My Top Ten saddest moments of the World Cup 2022 incl Kane, Ronaldo, One Love, Wales and Infantino

Now before I’m accused of being negative, I have also posted 10 stories from this World Cup that made me smile

There have been a few sad moments as well….

10- Wales Run Out Of Legs

Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Suarez, Cavani, etc. …. there have been many examples of this World Cup being the last dance for some famous names.

While for some experience has proved vital, for others it’s a tournament too far.

Gareth Bale seemed to go to Inter Miami purely to stay fit for Qatar. A lot of players say scoring for their country is a career highlight, but when Bale converted a penalty against the USA you sense he was being genuine?

That would be Wale’s only goal, the only nation who failed to score in open play.

Conditioning was a problem for the Welsh throughout the group stages with the likes of Bale and Ramsey running out of legs.

Those two had come to the rescue so often in the past that they had earnt the right to at least show it was one tournament too many.

It was sad in the England tie; some pundits were suggesting that those two should be dropped with some fans agreeing. A sentence that seemed unthinkable.

It shows how ruthless and fickle people can be.

Also, a bit selfish given how many times those two have saved Wales in the past?

An end of an era, which is sad when you think the journey this group of players have gone on.

9- A Tournament Too Far For Belgium

You could argue Belgium’s Golden Generation equally deserved the right to prove it was a tournament too far?

Martinez (one of the good guys in the sport) hasn’t coped with the transition well, scared to make an obvious change when the obvious was there.

It reminded me of how England used to pick players based on reputation, not on form or even fitness.

Lukaku clearly wasn’t in any condition to be in the squad, hence why he was only brought on when his manager was desperate.

You could argue Eden Hazard hasn’t been fit for the last couple of years?

Many (including myself) were not surprised Belgium would under-achieve but no one envisaged they would be as bad as they were.

It was like there was zero ethos or plan, Alderwield going direct or relying on a moment of individual magic.

End of an era?

8- ‘How am I Player Of The Match?’

When a player is saying that you know something doesn’t add up.

Of all the teams to record a victory at this tournament, none were more fortunate then Belgium.

Their goal was against the run of play with Canada brilliant up to the final third.

KDB uncharacteristically couldn’t manage the most basic of passes.

How anyone watched that game and thought he deserved to be named it’s best player is a mystery. Or is it?

Maybe organisers felt they couldn’t give the award to a player on the losing side?

Once you follow that criteria who else would sponsors want to get the accolade rather than KDB?

The Man City midfielder isn’t innocent though. He’s been very vocal and critical of the squad at a time when they needed a leader.

One of the best passers of the ball in the Premiership simply went missing when the pressure was on.

It was like the moment he realised his nation were not very good, he distanced himself and was eager to get back to the Etihad.

His positive image has helped him escape any negative PR.

7- No Host Story

There are many reasons why Qatar were an odd choice to host the World Cup.

From a sporting point of view, they are simply not a footballing nation.

In 2010 when they originally bid for the right to be hosts, they had 200 registered football players.

In 2022, that’s now up to approx. 6,500, with Tim Cahill Chief Sports’ Officer, helping find players all around the world who might meet the criteria to represent the country.

The government initiated a scheme to train talent in the country who would then be eligible based on being a resident.

Understandably, those in power didn’t want their nation to be embarrassed with the world watching.

They were not humiliated but not competitive either, losing all three of their fixtures to become only the second ever hosts to not get out of their group.

They needed a result to capture the locals’ imaginations.

Without that we didn’t get the romance of a Korea – 2002, Germany -06 Russia -18, etc.

In fact, it only took 45 minutes for some to have enough.

2-0 down to Ecuador in the kick off to the competition, empty seats in the second half were evident, meaning spectators went to get a drink at HT and never came back (almost like Qatar are not a football loving nation?).

Of course, Gianni Infantino didn’t mention the empty seats or lack of atmosphere when the hosts were playing.

6- VAR

Don’t get me wrong I love Japan’s spirit, the beating of two European superpowers one of the stories of the tournament.

It’s an emerging footballing nation with expectations high.

There’s no getting away from the fact though they qualified at the expense of Germany, due to VAR saying part of the ball had stayed in play when setting up a Japan winner against Spain (no Mr Wenger, it wasn’t because of politics)

We all like an underdog story but if Technology is not being consistently used it harms the integrity of the sport.

FIFA stressed 4 years ago VAR would only step in if an official made an obvious error. After the ref disallowed the goal, replays suggested it wasn’t obvious that the whole ball hadn’t gone out. In fact, I’m still to see that evidence.

Why those in the stadium and certainly broadcasters couldn’t see what VAR had seen remains a mystery


Okay when I say I feel sorry for Ronaldo, I’m more then aware he’s brought a lot of this on himself, and that he’s most likely verbally agreed a lucrative move to Saudi Arabia.

When he checks his bank balance, I’m sure he will get over this difficult period?

I’m also aware that his interview with Piers Morgan was perfectly timed once he was away from Manchester and on international Duty.

He assumed he would become a free agent during Qatar, not having to face any backlash in England, while in his comfort zone of being in his Portuguese bubble.

Once out of the group stages though, Ronaldo was deemed not good enough to start in the knockout stages.

Something that seemed unthinkable in any other tournament and a historic moment.

From that point onwards though it seemed the 37-year-old couldn’t win.

Every time Portugal scored against Switzerland the camera zoomed in on their captain to see his reaction.

Each goal he smiled, applauded and joined in with the celebrations. Some said it was false.

At full time he thanked the fans, but was hammered for walking off on his own.

Does he have an ego? An attitude?

Of course.

Yet his legacy will say that it was that ego and attitude that made him the player he was.

Ronaldo could have had been more humble and less self-involved in his career, but he wouldn’t have then won what he’s won.

After the Quarter Final, he was in tears as a camera followed him to his dressing room.

In contrast to Messi’s last dance.

For all his flaws, maybe deserved more respect?

4 – Kane Pen

England Vs France is a fixture that will stay with me for a long time, one hard to shake from my brain, always popping up in my head.

I love my club but don’t normally get like that with England.

My biggest compliment to them is I feel like that because they played so well.

They exited going toe to toe with the World Champions. In my life I haven’t seen my country exit like that too many times.

Kane scores his second spot kick, and we are 2-2 against an injury hit France, going into extra time with all the momentum.

Morocco waited in the final 4.

It felt like an opportunity missed.

It’s easy with hindsight for some to say having scored already, Kane shouldn’t have stepped up again.

I bet those same people would have questioned the striker if he had handed over the responsibility to someone else and that person missed?

It’s why we love sport, the line between success and failure so small.

3- One Love Armband

It was Holland who came up with the idea of wearing the One Love Armband.

They and 6 other European nations wrote to FIFA in September explaining their intentions with zero reply.

Having had months, FIFA cowardly waited until the evening before 3 of those 7 nations were about to kick off their campaigns, before ‘blackmailing’ teams with sporting sanctions.

One of which would have been captains getting booked

Let me stress, zero player should have been in this position, pressured to make a political point.

For a decade the world knew migrant workers were dying due to unlawful labour, women didn’t have equality and same sex couples is illegal in Qatar.

It was up to governments and associations to show they had zero tolerance towards human right laws being broken.

Once those 7 skippers were adamant they wear the armband, they shouldn’t be backing down over a yellow card.

It trivialises how serious they were about the protest.

Let’s say every player of those 7 teams got booked, what a statement that would have made?

How bad would FIFA have looked?

Just to point out, of those 7 European clubs, England, Holland and Switzerland all got out of their group (as did Australia who made a YouTube video protesting for equality) proving Mr Wenger wrong that teams focusing on politics failed.

Instead, FIFA made all captains wear anti-discrimination armbands.

Just say that out loud and ask does it make sense?

FIFA are insisting players wear armbands promoting anti-discrimination yet threaten sanctions to anyone who wears an armband promoting equality in a country who discriminates ….. yet then say the game is for everyone?

2- Pundits

Listen I don’t judge any pundit who wanted to take a pay day and cover the World Cup.

I wasn’t one who pressured Gary Neville to every day stand in Qatar and preach about LGBTQ (for his safety that’s not a good idea).

Apart from the opening of BBC and ITV coverage, broadcasters got on with the football like asked.

Apart from those who wanted to defend Qatar.

Piers Morgan and Simon Jordan have preached for a month that the West’s histories are not innocent and that it’s arrogant to go to other places in the world and say their culture is wrong.

This allowed Morgan and Jordan to interview Qatar organisers, government and those in power.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray gave their first UK interview in over a decade telling you what a great place this part of the world was to live in.

Guess who they work for?

It’s become the company line, allowing people to hide and not question themselves.

Saying it’s wrong for workers to die due to unlawful labour?

We can’t say that because our own countries are not perfect.

Wanting to discuss women’s rights?

That’s ignorant to question a religion.

Point out that same sex couples are scared to travel to a tournament that is for ‘everyone’?

That’s not respecting a culture.

Just think about that for a moment

In 2022 you can’t say that women and same sex couples should have rights.

You can’t point out that workers shouldn’t die building stadiums.

Worse, if you do speak, some have found a way to make you be in the wrong?

Trust me, saying everyone should be treated equal and that people shouldn’t die due to unlawful labour …. that’s okay

1- Infantino Speech

Since 2010 FIFA were adamant, they understood concerns about women rights in Qatar.

For over a decade they reassured same sex couples it would be safe to travel.

They said they were supporting the country to improve labour laws.

Like a coward, Mr Infantino waited for the eve of the tournament to do a U turn, essentially calling the West ignorant and asking them to look at their own history.

He waited for all the players to have travelled, tickets to be sold, sponsors to have joined in, before showing his true colours.

That’s despite knowing the majority of his peers who were part of the bidding process in 2010 had either been kicked out of FIFA, suspended or arrested due to corruption.

His worst line was that he could relate to being a Migrant because he himself knew what it was like to move abroad.

I can only imagine how the families of the migrant workers who died due to unlawful labour must have felt hearing him say that.

Here was essentially a grown man saying it’s okay for a nation to break human right laws because other countries have done/do bad things.

That’s like a child saying it’s okay to be naughty because their friend is.

The point Mr Infantino (chooses) to ignore is, it’s not like millions of strangers have suddenly travelled to Qatar and now want to rewrite their religion or culture.

I say choose because his words are motivated by the whole reason, we are having the World Cup in Qatar ……the reason anyone defends it …. money!

FIFA’s job every 4 years is to find a host who can meet their criteria.

One of those criteria is ‘the game is for everyone’, and their own rules stress no association should discriminate.

Ask Qatar to host the women’s World Cup and see what their answer is?

Piers Morgan asked in 4 years’ time will we preaching America about their Guns laws?

Simple answer?

Guns laws don’t impact people going to a football match, it doesn’t impact who sits where, it doesn’t mean deaths due to unlawful labour.

When discussing England’s bid to host a World Cup one day, David Dein says in his book: ‘If we want to host an international event, we have to be seen to be welcoming that world.’




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  1. So here are my worst moments at the world cup and incidentally England was on top of the list.

    Honestly I was wishing for a changing of the guard, hoping England, Mexico, Netherland or even Morocco winning the 2022 world cup.

    But the way England existed the world cup was my biggest disappointment, my love for the English league and with several of my children are graduates of the Manchester university in England gives me that little connection.

    With Hugo Lloris winning what turns out to be the ultimate mine game in the battle by diving to his favorite right side to save the penalty was hardest to take, Kane was disappointed but put up a brave face.

    But it was the off field camera that followed Kane straight down the tunnel and far from the pitch showing him weeping behind the scene that touched me most, surely he was hungry to win the game but the mental strength was just a little too much for the lad.

    France 2 Morocco 0
    Ghana 0 Uruguay 1
    Argentina 2 Mexico 0
    Portugal 3 Ghana 2
    Qatar 0 Ecuador 2

    Not sure I had ten disappointed moments in this world cup, but Uruguay dishonestly stop Ghana from progressing in the last world cup so I wanted the table to turn.

  2. This is turning out to be a poor final, totally dominated by the South Americans. For a team with a midfield almost nonexistent a few days ago so dominant is beyond me.

    I said this on another thread yesterday, that Argentina will be more hungrier.

    Surely England would offer a better fight

    1. This final is better than any World Cup I watched since I was born and the first I saw was 2002. The while World Cup itself is clear of the five previous ones. It’s not even close based on quality of football.

      1. Maybe I was too quick to complain, it certainly came a live after eighty minutes.

        Strongly agree, by a long stretch its simply the best

  3. So you have problem now with people saying they are enjoying their time in Qatar. You want them to say it’s horrible otherwise they are bad people.

    When did you go to Qatar? How was your experience there? And what makes you a better judge of that? You have to give us first hand experience.

    The argument of non footballing nation is as weak as they come. Wasn’t USA 1994 to promote soccer to their country? To make it a soccer nation? Why can’t it be the same for Qatar?

    Football is the most popular if not the only followed sport in all countries of the middle east how can they not be football nations?

    Qatar has given us probably the best world cup yet. I am sad it’s ending in an hour and I can’t wait for 2026. We will see who really care after the world cup is over. Who is going to keep talking about the human rights after it’s over? Or are they going to find something else to be in spotlight using human rights as an excuse?

    The World Cup is football at its finest and I can’t deny myself the spectacle because of political nonsense.

    1. And just to add which one of us would have refused a lucrative offer to work in Qatar during the World Cup?

      Who among us would have turned down the money citing a stand against human rights abuse?

      1. When did I say people are bad for enjoying this world cup or it being a bad place to live ?

        It simply doesn’t meet the criteria FIFA set for world cup

        1. But they have hosted it successfully which is the most important thing. From tomorrow I will be following your struggles defending human rights in Qatar.

          I am ready to join the cause after you tell me your experience in Qatar and the struggles you faced there.

          After your endless criticism it will be hard to believe you don’t know anything about the country and life there.

          1. And from tomorrow I will be following your support apparently on women and same sex couples not having rights
            Nah mate your right, as a white straight male I would love it in Qatar
            Doesn’t make It okay does it ?


            1. And what makes you think I don’t support women? In my culture women are more respected than men.

              And I don’t have any problem with anyone sexual preferences whether it be straight or same sex as long as they don’t shove it on my face. My cousin is a secret lesbian and I am one of the very few that she confided in. That should tell you something.

              I don’t have any agendas my friend. Your credibility is questionable to me since when you went after the great Arsene for no reason whatsoever.

              Do you think you are the defender of human rights? What have you done apart from writing? You have been going on and on about migrant workers and you should not stop after the world cup otherwise I am going to accuse you of doing it only for exposure.

              I am ready to join you so where are we starting?

              1. Sorry mate you shown your true beleifs

                Think about it ?
                I simply wrote FIFA’s own rule state that zero association can discriminate

                I simply wrote that Qatar discriminaite and that to build stadiums too many workers died due to unlawful labour and you get offended ?

                Anyone who gets offended for someone asking for women and same sex couples to have equal rights
                Anyone who thinks we shouldn’t say that Migrant workers shouldn’t be dieing due to unlawful labour
                Why would anyone be against that stance ?
                Only one reason mate

                1. You are just making things up now. And what are my true beliefs? Haven’t I given you my real life example? Can you give me your real life example of your support of human rights activities or is it just a keyboard?

                  I am all for fighting for human rights but not just talking and debating. Words are nothing action is everything. The most vocal ones are always the ones who takes absolutely no action.

                  Okay let’s start with same sex relationships. Instead of looking at far countries why don’t we start at the Premier League? Why isn’t it accepted up to now? Why aren’t they coming out.

                  It’s easier for women players because every adult with reflection will know the true reason.

                  Why is it hard for men?

                  Let’s start there before we go international.

                  About those death figures as far as I know Qatar has never released the official numbers if there are any so where are they coming from? Where did you get them? How sure are you of those data to make not only conclusions but writing a lot of articles about it?

                  You have to give me official figures sent personally to you or if you have personally go where they are to verify before I judge.

        2. Shut it Dan, I don’t understand this LGBT thing from start brought into a football world cup. What has LGBT to do with football. West should really stop pushing things down the throat of people what they think is right! You want to support and wear rainbow arms bands go n do it in your own country. Funny thing is west ppl are talking about human rights when they have history full of salavry, no immigrants rights, stealing from other nations and just recently deceiving their own ppl to attack a country which did not posses the weapons. Not to mention blackmailing other UN members vote in their favour. Such hypocrite you guys are.

              1. Fair enough but I was expecting something recent as you put it. 20 years ago isn’t exactly recent.
                It was a mistake by the USA and Britain but Sadam didn’t exactly have a great record did he?

          1. No mate
            If the UK turned round and said it’s against the law to not be white .
            I would equally say they shouldn’t be hosting a World Cup where FIFA criteria is you don’t discriminaite

            1. False equivalency.

              LGBT is not inherent.
              Skin color is inherent.

              LGBT is a choice, just like who to marry, whether to fornicate or not, to commit adultery or not, it’s all a choice.

                1. I didn’t say it happened overnight.

                  But it’s a choice.

                  The many many people who have de-transitioned, the many homosexuals who have repented and shunned their former lifestyle, which of course the media will never cover, all attest to this.

                  1. My highly intelligent nephew didn’t make a choice overnight as he had known about that his feelings were different for years. Are you suggesting that he should have been brainwashed into changing? What sort of life would he have? What would a future wife and future children think if they found out and how would that impact on them?

                    1. Like I said, it was not an overnight decision. Neither do I deny that feelings were involved.

                      Our difference is a question of morality.

                      To take a parallel issue as an example, to have sex before marriage. We can spend time debating about the morality of it (sex is a sacred complete giving of ourselves, reserved for a permanent union), but I won’t because that’s not my point.

                      My point is, some people do it, some don’t. But it’s definitely a choice. It’s not something inherent like your sex, your race, your age.

                      Sure, your upbringing, your religion, what people around you do, etc., will influence you. But at the end of the day it’s a decision.

                      The same with LGBT. So many factors influence this, but at the end of the day it’s a decision.

                  2. In reply to your last email I knew that it would come down to morality- or morality as you see it.
                    What choice should my nephew have made? Hide the fact that he is gay and just pretend that he is straight? What is moral in that? The fact that I have remarried might be difficult for you to accept. The taking of more than one wife being acceptable should also pose a problem in your view of morality
                    I prefer to celebrate that we are all individuals and as long as we are not harmed then live and let live

                    1. Oh, I accept the fact that many people do not operate with the same worldview. And I do live and let live, but that does not mean I celebrate or agree with, or withhold opposition.

                      If someone cheats on his/her spouse, that would be morally wrong. I wouldn’t physically harm the person, but I wouldn’t celebrate or agree with it. And I want to preserve the right to say out loud publicly that this act is wrong, without being accused of being hateful or committing hate crimes. The same with premarital sex, incest, pedophilia, etc. If the bar is only that as long as “we are not harmed,” then what about incest, 15 year olds marrying 25 year olds, bestiality, etc, as long as they claim that everyone is happy?

                      You ask whether your nephew should hide the fact that he is gay and pretend that he is straight. Well, this question is already based upon assumptions that gayness is inherent, which I contest. Many people were once convinced they were “gay,” but then repented and changed their behavior.

                      As for remarriage, not always wrong, although much abused in western societies today.
                      As for polygamy, yes, that is not the original design for humans.

                1. Gender is not a choice.

                  Which contradicts the Trans movement, the T part of the LGBT which many

                  I do not agree with repression of women or men. In fact, I will disagree strongly with much of how Qatar treats women.

                  However, I also do not agree with the dictum that men and women have no differences.

                  Therefore, rules that reflect that difference is not necessarily evil. For instance, there might be a rule that women are not allowed to go topless in public, while men are allowed.

                  Some might view this as “discrimination,” but I do not. Real discrimination is if a woman (or man) is not allowed education, etc.

            2. We are focusing on Qatar purely because World Cup is in Qatar
              Prems is played in England who don’t legally arrest same sex couples
              If England arrested people for being gay and then said the games for everyone , I would equally call them out
              And posted death evidence in post below

              Im confused though , if your happy for women and same sex couples to have equality and you agree no one should die building a stadium, what’s your argument

    2. Exactly HH. Dan and his misguided philosophy. Let’s see how many of these hypocrites will continue to raise the topic of the migrant workers after the world cup. That will tell us who is genuine and who is not. It’s all PR stunts, just like it’s become fashionable for pundits and other coaches to criticize Arsenal for anything even when we celebrate a goal. Everyone wants to criticize Qatar cos it makes them look like the good guys. Bloody hypocrites

      1. Nah , I will keep pointing out that women and same sex couples should have rights
        I will maintain one worker dieing due to unlawful labour is one too many
        Let’s see how much you carry on disagreeing that women and same sex couples shouldn’t not be treated equal ?
        Maybe thats become fashionable ?

    3. I take your point about being a non footballing nation HH. It should not matter but I am conflicted that a country with virtually no footballing background and a tiny population deserved the right to host it. Perhaps the wealthy Gulf states could have joined forces or Qatar might have co-hosted with a less wealthy North African country to spread the World Cup joy. Instead their enormous wealth somehow persuaded FIFA to award the prize to them.

      1. I think whether a country plays football or not should never be a factor if they are economically capable of hosting it. There are 32 nations competing.

        Since it is The World Cup it should be rotating between continents if we are to be fair.

          1. Dan, was this world cup successful or not?

            If yes, then Qatar did a great job hosting it. They may have done a better job than any other country that could have hosted it.

            People in power who are aware that they broke laws and migrant workers died as a consequence can sue them if they have a case. So let it pass as you cant do anything significant about it.

            As for their stance on LGBTQ and alcohol, it is their right to do whatsoever they choose as far it is morally acceptable. You cannot force your convictions on the rest of the world you know.

            Cheers and enjoy football for what it is, sports and entertainment. Do away with the politics.

            1. Yes mate it was a success
              But that’s called sportswashing
              It’s not okay for people to die building stadiums just because the football was good

            1. That one sentence shows you havnt been following this at all and I choose not to debate with someone who can’t accept that one person dieing building a stadium is one too many
              Your essentially saying the football was good can we ignore everything else
              That’s called sports washing…your the fans Qatar want to attract ….

              By way
              Data from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka revealed there were 5,927 deaths of migrant workers in the period 2011–2020. Separately, data from Pakistan’s embassy in Qatar reported a further 824 deaths of Pakistani workers, between 2010 and 2020.
              Can send you accounts from families but let me guess …..they are all lieing
              Can’t believe in 2022 someone would openly defend that

      1. I’m technically neutral but for Messi I would want an Argentina win
        But once the French scored they really got the bit between their teeth. Looking dodgy for Argentina at the moment

        1. I want them to lose for the same reason as yours. Messi should not lift it after all the Ballon Dors he stole.

          Will be cheering for them in 2026. Their fans deserves it.

            1. Didn’t deserve most of them. Duck this guy he has conquered all. What a last bow.

              What passion from Argentinians. This is what the World Cup is all about. Would love to see England win it too just for the fans and see their passion.

              The scenes from Argentina are heart warming.

              Sadly some journalist (cough cough) want to deny people this joy with their political agendas.

              1. Some people fall for sports washing ( cough cough ) lol

                Other people can both enjoy football and accept that building a stadium with unlawful labour is wrong ( cough)

                And however good a football match , it does make that okay ( cough )

      2. I’m technically neutral but for Messi I would want an Argentina win
        But once the French scored they really got the bit between their teeth. Looking dodgy for Argentina at the moment
        It’s a cracker

  4. The glorious game. A glorious final. A fitting coronation for one of the greatest giants of the game. Take a bow, Lionel Messi.

  5. Has to be the best final ever thanks to Messi and Mbappe. Always thought Argentina would win the shoot out. They have Martinez, Messi,, Dybala and a bunch of players who care a lot cooler in this type of situation.

  6. Back to the game. I thought Deschamps erred in not bringing on Guandouzi and also not replacing a tiring Veron with Saliba at the later end of the game allowing Argentina to come back into it.

    1. Maybe those lads were feeling sick as well, but Kodus to France they did came to life after eighty minutes

      1. Didn’t know about the flu bug which affected the French squad. Besides I thought money could protect Qatar from all evils.

  7. Big ups to Argentina, Messi and most of all EMI M, he really showed his class as a top goalie, as well as why we shouldn’t have sold him. You did good Son by winning not only the World Cup but the Golden Glove as well. Take a bow…👏🏾

  8. This has been the best world cup in past 20 – 30 years. What an effort by Qatar 🇶🇦. To all the haters and hypocrites who are crying over migrants right n LGBT..they have gold fish memory because when Ozil did the same for Muslims in China these same people were saying why are you bringing politics in sports and Ozil was wrong to do it. Now bringing political and such non sports related issue in football is fine? What double standards.

    1. Ozil wasn’t wrong to do it at a personal level but his actions certainly affected his employer who was paying his wages.

      1. So you mean to say when it suits club financially then its ok to bring non footballing political stuff into equation. That is the exact definition of hypocrisy.

        1. I didn’t say that at all. He was right to raise the issue. It is also the case that it affected his employer
          Where did I say that he shouldn’t have done it?

  9. This world cup just shows you what money can do. It was a success because the final game was a classic thanks to two players who have nothing to do with Qatar’s values. Also big kudos to Morocco and the other African teams. They went for it every game. On a downside it was also disappointing in that it was an old man’s world cup. Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Giroud, De Maria, Hazard etc,the twighlight of the superstars, there were very few young players who shone. Mbappe and Neymar are not old but they’ve been there before. From what we saw Mbappe will remain the lone outstanding world player by next season. Of course there are a number of very good players including our Saka, but we are talking about the special ones. On a positive note England will remain the team with the best prospects due to its relative youth. Just get rid of old dross like McQuire and Kane and keep building. Another observation; the lack of alcohol was an factor in creating a positive atmosphere in the stadium. One to think about, although I’m one hundred percent again any religious interference in society.

    1. Yes mate its called sportswadhing
      Your meant to say well done Qatar , what a final
      In reality the football would be amazing anywhere
      A great game doesn’t justify people dieing building a stadium.

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