My Top Ten favourite Arsenal celebrations before Auba’s Black Panther

Aubameyang made headlines on Thursday by unveiling his Black Panther mask. It’s a celebration the striker has done throughout his career, but he was clearly picking the right occasion to do so as a Gunner. I suppose you don’t want to look silly by covering up your face, then conceding a late goal. Plus, because we can’t have fun in 2019, he gets a yellow card each time.

Now in the Quarter Finals of the Europa League, hopefully there are more special evenings in the next couple of months on the way for him to dress up as other super heroes. Arsenal don’t play for another 3 weeks and readers know it’s tradition during the international break for me to form top 10 lists (any suggestions let me know in the comments)

To celebrate Auba’s iconic celebration, here are my top 10 Arsenal Celebrations

10- Podolski – Selfie at Spurs
He showed his personality by celebrating our last win at the Lane by taking selfies with the away fans. He had only been at the club for over a year at this point. The fact he knew how much the Derby meant to his supporters show why he’s always been popular wherever he’s played.

9- Theo Walcott – Shows Spurs The Score
At the Lane, 2-0 up in the FA Cup, Walcott was stretchered off. The Spurs fans were classy as usual mocking the winger. Despite facing the prospect of another long injury lay off, Walcott had enough humour to remind those abusing him that they were the ones losing and heading out of the competition.

8- Bergkamp- Leaves Sunderland Speechless
When the Dutchman scored in this FA Cup tie, he put his hand over his mouth to motion he was speechless. The fact his teammates joined in suggests this celebration was planned. The irony being that the goal was so good, those who saw it really didn’t know what to say.

7- Henry – Says Goodbye to Highbury
Okay in truth Henry could make his own list. Wherever it was the ssshing gesture, smashing his hand against the crest or simply staring at opposition fans with zero emotion, he had the arrogance only beautiful when done by a top sportsperson. This was more about saying goodbye to our old home, the pitch he describes as ‘Like playing in my back garden’. In the final match at the stadium, the striker scored a hat trick against Wigan. Knowing Spurs were losing at West Ham, meaning we leapfrogged them into 4th, he christened the moment by kissing the turf.

6- Merson – Drinking Celebration
Merson celebrated our semi Final win by gesturing that he was downing numerous pints. This was in response to critics from media and section of our fan base, regarding the drinking culture of the club. Like England’s Dentist Chair at Euro 96, it’s all fun when you are beating you rivals. The cruel irony is a few years after Merson’s celebration he admitted he needed help to battle addiction. In fact, next Monday on ITV he discusses his latest battles against the illness.

5 – Steve Morrow- Breaks Arm
Imagine scoring at Wembley to win the cup and that still not being the thing your best known for. Minutes after his 119th min header, Tony Adams tried to hoist him on his shoulders before dropping his teammate. As everyone else lifted the League Cup, the defender was being taken to hospital, breathing through an oxygen mask. He got his winners medal a week later.

4 – Henry – ‘ Is That Enough?’
By 2006, Henry had masterminded the skill of taking the quick free kick. Some officials let it stand, others ruled it out. On this day, Graham Poll wasn’t in a fun mood, asking for a retake and everyone to wait for his whistle. Henry simply took it again, put it in the goal and acted like it was always going to happen.

3 – Ian Wright – Just Done It
For weeks it was a case of when, not if, Ian Wright was going to become our highest ever scorer. Wright was prepared, wearing a Just Done It Shirt under his Arsenal jersey. The thing is, he jumped the gun, showing the design when he had tied, not beaten the record. A few minutes later he made history, showing the shirt for the second time, much to Nike’s delight.

2- Tony Adams- That Sums it All Up
It wasn’t just that this was the day we won our first ever Premiership, or the irony that he scored after an assist from Bould, contradicting their image of representing ‘ Boring Boring Arsenal.’ It was more it signalled how his life had gone full circle. Whether you knew it then or years later after reading his autobiographies, the power of the moment goes beyond the sporting world. His life had been rock bottom due to addiction, but now sober, this was a spiritually motivating moment.

1- Henry – That Celebration
You know when some were saying Dier shouldn’t have celebrated in front of Arsenal fans, I didn’t want to be two faced, based on the fact I have a canvas in my kitchen of Henry sliding in front of Spurs supporters at Highbury. Having ran from over the half way line to score, he ran back the other way to celebrate. Having never lost to the Old Enemy, Henry describes this as his favourite picture. The image shows him successful, while Spurs faces look at him angry, sad, disappointed, jealous. Things change yet stay the same…..

Which is your favourite ever Arsenal goal celebration?

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Mine is Thierry Henry’s solo dance when Vieira, Ljungberg, Cole, Lauren and Pires were still at Arsenal

    Unfortunately no video on YouTube to show it

  2. Joe Jackson says:

    None of the current arsenal players has a strong personality

  3. Break-on-through says:

    The best celebration is the open top bus, big red and white bus, red and white streets. While Tott fans look like they’re celebrating st Patrick’s day, it looks that green.

  4. waal2waal says:

    …Hoping more “best” celebrations are on the horizon and yet to come – Kos launching himself high in the air to finish Napoli off with a killer header would be nice. Or perhaps an overhead kick from Auba to settle the europa league final and propel us into the CL once and for all.

    #Better Days ahead

  5. ken1945 says:

    When we beat utd at Wembley and Alan Sunderland scoored our third goal after we had led 2-0 with five minutes to go.
    Utd scored two goals as many minutes before our winner.
    We had outplayed them for most of the game andthey were very quite, while we had been chanting and waving banners non stop.
    Suddenly their end EXPLODED and the change in the grouund was amazing.
    Their banners and chants took over and we couldn’t believe what was happening.

    Along came Liam Brady…and from utter despair to the ultimate ecstacy in just one minute will stay with me forever.

    Two other goosepimple moments were:
    1. Tony Adams scoring THAT goal against Everton.
    If ever that summed the man, his love for the club and his place in our history this was it.
    The look of “that’s what I was born to do” on his face SURELY sums up what all Arsenal fans felt when Mr Arsenal scored.
    2. Patrick Vieria scoring against the spuds when we won the league at white hart lane. His dismissive waving away of the spuds fans as he ran over to celebrate with Robert Pires ALSO beautifully summed up how we feel abbout those noisy neighbours fromdown the road.

    Will there ever be another Tony or Patrick?

    1. Midkemma says:

      “1. Tony Adams scoring THAT goal against Everton.”
      I’ll never forget that goal, you don’t have to say the year or anything and I guess most Arsenal fans (at least who seen it) will know instantly lol.

      I think Guendouzi has started the right way with us, not going to proclaim he is the next Tony or Patrick, I do think he has started his Arsenal career the right way and maybe could grow. He has the passion and puts effort in like the two big guys you mentioned. Still very young… Gotta give kids time… But the right passion to make it imo.

      1. Sue says:

        What I love just before the players come out at the Emirates.. is the countdown & clips of goals (all great goals of course!) Every time I’m there I sit glued to the screen… as that Tony Adams goal is one of them and I bloody live that goal & celebration

        1. Sue says:

          Love not live ?

          1. ken1945 says:

            Sue, also the quotes from the players like “once a gooner always a gooner”…it’s worth the price of a ticket just to sit there and think that was exactly what I was going to say don’t you think?

            Midkemma, point taken on Guendouzi, and probably Holding as well.
            So that’s my future “legends” ready and waiting then?!?!?!

            1. Sue says:

              Absolutely Ken! ?

            2. Midkemma says:

              I don’t know if future legends, they are going about it the right way though, working hard and putting the team first.
              AMN is another I look towards as another potential.

              Not of of them will make it but I’m really proud of our youth ^.^

  6. Midkemma says:

    “This is MY FCKING PITCH!”
    I know it wasn’t the best of celebrations but Ramsey scoring against the spuds at Wembley was sweet. I’m gonna remember that one for years.

  7. danndanns says:

    what a wonderful goal from auba

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