about arsenal. All we needed to be doing at this point is to continue to support them and pray that God should continue to help them to maintain this momentum. arsenal is a club that can disappoint you when you least expected.

  3. Very true! Am arsenal blood fan, am sure with 200% that we’re going to champions league next season.

  4. Why settle for a tie for 4th? Crazy as it sounds, we beat Watfoed, Liverpool beat West Ham and City beat United and BOOM! Tied on points for third.

    But I hope Arteta and the team have their focus firmly on Watford. It’s a cliche but there are no easy games in the PL and the team has proven only too well that they are capable of mailing in the occassional performance.

  5. WHAT WELCOME POSITIVITY ! You never know , perhaps it might even start a trend – he wrote, albeit cynically!

    I’d love to be able to agree that we may be fourth but I predict that though we MAY well be fourth equal on points, though not goal difference, we cannot make actual fourth by next week.
    BUT in no way will LIverpool beat the West Ham of right NOW, so heavily.
    In fact, I foresee West Ham probably getting a draw and consider them the best, currently (of the non top three current clubs)and serious contenders for fourth place.

  6. After all the hype has calmed down, we are in a position to have a good season, we have a strong squad and we have legs in the team. Arteta is here to get us in the champions league and that is just for starters. People can say oh maybe 5th or 6th and carriboo cup but facts are we dont have an excuse from this point for us not to get in top 4. Money has been invested, we have young players who just need guidance. I dont expect top 4 before xmas but i do come May. Anything else would be a failure. I personally think if Arteta IS going to get us top 4, it will be this or not.

  7. Pat, I love your enthusiasm and confidence.
    I want WHU to beat the pool, simply because it will mean the Invincible record will stand once again…. despite the money that floods the PL now.
    City/United to draw and we will beat Watford.

    Of course, being 4th first week in November doesn’t mean a thing, if we’re not consistent does it Pat?

  8. Let’s see where we are at coming into the busy xmas/new year period of vital games before we get carried away. If Mikel keeps our feet on the ground and stick to the plan then we have as good a chance as any of the teams around us for the Top4.

    If we can keep this momentum going then beat Sunderland also and get to the semi finals of the League Cup. The young guns have played well so let them continue to do so and prove themselves to break into the 1st team.

    We should be defo focusing on the cups this year aswell as top4 with the squad we have.

    Win one of the cups, 2 good cup runs and a solid Top4 place would be a superb season. We are in a position to do so, all depends on the attitude & I think we are finding ours at the right time. We will lose 4 or 5 games along the way but Rome wasnt built in a day & we are building foundations for the future and it could be here sooner than we think.

    Keep it going Arsenal & Mikel. We are behind you!!

  9. Let’s just take it a match at a time. Watford might surprise us. Raineri is a very good tactician and just might outsmart Arteta and Co…IJS

    1. My thoughts as well. I can already notice a complacent streak among us fans going to the Watford game. I hope it’s not the same with the players and the coaches

  10. Watford is by no means an easy opponent. They might have a surprise up their sleeve. City were stunned by Palace so no game is easy in the PL. That said, Arsenal have better quality than Watford and one can expect them to win given our current form. But consistency is the key going forward. Also I want the Hammers to beat Pool so that our invincible record stands intact.

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