My Top Six Arsenal legends – Do you agree?

Gunner legends – Arsenal players who transcended football

Arsenal is one of the most successful Premier League clubs of all time with a fantastic CV and trophy cabinet. The Gunners have won 13 premier league titles, two League Cups and a record 14 FA Cups. Although in recent years, the silverware has not been as prolific, with our last trophy being the 2019-20 FA Cup.

As the club rebuilds, it’s good to enjoy a little nostalgia and look at the legendary players who have helped transform Arsenal into a top-tier English club. Below, we have picked our favourite six Arsenal players of all time.

1. Thierry Henry

Our top pick has to be the French legend – Mr Va Va Voom – Thierry Henry. What a player! Henry is regarded by most as the greatest Arsenal player of all time. He has also been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

At the time when he played for Arsenal, if you were a betting person and enjoyed betting at Caesars or other sportsbooks, placing a wager on Henry to score was virtually a guaranteed win. His goalscoring talents were incredible and in his 254 appearances for Arsenal, he scored 174 goals. That’s a rate of nearly 0.7 goals per match – not many players have achieved this.

2. Dennis Bergkamp

Bergkamp is usually the other player people think of when considering the all-time Arsenal greats. Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching him play, can remember some of the beautiful goals he scored. He made the game of football look effortless and like an artform.

Bergkamp played for Arsenal from 1995 to 2006 and appeared for the club 315 times. At the time of his signing, he shattered the club’s previous transfer record and made an immediate impact. With Wenger as manager, Bergkamp and the Gunners became one of the best teams in the Premier League for many years.

3. Ian Wright

Most people now think of Ian Wright as a TV personality and football pundit. However, those who have studied Arsenal history will remember Wright as a gifted played who always made an impact. Wright played for Arsenal from 1991 to 1998 with 221 appearances and scoring 128 goals. This included him being the club’s top scorer for a staggering six seasons in a row.

Wright had a talent for goal scoring, and this continued even into his later years. In the 1996-97 season when he was 33, Wright finished second in the Premier League top scorers.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 21: Patrick Vieira and Ian Wright receive Premier League Hall of Fame medallions during the Premier League Hall of Fame 2022 on April 21, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images for eSC)

4. Tony Adams

What a legend! Tony Adams epitomized Arsenal Football Club and played his entire professional career for the Gunners. He played in 504 games from 1983 to 2002 and has always been a fan favourite. With Adams in the defence, you could always count on a solid back four and he formed the famous quartet that also included Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn and Steve Bould.

His accolades included three FA Cups, two League Cups, two Charity Shields and a UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Adams also earned 66 caps for England and represented them at four major tournaments.

5. Patrick Vieira

Although Vieira spent time at several clubs including AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan, most remember him for his time at Arsenal from 1996 to 2005. The Frenchman became the stuff of legends and established himself as one of the premier midfielders of all time.

During his time with the Gunners, Vieira formed a formidable partnership with French teammate Emmanuel Petit who could also have been featured on this list. He won numerous trophies with the club, and had great success with the French senior team as well. This included being the team captain when Zidane stepped down.

6. David Seaman

Seaman is one of our favourite goalkeepers of all time. Seaman played the majority of his professional career at Arsenal from 1990 to 2003 although he started his English footballing path at Peterborough United.

The legendary English goalkeeper made over 400 appearances for the Gunners and was an integral part of their success during the 1990s. This included winning the FA Cup and League Cup in 1993, and then the European Cup Winner’s Cup in 1994. Seaman was also regularly the first-choice goalkeeper for the England senior team and made numerous World Cup and Euro appearances.


You may not agree with this list, and you will undoubtedly have your own favourites too. You can also look at the official Arsenal website to see the club’s 50 greatest players of all time which is an interesting read. Regardless, the above six players definitely made an impact and will always have a place in the Gunners history books.

Sam P

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  1. Sorry to split hairs, but It’s just 3 PL titles won by Arsenal, plus 10 of the old Div 1 .
    Shame you couldn’t find room for Frank McLintock one of our two best captains ever and first double winner.

    1. @Jax 🫶
      Mine will include George Armstrong and Liam Brady as well, but 10 is a small number for a great club like Arsenal FC. I need at least 20 😉

    2. JAX, You are NOT splitting hairs at all but simply correcting a silly and obvious mistake made by the writer who, clearly, had not bothered to research his piece.

  2. Not sure that Seaman should be on this list or that he was even our greatest ‘keeper. Others worth considering would be: Armstrong (as noted by Didrik above), O’Leary, Radford & Drake.

    1. Spot on, not possible to make a list without O’Leary. He has played 722 games for us, 722 amazing.

  3. You can’t have legends without Chippy Brady. A left footed magician who graced every stage he played on.

  4. I became an Arsenal fan in 1971, and we have had so many great players before and after, and it’s not possible for me to make a list. How is it possible to compare the old stars with the new, it’s a different time, a different play and totally different qualities. The old one will always mean a lot to me, chatting with Charlie George in our museum about our history, many great memories ❤️

  5. Is this a joke? I can’t see Oleg Luzhny mentioned anywhere? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t be able to choose my absolute favorite between Thierry, Dennis, Patrick and Ian. Four very special legends equal in every way!

    I would have to make a shout out to Charlie George though who I have had the pleasure of meeting. What a nice genuine guy and definitely a LEGEND!!

  6. Top 6 is a bit short but for me it should be:
    Jennings (I know he was ex-spud but better than Seaman)

    I’m probably showing my age!!😊

  7. Prince Ozil..
    One of the most talented players of our generation.. I would try to find some space for him in there..

    On a serious note. Top 6 and top this and that legend can be so so subjective. The only 3 that are nailed on are as always Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira.. But the after that it all gets murky..

    And the invincible team should have produced more as a group in Europe. They absolutely a top top side but poor / underwhelming in Europe..

  8. have to agree with all the names mentioned, but, i would add kenny sanson and liam brady to the list also.bob wilson would get my shout as our greatest keeper,we are blessed to have such wonderful players on our roll of honour.lets just hope we are breeding one or two more heroes right now.

    1. With respect to Rocastle & his family I was really hoping that nobody would bring him up as an Arsenal great. He was at the best very good for a few seasons before Graham controversially shipped him out.

  9. Great list but Seaman would have to make way for Brady. Pires was also a favourite of mine although not an all time legend.

  10. I would imagine it will depend on what era said fan was bought up in .
    My personal favs would be
    Campbell .

  11. 1. Tony Adam’s (he was the wall and rock that the foundations of arsenals defence was built upon and he was 14 years captain and played at AFC until retirement – 19 years)

    2. Henry (enough said)
    3. Iceman Dennis (a sublime footballing talent)
    4. Wrighty (score any kind of goal and do it most of the time)
    5. Viera (midfield maestro)
    6. Overmars (proper scare you to death winger)

    On another day it could be 6 others (Santi, pires, ramsey etc etc) and that’s without looking further back in time. We have been blessed with some super talented players and after some considerable years of mediocrity hopefully what with the recent acquisitions and more hopefully with more required ones and some much needed departures the level of quality within our squad will be raised exponentially!

  12. It’s interesting to see some of the players people remember so fondly. I loved Ian Wright and David seaman, but never expected to see them on this list – top players though, they were.
    Henry, Adams, Bergkamp and Vieira are certainties.
    For me, the next closest would be fabregas, as I believe he was on the same level as the prior four in ability and was of a similar mentality, but he left too soon and in circumstances that upset many fans.
    The other would probably be Sol Campbell for his somewhat overlooked influence over the best side we’ve produced.

  13. The far too lightky and obereused term “legend” musty surely include all Arsenal employees whther or not players who have made thgreatest overalleffect on our club. As such my mere list of six is as follows! 1 Herbert Chapman, 2 Sir Henry Norris, 3 Arsene Wenger, 4 David Dein, 5th equal Danskin, Pearce andalso those influentialnames who were at the Royal Oak meeting, 6 Nottingham Forest for donating our original red shirts. Others who are firmly on the list are George Allison, Bob Wall, Tom Whittaker.
    A players only list would be more subjective , obviously, and it would be impossible to give only six or so. But it must include players from nearly ahundred years ago, though only students of Arsenal history would know these names from 1930s onwards: Alex James, Cliff Bastin, Eddie Hapogood, Ted Drake, David Jack, Wilf Copping.

    Obviously all the Arsene Wenger greats,til the Invincibles retired or moved on.
    Also included are the George Graham famous defence that was extended so well by AW. Also Frank McLintock, George Armstrong and Bob Wison too.

    Plus the like of SANSOM, BRADY, O’LEARY, etc., etc .

    But I could have mentioned many others, as could most of us, at leaast those of us old enough to go far further back than only Wenger!

    1. JON FOX, i am deeply offended that you did not include the great lorn bentdner in your list of great players.was it deliberate, or, are cobwebs beginning to appear in the amazing brain of yours ,sir.a statue of bentdner would be appropriate at this point, oh wait, when he wore our shirt was he not a statue, hahahahaha.

      1. Curse you sir ! I had almost forgotten his Lordship, due to the many cobwebs in my “amazing brain”(my wife will definitely NOT agree with us both about the brain) and now you bring him up and ruin my day!

  14. OT – but the squad for tonight has just been announced, 8 players left out
    Leno – defo leaving
    Runarrsson – defo leaving
    Okonkwo – 3rd choice
    Tomiyasu – injured
    Tierney – injured
    Torreira – defo leaving
    Vieira – injured
    SmithRowe – injured

    In my opinion

  15. We need exits!

    Leno SELL
    Mari SELL
    Torreira SELL
    Cedric SELL
    Runarsson SELL
    Pepe SELL
    Tavares LOAN
    Nelson LOAN

    These to start with! I would rather keep Bellerin and lose him for free if there aren’t any serious buyers. He’s better than Cedric and he’s homegrown too.

  16. Hard one! Robert Pires was a genius as was Santi Cazorla. Liam Brady was exceptional too. I think a top 10 is needed. Can’t argue with the six you have chosen though.

  17. Its fun reading you guys comments. And to know how much dept of knowledge you all have about our beloved club.
    Unfortunately most of the names mentioned here are not familiar to me.

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